May 24, 2008

Easy Money

First reported on The Bench

and now from the Sun Times

Excerpt from the Sun Times:

Ronen said she meant to stay on Blagojevich's staff longer, but "circumstances just didn't permit that.

"There's a huge, huge deficit in this current year's budget, $750 million, and another one looming for the next one. All the projects I was interested in required resources. . . . Plus, you see what's happening in Springfield. There is a toxic environment that pervades everything," she said.

Ronen was elected to the Illinois House in 1992 and served five terms there before moving to the Senate in 2000. As a senator, she voted for a 2003 law that went after bloated legislative pensions.

For her pension to be based upon her $120,000-a-year governor's office salary rather than her final legislative pay, Ronen had to spend one month working under Blagojevich. Ronen was hired March 1 and left the governor's office April 30.

Blagojevich spokeswoman Abby Ottenhoff declined to offer time sheets or work product for Ronen and said Ronen's pension was "never discussed and wasn't a consideration" in Ronen's hiring.


Ronens' reason for accepting then declining the job due to a lack of resources makes no sense. She's been around long enough to know that Illinois has been in the hole for a long time. And now we'll be short $38k more.

It always amuses me how the 'liberal' politicians in this area promote assistance for the poor, preach on their soapboxes about doing more. As I recall there was that sneaky attempt to plant one more social service in this small area. At least Moore said 'no'. Hope he doesn't change his mind. Oddly the same liberals can't say 'NO' to more money in their banks. A true blue bleedin' heart would give it to the poor wouldn't he/she? Walk the Talk.

The aldermen vote for their on-going pay raises. Then there's the Stroger family and friends plan, and didn't Bobbie Steele boost her pension as the interim Cook County President? Talk about silly laws! Get real - these little pension and salary perks create a portion of Illinois debt. The state is in the hole and it's doomed to stay in the hole until voters wake up. That includes all income levels.

The rest of us can work in the non-government sector, pay their bloated taxes, and what are we doing? Enabling the enablers.

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