June 29, 2008

Before the Detour...

This is interesting. Also, the Gale Park Advisory Council did not learn of all money breakouts until the June 11, 2008 Budget Meeting.

Headline: New Gale School Community
Center Nearing Completion

Ring up another victory in Roger Park’s efforts to make this a destination all will be glad to live in. The Gale School Community Center is nearing completion as this issue goes to press.

It is located at 1610 W.Howard Street. The $6 million project is the culmination of years of effort by Alderman Joe Moore of the 49th ward, State Sen. Carol Ronen (17th District), State Rep. Julie Hamos (18th District), The Rogers Park Community Council, Family Matters and the Chicago Park District, and the Howard Area Community Center among others.

According to Michael Land, associate to Alderman Moore, the Center features include a full-size gym which houses two regular basketball courts, two club rooms, men’s and women’s locker rooms fully accessible to people with disabilities, and two administrative and business offices. In addition, it boasts several environmentally friendly features such as low-consumption water fixtures, and a partial green roof to hold and return rain water to the atmosphere.

According to Land, financing was arranged through the good offices of the park district, the city and the state as follows:

$950,000 from the state; $1 million from the park district; $1 million
from the city; $500,000 from the Seabury Foundation

The balance came from funds that Ald.Moore was able to assemble from various contributions. The result: a shining new community center which will be accessible to all.

As Kim DeLong, founding executive director of Family Matters, put it, “residents, community organizations, and our elected officials working together for the betterment of the community.”

Nearing completion as we go to press is the Gale School Community Center, a community recreational building, which among others will offer a full-size gym which houses two basketball courts, and two club rooms.

President, Rogers Park Builders Group

Source [pdf] on page 3

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Toni said...

Oddly, this is supposed to be Gale Park 'Community Center'. It was on Ed Burke's Budget committee with the same incorrect name.

This public building is in a city park, is not supposed to be associated with the school, thus allegedly part of the request to rename the park!