June 26, 2008

Do You Have An Opinion On The Building?

Here’s One Way To Voice Your Opinion

If you have an opinion on the Gale Park issue, let it be known. Since I am originally from Missouri - the Show Me State - I need to see those 10-1 numbers Mr. Moore.

"Moore said response to his e-mail announcing the possible relocation of the Cotter Boys and Girls Club to Rogers Park has been running "10 to 1" in favor of the proposal." Source


Fargo Woman said...

I want the building to have the stamp of approval by the citizens of Rogers Park - Not just Joe and his pay to play cohorts, certainly not outside organizations and definitely not outside politicians.

I want an open, well publicized meeting on the issue and I DO NOT want the community to be (or feel as if it is being) rushed into making a decision.

Last but not least - I want a local, safe, vital and interesting place for people over the age of 35 to recreate, work out and congregate in - I want a real community center, one that encompasses the diverse interests and cultures of Rogers Park.

I do not believe the Boys and Girls Club offers the full range of community involvement we need and have always wanted for this building. I certainly do not like the idea of being coerced into a fait accompli or having the hard work of fellow community members ignored and belittled.

In a word, I am outraged by this entire affair and I am crestfallen at what I believe will ultimately be the outcome.

If there is justice to be had in this situation, the media will cover this entire sordid affair, including apt comparisons to Daley’s handling of the Children’s Museum (which Joes spoke out against but fails to see the parallelism in) and publicly shame our Alderman to do the right thing.


Toni said...

And when Joe spoke against that issue several of us were in the chambers. I blogged about it and gave him credit for a sensitive and interesting perspective.

Good comment by the way.

Craig Gernhardt said...

Yes, great analysis. I'm making this a headline post if you don't mind. By the way, I just looked at the poll and it shows the exact opposite of Joe's results. I've got 22 to 1 in favor of open meetings.

Toni said...

The monthly parks councils (3 parks) meetings are OPEN meetings.

been there said...

i don't know where you people are getting the idea that somehow having bgc means no one over 16 gets to do anything. that is just nuts.

input was asked for and received over many months, years even, now is the time to implement.

Poppy said...

The Chicago Boys Club is a great and safe place for the youth to go to. When I was a boy I could not wait until I could go to the club and have supervised games, basketball, crafts, wood shop, and many other supervised activities. The Chicago Boys and Girls Club will make a difference in a kid's life. The club will keep them off the street and in an organized supervised place. The club made a man out of me, kept me from getting tn trouble and I still support the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago.

Fargo Woman said...

I hope you don't mind my repeating a comment I originally posted on another blog. On The Broken Heart of Rogers Park blog, Hugh said, "Leasing the building to a private, not-for-profit will mean LESS youth programming in our community." In my opinion this is exactly what will happen.
As a freelance writer, one of the services I offer is writing grant proposals for community groups and nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofits compete for governmental, corporate and private funds. It's not pretty but it is a fact. Fundraising and development are the cornerstones of any nonprofit. It has to be. Good intentions don’t pay the gas bill, keep the lights on or pay staff. Bringing in a national organization like the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) will have a negative effect on the ability for these grassroots organizations to develop the programs and provide the infrastructure necessary for sustainability. They simply can’t compete on the same level with this titanic organization.

Sister Cecilia’s letter provided a litany of youth services already up and running in this area. She lists, “the youth programs run by Howard Area Community Center, Family Matters, Starfish, and Good News Partners Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, and Northpoint Advancement Center at one point of their history, and Triangle Park Corporation which ran summer events for youth, including co-sponsoring with the Howard Area's seniors club a softball program every Sat afternoon with snacks for 2 years.”

Instead of bringing in yet another organization dedicated to building leadership in our youth, why isn’t Joe Moore working in partnership with the organizations already in place doing that very thing right here in Rogers Park? Why isn’t he working to make sure they have access to everything they need at the Gale Community Center to thrive? Why, instead, is he so eager to hand the place over to a national entity with no direct ties to the community, no investment in the community and no real need to be accountable to the community?

Is it because they can guarantee him yet more good press? (When was the last time you heard about Starfish on the local news programs?) Is it because they can afford multimillion dollar conferences, banquets and award dinners and he hopes/expects to be a key note speaker or special award winner – all this just in time for his run for Congress? Leaving a legacy of BGCA behind is a lot sexier than just a no-name community center, now isn’t it?

Family Matters is just one of the brilliant leadership, anti-gang, anti-drug youth programs offered in the North of Howard area and yet I feel certain that if the BGCA settle into the Gale Community Center they will be in danger of losing at least some of the funding they already have and will find it difficult to secure new funding to expand their programs. Why? Because there will be redundancy in the programs they offer or hope to offer verses BGCA. Because they do not have the numbers of participants BGCA can recruit from outside of the neighborhood. Because they do not have the high public, national profile BGCA enjoys. Need I go on? Oh, yeah, and Family Matters employs neighborhood and community residents. Will BGCA?

I’m not interested in starting a debate around whether the BGCA has something to offer Rogers Park’s youth, I’m just saying bringing it to the Gale Community Center could have a profoundly negative effect on the futures of the grassroots youth groups already working so hard in our community.


Toni said...

Well, Mo - if you want to 'step outside' as you claim to do, let's analyze it.

a. The plan was altered, detoured, changed and all in meetings exclusive of the Gale Park Advisory Council and the neighborhood.

b. The BGC (specifically Cotter) is open to ages 6 to 16. Read their website.

c. Just because Joe states it will not be entirely closed to other ages, that statement is terribly vague. After all, did't Bill Clinton claim he did not have sex with that woman? It's all a matter of semantics and definition.

d. It is a public building that a high profile NFP with big money wants.

e. The Input you refer to included neighbors and youth at the 9/2007 meeting. Were you there? Joe wasn't nor was Ginderske. Joe would not send out an email blast on it. I feel you may be referring to input from another group done while secretly negotiating this 'deal'.

I'm sure that because it's getting so much attention now, you feel obligated to change the interpretation of the BGC website. You may label this another aspect of my Artemis personality. Many see this as doing everything for some entities and people for every reason but the right one.

That being the point and purpose and intent this building was designed to be - It wasn't built for a NFP.

mcl said...

Hey been there,
You don't know what the hell you're talking about!

mcl said...

p.s. to 'been there':
Who the hell are you...why don't you identify yourself???

Toni said...

Poppy - I agree that BGC is a safe place - but wonder about the differences or similarities in programs offered by a park district.

Lately, no mention has been made of the Gale School Annex...and it has more space than the Building at 1610 W. Howard. Joe mentioned that building as a 'possibility' also. If the decline in enrollment jeoprdizes retaining that building, and if BGC works in schools in this city, why not focus on saving the annex and it's almost brand new facilities?

Craig Gernhardt said...

"Been There" is a political propaganda tool for Joe Moore. And not very good at it. Joe uses her to blab a bunch of nonsense on the blogs. Her name is Mo Cahill.