June 26, 2008

All In Our Best Interest?

We've all contributed to the utility companies - but at least we received a service. We received the provider service(s) we had agreed upon that is. But it wasn't a contribution to become a stockholder - it was payment for services rendered. The only perks were electricity and heat - at spiraling rates.

We contribute to the government via taxes - city, county and state. It wasn't just the park council that was by-passed...

Mr. Moore can selectively listen to anyone he chooses - but is that a true democratic process? It's easier to follow the beaten path of backroom deals than it is to be open and honest with a park council. Full disclosure.

He has lost his momentum in buckin' da boss Daley with this Gale Park antic but apparently he's learned well in those years of city council meetings.


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Toni said...

On two occasions, on two separate topics - one park related - one not - Joe and I recently spoke on the phone.

There was no hostility on either side from my perspective. Perhaps he's forgotten but at the conclusion of one phone call I said "See Joe, we just agreed". We both laughed and he more or less said Let Me Mark The Calendar!

He knows that he can approach people - he's a politician. We all have to make compromises in situations and had he been responsive or attended a few meetings perhaps he could have diplomatically introduced the concept. Perhaps we could have worked on a compromise that would have been less divisive and much more inclusive.

I was the one chosen to contact him and disclose that some of us would be attending the June 11 budget meeting and full city council meeting to offer our support if any was needed. I emphasized on the voice message that I, TD, was giving my support on getting the funding.

He may not like me, my approach, or the color of my eyes, but he can't claim that I'm not open minded if approached or given equal ground. It was a newer council member who told him that had he approached and included the council he might not have left such bitter tastes in our mouths.