May 22, 2008

From The In Box

From the In Box in reference to this

On Tuesday when I got off of the train (4:00 p.m. ish) There were about 30 – 40 kids slowly meandering across Howard, blocking traffic, talking loud and pretty much just doing the normal inner-city teen thing of being as big of a BUTT as they could be, No threats of a fight or anything like that. They were being shadowed by a number of undercover cars and police vehicles. Once NOH, they moved to Gale Park and some started to disperse. So some of the police activity could have been pro-active to abate any problems later that night; I’ve never seen that many teens grouped together and moving in that herd mentality before. This could be something new for the summer? Hope not.

Blog note: Was there a teen peace march that day? Was there any kind of event that would require police shadowing?

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Fargo said...

sounds like a teen butthead walk...sheesh!