June 14, 2008

The Landfill Sinks

Since a certain blogger feels obligated to hold other bloggers, the press, and certain targeted neighbors accountable, guess what? This blogger was at the monthy CAPS meeting on June 12. Since I have an opinion for nearly everything, I’ll share some here.

The landfill is an interesting concept – but do we really need it? The extension of Lake Shore Drive – do we really need it or does someone just want it? It’s amusing that we want to be a ‘green city’ yet some are willing to build yet more concrete highways for more gas guzzlers to speed and pollute on. The painful point is that they are willing to murder mother natures beaches in order to capitalize on an expensive venture that Chicago, Cook, Illinois cannot afford.

Now if these visionary people want to court the kind and extremely rich royalty of Dubai to pay for this expensive folly, be my guest. If it begins to sink as reported in Dubai and the Kansai Airport none of us will have been forced to toss our tax dollars into the lake.


floating islands

Kansai Airport

More photos of Kinsai

Until then, may I suggest we take better care of the existing parks we already have? Instead of promoting the vision that will make tourists and suburbanites happy, perhaps the powers should concern themselves with making the resident taxpayers happy, safe, and secure.

As for flyering neighborhoods – well that isn’t very green-minded now is it? There are plenty of faded election posters from last year that have never been cleaned up by the supporters who placed them there. The next aldermanic election is supposed to three years in the future, so could we drop the daggers for a little while? Unless that's the whole point, the election is never over!

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The North Coast said...

Speaking strictly for myself, I don't want this land fill even if it is paid for by Dubai money. We've already sold enough of ourselves to the Middle East, what with some of their financial entities stepping up to supply our floundering banks with needed "liquidity", of which they're rather short these days, thanks to having spent the last five years driving up housing prices and promoting universal Home Debtorship with their reckless lending- and I don't feel good about this.

I had just been viewing a lavish photo spread on Dubai before I read your post, and was thinking many things about this interesting place.

Like, for example, that this science fiction city with its stupefying luxury and over-the-top amusement facilities, along with its easy-going attitudes toward financial crime (it has always been a major center for money laundering)and shelter from extradition by other countries' law enforcement authorities (including our own), resembles nothing so much as a huge,lurid, diamond-encrusted Venus Fly Trap designed to lure all the most arrogant and self-indulgent of the super-rich, into this most fragile, unsustainable city on planet earth.

I sure wouldn't want to be trapped in the famous underwater hotel when the rolling brownouts start to occur, or be in the overpopulated middle east at all, when their oil resources can no longer support those immense populations of mostly poor people who are still, to this day, living in tents and must surely be burned as hell to be excluded from the benefits of all that oil money that built this place. No matter how angry people here will be at the sacrifices they must make, people over there will be that much angrier, and that much hungrier, and I wouldn't want to be in their path when they start looking for a scapegoat.