June 13, 2008

CAPS Beat 2422 6.12.08 Recap

Beat Wide Arrests from May 1, 2008 to May 31, 2008
Calls for Service 1418

Total Arrests: =97

Top 10 Crimes for Beat 2422

Battery/Domestic Simple =12
Battery/Non-Domestic =10
Battery/Aggravated = 4
Narcotics-cannabis =16
Assault/Simple = 4
Trespass = 7
Criminal Property Damage = 5
Criminal Vehicle Damage = 5
Theft - Retail = 8
Criminal Defacement =4

No arrests by street were given.

1st Watch Arrests =9
2nd Watch Arrests =6
3rd Watch Arresets =21
Tactical or Covert Teams 51 Arrests

Beat Priorities Set At Tonights Meeting

Forms for Abandoned or Problem Building Citizen Information Report were distributed for neighbors to fill out and return to the police. *If anyone not present at the meeting would like a form please email Eva at elm@clstoons.com or me at howardwatchers@aol.com.

The list of problem buildings compiled tonight are:

7611-13 Bosworth – Broadmoor East
7616 N Bosworth
7628 N Bosworth
7603 N Greenview
1542-44 W Jonquil
1546 W. Jonquil
7711 N Marshfield


Northpoint - 12 Buildings in North of Howard area. Northpoint provided a written update on their management. There has been one eviction.

Security patrol – Will be increased during the summer to monitor and control activity in and around the Northpoint buildings, including loitering. High Traffic areas will see increased coverage

Gate locks, knobs and fencing are repaired as breakage is found – an on-going maintenance effort.

Northpoint will continue to file resident evictions, as applicable, for lease and house rule violations.

Tree trimming to allow for more visibility and safety has been planned. Landscape upgrades and exterior painting for improved curb appeal at all Northpoint buildings are in progress.

The Advancement Center continues with activities and programs for the elderly, children and disabled Northpoint residents.

7625 N Bosworth - According to Richard Marks, manager of the Jonquil Hotel – the ten day notice and eviction of two problem tenants has been completed.

Sargon Isaac stated he is in the process of evicting 3 tenants at 7615 N Sheridan. He has already been through the court proceedings and is waiting for the Sheriff to serve eviction papers

Steve Cohen informed the group that with the county cut backs, the sheriff’s office has fewer personnel to handle such notices. Also compounding the issue is the large number of foreclosures, walk-aways as well as evictions to serve. Rather than sending Sheriffs, the county has chosen to send moving companies to remove personal items from apartments, condos, homes. The issue of safety as well as long-term cost saving has yet to be factored. More information can be found under Cook County Evictions on the web.

Community Issues/Problems

During the warm weather, there will be more police walking the high traffic areas as well as the bike units covering Howard and other side streets.

One neighbor inquired about the Gale Park Community Center. A brief discussion was held regarding the finalization of extra funding to cover the expense of building and the tentative July 1 opening date. Another person inquired about a recent flyer taped to the door about Gale becoming the future home of the boys and girls club, and that if the Park District chose to turn it over to the club that adult neighbors would be excluded from the activities in building. Also, mentioned that should the boys and girls club take over the field house, it would be open to kids from all over Chicago and would no longer be the long awaited ‘neighborhood community center’ just for this neighborhood.

One resident from the 1504 Howard building thanked the officers and neighbor who have kept a watchful eye on the area. She noted loitering is down and her doorway is no longer filled with strangers.

Additional concerns may be emailed to Eva at elm@clstoons.com.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Note: There were some individuals in attendance who seldom attend CAPS meetings and seldom call 911. Some members of the group feel they came to find out what the police and neighbors were ‘planning’. We sincerely hope they were dismayed and will relay the problem solving and watchful neighborhood eyes to their friends.


Toni said...

Eva noted that the Lathrop Homes CHA project on Diversey/Damen is scheduled for rehab and the boys and girl club there is looking for a new home.

There should be community input to the powers that be on this possible move don't you think?

Toni said...

Also, there is a flyer on the door of the new building about the Park District re-naming Gale Park to Wyllie White Park. The Gale Park Council met with Joe Moore regarding a community led re-naming process.

A re-naming committee met during the week and worked out the process which will be announced to the neighborhood.

Joe did contact the powers at the Park District and reported to us that this is not written in stone.

mcl said...

Has it been determined that this idea of the Park District turning the new Gale Community Center over to the Boys & Girls Club is in fact a real possibility? If so, the neighborhood/community needs to rise up and put a STOP to any such consideration. This is a 'public, CPD facility, envisioned and designed to meet the needs of ALL of OUR area residents. The idea of any other use is outrageous!

Toni said...

The term Joe used when he discussed it at a renaming meeting at his office was possibly 'renting some space'. One other option - not the new building was briefly discussed. Which I would hope is the outcome. Going on a long shot, one could assume the Park District can do whatever they please, remove the exercize equipment from the premises and the B&G club would essentially run the show. So much for a community meeting space, so much for any adult activities. Anything is possible with the Park District if the community isn't informed and doesn't speak up.

Joe again said it's not in concrete....

Toni said...

I didn't see the Boys & Girls Club flyer, but a beat officer apparently did.

mcl said...

Not in concrete?? The idea should be taken off the table completely.

Toni said...

That was more or less the officers opinion too. I'm glad he brought it up in a public meeting.

Bosworth said...

Ok Northpoint management, time to stick to your word. I have called 911 5 times in the last 24 hours for Northpoint children and their friends throwing firecrackers and shooting bottle rockets at neighbors. I also called 911 last night at midnight and again at 1:00 a.m. this morning for 20 or so young men loudly loitering and drinking in front of 7628 N Bosworth Ave. Where were your security personnel at that time? They were no where in site.