June 7, 2008

A Neighbors Journal Entry

From the mailbox:

Saturday morning 7:00 a.m., sunny, mid 70's beautiful day. Grab the dog and head out for a walk.

Corner of Jonquil Terrace and Bosworth, 3 young men, soon joined by a 4th. Drug deal transpires.

Corner of Bosworth and Howard, 8 young men, appropriately attired in matching jeans and long white t shirts, flashing gang signals and yelling at passing cars, smoking a joint. Place call to 911.

Howard and Ashland, a young man clinging to one of the trees along the sidewalk, screaming for some help. Looks like an alcohol or drug induced episode of some sort. Female friend with him tries to get him to move along. Place call to 911. As soon as the sirens are heard in the distance, the female friend gets him to his feet and drags him away so he won't get busted.

Across the street at the corner in front of Around the Clock, two groups of folks drinking from brown paper bags. Good thing the store opens early.

Circle around the new Howard el stop. Great job. Finally we get something new, clean and modern for the neighborhood. Can't wait for it to open on Monday.

Back to the corner of Howard and Bosworth. Young men have broken up into 2 groups. One group in front of the Broadmoor East hanging out, the other group now in front of the Northpoint building at 7628 N Bosworth blocking the sidewalk with a dice game, lots of dollar bills on the sidewalk. Place call to 911.

Squad car with one female officer drives down the street. Dice game breaks up as young men move along toward Howard Street. Officer circles the block again, then disappears.

Young men on the corner of Howard and Bosworth again.

It's now 8:00 a.m. I can't wait to see what is going on at noon.

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