June 20, 2008

Friday Welcoming - NOH Style

This is the second time this sight has greeted people coming home from work in the past few weeks. The first time, I witnessed the gentlemen change the tire and toss the used one on the parkway.


Someone must have had a bad moving day or is under the widespread assumption that the city picks up trash on the sidewalks here. Both are in near the front of the Reverends establishment.


I actually had a neighbor try to convince me that DevCorp picks up all the trash North of Howard. While they do cover certain side streets other than just Howard – this street is not one of them. With or without that crew to pick up trash daily, this is the mentality of this neighborhood. If something looks nice, make sure it gets trashed for that down home effect.

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Bosworth said...

Just add this to the liquor bottles, fast food trash, snack food bags and empty sugar flavored drink bottles. And don't forget the empty crack bags, used condoms and empty lighters thrown around. Toss in the trash that has accumulated in front of the Broadmoor and Broadmoor East, and this area could pass as a land fill.