February 28, 2007

NOH Landlord Faces Housing Court

By Lorraine Swanson - Chicago News Star

Please remember to contact Eva McCann, our CAPS Beat Facilitator if you need a ride to appear as a court advocate. Remember, Tuesday, March 6th at 9:30 a.m. at the Daley Plaza Building court room # 1103.

March 6, 2007 Court Info

Please respond to Eva at elm@clstoons.com


Joe kept to his 49 Line and could only come up with 49% of his 49th Ward.

From the Sun-Times:
Ward 49 Updated: 11:57 p.m.
100.0% of precincts reporting

Joe Moore 3,657 49.3%
Don Gordon 2,162 29.2%
Jim Ginderske 939 12.7%
Chris Adams 656 8.8%

From the Board of Elections:

42 of 42 precincts counted 100.00%
Joe Moore 3,657 49.19%
Don Gordon 2,162 29.08%
Jim Ginderske 939 12.63%
Chris Adams 656 8.82%
Write-In 20 0.27%

Total 7,434

Headline courtesy of TP2

February 27, 2007

The Day To Make A Change

The polls will soon open for you to make an intelligent choice by voting for one of the challengers for the position for 49th Ward Alderman. Long time residents had told me of Moore’s illegal campaign antics which thoroughly disgusted me. Having witnessed his Fagus backed Machine’s down and dirty actions, I do not consider him a worthy candidate. Someone with such lack of character has no right to be my ‘voice’ which is one reason why I started this blog. I was totally appalled at the way this neighborhood had been set up and was not being cared for.

For the most part, I refrained from jabbing at the incumbent. But as he stalled the Gale Park Field House and arrogantly intervened in the Park Council’s hard work, as he pandered to developers and bad landlords on one side and the poor on the other, it became apparent how he was playing all of us. When his little scheme was revealed - it hit too close to home - and that was the end of the line.

Neighbors, it’s time to unite for the day, put our differences on the back burner and choose a real leader who gives a damn about all of us, Rogers Park and our future.

Find Your Polling Place and start Spring Cleaning today.

February 26, 2007

Karen Hoover Joins Gordon Campaign Team

Statement from Karen Hoover, 2003 Aldermanic Candidate:

“The current alderman of the 49th Ward has been in office for 16 years. Very little has changed. We are still discussing the same issues – the lack of economic development, unacceptable levels of crime, criminally managed buildings, a failure to comply with “green” requirements, a poorly managed ward office, a poorly managed infrastructure – to name a few.

One thing has changed. The current alderman is less accessible and accountable than he used to be. We haven’t had a Town Meeting in years.

I have tried many times to change this, but am now passing the torch. I believe that there is a person who is running for alderman who will be engaged in the neighborhood and can fix some of these things. I am impressed with his thoughtfulness on the issues and the depth of his understanding of them. I am impressed with his accessibility and openness. I also appreciate that he takes criticism well and is willing to admit mistakes. I support Don Gordon for 49th Ward Alderman because I believe he is the best man to make changes in the neighborhood I love so well.”

Blognote: Karen is my mentor. I admire and respect this woman and all that she's done. While gathering the history of this little neighborhood, many people would say 'Karen was helping us on that' or 'You should ask Karen Hoover, she'd know.' I seldom heard people mention what the incumbent did for them...

The most admirable trait about Karen is that she's a straight-shooter. She tells it like it is and saves everyone a lot of time.

February 25, 2007

Checkpoint Sullivan

Another blogger posted what I considered yet another unproven story in his continued attack against Dan Sullivan who endorsed Don Gordon for alderman. It is the same blogger who has shamelessly taken it upon himself to support the candidate of his choice by attacking Gordon and Adams and often those who support them.

It’s the same blogger who in some apparent frenzied state of raw homophobic hatred attacked Craig Gernhardt’s late father. The only commonality I share with a blogger like that is the desire to oust Joe Moore from office. For that point and purpose, 24/7 has not been attacking the three challengers with the exception of improper postering. All have sent me press releases or information on meetings which have been posted. As such, no link to the blog will be advertised here, but the words will.

I asked Dan if this blatant post was ‘propaganda’:

"Sullivan wants to own the property where Arbour Health Care Center is, just a stone's throw away from Jarvis Square, at 1512 W Fargo Avenue in this rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. Sources say Mr. Sullivan would evict the elderly and handicapped residents and probably demolish the building to replace it with once that would be more visually appealing to the increasingly upscale neighbors. The pesky, noisy ambulances and unsightly wheelchairs would be gone. Don Gordon is very proud of the endorsement he got from Sullivan. How do you feel about it?"

And Sullivan sent this statement to my inquiry:

Here is what I want:
I want to see irresponsible (bad) building management and ownership replaced by responsible (good) building management and ownership throughout our neighborhood. In my view, many of the lifestyle problems in our neighborhood are supported and sometimes encouraged by irresponsible (bad) building management and ownership.

To achieve this, I have become directly involved in the management and/or ownership of 7 buildings since 2003. In addition, I have worked to have an indirect impact on other buildings I believe fit in the 'irresponsibly-run (bad)' category, such as 1345 Lunt, 1340 Morse and 1241 Lunt.

This blogger’s entry was irresponsible:
As for this blogger's entry, I believe it was irresponsibly done and should hurt his credibility with readers.

If he wanted to report responsibly on my personal wants related to any particular building or property, he should at least ask ME somewhere in his research before publishing. It also seems like he might be far more responsible in his reporting if he said who these 'sources' are who seem to feel empowered to state my personal wants for me, as if I am unable or unwilling to do that for myself.

My process for selecting properties to improve:
If someone were to ask me about my interest in a property, here is what I'd say:

When I look at whether to become directly involved in a property, I tend to look for properties that I think are irresponsibly run and need to be turned around. That is something I believe I am good at doing, and it is something I like to do.

For those I find (and there are many), I ask if I am capable of influencing whether they could become responsibly run? There are far fewer that fit this requirement, by the way.

And if I think I can make a difference, then I ask if the best way for me to have an influence is

a.) by becoming directly involved in the management or ownership, or
b.) by working indirectly to influence the existing ownership and management as a private citizen and neighbor (something I encourage all of us to do more often).

In the end of my property analyses, very few properties meet all these criteria. When I find the next one that does, I will make my best efforts to have a positive influence.

The nursing home on Fargo is NOT a property I am looking to become directly involved in, but I do want to see it run more responsibly.
As for the nursing home on Fargo, yes I do believe it is irresponsibly run and I would like it to be turned around and become responsibly run. I have tried to have an INDIRECT influence by speaking with one of the managers of the facility to get them to be more responsible in their decisions about letting some of the residents out on their own. Here are some things I have done:

1. I have called them about residents who have been allowed to walk around in the very cold days of winter without shoes or a coat on.

2. I have called them about a resident who threatened to kill a customer because she would not give him money.

3. I have called them about a resident who was badgering another customer by loudly and repeatedly reciting hate-filled statements (anti-Semitic, anti-gay and anti-Catholic) in what seemed to me like a nazi-induced rant. This person also referred to a book he held in his hand which I think had a swastika on it.

4. I have called about a resident who repeatedly litters and panhandles in front of the doors of the cafe.

5. I have called about a resident who spoke aggressively and inappropriately toward my 9 year old daughter on the sidewalk.

As for whether I think I am capable of having a direct positive influence on changing the nursing home to become more responsibly run, I doubt that I could right now. I might come to a different conclusion if I ever decided to pursue it, but I am not pursuing it, nor have I ever pursued it before.

