May 26, 2008

Holiday Re-Cap

It was a relatively quiet holiday weekend North of Howard. There was the exception of the adult male setting off illegal fireworks in Gale Park Saturday. Sunday afternoon neighbors heated up the grills, turned up the music and had a good time in the park. Yes, there were alcoholic beverages being consumed in the park and on Howard Street. But what the heck, it's a holiday, the rules don't apply.

This evening, I had to close the window so we could watch and hear the Tudors simultaneously. The green mosquito has been taken out storage and was buzzing the neighborhood. Tonight he was joined by the red and blue mosquitos aka screaming two wheel vehicles.

There were reports of ambulances and police on the west side not long ago. Then the cold wind from the north hit. It's finally getting quiet.

Hope you had a good break and be sure to dress for winter again tomorrow!

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