June 14, 2008

The Impact of Petunias

Great news about Petunias for Peace! Gethsemane Garden Center has increased its initial donation to schoolchildren from 300 to 400 flats of Petunias. This way we covered student and “student parent” groups at Gale and Hayt. A youth gardening group at the Howard Area Community Center will receive another 45 flats to continue the effort.

All 400 flats have been distributed. What an interesting, and eye-opening, experience!

From a Hayt 6th grader (asked quietly to my mom), “If you only need two neighbors to do the planting, if I divide my flat in half and give some to my neighbor will THEY (apparently some neighborhood tough guys) leave my mom alone then?”

From two Gale 7th grade boys “Whoo-Hoo…free flowers! We tried to plant a garden, but our neighbors have been messing with it. Now we can try again.”

From Gale staff, “We usually break up 8 fights an afternoon after school. Today, no fights. Happy students and parents. Lots of Petunias. Folks we never see smile are smiling. It’s a miracle!”

From Howard Community, “I’ve never had so many questions about a program like this. Folks are so excited.”

From the Gethsemane Staff, “I got the call at home last night, folks were running around trying to help the kids plant the material. People were using spoons trying to get the Petunias in. I ran around with my shovel. How exciting to see everyone working so hard!”

From a Hayt Parent (who came to the Garden Center—one of 6 parents to do so), “Thank you so much. Our block really is looking great! I would have never thought flowers could make such a difference. My daughter told me it feels like paradise.”

Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word thus far! I encourage you to plant up your corner spaces, get out your shovels to help your neighbors, and please do come to our kick-off event on Saturday June 21st. It would be wonderful to channel all this good feeling into one amazing celebration.

Gethsemane Garden Center

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