July 31, 2007

The BoJo Boys

The BoJo Boys – from left to right: Louie, Noodle and Charlie. Noodle is the newest addition to the Beat Walk. He's a charmer too.

7.31 walk 005

Louie is a real politician as he works to recruit one of the Pugs he and his brother Charlie see around the neighborhood. After all, there’s a lot to talk about…like how many loud cars they barked into silence, or how many squirrels they terrified! On Tuesdays though, they’re the canine escorts on the beat walks. A lot of people know them and say 'Hi Charlie! and Hi Louie!

7.31 walk 007

Next Tuesday, August 7, is National Night Out from 5:30PM - 9:00PM in Gale Park. Howard Street will be closed from Bosworth to Ashland. Bally's will have aerobics demonstrations, there will be yoga and karate demonstrations, dancing, and food vendors too. So mark your calendars. A flyer will be posted soon with further details.

Pancakes With The Principal

I think this principal is going to make some changes.

Community Walk 7/31/07

Please join neighbors in a weekly community walk in beat 2422. Meet at 7PM in front of the Broadmoor, 7600 North Bosworth.

No Plans For Tonight?


Come see 4 unique Rogers Park gardens (including some mighty big koi) and
then join us for appetizers (generously provided by Amphora Restaurant) and
wine. Members only. Non-members may join the evening of the Meander.
Starting point is 1434 W. Greenleaf. We will also have a slide show of the
Circle Park Community Garden project to share with you. Gardens, wine, good
food, and the pleasing company of fellow gardeners - what a fabulous way to
spend the last evening of July!


If you would like to join or just receive RPGG email notices please send your name and email address to rpgardengroup@comcast.net. Email address changes may also be sent to the same address. We will never share your email address without your permission.

Progress Report

Gale Park Field House - Progress photos as of July 20, 2007. There were more than 3-4 workers out.

7.20.07 gale 005 7.20.07 gale 009

This morning, July 30, 2007 – The building has a partial roof and may soon have partial walls. There were workers out on Saturday too. Any wagers on which month this will be completed?

Field House7.30.07

July 30, 2007

Howard Street's Mural

The BIG picture –Howard Street doesn’t get a fancy mural - just advertisements on vacant board-ups. I just wanted to share what we see while walking up to this corner.

Coe007 (1)

And of course, we can’t ignore the back side of the paper mural. It’s the streets genre.

Coe007 (2) Coe007 (3)

The medium used for this project is a mix of neglect, apathy, disrespect, and trash. Does anyone recall Robert Coe’s company being named ‘Sherlock Holmes Builders’?

July 28, 2007

V.O.T.E.R. 49 Bash Review

Here’s Keris overview of the afternoon!

It’s always a pleasure to link to a detailed writer. Thanks Kheris! I landed late, so my take is on Keris post only.

My cynical side can't just 'rule Moore out' though. From Moore, to his hired guns, to the committeeman who hand picked judges (one who no longer lives in this ward), the payments out to certain NOH residents, to the flagrant nursing home photos and videos. He doesn't have a clean slate.

An attorney from the office suite next to ours was leaving the other night for an out of town court date. He said it should go well, but then one never knows. I told him that in June a judge granted permission to look into election fraud here. One month later, she came back having decided 'she'd made a mistake'. (By that time other people had gotten on the elevator.) He smiled and shook his head. I said, "that was one great moment for justice and the women's movement". Everyone on the elevator was snickering and laughing. All were attorneys.

A young female attorney turned and said "Are you kidding? The women judges are all nuts." The laughter stopped 20 floors later. I'm not saying that Judge Hays is nuts, but flip-flopping like that leads one to wonder just what the truth really is! Leads one to wonder just what changed the woman's mind! Or should I say who changed her mind?

Interesting bit on Gold Coast vs Rogers Park voting. Once I couldn’t vote because someone had removed my name from the ‘book’. Even though I had my ID, voter card, the policeman at the polling place couldn’t get through to the BOE to verify my existence. Hence, I always try to vote before work so I have all day to hound the BOE if necessary. Yes, once upon a time there were police in polling places.

In fact, after the November 2006 election when election central came to get the ballots, run tapes, etc. the woman was accompanied by an plainclothes cop. He seemed a little shocked that this neighborhood in particular didn’t have a cop in the polling place.

No doubt the Storefront Lawyer (and a few others) will be horrified to know that I may have some rights! Yes, Fitz needs to start digging.

July 27, 2007

Don't Forget

Reminders from Rogers Park Bench

Click all the blue links to get more information.

The Poo Pot

The Poo Pot Stirrer is attempting once again to get the odor away from his boss Joe.

During the 2002–2003 aldermanic election, The Storefront Lawyer was on the old forum49 bashing everyone who wasn’t supporting Moore. In the 2007 election he ‘allegedly’ took a different path and was supporting an alleged contender who now sits on the zoning committee. Here’s what he’s dying to really know and I don’t feel obligated to share with him!

“What I find interesting about this is that the theory depends heavily on Toni Duncan's say-so, and the remainder of their evidence is admittedly unknown. First, you have Toni Duncan's claim that she didn't send these postcards out herself. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't - but it's her say-so, and since she is admittedly in Gordon's camp, she has a motivation to say things that are useful to Gordon. Second, you have only Toni Duncan's claim that she is providing all of the interesting "returned" mail into evidence with nothing extra added, (unless the Gordon camp had the presence of mind to immediately forward all of her mail to a private investigator or some other disinterested third party, which I doubt).”

As I recall, the storefront lawyer and his pals were the ‘investigators’ researching ‘my space blogs’ and spewing their findings to one gullible blogger who posted it for them! Perhaps the Storefront Lawyer was just pretending when he called Joe a liar and a cheat. Watch Tom Mannis RPB video with your coffee. As I recall, the storefront lawyer, Jim G, Wayne Frazier, Craig Berryhill, the two Acorns just ‘happened’ to be right outside Gale School when the woman came to vote giving a vacant building address. As I recall, a Moore pollwatcher hit the speed dial to one of them and they flew in the door like vultures. Coincidence?

