May 28, 2008

Sightseeing NOH

Remember the episode of closing the street to plant flowers on Paulina? A commenter remarked that many had died. New geranium plants have been added to detract from the barren tree beds.


With every spring thaw or rainstorm, we have Lake Jonquil at Jonquil/Bosworth. Plus the usual disrespectful litter. Where's the plunger?


The broken window in the top left of the Northpoint building has not been repaired in at least a year. Neighbors on Paulina claim the Northpoint office has been informed over and over but still no repairs. Allegedly, a disrespectful young person NOH threw a rock and busted it. The same young person has been rude, disrespectful and has intimidated neighbors on the street.


Several neighbors have started sitting in the Harold Washington Playlot and speaking up when kids disregard the rules. We need more neighbors like that to ensure the little ones can play safely without being trounced upon by older kids playing football. No one cares if the older ones play football – just do it in Triangle or Gale where there’s ample space.

The excuse of ‘my mom told me to stay outta there’ is wearing thin with parents of small children. These older kids roam freely with no apparent parental concern.


mcl said...

The 2nd and 1st floor windows of that Northpoint building are also broken (by the same kids at the same time in May of 2007)!

Bosworth said...

Check out the building at 7706 N Marshfield, the scene of the fatal fire. There are 2 broken windows in the 2nd floor apartment covered with cardboard. Apparently the city department responsible for building code violations has never done a follow up visit at this location.

Toni said...

It happens in Edgewater too