Why do people even listen to a blogger who has done such a poor job of checking the facts of a story? This entry was shameful and should lead readers to be suspicious of its author's intent and capability for reporting facts or truth.

Dan Sullivan

So that’s the other side of frenetic blogging in the political sphere. One must check sources out and follow the facts. It’s a shame James Ginderske apparently has no control over this supporter unless he considers this part of his ‘gentleman’s campaign’.

The Epiphany of Joe Moore

The incumbent of Ward 49 continues to have spiritual revelations. He led the battle to stop the war in Iraq. He led the battle to ban selling foie gras from his deep concern for the ducks of the world. He has campaigned far and wide for his beliefs. Daring to go where no alderman has gone before, our incumbent defied the law of the land. He led the battle charge for the ‘big box’ or living wage. Defying the ultimate master, Mayor Daley, our incumbent demanded better CTA service for us.

He found a higher spirit recently in the confines of the storefront church of Good News where he attended the whole service. So profoundly was he moved by the spirit, he dropped a check for an unknown amount in the offering basket.

The day before, the Lincoln Park residents, owners of Jamaica Jerk, were empowered by the incumbent’s courage. Spirit moved them to serve a breakfast buffet for our low income neighbors to deepen the bond and guide the incumbent to another level. Since it’s a ‘progressive’ spirituality, catering has replaced fishes and loaves. A New Age has truly dawned on Rogers Park.

As hundreds of us witnessed on WTTW, Joe gives back to the community. The Spirit has banished the days of patronizing those less fortunate with a meal for a vote. Gone too are the days of accepting money from developers. The pay to play mentality has been cleansed from his politics. He will go forth with the strength, courage and the will to say NO to anyone with a checkbook. Gone too is the mentality of disregarding election laws.

Going forward, stepping into a church on an election year will be for spiritual cleansing to receive guidance. As in the days of yore, the fasting and vigil before being knighted by the king, our incumbent has humbled himself before the Spirit.

The cleansing of the soul, the epiphany of Joe Moore

As the winds of winter pound the waves of Lake Michigan against the shore, roses bloom in the midst of Rogers Park.

Spirit, guide our incumbent to the next level…Citizen Joe.

February 24, 2007

Moore Voted to Triple the Home Heating Gas Tax

On December 15, 2004, Moore voted to more than TRIPLE the City tax on home heating gas.


... a tax is imposed on the privilege of using or consuming in the city gas that is purchased in a sale at retail. The tax shall be at the rate of [from 1.4 to] 5.2 cents per therm.

Yeas -- Aldermen Mores, Haithcock, Tillman, Preckwinkle, Hairston, Lyle, Beavers, Stroger, Beale, Pope, Baker, Ciudenas, Olivo, Burke, T. Thomas, Coleman, L. Thomas, Murphy, Rugai, Troutman, Brookins, Munoz, Zalewski, Chandler, Solis, Ocasio, Burnett, E. Smith, Carothers, Reboyras, Suarez, Matlak, Mell, Austin, Colon, Banks, Mitts, Allen, Laurino, O'Connor, Doherty, Natarus, Daley, Tunney, Levar, Shiller, Schulter, M. Smith, Moore, Stone -- 50.

Nays -- None.



Alderman Moore, for the past 3 years our Rogers Park lakefront has been under increasing assault while you have stood idly by. You have told residents that you are an “independent and progressive” alderman who will take a stand to protect and preserve our shoreline. The truth? You ignored the lakefront and delivered no help while we worked successfully to protect it.

CALVARY MARINA (APRIL 2003) I organized the 49th Ward Parks & Beaches Committee for you. Within months we discovered that the City of Evanston was resurrecting a 20-year-old plan to build a 375-slip marina off Calvary Cemetery on our ward’s northern border. A marina would be an environmental nightmare, plus it would cut sand flow to our beloved Rogers Park beaches. That year you chastised our committee in a public meeting at Loyola Park. You said that Evanston had “no plans” and we were getting residents upset over nothing. Well, as we all discovered, Evanston’s plan was not fantasy. Our Freedom of Information requests exposed the project. I’m proud to have led the effort with dozens of Rogers Park citizens who worked with Evanston activists to fight the marina. We defeated it in their City Council (OCTOBER 2005). Since you never once stood with us, we formed the Rogers Park Conservancy - a strong voice for lakefront preservation and our community.

LEONE JUNIOR GUARD PROGRAM (FEBRUARY 2005) One of the most successful youth programs in Park District history was targeted for cost-cutting. This 80-year old program gained national recognition as the first junior guard program in the country and helped over 400 youths every summer. Youths were trained as lifeguards, and they learned discipline and how to be good young adults. Today it is a faint shadow of what it once was. Less than 100 children enroll in a program that provides little of the character building that was the hallmark of Sam Leone’s legacy. During the controversy you did open your office for a meeting with Park District officials - but only after I lobbied on behalf of the Leone Alumni Organization. You just stood by and did nothing to help us try to save it. Alumni of the program were furious that their own alderman wouldn’t take a stand with them. Well, I won’t be too busy to make it one of my priorities as alderman. I’ll fight to restore this program to the stature that it once had.

LAKEFRONT ADVOCACY (OCTOBER 2006) For years now we have seen plans to extend Lake Shore Drive to the Evanston border, to do landfill, or place marinas along our shoreline. Once again, Alderman Moore, you dismiss this as so much imagination. Once again, the residents of Rogers Park know better. Last October at Loyola Park the Park District unveiled plans for a marina near Loyola University. Few knew about it - except, of course, for you. The plan was developed at least a year before we got to see it! Last minute scrambling by concerned residents, myself, and our campaign staff ensured a turnout of over 400 people to deliver a resounding message of “No thank-you.” State Representative Harry Osterman spoke eloquently on our behalf while you seemed to nod off in the back of the room. On November 7th residents spoke again by voting for a lakefront referendum. Over 75% of voters delivered another loud “No thank-you” to the wholesale destruction of our lakefront. My campaign and I worked all summer to get signatures to put the referendum on the ballot. You want to take more polls?

This Tuesday, thousands of 49th ward residents will turn out again to deliver another resounding “No thank-you,” this time to you Alderman Moore. We want an alderman who will take a stand to protect and preserve our lakefront. I’ll be that kind of alderman.

Citizens To Elect Don Gordon 49th Ward Alderman
1600 W. Morse Ave., Chicago, IL 60626 773-262-9473 Don’s website

Think About This Before You Vote!


This is amusing isn't it? The Machine including MOORE, FAGUS, SUFFERDIN all promoted and worked to get Toddy elected. Toddy's screwing everyone including the credibility of every Democrat who put this fool in the Presidential chair. Now Larry wants me to understand how hard he worked to stop Toddy's budget cuts.

If you hadn't worked so damn hard to put Toddy in office, you wouldn't be so apologetic. That's like a purse snatcher saying "I'm sorry" to his victim as he runs away....

Larry gets paid approximately $85K for this part-time job.

Message from Larry Sufferdin:

Last night the Cook County Board defeated a budget amendment that I sponsored with six other Commissioners to reduce the proposed severe cuts to health care and public safety. Our amendment would have saved vital services in the hospital and clinic system and restored services and workers to the States Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Probation, Human Rights and other essential services. The key to our amendment was cutting middle management jobs that do not provide direct service to our citizens. Our amendment would have restored frontline service providers who work so hard for the citizens of Cook County – it is a tragedy that this did not happen!