The semi-accusation that I sent the post cards is laughable. Once again the boy proves how little he knows about me. He's attempting to create a diversion from the real culprit(s). The accusation distraction can often be a means of not feeling (dealing with) one's own guilt in the mirror. At any rate, it's drama. No way in hell would I do something that stupid nor would I waste my money! Does he think I'd actually use my own address? It's his 'job' to make you think so! It's called bullshit backfired get it off my face duty -

The person(s) who dreamed up the post card may have executed the job after too many brews or in a moment of stereotypical Rogers Park elitism. It's known as 'brainstorming' elsewhere. Or, the person(s) really is a stupid ward 49 clinger who didn't think in advance that the post office returns undeliverable mail. Either way, the synapses weren't firing properly or at all.

“Third, the Gordon camp has consistently claimed that they don't know who sent out these cards - in other words, by their own admission, they can't prove that it wasn't a trick by one of Gordon's supporters. I mean, as of today, it's the core support for their lawsuit, so its usefulness to Gordon is demonstrably present.”

Obviously, there was a mole or two at Gordon’s!

Baby African Mole Rat
(Adult Mole Rat)

The hands look like those of certain staffer even though we can’t see his face behind the George Bush ‘mask’. Sure, they could easily steal a yard sign, they did it nightly ward wide! But obtaining both the hat and button took a little more effort. The Republican poop landed and then the Republican tree killers followed by the pink postcard! Johnny King shows up in the D-2’s, a shabby $160 for all those hours of hanging out. Why didn't he demand equal pay for equal work?

”Then there's the little issue of what the existence of the card proves. In order to get the election results overturned, the Gordonites have to show not merely that”… a dirty trick occurred (plainly it did - by whom is the question), but further that the dirty trick changed the result of the election.”

Oh the pink card proves a lot, Mr. Storefront Lawyer. I did share the number of returns the postman delivered to my mailbox. What I've done with them is really burning the curiosity candle isn't it?

PS I do know that an exclamation mark is the only punctuation mark needed at the end of a 'word' or sentence.

July 26, 2007

12000 Call On BP To Halt Planned Dumping

Osterman Introduces HR 626;
Joins in Bi-Partisan Effort HR 620

State Representative Harry Osterman has a special responsibility for the preservation of our lake and drinking water. Not only does his legislative district include Edgewater and Rogers Park, but the City named the beach he grew up on after his mother, the late Ald. Kathy Osterman.

State Rep. Harry Osterman, D-Chicago, introduced a resolution, HR 626, in the Illinois House of Representatives Thursday that urges Congress and the U.S. EPA to take action against a planned increase in ammonia and sludge dumping in Lake Michigan due to the expansion of a British Petroleum plant.

"Our beaches are precious and the water of Lake Michigan is transported and used by people all across our state," Osterman said. "It's important for the federal EPA and Congress to take a stand when a body of water that is shared among several states is threatened by the actions of one. I will continue working to make sure that protections of Lake Michigan are upheld in the future and no backsliding is allowed."

Osterman urged residents to participate in the petition drive that is underway to draw local support to the fight against the pollution increases. Osterman ncourages all interested residents to visit Chicago Park District website or Environment Illinoisto register their opposition or to receive more information.

More than 100 allege patronage in county

Complaints center on health system

By Mickey Ciokajlo, Chicago Tribune staff reporter, July 26, 2007

More than 100 current and former Cook County employees have filed complaints alleging they were the victims of political discrimination in the last three years, according to a report filed in U.S. District Court on Wednesday.

Nearly half of those employees worked in the county's health system—a well-known patronage haven—with the bulk of the complaints centered on claims that employees were denied promotions or overtime in favor of politically connected workers.


Clean Up Time

Cleaner CTA red line! Has anyone noticed the cleaning crews at the Howard station? I asked their supervisor if they were kids of staff getting a coveted summer job. At any rate, since the CTA is begging for money and threatening (no news lately) fare hikes, don't forget the threat to stop the purple line.

For years the red line was usually trash ridden, sticky, oftentimes lacking that fresh air odor! That is until the threats began. Since much of the purple line traffic is directed to the red line now, this crew was formed. The crew hits the incoming red line with trash bags and air freshener spray!



And, they're cleaning both the southbound and northbound red lines. Just wondering if this was done on our behalf or in response to the complaints from the suburban riders forced to ride it? As the supervisor told me a few weeks ago, suburbanites complain to the CTA more...

Broken tree limb on Howard - Maybe DevCorp should put up boxing bags on Howard so people needing to vent their frustrations physically could stop and throw a few punches at an inanimate object. As for aesthetic values, the boxing bag couldn't look any worse than the arse planters filled with trash and flattened flowers.



July 25, 2007

SEIU favors gambling expansion

The Service Emplyees International Union, the Official Sponsors ® of Alderman Joe Moore, are lobbying in Springfield to expand gambling as the solution to our State's budget crisis, the Capital Fax Blog reports.

Singing or Smoking?

July 25, 2007

Depending on who you listen to--Alderman Joe Moore, 49th, or Don Gordon--the fat lady is either singing or still smoking a cigarette back stage.

Click here for rest of article

July 24, 2007

New Security Team North of Howard

We’re happy to introduce Louie and Charlie who protected us on our walk tonight!


These dapper gents are brothers from the same litter and neighbors in the same building.

The streets are safer tonight after this duo did their sniff and wag routine!

Thanks for watching over us!

July 23, 2007

Noah's Woes

In the year 2007, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in the United States, and said, "Once again, the earth has become wicked and over-populated, and I see the end of all flesh before me. Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few good humans." He gave Noah the blueprints, saying, "You have 6 months to build the Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights."

Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard - but no Ark.

"Noah!" He roared, "I'm about to start the rain! Where is the Ark?"
"Forgive me, Lord," begged Noah, "but things have changed. I needed a building permit.

I've been arguing with the inspector about the need for a sprinkler system.

My neighbors claim that I've violated the neighborhood zoning laws by building the Ark in my yard and exceeding the height limitations. We had to go to the Development Appeal Board for a decision.

Then the Department of Transportation demanded a bond be posted for the future costs of moving power lines and other overhead obstructions, to clear the passage for the Ark's move to the sea. I told them that the sea would be coming to us, but they would hear nothing of it.

