June 1, 2008

24th Gospel Fest

It was a beautiful day. We arrived at Millennium Park before the crowds. A few hours later a soothing walk in the water would have been rejuvenating.

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This quartet, Mighty Clouds of Joy, performed for an hour at the south stage. The lead singer has been singing gospel music for 47 years. There was minimal sermonizing. The few words that were spoken were about God, the Lord, or the entity one chooses to turn it over to. That I leave open to interpretation.

With all the flap from Wright then Pfleger and a few other preachers lately, this was a relief. In fact, the ministry should just turn it over and have music only services. Songs in lieu of sermons - no one gets attacked, no hatred is sewn and the real purpose or message is released. There weren’t any angry faces or tears here.



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Fargo said...

Beautiful music for a perfect day. As it should be.