Unfortunately, the majority of the Board – 10 Commissioners voted for President Stroger’s budget amendment that cut deeply into the services the County provides. This amendment is not a well drafted plan for running Cook County.

I am convinced that the Stroger amendment cuts will lead to law suits that will cause the County to pay more than the cut services would have cost. Over 500 County employees, a disproportional number of frontline service providers, will lose their jobs. This is a sad day for Cook County. I am grateful to the many Cook County workers and their representatives that worked with us to craft our alternative amendment. I am especially thankful for the many who came to the final vote to support our alternative.

I want to thank all who wrote or called me to offer help on how to deal with the problems of this budget. I will continue to advocate for quality services for all of Cook County and to look for other ways to modify this budget.

I want to thank those Commissioners who fought with me from the beginning and were there at the end working to protect the health and safety of Cook County. All Cook County owes Commissioners Tim Schneider, Joan Murphy, Roberto Maldonado, Tony Peraica, Forrest Claypool and Earlean Collins a thank you for their efforts to protect our rights and services.

Finally, after we failed to get our main amendment passed, I was able to amend the final budget to restore the jobs of 5 Public Defenders who defend those charged with the most serious crimes, restore additional Public Defender jobs, improve the efficiency of the County Clerk’s Office, modify some of the severe cuts to parts of the States Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office and restore some health services to the Cook County Jail. After passing these improvements and to protect these improvements, from a Stroger veto I reluctantly voted for the final package.

February 23, 2007

Realtors Heart Moore!

Chicago Association of Realtors PAC
200 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60601

$2,500.00 Tuesday 2/20/2007
$2,500.00 Friday 2/16/2007

Citizens for Joe Moore


Vermont Dems Heart Moore!

Democracy for America
PO Box 8313
Burlington, VT 05402

$2,000.00 Tuesday 2/20/2007 to Citizens for Joe Moore


Moore Votes Pay Increase For Self, 2002 Edition

Illinois law allows Our Village Elders to set their own pay, but it does require them to plan ahead a bit.

On November 11, 2002, in preparation for the last aldermanic elections, Our Wise Men voted themselves a sweet pay increase, and a schedule of automatic raises for the each of the next 3 years

1995-2002 $75K
2003 $88.5K
2004 $91.6K
2005 $94,805
2006 $98,125

An astonishing 31% pay increase over 4 years, 18% in the first year, and an automatic 3.5% in each of the succeeding 3 years.


Yeas -- Aldermen Granato, Tillman, Preckwinkle, Hairston, Lyle, Beavers, Stroger, Beale, Pope, Baker, Frias, Olive, Burke, T. Thomas, Coleman, L. Thomas, Rugai, DeVille, Munoz, Solis, Ocasio, Burnett, E. Smith, Carothers, Wojcik, Suarez, Matlak, Mell, Austin, Colom, Banks, Mitts, Allen, Laurino, O'Connor, Natarus, Hansen, M. Smith, Moore, Stone -- 40.

Nays -- Aldermen Murphy, Troutman, Zalewski, Chandler, Doherty, Daley, Levar, Shiller, Schulter -- 9

Gordon On Housing In Rogers Park

Housing in Rogers Park

“Access to quality and affordable housing is a right that we will protect for every resident. No one who wants to remain in Rogers Park should be forced to leave.
We’re all together on this boat and no one is getting thrown overboard
as long as I’m alderman of the 49th Ward!”


It should come as no surprise to anyone that we have a housing problem throughout Chicago. This crisis includes a wide net of housing needs, from low to middle-income – both rental and owner-occupied. Rogers Park, always a community of renters, still has a significant supply of rental housing available in spite of many recent condo conversions. Yet increasing property taxes and condo conversions are forcing out many long-time residents, a crisis faced by both homeowners and renters.

We also have a zoning problem, which in turn creates conflicts between “by right” development and community needs. Chicago is becoming a victim of its own success as more and more people are moving back into the city. Many see Rogers Park’s vibrant and culturally diverse environment as very attractive. Some may wish to purchase and are attracted by the availability of condos, single-family homes, and two- and 3-flats. Others simply wish to rent, whether by choice or necessity. It is our challenge to accommodate both, while keeping those in our community who wish to stay.

Recently, there was an attempt to do community-wide re-zoning without first doing a community-wide plan. That’s putting the cart before the horse. Zoning is not planning; instead it is applied as the result of a plan. The current downturn in the condo market has created a de facto moratorium on condo development. This gives us a window of opportunity to create balanced housing solutions for the 49th Ward. The downturn won’t last long, but it does give us a chance to create a true community-wide plan before additional quality rental housing is lost.

For a long time Rogers Park has been a neighborhood that offered reasonably priced apartments in a community with many multi-unit buildings. Yet, quality property management and building maintenance have always been a problem. Poor management of these buildings contributes to crime on our streets because property managers don’t fulfill their responsibility to do proper tenant screening. Tenants and neighbors alike are then the victims of these irresponsible slumlords. Deterioration of the buildings, in turn, directly affects the quality of life for residents in these poorly managed buildings and in some cases lives are put at risk or have actually been lost. Both of these situations have been prevalent here for many years.

Finally, Rogers Park has been losing a large number of rental units to condo conversion. Estimates are that 4,000 - 6,000 units have been lost in the past six years alone. Though there are still a large percentage of apartments, we are in danger of losing what remains of the affordable housing that has made Rogers Park such an economically diverse community. Poor management contributes to this loss of rental housing. Very often when poorly maintained buildings are sold, the buyers often convert the units to condos. This occurs because the cost of purchase combined with the cost to renovate is so high that very often the only option is conversion.


What we need is not the typical piece-meal community plans we’ve seen developed over the years. Those have ended up collecting dust and sitting on a shelf in the incumbent alderman’s office.
To tackle the breadth of issues facing our community requires a comprehensive plan that has involvement and buy-in from a range of key constituencies, including renters, owners, building owners, banking and community development professionals, nonprofits, and residents. As alderman, I will:

1.) Convene a group of residents from every precinct and block to represent the diversity of our ward and charge them with helping me create a comprehensive 49th Ward / Rogers Park Housing Plan.

2.) The plan will be grounded in hard data concerning the opportunities and challenges facing our community’s renters and homeowners.

3.) The plan will describe specific actions that are to be implemented, some of which I propose below, and others which will no doubt arise from our discussions and deliberations.

4.) The plan will assign actions to a timetable and provide clear benchmarks for measuring progress, so that no one will have to guess as to what I am doing or why.

5.) We will develop a comprehensive set of zoning guidelines to reflect the goals and objectives identified in the plan.

Our plan will be guided by community input and will maximize community interests over the special interests that so often influence decision making in the ward today. Below, I outline some of the basic elements that I will seek to include as part of my comprehensive housing and community development strategy.

I will continue to support new development in Rogers Park, and work to balance development with housing that serves the needs of 49th ward residents of all incomes. The best way to retain the diversity of our community is to promote a healthy and diverse housing stock of quality and affordable rental units along with condos, co-ops, and single-family homes. We need to level the playing field so that when investors purchase and renovate our large multi-unit buildings there are economic incentives to maintain them as quality rental units rather than just convert them to condos. I will work to create those incentives.

Campaign Finance in Illinois

by Suzanne Novak and Seema Shah
Campaign Finance Project of the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York University School of Law

• Illinois has the weakest campaign finance laws in the five major states of the Midwest.

• Alone among major Midwestern states, Illinois places no restrictions on campaign contributions, allowing unlimited donations from any source.