Getting the wood was another problem. There's a ban on cutting local trees in order to save the spotted owl. I tried to convince the environmentalists that I needed the wood to save the owls - but no go!

When I started gathering the animals, an animal rights group sued me.
They insisted that I was confining wild animals against their will. They argued the accommodation was too restrictive, and it was cruel and inhumane to put so many animals in a confined space.

Then the EPA ruled that I couldn't build the Ark until they'd conducted an environmental impact study on your proposed flood.

I'm still trying to resolve a complaint with the Human Rights Commission on how many minorities I'm supposed to hire for my building crew.

Immigration and Naturalization are checking the green-card status of most of the people who want to work.

The trades unions say I can't use my sons. They insist I have to hire only Union workers with Ark-building experience.

To make matters worse, the IRS seized all my assets, claiming I'm trying to leave the country illegally with endangered species.

So, forgive me, Lord, but it would take at least 10 years for me to finish this Ark."
Suddenly the skies cleared, the sun began to shine, and a rainbow stretched across the sky. Noah looked up in wonder and asked, "You mean you're not going to destroy the world?" "No," said the Lord. "The government beat me to it."

blog note: This was sent from an email friend...I'm not the author.

No Refunds!

Eva and I walked to the Evanston Art Fair yesterday and noticed this odd combination of signs on the Evanston Beach…. Dangerous Body of Water E-Coli, and the Beach is Open. I'm fond of the 'no refunds' part!


The event along the lakefront was a pleasant weekend break. We ran into an old friend and former tenant of the Broadmoor, Deb. We updated her on the latest transfer from CIC to keep the Broadmoor ‘low income’. The words she uttered! In a nutshell, she has a cozy apartment in Edgewater, a management company that fixes things, and a quiet street. Sounds almost like ‘normal’ doesn’t it?

Deb said she wanders up Howard Street way now and again and to no surprise notices nothing has changed, only deteriorated. She emphasized how she does not miss the hood and all the ‘expletives’. Use your imagination folks.

Have a good Monday.

July 22, 2007

Successful Gun Turn In

July 22, 2007
BY MAUDLYNE IHEJIRIKA Staff Reporter/mihejirika@suntimes.com
…” Maybe it was because of Schanna Gayden, 13, killed in a park, buying fruit at a vendor's cart.
Or because of Enrique Chavez, 14, killed in a hail of gunfire while joyriding in his uncle's van.
Or maybe the inspiration was Blair Holt, 16, killed by a spray of bullets on a CTA bus.”

I hope our local turn in was tremendous at the United Church of Rogers Park yesterday.

Springfield Illinois Loses Bid

Neighbor Tim Jackson’s cartoon was published in last Sunday’s (7/15/07) Chicago Tribune in the Perspectives section for the "local draw". And, history repeated itself and today's Trib features another cartoon in the Perspectives Section. It will be available to view online after it appears in the hard copy paper.

Go Tim!

Click Here For A Chuckle!

July 21, 2007

Two Pink Drop Dates


Upon further digging, I noticed in my archived scans that there were TWO drop dates so my conscience is clear…How about yours Joe, Wayne, Dave, Alex et al?

April 12 and April 13 so could the D-2’s link back to the denial?

A. There’s no ‘Conservatives for Gordon’ in my home
B. True, I gleefully voted Republican against Todd Stroger but am registered Dem
C. Don Gordon was a Democratic candidate and is still a Democrat
D. I’m still digging

The scribbles from the post office ANK = Addressee Not Known

Do We Have A Paper Trail?

The pink postcard was not just sent to North of Howard residents as assumed in April. As the undeliverable ones landed in my mailbox, the addresses were from everywhere in Ward 49 where the mail person could not find the addressee.

Watch The Video Again

Keep Up The Denial With Insults man

United States Post Office
Station M
Chicago, IL 60626
$798.00 4/10/2007
Expenditure Citizens for Joe Moore
postage expense Citizens for Joe Moore

United States Post Office
Station M
Chicago, IL 60626
$390.00 4/11/2007
Expenditure Citizens for Joe Moore
postage expense Citizens for Joe Moore

Post Office
Station M
Chicago, IL 60626
$480.00 4/13/2007
Expenditure Citizens for Joe Moore
postage expense Citizens for Joe Moore

Kinko's (Arlington Heights)
205 W. Rand Rd Arlington Heights, IL 60004
$360.00 4/13/2007
Expenditure Citizens for Joe Moore
Printing Fee Citizens for Joe Moore

Do these postage purchases and small printing job coincide with the Friday, April 13, 2007 landing of the pink post card? All 650 plus 'return to sender' 'addressee unknown' cards were stamped April 12, 2007. The printing fee probably isn't large enough to cover the glossy photos of the Joe and family reminders to vote and it probably was NOT done at Kinko's. Kinko's could handle a small pink postcard though!

With all the typos in the D-2's could the date have been entered incorrectly as was one subsidized campaign workers address? Hummm.....

But if we take the total spent $798+$360/.24 we get a total number of postage allowed at 4963 postcards of which more than 600 were returned. Now didn't we hear Joe say he has over 4000 on his email list at the Island Groove Meeting? He has mail lists too. And if requested, they can be 'shared'.

But denial is always an option isn't it?

The expressions are priceless

Moore's Denial 'REFUTED"

Moore Denied the ACORN Connection

The D-2's are out....

Here’s the highly paid ACORN propaganda composed of cut/pastes from comments from various blogs by bloggerdaddy49 @ aol.com no doubt! S/he was very good at emailing these out-of-context things. So good that apparently Frazier, Armor, Fagus, Moore, the DC Dude et al thought it would be worth a few bucks to twist, print and trash North of Howard.

But anything is ‘fair’ in an election, there is NO evidence to constitute any wrong-doing in Ward 49 right, Judge(s)?

