June 11, 2008

Gale Community Center Funding Fully Approved Today

Members of the three NOH park advisory councils attended today’s City Council meeting. We were there for the Gale Park Community Center even though it wasn’t the main event. We had learned last week that an Intergovernmental Agreement between the City and the Park District had been introduced at the May 14 meeting. That was after several phone calls, returned calls and a lot of confusing information.

City Clerk, May 14, 2008

The IGA or Intergovernmental Agreement:

"Authorization for execution of intergovernmental agreement with Chicago Park District and transfer of funds from Howard/Paulina Tax Increment Financing District for construction of Gale School Park."

There seemed to be some matter pending in the finance committee from last week’s meeting that could hold up the final approval of the IGA. Between the confusing information from entities of the City of Chicago, we decided to attend the 9:15 am Finance Meeting held before the Council Meeting, to show our support (if necessary) and to see this last leg of the long project approved.

During the committee meeting Joe listed the financial sources and amounts, not including the Howard/Paulina TIF funding, for the project. Sitting at the table with Joe was Berny Stone, Ward 50, who apparently had contributed financially from his funds for our community center. We owe Berny a thank you for helping our community.

Thankfully whatever issue that was pended from last week was resolved in the Finance Committee and went before the full council where it was approved. (After the long Grant Park debate.) The Park District will receive their money and what remains to be completed on the punch list should soon be remedied. The new park supervisor will be able to plan programming for a targeted opening of July 1. Keep your fingers crossed that no more glitches arise – we’re almost there.

Joe wasn’t required to speak today about Gale but he did make very valid points in his speech concerning the placement the Children’s Museum in Grant Park. This isn’t the Joe we’ve seen in media clips getting loud or angry.

Here’s the video from Tom Mannis at The Bench

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