June 3, 2008

Gale Park Trash - The Symptom of Disrespect

These remnants of yesterday's Gale Park activities were left for your tax dollars to pay to pick up.

Bosworth and Rogers 003

I wonder how much revenue could be generated by simply enforcing the litter law? Just park the squad, grab the ticket book and walk. This spot is right on Howard. (Don't mention that at a CAPS meeting though.)

Saturday morning several of us were picking up the parkway trash and pulling weeds. Three young men were standing in front of a building eating from paper plates. Because there were too many of 'us' on the sidewalk, they dispersed. One crossed the street and dropped his empty paper plate on the street. I casually said "excuse me, could you help keep the neighborhood clean?" The response was an unintelligable mumble. I suggested he could drop it in the trash can that awaited him in the direction he was going.

But he was probably exhausted from eating and apparently frustrated that 'we' had invaded his public domain.


Bill Morton said...

Enforcing the litter law is key.

I couldn't calculate the poundage of trash I see on Rogers Park streets and beaches every day.

Bosworth said...

With all the press coverage the price of gas is getting, and with cities forcing their police officers out of cars on to bicycles and walking the streets, maybe someone from the CPD will take notice and we can benefit from that NOH. Officers walking the streets or riding a bike may have more impact than those driving.