Acorn HQ denies the facts

Citizens Services Inc
209 W. Jackson St. #3
Chicago, IL 60606

$2,215.00 Field Operations - Acorn through 1/26

$2,215.00 Campaign Field Operations - Through Jan. 26

$3,215.00 Field Operations Through Feb. 2

$3,215.00 Campaign Field Operation's - Through 2/2/07

$5,630.00 Field Opperations

$3,215.00 Field Operations - Acorn

$7,425.00 Acorn Campaign Workers

$7,425.00 Acorn Campaign Workers

$34,555.00 TOTAL Paid for Hate, Lies, Intimidation, Trash

Not to mention the tall dude who hung around NOH with the bandana-head-wrapped lady! He was chased out of Gale School 4/17 by an irate teacher for 'wandering' in the hallways. I saw him during the day driving a big Yank Tank, so I took down the license number. A check on the plate turned up the fact the plate was stolen 3 years ago. Nice people huh?

Did all the paid section 8 workers inform their rental office of the additional income? How many received 'cash under the table'? Or was it covered by typing in the wrong street? I've already 'discovered' one such 'typo'.

July 20, 2007

Another Zinger From Stewart

Click here for full opinion from Russ Stewart

“49th Ward (Rogers Park): These words describe David Fagus: Irrelevant, obscure and politically impotent. As the ward's Democratic committeeman, he can take about 1 percent of the credit for re-electing Alderman Joe Moore.

In the highly transient ward, Moore, who has been an alderman since 1991, won in April by just 247 votes, with 50.9 percent of the vote against Don Gordon. Moore had 3,657 votes in the municipal election and 3,862 votes in the runoff."

Russ Stewart's Insights

49th Ward (Rogers Park): When a well known, outspoken, supposedly "independent" 16-year alderman squeaks to victory by 247 votes, getting just 50.9 percent of the votes cast, it's hospice time. The condition is terminal, so bring on the morphine and plan the funeral.

Joe Moore postures as an anti-Daley independent and eagerly takes obligatory liberal stances: against the Iraq war, for banning foi gras and patronage hiring, and for the "big box" living wage ordinance. But chaos reigns in his ward: Crime, relentless condominium conversions (more than 6,000 apartments converted in the past 5 years) and poor city services have created a deep pool of hostility toward Moore.”
Click here for Russ Stewart’s complete opinion


Perhaps Moore will 'intervene to ensure I'm not targeted by unions or anyone' just as he did for Helen. I contribute to his income. I'm not obligated to contribute to anyone's ego.

"This Case Is Far From Over"

July 20, 2007


Don Gordon and Attorney Michael LaVelle released the following statement this evening:

“Our ongoing challenge to the 49th Ward Aldermanic election results took an interesting turn today when Judge Marsha Hayes issued a ruling during a routine status hearing on the lawsuit.

At the status hearing, Judge Hayes announced that she had reviewed the motion for what is termed a “bill of particulars” filed by Joe Moore. She then decided to review the briefs filed in connection with his earlier motion to dismiss which she had denied. Judge Hayes said she determined that she had made a mistake in granting a denial of the motion and that she was reversing that ruling. She entered an order granting the motion to dismiss.

As a consequence, we are preparing a motion for reconsideration of today's ruling and also filing what is called a "motion for leave to amend the complaint." We are going forward with our field investigation and data analysis since we believe that this will provide the basis for a more detailed amended complaint.

Now that we have been given the opportunity to examine records at the Board of Elections and also to do data analysis on the votes cast during the run-off election, we are further convinced that there were many irregularities. The bottom line is that this case is far from over. We will report on the date of the next hearing in the case as soon as possible.”

Don't Toast The Victory Just Yet!

The first comment is very interesting...perhaps our local attorney can respond - on his 'unbiased, unhateful' website.

Save Our Lake

Chicago Park District
541 North Fairbanks Court, 7th Floor
(312) 742-4786 phone
(312) 742-5391 fax

Park District Urges Public To Save Our Lake From Industrial Sludge

Click here for the Petition

For more information about how you can help “Save Our Lake” please call 312.742.4775 or email at janis.taylor@chicagoparkdistrict.com.


I checked the Ward 49 website and did NOT find this information. Perhaps we'll get a green emailer tomorrow? After all, the tree killers and staffers claimed our alderman would fight to protect our lake. I'm sure that includes sludge.

July 19, 2007

What Did YOU See?

The statement below is dated April 14, 2007 two days after the pink postcard was mailed on behalf of a non-existent organization listing my address. Nearly 600 of those bubble bum pink cards were returned to my mailbox as not deliverable, moved no forwarding address, or other post office marks. According to one source, to cover their fanny's, more than one list was used to defy 'tracking' the sender(s). At any rate, since the drop date of the cards, don't complain to the post office if your mail delivery is late...these returns have been clogging up the system all summer.

A Ward 49 Pollwatchers statement with video!

The link will lead you to other new age, high tech observances that should be very difficult for anyone to deny, including a government agency. If you observed any of these stunts, please send a statement to info@voter49.org.

As the Pink Post Card Saga that still creeps into my mailbox... Did you receive yours? You may email me at howardwatchers@aol.com and I'll see if you're in the stack of postcards left in my desk drawer at work!

RP Bloggers: If you would like to participate in gathering these illustrious memories from the election(s) tactics, please post a link to your posting so all is contained in one post and its comments.

July 18, 2007

Where's HACC?


Charles Hardwick - HACC

Where's the accredited Howard Area Community Center? Now what possible promises made are being kept? Have the required connections to the city's job training program been changed?

Does anything change but the seasons?

News Source

For an updated police blotter Check Here

For the complete index, Check Here

July 17, 2007

Wanted: Your Statement!

From Michael Harrington....


Contact Voter49 or call 847-542-0889 as soon as possible.

AND.....after you've completed your civic duty on accountability please join the newly organized Voter 49 and meet new neighbors and old friends Saturday, July 28 3-6pm. Click on the image below to enlarge.


Summer Sports For Kids

Due to extenuating circumstances, the Cubs Care Program cannot be held at Gale Park as previously planned. However, there is still time for parents to register their kids in the ‘Neighborhood Sports’ program with these forms. But the deadline can't be extended much longer.