• Disclosure laws, supposedly the bulwark against corruption instead of contribution limits, are easily evaded.

• The State Board of Elections has failed to enforce the law. In significant measure, this is because the Board is by law split evenly among Democrats and Republicans. Wary of conducting investigations and resolving cases that could have political ramifications, the Board has signaled that campaign finance laws can be evaded without repercussion.

More (PDF)...

February 22, 2007

Getting down to business in the 49th

Our Town:
Chicago Reader
By Mick Dumke
February 23, 2007

...last week all four candidates had zeroed in on conventional election-year issues such as diversity, crime, business development, and affordable housing. And at a breakfast debate on February 14 the three challengers seemed at least as eager to criticize one another as to go after Moore.


After 16 years, what is Joe Moore's legacy?

1549 W. Touhy Ave. Chicago,
After 16 years in office, what is Joe Moore's legacy to Rogers Park ?
  • He banned foie gras from the menus of upscale restaurants not located in the ward.
  • He gave himself a 20% raise to more than $115,000 a year.
  • He allowed Rogers Park to lose 800 jobs over a five-year period.
  • He gave special treatment to developer campaign contributors who knock down homes.
  • He sat back as Rogers Park hit 15th highest in the number of murders when compared to all like-sized U.S. communities.
  • He created a climate where businesses avoid Rogers Park, leave or fail.
What has happened during Moore's reign?
Under Moore, Rogers Park is 47th out of 50 wards in total city services.
Under Moore, Rogers Park schools got $0 out of $1 billion in new city funding.
Under Moore, Rogers Park average annual incomes dropped by $5,000.
Under Moore, Rogers Park loses retail business and sits with dozens of empty storefronts.
Joe Moore sits on the sidelines when he should be working on the ward's behalf. Instead he finds plenty of time to engage in pay-to-play politics. Bottom line: Rogers Park suffers.

Rogers Park deserves better. Rogers Park deserves an alderman with a positive view and workable agenda for a safe and vibrant community. Rogers Park needs Chris Adams.
Chris Adams is focused on progress.
For more about Chris Adams and his plans for Rogers Park, view here.
On Feb 27, vote for progress. Vote for Chris Adams for Alderman - #54 Democrat.
For more about Chris Adams, go to www.adamsforalderman.com
© Copyright 2007 Paid for by Friends of Chris Adams. All Rights Reserved.
Vote Tuesday, Feb. 27

Chris Adams
1549 W. Touhy Chicago, IL, 60626, USA

Street Dude

Street Dude’s been around for a long time. He was a pretty permanent fixture on Howard when I first moved here. He’s a smart dude, not bad looking for all he’s been through, and still on top of the scene. My most vivid memory is of Street Dude screaming, cussing, and threatening to ‘beat the hell out of the bitches' as he stormed across Howard like a tornado in Kansas. One gets used to that behavior up here and it eventually it becomes infused into some dysfunctional acceptance of the street.

Some time later, I noticed Street Dude was MIA. A few seasons came and went and no Street Dude. Then last spring he was back. He was heavier and calmer; I barely recognized him. One day I asked where he’d been and his response was ‘on a vacation’. Translation meaning he had a little R&R, courtesy of some branch of the judiciary system. Since that moment of revelation or recognition (or both) we always nod or have a little chat.

I ran into Street Dude last night on the way home. He was leaning on the fence at Gale Park watching Howard. He told me all about the days political news in exchange for a cigarette. He said some man was campaigning in the hood today – he didn’t remember which candidate though. I asked if he was going to vote and he started talking about the ‘girls’ latest news. I listened and asked what he knew about Moore. He said a few choice words and continued with the ‘girls’ version. Seems Joe’s pitching the song about saving all the poor people. Street Dude asked me where those other guys were “going to send the poor folk on welfare” when the condos started coming in. He was pointing at Terzakis and Coe land. I laughed and said ‘that’s Joe’s work not those other guys, where have you been'? Where have the girls been? Better yet, where has Joe been?

Street Dude, like far too many people here, is lost in time. Like many of us, Street Dude woke up and wondered what the hell is going on other than a few extra years, gray hairs or pounds. His eyes grew dark when I told him about the big war chest fed by condo developers. His gaze was intent on that vacant lot when I told him about the $100K Joe claimed he put back into the community on a live TV show. Street Dude was like a disillusioned child who just found out about Santa. Those other guys didn’t take away peoples homes – Joe and his developers did. The big payoff was to save all the poor people NOH in exchange for a few tear downs. But the payoff doesn’t meet all of the promises Joe made or even begin to match the dollars he claims to have put back ‘into the community’, especially for people like Street Dude. We said our goodnight and he was on his way to tell the girls the $100K news.

We should have a Saturday matinee and replay the WTTW Forum for Street Dude and his friends. Seeing is Believing.

February 21, 2007

How Much Did You Give, Joe?

Monday night on "Chicago Tonight", Moore said that approximately $100K of his campaign funds goes to community organizations, Little League sponsorships, etc., after Carol Marin nailed him on his $400K+ war chest.

I did a little adding up of his expenditures (if you can get through all the CITGO gas purchases) and here's what I came up with for 2006 (rounding off each expenditure to the nearest dollar):


That's right, approximately $26,957 - - Less than $30,000 and much less than his quoted $100,00. This includes Joe's back-to-school picnic, program sponsorships, donations, etc. Even if I missed a few, it still won't tally up to $100K.

I saw only one sponsorship of a neighborhood Little League at Pottowottomie for $500. Most of his "donations" to community groups were in the $250 or $500 range, many being membership fees. One nonprofit garnered several bucks for ‘flyering’ – but there are no specifics regarding the event. It could have been for some of his ‘transparent’ community meetings.

Joe does seem to use the Gateway Mall Dominick's as his personal refrigerator - there were tons of food expenditures less than $100. That's a lot of subs and cheap $4.95 pizzas.

He buys a lot of gift cards for staff and interns from Best Buy. He also buys cards and sympathy bouquets for friends from his personal developer campaign slush fund.

Of course, Attorney Moore didn’t specifically state it was $100K per year. Hint - That's how people slide around the truth. With such a hefty annual contribution collection plate from his pals, Moore could have ‘invested much more’ in the community. The cost of a one day 'Back To School' picnic cost several thousand bucks. He feeds the voters and their kids, gives them a few takeaways and buys himself (and Todd Stroger) lots of votes.

Read Todays Pioneer Press Article

February 20, 2007

Carol Marin Interviews Candidates

So folks, how did you like the WTTW 49th Ward candidate show?

Did Moore convince you that his zoning committee was transparent? Did he convince you that various representatives from 'community' groups sit on the committee and make recommendations? It's rather difficult to read the TRUTH since he removed the zoning minutes from his website. He was truthful in that he brings the results to the community to review, but didn't mention that the results are a done deal before the meeting.

Moore and Ginderske chatted back and forth about big boxes and little boxes and how the big boxes run the little boxes out of business. That's true in smaller towns but come on, this is Chicago. As Gordon pointed out these 'big boxes' are in neighboring suburbs, so this law doesn't really apply as written. Ginderske is of the opinion that Rogers Park is too dense to house a big box such as Wal Mart. Gordon reiterated that Moore has not courted a well-managed, employee friendly store like Trader Joe's. TJ's hires at $9 an hour, provides benefits and would enhance the shopping choices of Rogers Park. That was just one example. Adams pointed out that millions of dollars of revenue are spent in the suburbs because we have no real commercial districts. Did everyone notice barren Howard Street on TV?

