May 23, 2008

Local Building Part Of The Conspiracy

Conspiracy to defraud on Granville!

That’s at the edge of wards 48 and 49. Another development allowed to sell and the new owners get to foot the bill? If this is the same building I heard about, the few occupants have already forked out a lot of money in legal fees. There were other strange connections in this building.

The Feds need to keep digging. That dig might include some city attorneys and their method of plea agreements for developers caught cutting corners or ignoring them. Who follows up on what is started after the plea agreement? Finish what you start is not their motto. Again, why don’t the alderpersons keep track of their wards? Bad buildings or construction, it should all filter down to home base keeper of the kingdom. The Feds should look into the whole pyramid . The Attorney General’s office is usually too busy to do it, but we pay the taxes.

Then there may be employees at the recorder of deeds who don’t get documents scanned and uploaded online so the public can locate information. Don’t forget there are two entities that are supposed to submit them for posting – corporation counsel and/or the building commissioners department. The building department has long covered many backsides by claiming the public should physically visit them and pull the records. We’re only in the 21st Century.

Then on the flip side, what about all the red tape, rules and regulations, involved in these codes? It’s surprising there’s not a code for planting flowers. Or is there? Are some of those codes really necessary or are they just on the books as an excuse to generate revenue?

Then there’s the cover thy ass aspect of these codes. We won’t mention the tyrannical side of it.

The 7 city employees are just mere offerings to keep the god of justice from roaring. Let him roar.

The whole messy story

GPS systems were put on inspectors vehicles to make sure they could be located. There’s nothing illegal about a walk to Starbucks. Maybe they all need ankle braclets with built-in recording devices. If the city is going to be so hell bent on despotism, that’s an option.

"At the end of the day" a lot of innocent taxpayers and owners pay the price.


The North Coast said...

Toni, this is not the same building I'm thinking of. I've never heard of this place, so thanks for featuring it. I will place it on my dog list of buildings to avoid buying into.

The place I spoke of is the courtyard next to the Soveriegn building. It's located at 1054-1062 W Granville, and has an astonishing no. of empty units. It's still a legal and financial quagmire you wouldn't want to get into the middle of.

I predicted in 2005, on Craig's blog, that this real estate was a bubble and when it burst, it would be a royal bloodbath, but I never, never, ever, ever imagined, for the life of me, that it would be anything like this bad. I never could have predicted so many foreclosures, and I never thought a city like Chicago would allow so much really atrocious construction- you can write the South Loop off completely, a total botch in the inception, what with at least 5 really huge high-rise condos with water infiltration problems requiring millions of $$$ in mitigation. In addition, of course, to an oversupply of $500K condos that is almost laughable.

The city inspectors did not do their job, and our alderman did not do his job, but nobody else- contractors, lenders, appraisors, private inspectors, bond rating agencies- did theirs, either.

I also would never, ever have guessed that condo owners could get stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars of assessments left behind by foreclosed residents. Yeah, sure, the bank that owns the units REO owes the assessments, but they have platoons of lawyers at their disposal and can think of a trillion jillion ways to delay, while the condo owners remaining have to pay to keep the utilities turned on. I wonder what if feels like to be one of 20 owners in a 600 unit building where the developer has bankrupted out and left behind hundreds of unsold units. This is something I never would have thought of.

Hugh said...

from the affidavit:

"This affidavit is made for the limited purpose of establishing probable cause in support of a criminal complaint charging from no later than in or about June 2007 until at least December 2007, DUMITRU CURESCU, LAVINIA CURESCU, VASILE FOFIU, BENY GARNEATA, MARIO OLIVELLA, TEOFIL SCORTE and WILLIAM WELLHAUSEN did conspire with each other and others to bribe City of Chicago officials with respect to the property located at 1637-39 West Granville ... "

Hugh said...

1637-39 W Granville
PIN 14-06-217-001
16-unit 3 story red brick bldg
SE corner of Granville & Paulina
40th ward

the owner of record & developer is:

4747 W PETERSON, STE-400
LAVINIA CURESCU, registered agent

GRANVILLE LLC shares an address with:


Venter is a notorious north side slumlord

Here's mention on the Edgewater Community Council website:

Problem Buildings - 5411 N Winthrop

Hugh said...

This investigation has revealed that DUMITRU CURESCU and LAVINIA CURESCU purchased a 13-unit building located at 1637-39 West Granville and 6139-41 North Paulina (“the Granville property”) in approximately June 2007. DUMITRU CURESCU and LAVINIA CURESCU, with the assistance of VASILE FOFIU, BENY GARNEATA, MARIO OLIVELLA, TEOFIL SCORTE, WILLIAM WELLHAUSEN, and others, performed construction work on the building which did not conform to the Chicago Building Code and Zoning Ordinance by

1) adding two illegal dwelling units to the building and

2) performing deficient plumbing work.

The investigation has revealed that bribes were paid to City of Chicago inspectors to allow this non-conforming work to be executed.

Hugh said...

"VASILE FOFIU is related to DUMITRU CURESCU and employed by BENY GARNEATA. His sons are currently working as realtors with Wrightwood Realty Company in an attempt to sell the Granville units."

doing business as
LAVINIA FOFIu, President & Secretary
NILES 60714

registered agent for Wrightwood Realty is one John R. Joyce

is this name familiar from north of Howard?