Please contact April at Touhy Park - 773 262 6737 for additional information or forms. Forms will also be available at Howard Area Center, 7648 N Paulina 773-262-6622 and Family Matters, 7731 N Marshfield 773-465-6011.

img001 img002

This program is in its second week with two Tuesdays being rained out, so please pass the word to any parents who are looking for summer activities for their children. Parents are encouraged to volunteer or attend evening activities.

NOHPAC Meeting and Community Walk

The next public meeting of NOHPAC will be tonight, Tuesday, July 17, 6:30 PM at HACC 7648 N Paulina (773) 262-6622. New members are needed, so please volunteer to help our parks with your ideas.

The community walk will be held after the meeting. Perhaps walkers would like to join the meeting?

Blight On Rogers

7.15.07 Coe 002

Other neighbors have complained at CAPS meetings about Robert Coe's gangway outdoor drug stop/rest place. This is the Rogers side of the gangway to Howard which is still boarded up. Early morning dog walkers have reported seeing drug activity in the gangway. Sunday evening, this lady in red was very high. She was pacing the concrete talking to herself. Just a few steps east is the loading dock area of Lost Eras. There are 2-3 black city trash cans which apparently are providing a 'hideaway' for sleeping or other activities. The cans appear to be full from a recent purging and hadn't been emptied. As I got close to the cans, and shopping cart 'parked' on the sidewalk, the face of one of the Howard Street Regulars appeared from behind one. Since his face was level with the top of the can, perhaps he was sitting on a milk crate having a picnic?

The band upstairs was putting out some great music in spite of the sights below.

7.15.07 Coe 001

This vacant never finished three flat was reported to have squatters earlier this summer. On one beat walk it had a chain and padlock. Sunday at 6:30 PM chain was missing, padlock was clipped to fence and the gate was wide open. Perhaps the owner came to check on his long forgotten property?

Shots On Sheridan

From a neighbor's scanner:

Does anyone have any info about the shooting which occurred about 1:20 AM this morning? The crime scene was reported as 7646 N. Sheridan Rd. One victim was found at Howard & Clark and transported to St. Francis with a gunshot wound to the face.

July 16, 2007

July 16, 1945

The world’s first nuclear weapons test took place on July 16, 1945 in the desolate White Sands deserts of New Mexico. In a cryptic reference to a John Donne poem that he knew and loved, J. Robert Oppenheimer, lead physicist of the Manhattan Project and scientific director of the test, dubbed the location “Trinity.”

The complete article from Live Science

Crime and 24th District Police Blotters

For those of you who may want to find details of a certain crime you heard was committed, please check out Chicago News-Stars' police blotter. If you can’t get any information regarding certain crimes, you may always contact Lorraine, our neighborhood reporter or the editor, Beth if you don’t feel comfortable contacting the blogs. They are accredited reporters.

lswanson@pioneerlocal.com and the editor, bburmahl@pioneerlocal.com ... Or call 708-383-3200

July 15, 2007

No Questions Asked

This is a NO QUESTIONS ASKED gun turn in.
Receive a $100 Prepaid MasterCard for unloaded guns.


Receive a $10 Prepaid MasterCard for BB Guns, Air Guns and Replica Guns.


Call 311 or the CAPS Implementation Office at 312 747 9987 for more information.

Turn guns in July 21, 2007 10AM – 4PM

United Church of Rogers Park
1545 W Morse
Chicago IL

Guns must be turned in at one of the 23 locations on the poster to receive the prepaid cards. Each gun turned in will be accepted and a prepaid MasterCard will be given per gun.

July 14, 2007

Will This Be Demolished?


North Shore School Virtual Tour


History from Wikipedia *Certain data needs to be updated on our commissioner.

“Rogers Park is currently going through a period of gentrification. The population is divided on the issue. Both alderman, Loyola University, and many property owners in Rogers Park support the gentrification currently going on in Rogers Park.

Among those actively organizing against gentrification are the Rogers Park Community Action Network, Organization of the Northeast, the North of Howard Leadership Forum, and many individual block clubs and community groups.

Those in favor gentrification point out that property values increase, brings investment to the community, increases property ownership and reduces crime, in general. Those opposed point out that gentrification causes displacement of low income families and elderly in favor of younger more affluent singles and couples, loss of diversity and does not establish long term residence. ”

Three organizations jump out from the paragraph from Wikipedia….RPCAN and O.N.E. and North of Howard Leadership Forum. All have been advocates for low income housing, anti-gentrification, yet are any of them actively protesting the loss of a structure that could provide homes to needy families? Two organizations that I’m aware of were actively promoting the re-election of Joe Moore. ONE provided a 'candidate forum' and Moore pollwatchers at the run-off election. Many of these pollwatchers attended his ‘party’ at Amphora. One participant in North of Howard Leadership Forum, insisted on defying their charity status and posted Moore flyers in common areas. Good News Partners promotes Moore in re-election.

So is their support of Moore a reason for their silence on destroying this part of Rogers Park history and creating a home for cars? Where’s the outrage over losing this building to cars and not creating homes for those in need?

The creation of North of Howard Leadership Forum represents NFP’s rather than the neighborhood NOH at large. Rather than a whole neighborhood being represented, this group is our ‘channel to the alderman’. While many of us may share the same sympathies and empathies, we are not included in the decision making process. Have you ever been polled by this group for your opinion? By endorsing this group, it appears to many that the alderman turned over this little neighborhood to those who are not necessarily and foremost interested in everyone’s safety, security or sense of inclusion in the decision making process. We are the red-headed stepchild of Rogers Park.

Regarding the concern on crime in this pocket of poverty …perhaps the alderman and the NFP’s could respond to Mr. Steward’s concerns?

Organization of the Northeast does its good work but it also has its more dubious agendas as does RPCAN. Certainly, NFP’s have their mission statements and purposes, but do they have the right to govern the way all of us will experience living in a certain area? Where’s the equality in this so-called democratic process? It seems there is a blanket tag / label of ‘you’re a homeowner, therefore, no matter what your ethnic background, you are promoting gentrification’ that encompasses anyone who owns. The propaganda of progressive liberalism?

One NFP, Lakeside CDC has done serious studies regarding the loss of affordable housing in Rogers Park in the last few years with data to back up their statements.

