June 22, 2008

The Origin Of The Itch?

Maybe Joe could explain this letter reportedly circulated by uninformed acquaintances of his former aldermanic foe Ginderskes' Heartland venture, the health clinic. Neighbors for a Healthy RP, a grass roots group. It's odd they don't list members of a board of directors like so many NFP websites do for 'full disclosure'.

Just A Theory of the Smokeless Backroom Discussions:

So I helped a you get elected, you and Heather both owe me big time. My crew pounded the pavement for you. Oh, and thanks for the health clinic. Now I want the new Gale Park Community Center, for my Boys & Girls Club OK? 'We" need it now and don't have time wait for another location. Remember, Joe, you sent that email out for me on your 49Line Logo asking my supporters to vote for you in the run-off. Remember my words?

Real Quotes from the Email Blast:

“My decision is based on the faith and conscience that have always guided me.”

“Joe Moore says that my campaign was a “wake-up call”. I pledge to you that I will continue to be your voice in his ear; by shouting if necessary, and that is how we will work together to bring the changes I promised to deliver through my campaign. I believe this is now the best way to genuinely improve our community”.

Do attempted thefts like this make it to the City Council or is it just a done deal in Park District chambers? Will there be an eloquent and moving speech by Joe? No doubt the other players Joe named are participants in this ego-driven improvement - based on faith and conscience.

Wake Up North of Howard and Scratch the Itch!

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