June 25, 2008

1610 W Howard Update - Gale Park

News, do we have news! Well, not really! Apparently the call to meet within a three day time frame will not happen this week. Tim Mitchells calender is booked - so perhaps there was some miscommunication along the way?

Of course, next week is the last week of June and many may head off for a long holiday weekend and more postponments could happen. This is reminiscent of lawyers continuing a case, or of secretaries who can't read calenders because the boss hasn't communicated his/her schedule. Either way, the mouthpiece can call it my 'white entitlement' to create a distraction from the issues and the true symptoms of power grabs. I have called Joe by his given name in the series on the building yet his mouthpiece Westgard lowers the whole group, Moore, Ginderske, Steans, et al and their intentions - good or not so good - with his explosion yesterday.

The park council is not a club or a 'gang'. The council is made up of people who came to the original meeting and chose to remain. Not everyone has time or the desire to commit their free time to volunteer. It would help to get the facts. Joe should inform Westgard of the size of the council group at the recent meeting Joe attended and the racial or ethnic makeup - since the only card Westgard ever plays is the 'race card'. Or should I say it's the mainstay, status quo card the Ward 49 Democrats play on nearly every occasion when they feel a need to be self-righteous?

I wonder what Barack Obama would say about all this race card, white entitlement, power grab, hate vernacular spewing from Joe's mouthpiece? Hasn’t Obama emphatically stressed unity and change?


been there said...

actually, as a staunch obama supporter myself, i have been trying to embrace unity that is needed for change. i am truly saddened by the rancor and division in this community, across many lines, not just race.
it is not easy. in fact, obama was not my first choice. i was not that crazy about him as a senator. i wanted someone who would kick ass and take names. i guess i still do, but seeing the amazing and rare ability that he has to bring even bitter enemies to the table, my heart is 100% behind him. we would all do well to at least try to be a little more like him.
and just sayin'- i don't think that tommy is anyone's mouthpiece but his own. i don't have joe's phone tapped or anything, but i don't think they are bff or anything. he speaks for himself.

Toni said...

Perhaps Westgard gets his inside information from Ginderske? As I recall they sure dug up that brown stuff when they were 'against' Joe.

Westgard came to the Park Council input meeting in September. He returned in October and November and disappeared. He had made his 3 consecutive meetings which allowed him to vote on issues.

No one was 'mean' to him including me but he has no doubt deleted the hard drive. He goes in cycles of attacking perceived enemies, theories, bloggers, and even the laws.

Like many people in the US and in Chicago, I own a home. He seems to hate homeowners. He owns a vehicle therefore is he is guilty of the same white entitlement he spews and rants about?

been there said...

whatever. he is a big boy, and can take care of himself. that was not really my point.