On campaign contributions it got a little testy! Ginderske repeated his forum statement of not taking any monies from developers unlike Moore who has nearly a half million stashed of which half of that was donated by developers. Moore denied as usual. Ginderske again mentioned conditions in developer pal/zoning committee member Jay Johnson tax assisted buildings NOH. Carol Marin asked who? So the fact came out that Moore's pal Jay Johnson owns the building where where 6 children died Labor Day weekend.

Did you hear that Ward 49? Moore didn't want to go there did he?

Gordon called the whole concept of contributions a 'culture of corruption' that needs to be addressed. Ward-wide and city-wide and nation-wide. Far too much time and energy is spent raising election money instead of serving the community. Gordon pointed to the D-2's and certain inaccuracies. It isn't easily discernable when a developer makes a contribution and when the 'variance' or other favor happens. But it's relatively apparent, just follow the facts. Adams mentioned punitive measures taken against a developer/manager who didn't endorse Moore. Owners of the buildings are Moore supporters and will not renew the endorsers contract come March 1. Moore pretended not to understand what Adams was talking about. But we do don't we? People are afraid of Moore to some extent. Is that a democracy? Is that transparent, progressive and liberal? Sounds like Capone to me.

Moore thinks his office is clean and transparent and nothing can be linked to his developer pals and special favors. Isn't that why he returned the donation from the liquor store owner on Clark Street? After all, several people including a reporter, bought forbidden single cans of beer? Does returning one donation make it all kosher? On the flip side, Moore thinks no one can prove that he's a retaliatory 'ruler'. Adams just sat and smiled at Moore.

Hold onto your hats and lock your doors folks. If you aren't promoting Moore, he'll send the inspectors, the IRS and anyone he can find to get you. Moore is a vindictive person. One cannot be progressive, liberal and vindictive in the same breath.

At least he's transparent.

February 19, 2007

The Irony Of Campaigning

Here's the Fagus/Moore/Berryhill Method that certain people scorned during other elections:

signs2.19.07 015

The scorn came from the fact that the signs were being placed on vacant property – and left there long after the election.
signs2.19.07 019

Someone hit all the vacant storefronts on Howard…. Why not go in the few open stores Howard still has and ask permission? It's not that difficult - except the store owners fear retaliation from someone in 'power'. Some democracy we have going on here.

signs2.19.07 001

signs2.19.07 011

And is this a bad sense of humor or what? This is the current decorative billboard on the Coe Hole board up.

signs2.19.07 014

I'm not real concerned about union bugs, just bugs in general.

Anything goes NOH….

Gordon Endorsements Update

The Chicago Tribune endorsement and new endorsements from long time community activist, Tom Heineman and Tony Halford, Chase Avenue block club activist are included in this latest update for Don Gordon for Alderman of the 49th Ward.

February 18, 2007

Joe's Crew Is Playing In Brown Stuff

"The 49th Ward wants and deserves an alderman who will answer to the people of the ward, not to big business and the downtown interests," said Armour.

I responded to the email asking what 'their' colors were? Green stuff from developers?.

The incumbent has failed to answer to the people of the ward, he merely TELLS the people after the fact. He and his side kicks are lying when they tell us they want our input. Most of the time they want us to nod 'yes' to a done deal before we bother to attend the meeting! Adams is moderating a forum. Joe dictating how we will live in this ward from closed meetings with pals truly qualifies him to lower himself into his own disengenuous record and start the 'poop-slinging'. I'm more concerned about the missing zoning committee minutes than I am of Adams 'moderating' a forum. Face it, Joe's feeling threatened and he damn well should feel that way. He's let too many people down for too long.

When was the last time Joe moderated anything that wasn't pre-determined from the machine? The incumbent has helped create and maintain NOH as a separate entity from Rogers Park. He BUYS votes from the poor with his broken promises. He brags of 'Fighting For The Field House'...what a crock. He ignored it for years. He couldn't figure out how to get the zoning straight for years and years. So ask yourself 'how long does it take that zoning crew to upzone/downzone/tear down and re-build for a developer pal'?

And, what about Jay Johnson's Ashland I & II? At the January CAPS meeting we had aldermanic representation but not the one who handles buildings. The poor rep started to read 'press release' notes to respond to my question about this property. The press release note was that Jay Johnson was going to rehab those buildings into condos. We had to clue this person in that the buildings were supposed to be in foreclosure... So will Joe and his chief of staff buildings side-kick and connections with the City wrangle Jay off the hook? Protecting or promoting a character like Johnson by the incumbent for years is a real serious issue and should concern voters a lot more than Candidate Adams moderating a forum.

Do you really think we can trust the incumbent to do the 'right thing' with Johnson? My guess is if the condos are allowed to happen by the string pullers, any future Ashland condo owners will find themselves assuming a lot of garbage that's not disclosed per this City Code. And what will Joe's response to the owners be? Tried and true political BS 'You were aware of it when you purchased, that's why you got it so cheap'.

Yep, all the condo problems in Rogers Park/Edgewater are the buyers fault not the developers. The attorney's hired for closing were all blind and the buyers were all devious and/or stupid. It has nothing to do with little deals, plea bargains, or non-disclosure to title companies. It's just those stupid damn liar buyers.

Here's the choice of colors for the imcumbents campaign. I'm not sure if it's green? or poop brown?
At any rate, we need some fresh air in Ward 49 and apparently Adams and Gordon are becoming real threats to Moore's cushy embedded politics and business as usual.

Now go wash your hands Alex and Joe - there's e-coli in that brown stuff you're splattering around.

Sun-Times Endorsement To Mull Over

21st: Our vote goes to Ald. Howard Brookins Jr., who has pushed for economic development and could have presided over a ribbon-cutting for a new Wal-Mart in his Far South Side ward if it hadn't been scuttled by union opposition. Those unions are now trying to oust him because he opposed the big-box wage ordinance.

Interesting opinion from the Sun-Times endorsement. Could it be that more people with working brain cells think that the big box was more of a hindrance than a help as written?

Is this indicative of union power supporting candidates for their own purposes?
Is it indicative of 'to hell with the real constituents needs' of any given ward? Could it be that finally, at long last, people are waking up?
So how many people didn't get any kind of a job thanks to the scuttling?

So which ward 49 candidate has unions behind him? Are 49th voters waking up yet?

February 17, 2007

Crime From The Police Scanner

Two bloggers called me with information coming through the police radio. One shooting near Ashland/Birchwood - the victim called 911 allegedly giving the name of the shooter.

Washtenaw crime scene, one or two homicides and one on Arthur and the perp is en route to the hospital. Probable domestic.

Broken Heart will update as news is released.



Police bagged evidence found in the snow between the SUV and the red vehicle just as a tow truck backed into the alley on the Arthur location where the mother was killed.

Family members had been taken to the Belmont Station where investigations are held.

February 16, 2007

No Freedom Of The Press In Strogerland

by Steve Patterson - Chicago Sun-Times

"Handcuffs on one hand, a cell phone and note pad in the other, I was doing my best to convince a Stroger Hospital police sergeant that I really was a reporter.

Covering a protest by the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless outside the offices of hospital chief Dr. Robert Simon, I had my press ID, was on the phone with the county spokesman, and the hospital spokesman was nearby."


Sorry for the experience Mr. Patterson. This is how the bad boys of the Machine still play in the 21st Century. If those 'security forces' are out of control follow the source of their orders. Who hired them, who briefs them, who retains them?