The structure of North Shore School appears to be in better condition than the Broadmoor which will be saved for the next 24 years as low income housing. Where’s the significance of saving another historical building? Where’s the outrage from these three organizations about turning this large building into a landscaped parking lot? Does this further implicate the theories that abound that certain areas are restricted from the ‘low income housing promotions’ to appease certain residents/contributors?

“Not on our street” “Not in our neighborhood”

One last thought: How much will it cost to demolish this building and create a parking lot versus converting it into ‘apartments’ where X number of residents could have a roof over their heads?

July 12, 2007

Just Dump It On Howard Street

7.11.07 001

This was part of our pedestrians scenic Howard Walk at rush hour yesterday morning. Since the removal of several trash cans purchased by taxpayers at the expense of SSA#19, the wise ones have now given the anti-socials good reason to dump anywhere.

Perhaps the alderman’s office should team up with their non-charity chamber of commerce and have mandatory meetings with building managers to stress the importance of teaching all tenants how to be respectful of their neighborhood. Instead of holding up the property owners for SSA dollars, why not hold up the non-resident landlords to teach tenants some civic duties beyond ‘voting’?

Now that favorite residents' voting duties are over for a few months, perhaps the human relations director could be a little proactive NOH and include cleanliness in his regular gossip sessions with favorite pals up here. Frazier, your attempt to divide and conquer ain’t over yet – so earn that title and don’t call me ‘homey’ anymore. Besides, it’ll take your mind off possible subpoenas in the Gordon vs Moore proceedings.

Promises must be followed by actions – remember Tom Mannis website Rogers Park Bench has a great T-Shirt about the whole world is watching.

7.11.07 002

Beat 2422 Meeting Tonight

The regular CAPS meeting for Beat 2422 will be tonight Thursday, July 12 at 7:00PM. The meeting place is the Gateway Senior Apartments, 7450 N Rogers, 1st floor community room.

July 11, 2007

Did Jacobson Break The Rules?

Amy Jacobson’s exclusive

and Eric Zorn’s post today

When I watched the 'not so revealing video' yesterday, I found the whole 'firing' aspect laughable. First of all, Jacobson had a huge towel wrapped around her from above the waist. Sure, a bikini top was visible, but think about it, don't we see plunging necklines in the workplace? How about those lacy little camisoles that are trendy blouse substitutes? It's OK to wear plunging necklines at work, or in Amy's case, in front of the TV camera, but not on a day off? At least not in front of a hidden camera!

If it was a 'pool party' why didn't the 'video' show anyone but Amy and what's his name? After the glimpse of his flab, I'm grateful he put on that T-Shirt aren't you? Not noted is the fact that Amy appeared to be on the phone during much of the video...wonder if she was talking to her boss, her husband, her best friend? There seems to be a lot missing...including all the violations of ethics by CBS!

Like one commenter on Zorn's blog, I'd like an explanation how this tape just 'fell' into Channel 2's lap! If the powers at NBC felt she was 'out of line' I can see a reprimand but firing is a little off the top. As for CBS, how much of a ratings bump did they get? Puns intended.

Remember Joan Esposito? She was awarded a nice settlement for really vicious gossip wasn't she?

So, what's your opinion?

Morse Theatre and Century Public House


"I've wanted to open a club for all of my adult life. It's a silly, romantic idea, but I always loved the environment of music clubs. Our goal in 20 years is to have a long lasting institution in Rogers Park," Andy McGhee said.

Best of luck to the McGhee's! I hope some of those unearthed treasures are saved for a display case!

CAPS Beat 2422 Minutes - June 14 2007

Beat Wide Arrests from May 1, 2007 to May 31, 2007

1st Watch 15
2nd Watch 8
3rd Watch 25
Tactical 28
Gang 8
Other Units 10
Total Arrests: 94

Top 10 Crimes for Beat 2422
Battery/Domestic Simple 16
Narcotics-cannabis 14
Theft - Retail 13
Battery/Simple 11
Theft- Under $300 11
Criminal Property Damage 10
Criminal Trespass/Property 9
Criminal Vehicle Damage 6
Theft from building 6
Theft - Over $300 6

The above was a new format and no arrests by street were given.

Beat Priorities
Gale Campus Park/Howard Street
7600-7700 N Paulina
Bosworth/Ashland/Jonquil Terrace
Triangle Park/Harold Washington Playground


7706 N. Marshfield - in compliance with city codes.
Northpoint No Update - 12 Buildings in North of Howard area.
Noah's Ark - 7600 Block of N Paulina according to Richard Marks, manager of the Jonquil Hotel - there will be outdoor lighting eventually.

Community Issues/Problems

Last summer a concerned resident attended a CAPS meeting requesting signatures for a petition to get a speed detector/or camera at the curve on Sheridan leading into Evanston. At the time, a representative from the ward office was in attendance since same resident had complained about the problem there as well. A traffic study was to have been ordered - but no updates have been provided. One officer remarked 'wait for the study' and another remarked 'get a camera'. Residents state the speeding is still going on.

Island Groove - One neighbor remarked on the community meeting regarding a liquor license for Island Groove - the former Biddy Mulligan's. This neighbor asked attendees to let the alderman know the unsocial behaviors witnessed by those living nearby and of the dubious character of the landlord, Sargon Isaac. Allegedly, the 'parking spaces' behind the establishment are 'double rented' i.e. both the establishment and the nearby neighbors are paying for the same parking spaces.

General Social Misconduct - One neighbor remarked on the sale of liquor from the liquor store at Sheridan/Rogers. Early morning sales are made to certain people who then proceed to their hideaways to embibe. Pastor Marilyn Pagan of the Good News Church had contacted the CAPS office regarding trespassers entering the construction site next to the Alternative High School to drink. Discussion was held on voting certain areas dry using the liquor store on Granville as an example. That closure took nearly 6 years to accomplish with a resident lawyer doing the legal work pro bono. Also noted, the liquor store has appealed which is their legal right.

The problem of parking at the intersection of Howard/Greenviw/Rogers was mentioned. One neighbor stated more cars should be ticketed for parking illegally.

