June 7, 2008

Gale Beer Garden and Dice Club

This problem spot, the trailers at Gale Academy, has been fenced off. It was always a hiding place for the occasional dice game, drug deals, or prostitution.


Turning the corner, is the Ashland cul-de-sac. Or should it be re-named the Park, Eat and Toss the Sack?

GEDC0019 GEDC0020

Safely hidden from the blue light on Jonquil/Ashland, is the congregation point for the Gale Beer Garden and Dice Club. There are some considerate people who did put their empty beer bottles in the city trash cans. Again, the police could make some money for the city if they’d walk through here.

GEDC0021 GEDC0022

I hope the rain doesn’t ruin tonight’s events.


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