Battle Cry Tree Killer

"If You Ride the El, you already know...Rapid Transit...It Ain't."

"Train Derailments...Equipment Failures...Power Outages...Slow Zones...Service Delays"

Joe Battles CTA

"Fighting for the 49th Ward...And for a world class transit system."

Joe Leads the CHARGE! Tally Ho! Joe takes on the CTA in Battle! That’s why he lives in his car. Look at these gas, insurance and parking charges. Moore spent approximately $3802.99 on gas and parking in 2006. That number doesn't include the insurance tab. Spending $20 a week on CTA passes to/from work is $1040 or $20x52 weeks in a year.

Was this mailing list cross referenced with those NOT showing a vehicle registration?

Tally Ho Joe!

So What Would Grandpa Think?

From A Reader:

Fattened Political Egos Garnish Bloated Duck Liver


Excerpt from article

"Ironically, Kohl is the granddaughter of the man who founded
Kohl's Department store, one of the non-Big Box retailers that not
only does a good job paying its employees but also has a great
reputation for good quality clothing buys."

I'll not be shopping at Kohl's anymore! Never again!

I would not want to chance contributing even one cent to granddaughter Jana
Kohl's asinine political spending and support for Joe Moore. Now, I have to
figure out how to let the corporate Kohl's know that we resent her support
for the moron Moore.

This phrase comes to mind and flows - "More on moron Moore", how can it be

February 15, 2007


To the best of your ability how would you decipher this?

13-14-190 Sanctions applicable to owner--Property.
(a) The order to correct a code violation and any sanctions and/or costs imposed by the hearing officer as the result of a finding of a code violation shall attach to the property as well as to the owner of the property so that a finding of a code violation against one owner cannot be avoided by conveying or transferring the property to another owner. Any subsequent transferee or owner of property takes subject to the findings, decision and order of a hearing officer under this chapter if a notice consisting of a copy of the order to correct a code violation and imposing any sanctions and/or costs, and a description of the real estate affected sufficient for the identification thereof, has been filed in the office of the recorder or the officer of the registrar of titles in Cook County by the building commissioner or the corporation counsel prior to the transfer or conveyance to the subsequent transferee or owner.
There are a lot of newer property owners in RP and Edgewater with pre-existing building code violations who were unaware of them at the time of purchase. Some of these newer owners and their closing attorneys knew nothing about these violations prior to or during closing. Some didn't surface until a year or more after the purchase via a letter from the building department.

Does the above code state that by transferring property with a code violation that someone in the department of buildings and/or corporation counsel has to file it in one of two places where it can be 'discovered' by closing attorneys? Isn't that the point of 'title clearance'? No liens, no unpaid taxes, no code violations?

So if a sneaky owner who has been caught and fined by the City finally sells, where is the City in all this? Isn't the City supposed to put the information where it can be discovered as stated in their law? Who's to blame if the violations didn't show up with the title companies? Is it fair that the City can just tell the newest owners that they were aware of the violations so fix them or see them in court?

One way to look at it, someone isn't following up on what they start. No property should be allowed to sell until it's up to code. There's another unfinished law. It leaves the City wide open to collect twice, once from the Seller and once from the Buyer.

February 14, 2007

Moving In A New Direction

There’s usually no clear cut reason why a person chooses to switch directions in a job. It’s generally a build-up of frustrations, the environment or an overload of work that forces one to look for other opportunities. Such are the reasons, combined with being offered an opportunity she can’t refuse, that have led to the departure of Amy Campbell, the Howard Street Commercial District Planner at DevCorp North.

When I first met Amy she was excited, energized and filled with good intentions. But as we all know, once we learn the ropes of any organization and the limitations put upon us, we cannot always implement our good intentions. As I wrote the post about the SSA#19 renewal post, it opened with:

"I like Amy Campbell and she has my sympathy for her courage to stand in front of the neighbors and defend her means of income…a job at DevCorp North. However, at what point does the TRUTH prevail?"

We met for coffee and skirted around certain issues that would be pretentious for me to applaud and discussed those issues on which we shared a commonality. The demographics and demeanor of Howard Street, the driving forces not behind progressivism and the shared frustrations of its barren landscape.

Amy had aggressively courted one developer for the Lerner property. Unfortunately, once again, a new player wasn’t interested in our little corner. He was already involved in a major Uptown development and didn’t want to overextend himself. That’s been an ongoing issue with everyone who has held Amy's position. Big moneyed developers don’t seem interested especially when they do their homework here.

Further disillusionment came when the alderman et al decided to divert the $2 million Howard Streetscape dollars to Morse Avenue. It’s said that people on Morse yell louder than Howard people, so they get the attention for their yelling! I asked if a factor could be the O’Neil-Moore relationship – there wasn’t a verbal answer. Campbell did say that she hopes the NOH neighbors will keep an eye on the streetscape dollars for the future and make sure that whoever is alderman will be held accountable for the upgrade. On the defense of the decision, Amy said it makes sense not to continue the streetscape plans until the Bristol Development on the Evanston side and others are completed. Two other construction projects, the CTA Howard Station redevelopment and the Field House, were factored into the final decision.

The overriding theme of the discussion is one many of have spoken about for years and years….Amy disapproved of the NOH area being a dumping ground of nonprofits and subsidized housing. Not only did it make her job much more difficult than necessary, but there’s no enhancement or future for this place until some major changes are undertaken. Residents in the neighborhood are screaming for a diversity in retail establishments, not diversity in social service providers and dollar stores.

To attract tenants who will open businesses and live on Howard, the main problem is finding those who are willing to make the investment, develop the plan and start up. Another issue is once a good business is identified – it’s placed elsewhere – not on Howard. In essence, her job sometimes became an exercise in futility.

Most recently Amy learned first hand why Howard Street continues to breed social services agencies. In November 2006, Senator Carol Ronen proposed placing a prisoner check- in facility on Howard Street in partnership with a couple of community organizations including HACC. This facility would have been managed by a private group, Behavorial Interventions, and overseen by the Illinois Department of Corrections. It would have been a facility for people re-entering society from prison. Some 90 prisoners or ex-prisoners a day would have been required to check into the facility. Protective of her work in developing a commercial area, Amy was forced to be the power to say “No” to this ‘plan’. In her opinion, this neighborhood didn’t need any more facilities, any more nonprofits to feed into the current overload. When asked the alderman’s opinion, Amy said he opposed it. My interjection was ‘oh for how long though?’ She couldn’t respond to that, but certain groups whose sole intent is keeping this area a haven of misery, well, we all know the end result.

As for the latest study on Howard Street Planning, Amy asked that I look it over and note this is the only study with timelines. My response, what’s the use of timelines if deadlines aren’t met? What’s the use of planning if someone like Ronen is going to pander to the nonprofits and make Howard an extension of Paulina?

Bottom line we agreed on: We need to stop using Howard as a Dumping Ground.

Blog Note: I contacted Ronen's office to inquire about the proposed center and location. While Ronen was not available, an aide told me that it had been proposed and hadn't been accepted. They are currently looking for another location for this center. The aide asked how I heard about the proposal and I replied through the grapevine and that I should have heard it at a community meeting. She said had it been accepted she was sure it would have been presented to us. I couldn't help stating it would have been pre-approved for us to accept - that's how it works here in Ward 49. We don't have a voice in the process.

What on earth was Ronen thinking? Do we need another nonprofit here?