Harold Washington Playlot issues - two residents stopped at the playlot to observe the 9:30 pm closing. There were around 15-20 12-16+ year olds in the playlot who are too large for most of the equipment. When asked not to destroy the playlot, the youngsters became angry and threw a water balloon at one resident.

Two Northpoint neighbors arrived just before the meeting concluded. One asked why the police took so long to respond to complaints regarding loud music. The neighbor was told to contact Northpoint security, and the management office. Unfortunately, the police cannot come into an apartment building without a warrant just to ask someone to turn down the music. Also noted was the reality of crimes being committed which are police priority.

Regarding the previous months reports of vacant properties on Fargo, 1626-30 and 1640-42, the alderman's office would be contacted to put pressure on the owner(s) to keep properties clean, repair broken walks, keep weeds/grass cut and snow shoveled in winter.

Additional concerns may be emailed to Eva at elm@clstoons.com.

North of Howard Parks Advisory Council meeting 6/19/07 @ 6:30 PM at Howard Area Community Center.

There was no representation from the ward office.

The next Beat 2422 Meeting will be Thursday, July 12, 2007 at 7:00 PM

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

July 10, 2007

News From RPB

Asphalt By The Lake

With all the election rhetoric about affordable housing, losing rental stock, you’ve been invited to a meeting tomorrow evening at 7PM -Sherwin Manor Nursing Home, 7350 N. Sheridan Road - to approve demolishing the former North Shore School at 1217 W Chase and creating a landscaped parking lot for residents living in another building owned by the same person. Asphalt by the lake vs affordable homes by the lake.

Because no other school has expressed an interest, can’t this building be converted into ‘living space’ for humans instead of cars? That’s the problem with RT-4 zoning, a lot of structures are permitted under this classification. Instead of being creative and turning this old school into affordable homes/apartments, it’s to become a ‘landscaped’ parking lot.

Surely it's not that challenging to be creative is it? An old barn was being renovated into a home on an episode of ‘This Old House’ last night.
Can’t the ultra liberals imagine subidized apartments on the lakefront? If true, perhaps they’re not ultra liberal and definitely have an agenda to keep certain areas low income.

July 9, 2007

Tunguska Meteor Mystery

So, will the real creator of this lake ever be known? Where's Mulder and Skully?

Lake Cheko

July 8, 2007

Great Work Toddy Boy!

by Judith Graham
Tribune Staff Reporter
Published July 8, 2007

Schiff and his wife, Dr. Mardge Cohen, have worked at Stroger Hospital for more than 30 years.

In an e-mail to the Tribune, Schiff said he loved the hospital and its patients, "but this period of turmoil, of misguided leadership, or not listening to the patients and the staff, is destroying the hospital and what I love about it.

"It's too painful to see the best nurses and doctors I have ever worked with get laid off, cast aside with little regard for the vital services they provide. ... We had a vision of Cook County as a quality institution full of dedicated, caring staff who are advocates for the patients. These are the people who are being driven away."


When the likes of those who put Toddy in office can attempt to serve human kind as Schiff then we might have a civilized government. I won't be holding my breath though.

Toddy should have had his surgery months ago, gotten a clean bill of health and focused on work - real work. Illness or no, Toddy just doesn't have any management skills - he's just a Democrat who wanted daddy's throne. It hasn't taken him very long to enhance daddy's corrupt mess has it? Toddy hired his pals, lied to the board, the public, the voting taxpayers and is in the process of wiping out health care at Stroger Hospital.

Good for Schiff and Cohen...move on where you will be appreciated. Good for all the unappreciated staff who are seeking employment elsewhere. Cold, callous? Possibly, but contact your committeeman, commissioner, or Toddy - his cold and callous mismanagement has caused this depressing mess, not a blogger.

July 7, 2007

The Case Of The Missing Trash Cans

It was pointed out to me this morning that DevCorp has removed several trash cans along Howard. I noticed the one at the corner was missing when I updated the trash story. Apparently, their reasoning is that some people are dropping their house garbage in the cans. OK, so they're too lazy to walk to their dumpsters, but what is this un-progressive method doing for Howard Street in general?

There used to be a trash can. Urban trash pix7.3.07 007

Right there…Urban trash pix7.3.07 006

SSA#19 taxpayers bought those trash cans. Did those cans get moved to SSA#24 like the remainder of the 'streetscape' funds did?

The Star Wars Zone

I strolled up to the Pizzeria around 10PM last night to see what was going on. There were lots of kids hanging out on this mostly uninhabited block of 7600 N. Marshfield. Sure enough, fireworks were exploding at the side of the pizzeria, teens in the white T-Shirt uniform were everywhere. And the street isn't that well lit either. It's the perfect place for kids to get into mischief and with even more places to run and hide. The basketball court, the park, two parking lots, the school areas, and alleys leading to other streets.

It's a mecca for kids with nothing to do but play Star Wars with illegal fireworks. A friend who lives in the Howard Theater building saw me last night, and was kept awake most of the night by the kids with nothing to do. I'm sure they're out of range of the blue light too.

South to Howard offers one relatively uninhabited stretch.
7.6.07 006

Gale Academy on the East side and Gale Annex on the West side offer no complainers at night.
7.6.07 001 7.6.07 002 7.6.07 004 7.6.07 005

The 7616 Marshfield building is either completely vacant or nearly vacant while undergoing rehab. There are two 3-flats behind the 7616 building, but one of those buildings has a nightly garage party that spills into the alley, so they would be reluctant to complain about unruly behavior or noise.

In the past, we were told by the police that no one ever calls about the alley party noise so they don't bother them.

July 6, 2007

Activities Wish List

Last Sunday I was out walking, one of my favorite pastimes. Every time I noticed a group of youngsters I’d stop and talk to them, mainly to ask if they were excited about the field house. ALL wanted to know if there would be a swimming pool – nope, sorry, not enough money for that, so moving on, what would you like to see as activities other than basketball? I asked what their favorite class was in school and which one they needed help with. All answered math with science a close second. One male youngster asked if they could have wrestling like they have at Loyola. One female youngster recommended arts and crafts.

