May 19, 2008

The Street Is Alive - With Flowers

Enjoy the hibiscus, asparagus fern, and other greenery while they last! What would summer be without the arse planters on Howard? It would be like switching Independence Day and Christmas. That’s not a bad concept for this area – it could be a deterrent from the month long siege of illegal fireworks in June-July.

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These planters were supposed to be either donated or auctioned off to the parties submitting a last minute ‘proposal’. I guess that plan was dismissed or no one wanted them. Or else the new shipment didn’t arrive in time.

Is any one willing to make wagers on the duration of these nice plants? Maybe this year they will survive.


Fargo said...

Lovely while it lasts. I don't want to put a curse on it by speculating.

Toni said...

Day 1 and they're still OK. Looked like a squirrel buddy had been scratching around but no damage.

Bosworth said...

Take a walk down Paulina in front of the Good News Church. The flowers that were planted around the trees a few weeks ago by the North Shore do-gooders are all but gone. If you remove the empty liquor bottles and chip bags, you can almost see the remains of the poor things. Hazards of being NOH.

Toni said...

They can afford to buy more. But one can't buy his/her way into heaven.

Let's not close the street again. The streets were open last week during ward clean up. We survived.