Get Fired Up and Shovel Snow

Where: No Exit Café
6970 North Glenwood
When: Wednesday, February 14th
Doors open at 7:30AM
Debate from 8:00AM – 9:30AM

Fee: $7 (includes breakfast & tip)
This month's BizArts Breakfast features a debate among the candidates running for 49th Ward Alderman in the month's election. The debate will be moderated by Michael Glasser. Doors open at 7:30AM; debate from 8:00AM – 9:30AM. Attendees will be able to submit questions on note cards provided at the door. $7.00 covers breakfast and gratuity. Focus of debate will be on issues pertaining to local business and commercial development as well as issues concerning artists.

Come out and learn more about the candidates for Alderman, enjoy a great breakfast at the No Exit - ...and bring a friend - BizArts events are open to all!

Aldermanic Forum Today

The Howard Area Alternative H.S. will hold an Aldermanic candidate forum on Feb. 14, 10:00 - 11:30 am at the Good News Community Kitchen. This is the ONLY forum that focuses on issues that youth have. It will be run by the students.

6 Topical questions include:
Development & Jobs
Safety and Protection

Sr. Cecilia Fandel
Forum contact

February 13, 2007

Geese Lay Golden Eggs on Moore Campaign

There's GOLD in them thar geese!

Most Rogers Park residents think Moore's famous foie gras ban was merely a meaningless gesture having nothing to do with the ward and designed only to grab press. But with weeks to go 'til a close election, Moore's hallmark legislative initiative is revealed as a savvy fund-raising gimmick.

Jana Kohl, Psy. D.
234 W. Concord Ln (in the 43rd Ward)
Chicago, IL 60614
Occupation: Psychologist
Employer: self

To Citizens for Joe Moore

$500.00 12/14/2006
$500.00 12/14/2006
$12,500.00 10/26/2006
$12,500.00 10/26/2006
$10,000.00 10/13/2006
$10,000.00 10/13/2006

Ask your favorite challenger if $46K would come in handy right about now. But the challengers don't have legislative services to sell.

Note: The apparent "dups" are NOT typos. I called the State Board of Elections, and they assured me that if you see two contributions for the same amount in the same day, it's because the PAC reported two contributions for the same amount in the same day.

More on Jana Kohl, Kohl's department store heiress, now noted animal rights activist, Official Spokesperson For The Almighty, and well on her way to becoming one of Joe Moore's biggest supporters:

WBBM 780 - Jewish Leaders: Overturning Foie Gras Ban Could Anger God


Jana Kohl, former director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies ... In an angry letter ... promised to do “everything in my power ... "

More on Moore's legislation-for-sale campaign fund-raising:

Illinois State Board of Elections Campaign Disclosure

February 12, 2007

What Joe's Latest Blast Doesn't Tell You

What did Moore omit from his blast to some of us today?

The phone number to call! So if his crew isn't jamming the lines at CAN TV, you may be able to get through your question to your alderman on TV.

Dial the hotline number: 312 738 1060 and ask him 'What's Up Joe'?

49th Ward's Darling Todd Stroger Booed

Please recall Urkel was endorsed by Joe Moore, David Fagus, Jan Schakowski, and Obama.

Boos, but not for Obama
Posted by John McCormick, Chicago Tribune, February 11, 2007

The warm-up show leading up to Obama's appearance in Chicago just ended, and there were some strong boos -- but not for the presidential candidate.

As U.S. Rep Jan Schakowsky introduced local and statewide office holders in attendance, the UIC Pavillion echoed with boos as the name of newly elected Cook County Board President Todd Stroger was announced. It took Schakowsky several seconds to get the crowd back on the positive track.

Invisible Permits and LLC's NOH

In a message dated 1/20/2007 8:41:53 A.M. Central Standard Time, xxxx writes:
I walked past 7616 N Marshfield at 7:30 a.m.this morning with my dog. I heard hammering and other noises. When I looked up, I could see construction work in progress on several of the lower floor apartments. I checked the lobby area windows and doors, and did not see any Building Permits posted anywhere.
Didn't I read on this site not too long ago this building had been purchased by one of our Alderman's buddies?
Isn't this typical of NOH......

These photos were taken shortly after the above message landed in the mailbox. I couldn't locate any permits but did see definite signs of construction. So, when in doubt, start digging.

2003 Transaction

2005-06 transaction will be added when Cook County Recorder of Deeds site is up and working.


Total Records: 10

Discipline ApprDate Status

11-30-218-021-0000 7624 N MARSHFIELD
11-30-218-022-0000 7620 N MARSHFIELD
11-30-218-023-0000 7616 N MARSHFIELD
11-30-218-027-0000 7612 N MARSHFIELD

White brick 4+1 built in 1967

Way back, they were People's Housing properties.

Notice application for permits was in process before the sale, suggests cooperation between buyer & seller.

9/15/2006 sold to for $3.5M to 7612 N MARSHFIELD LLC

The owners of this address received a permit on 11/03/2006.

According to the assessor the owners did a very successful assessment appeal last year.

According to the treasurer, People's Housing paid the last taxes, but that right around the last sale, it might have been handled at the closing, so that doesn't really help us find the current owner.

My knowledge that Jay Johnson was involved in at least partial ownership of this building came from an attorney representing a senior citizen. Jay was refusing to refund her security deposit after she moved stating it wasn't his responsibility but that of the previous owner. She found an attorney and the suit was filed 11/10/2004. The last entry in Dorothy Brown's website was in August 2006 listing the senior as the plaintiff and none other than Cornerstone Investment and USD Management LLC as defendant(s).

The curious reader may want to contact the Ward office and see if he/she gets a response. Please bear in mind that it may take several tries, since the person who may know will probably be on vacation, in court, or other unknown locations. You may be asked for your name and phone where you may be reached. Please remember to breathe while you await a return call.

February 11, 2007

Blatant Incompetence

By Judith Graham
Tribune staff reporter

"Many patients are frustrated by the health bureau's financial practices. Robert Breving, 63, said he has tried to get the county to bill his health insurer, Cigna, for three years.

"I come in, I hand in my card, they make a copy. This happens seven, eight times over the past three years, but never once has my insurance been billed," Breving said. "Every time I go in, I say, `You've got a problem here.' And the clerk looks at me and says, `We don't bill. That's a different department.'"

"One woman wrote to county Commissioner Larry Suffredin to tell him the Stroger Hospital staff had repeatedly billed her for an gastrointestinal exam last November instead of sending the invoice to her insurer as she had requested.

When she went to Stroger's finance office, the woman wrote, she was told that the staffer who deals with last names beginning with "L" wasn't in and she'd have to return. "Incompetence," she fumed in the note to Suffredin, who shared her letter with the Tribune.

In well-functioning medical centers, patients are asked if they have insurance when they walk in the door. Financial counselors are available to discuss how payment will be made. Counselors try to make sure eligible patients are enrolled in public programs such as Medicaid or Medicare."
At least this government department is reluctantly admitting there are errors. There are other departments who are in full denial. If victims of city errors wave photocopies of laws written by the legal geniuses they're called liars. Call your alderman about it and you're still called a liar. Ain't Chicago grand?

Gordon Fundraiser at Leona's Today

The LBGT for Gordon for alderman is sponsoring an event at Leona’s today from 3:30 – 6:00 PM. Leona’s is at 6935 N. Sheridan. There will be a silent auction, appetizers, wine and entertainment. Donations are $20 for singles and $35 for couples.

If you can’t make this event for Gordon, try this one
Please RSVP when attending coffees in private residences, so the hosts are aware of the head count therefore the chair count.

