June 27, 2008

One Hot Spot Removed

The mobile classrooms at Gale Academy were removed today. It appears that a parking area will be created.

GEDC0005 GEDC0006

Good riddance to a hotspot and now North of Howard has one less eyesore.



Hugh said...

why are there still mobile classrooms at Field School?

Principal Glass said...

Actually, the location where the mobiles where outside of Gale will be a grassy area. It will not be a parking area! The final plans call for a reading circle for our primary students (if necessary funds are secured). I'm not sure why Field still has their mobile units; however, Gale's mobile classrooms were removed because we no longer needed them. Be sure to check for Gale updates on our new website: www.galemathscience.org.

Richard Glass, Jr.

Toni said...

Thank you for the update, Mr. Glass.

Here's a quick link to the Gale Academy website.
Gale Academy website