My reasoning for the questions? As I told them, it’s a field house for youth activities and I’d like to know what interests them. Previously stated, I don’t feel it’s fair to expect every kid to have a burning desire to play basketball. One youngster had a physical challenge, so what good is a basketball court for someone who can’t really participate? Just as educators from grammar school through college insist upon a well-rounded education, some of us feel the activities in the field house should accommodate as many needs/requirements as possible.

There’s no better pastime on a summer day than reading a good book and many kids might sign up for a summer reading camp, or a poetry writing session, or anything that doesn’t involved physical competitions. One youngster complained that the school library wasn’t open during the summer and I reminded him there’s a new library on Clark Street. No one in that group seemed eager to travel that far. The reason wasn’t given but I’m sure safety is one concern.

There are summer camps and other programs for the kids here now, but wouldn’t it be appropriate to make certain activities a focal point at the field house? The agencies and the park district should be able to work together and coordinate so there’s an activity for those who aren’t sports-minded.

There will be a new principal at Gale Academy this fall and from what I’ve heard, this man has some innovative plans for the kids and parents who live here. Some will applaud his plans and others will scream loudly….in the long run, perhaps there will be a new meaning to being a student and to being a parent. There are roles and responsibilities for both parties and I wish this new principal all the luck and community support that is available.

Places To Go This Weekend

Skokie Art Guild's 46th Annual Art Fair. The Art Fair
will be held Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8, 2007
on the Skokie Villiage Green at 5211 W. Oakton,
Skokie, Il. from 10:00AM to 5:00PM.

Dennis LoBue works in Needle Point and has been
exhibiting at Art Fairs and other venues for 7years.

Dennis will be at Booth #E66

St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Church
presents its 46th annual

Greek Festival

Saturday, July 7th 2:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, July 8th noon till 11:00 p.m.

Admission $2.00 Children under 12 Free

Carnival Rides for Kids
Greek Beer, Greek Food,

Dance to their DJ and Greek Music on Saturday
Greek Entertainment all day Sunday
Artisans and Artists, Jewelry, Purses

Limited Parking, church lot $5.00
free parking on Sheridan Road, Hollywood to Balmoral (both sides)
Bryn Mawr, East of Sheridan
For more information: 773-334-4515

Who Said Fireworks Aren't Dangerous?

This tragedy should not have happened.

The bombs going off outside my windows at 12:44AM should not be happening either.

July 5, 2007

The Roman Candle Star Wars Story

Urban trash pix7.3.07 003

Rogers Park Pizzeria is a new business on Howard Street, offering a menu of sandwiches and pizza, whole or by the slice. Building clientele in any new business is dependent on many factors, one being location another being demographics. RP Pizzeria is on the corner of Howard and Marshfield, directly across the street from the future Gale Park Field House.

Urban trash pix7.3.07 004

When I heard the "Roman Candle Star Wars Story", I stopped in to validate with the owner, Rob.( I also asked permission to post) Oh, yes, he said, “what you were told is true”. A neighborhood couple with an 8 month old baby had become regular customers. It’s a casual restaurant, so a baby in a stroller doesn’t pose any problem. The owners goal is to have a restaurant where people can sit down and enjoy their food.

The problem was posed by the kids outside who were chasing one another with fireworks, Roman Candles in particular. Repeatedly, Rob and his staff have dealt with unruly and/or rude kids both inside and outside the restaurant. Foul language, radios, extra loud talking will direct kids to the front door if the request to stop it isn’t respected. Or direct them to move if they’re in front of the restaurant.

The episode occurred about a week and a half ago in the escalating fireworks play by young people and adults NOH. The illegal activity was not restricted to the parks but played out on good ole Howard Street too. We all love the lights in the skies from Roman Candles, right? We don’t like them directed at our bodies though. But that’s how kids were playing the scenario on Howard and other streets. It is a ‘fun game’ of lighting the Roman Candle and aiming the shots of color bursts at one another.

When this fireworks activity started in front of the pizzeria, the offenders were told to leave because the doors were open to let the cool evening air in. Instead, the offending ones defiantly ignored the request and managed to aim one inside the open door. The young couple and their baby were inside as a flaming burst entered the pizzeria and narrowly missed the 8 month old baby.

Police were called, the offenders fled, the parents filed a complaint, and the mother allegedly inquired if she could see what the blue light camera on Howard had captured. Her request was not allowed. Let’s hope someone who is monitoring that camera is looking at captured photos.

Meanwhile, the owner and staff, are hopeful that the new field house will give the youth a place to learn how to burn off that negative energy in positive ways.

July 3, 2007

What A Difference

Urban trash pix7.2.07 002

Urban trash pix7.3.07 005

I came home a little after one o’clock this afternoon and to my dismay and disgust, the trash pile had grown. It had grown all the way to the middle of the parkway. I left another message, and followed up on my reference numbers. Around three-forty I noticed how clean the parkway was when I watered the plants. It looks like a neighborhood again.

Ms. Sullivan at Ward 49 sent a follow-up email at 3:09pm that stated “Our 49th Ward Streets and Sanitation Supervisor spoke with building management and the property is being cleaned up.”

There used to be a trash can. Urban trash pix7.3.07 007

Right there…Urban trash pix7.3.07 006

SSA#19 taxpayers bought that can and I sincerely hope it was damaged and will be replaced. It’s odd how one can walk past something everyday and take it for granted. If it returns, let’s hope people use it. If it doesn’t return, then the burden of picking up sloppy peoples trash is on someone.

Accidental photography…No Littering and Street Cleaning Thursday, July 5. Vehicle owners, please move your cars so streets and san can get the rest of the trash!
Urban trash pix7.3.07 009

July 2, 2007

Urban Equities Trash Update

Viewing To the South 6PM tonight

Urban trash pix7.2.07 002Urban trash pix7.2.07 001

Viewing To the North 6PM tonight

Urban trash pix7.2.07 004 Urban trash pix7.2.07 003

Our good neighbors, Urban Equities! A neighbor called again today and was given the ‘I dunno’ routine.

Please note, the feet on the sidewalk belong to someone who was all freaked about having a photo of him and his girlfriend. Rest assured, just as I told you, I was taking photos of the trash, not you!