There's another coffee this evening in a private residence, I'll post further info there is enough room.

February 10, 2007

A Reader's Moment of Doubt

“Yo Toni, this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I like Sullivan and respect what he's done. I like Moore and want to support him. This is the first moment of doubt for me. I will do my homework however. Sullivan did a wonderful thing on Jarvis. Was Moore against him in anyway? Or is his support of Gordon based on just being freinds, living next door?”

Roxy, why the bad taste? Let's look at your thoughts for a minute...You're correct that Sullivan turned Jarvis Square around - and he did it without TIF money unlike Jay Johnson with the Howard Theater. This story from the archives Another Shattered Perception includes a study done by a real attorney. Browse through and see what Joe's cronyism did for Jay's bank account and what it did not do for Howard Street.

I can't speak to Dan Sullivan's thought processes, but will give him the credit that his decision to endorse Gordon is based on much more than friendship. He wrote his endorsement, he made his choice. His Jarvis Square is a work of honor and love to his grandparents and to the neighborhood. Not only is it a preservation of a corner of Rogers Park, it is a vision of what more corners could become. You should stop in and ask Dan on your way to the ward office to volunteer.

You may like Moore, but that isn't the question you need to ponder. You need to ask yourself if Moore likes you or really cares about your long term welfare as a taxpaying constituent. To make decisions for people that will be detrimental to their safety, finances, economic stability or taxing them to fill a Jay Johnson persona's bank account is deplorable.

To sign a long term contract without community approval and not implementing a plan to ensure proper management of subsidized housing in this area is deplorable. Where is the caring for my GOOD, HARDWORKING, HONEST Northpoint Neighbors? Where is the caring for the others who live in squalid places because it provides an inexpensive roof over their heads? Is that CARING? The poor of this little neighborhood should be outraged at the patronage of hot dogs, turkeys, movies and broken promises. Many of them find it insulting.

Everyone of all income levels should be outraged to think that this once proud neighborhood has been divided, denigrated by the 30 year reign of those so-called progressive liberals who have allowed it to be a last stop haven. A haven not only for the less fortunate but a cash cow for nonprofits and slumlords.

You may support that mentality as a citizen and a voter. I can't support it as a human. Keeping people 'in their place' by using their lack of education therefore their inability to transition is pathetic. To get maudlin over the system players at taxpayers expense is a waste of Kleenex.

To truly help people out of their situation is noble. But we're dealing with a large population that has languished in a bad system for years fed by pretentious 'helping hands'. So stock up on hot dogs and turkeys because Jay Johnson won't be providing them when he's paid his dues. Maybe another slumlord will step up to the plate? There are enough to go around.

Or you can return to your original thought process and respect what Dan Sullivan has done. Just remember Sullivan did it, not Moore. We need more people who GIVE back to the neighborhood rather than TIF intruders who only TAKE.

Before making any projections into Dan Sullivan's future why not just accept and applaud what he's given back to the neighborhood? He may not be a desk and paper pusher kind of person. From our one discussion last summer, restoring these buildings was his way of giving to the community. And, he's done a damn good job.

February 9, 2007

I Second That Motion

Good morning Voters and Taxpayers

I agree with the concept in the link so much I'll promote it on this site too. We bloggers write and you read for various reasons. The posts are to express an opinion, a link or a photograph that speaks for itself. We link to articles that impress, educate, infuriate, and/or entertain. This is one to challenge readers to step up to the plate.

Many have expressed frustration or anger regarding the current occupants job rating as the alderman of Ward 49. Take those emotions and direct them in a way that will have an impact! Most of you have a candidate in mind, so spend a little time working for him in the 'field'. There are plenty of tasks not mentioned in the link. Just call, ask, and be a part of making change.

If you're not a Moore fan, you don't want to feel guilty if he gets back in do you? As the neighbor wrote in the note to Broken Heart of Rogers Park - Please Do Your Part. Have a coffee, pass out literature and signs in your building, offer to help with the phones - ask what YOU can do.

I'm allowed election day off from work as my 'civic duty' its not a vacation day. I'm fortunate to have a progressive boss and many of you may find you have one too - if you ask. We need poll watchers, we need watchers to make sure no electioneering goes on inside or directly outside the polling places.

Please Do Your Part.

February 8, 2007

Endorsement for Gordon

Dan Sullivan - Awarded 2006 Rogers Park Citizen of the Year, resident and business leader

"I believe and I would like to persuade you that we need Don Gordon to represent the 49th ward in City Council as our Alderman. I am going to vote for Don and I want you to vote for him too. Voting for Don Gordon for Alderman is the fastest way we can improve Rogers Park right now, and this opportunity only comes around twice a decade. Please join me and let's make a much needed change in the way our ward is managed.

I am voting for Don because he has the right perspective on community service.

I believe Don sees the Alderman's position as one that will allow him to more broadly serve his neighbors and community. He is honest, smart, hard-working, and determined. Don has been a good neighbor and friend to me and my family for the 15 years we've lived next door to him. Don went into this race in part because of friends and neighbors who urged him to do so because we all were profoundly disappointed in the way our ward has been run for many years. I was one of the people asking him to do it. We need people of Don's character and capabilities to help lead Rogers Park to achieve its inherent promise and realize far more of its inherent potential.

I am voting for Don Gordon because Don understands the tremendous importance of the lake and the beaches to Rogers Park and the whole 49th ward.

This amenity is the truly unique aspect of this community. It is the foundation upon which many of our community institutions were built, both physically and organizationally. Our future with a well-managed lakefront is very bright. It can bring the community together as it used to in our too-easily-forgotten past. On the other hand, if we allow our future to include a continually-neglected and under-served lakefront, then our future will include more struggles for a cohesive community identity and spirit.

Don tried a few years ago to make some of the needed changes when he began the 49th Ward Beaches and Parks Committee and agreed to serve as its Chairman. But, Mr. Moore ignored these issues and our single most defining amenity. He did not stand up with us and fight for rejection of the Loyola marina. Representative Harry Osterman did. Mr. Moore did not. I remember that meeting clearly as I am sure many of you who were there that night also remember. Mr. Moore also allowed the Leone Junior Lifeguard program to be eviscerated without fighting to protect it. This program gave a strong sense of identity to multiple generations of people who spent their summers on the beach learning to be lifeguards. Mr. Moore has displayed apathy for the importance of this and seemingly all other aspects of the impact of the lake on the tapestry of who we are as a neighborhood.

We need a representative in City Council who will explain the error of the idea of destroying Chicago's only street-end beaches. We need a representative who is more concerned about the long-term benefits to today's and tomorrow's 49th ward residents than his own political career enhancement goals. We need someone who has shown that he comprehends both the duty we have to ourselves and our grandchildren. We need someone who understands this community, learned from decades of living here and working to improve it.

Please join me in voting for Don Gordon for Alderman."

Endorsement For Adams

Chamber of Commerce endorses Adams
Organization vows to help deliver on Rogers Park’s ‘unfulfilled promise’

CHICAGO (Feb. 8, 2007) – Chris Adams, candidate for Alderman in Chicago’s 49th Ward, received the endorsement of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce today. The Chamber represents more than 2,000 business members in Chicago and the Chicago region.

“We believe very strongly that Chris Adams is the person who can deliver Rogers Park from what has been – for 16 years – an unfulfilled promise,” Jerry Roper, president of the Chicagoland Chamber, said of the Political Action Committee’s endorsement. “The businesses and residents of the 49th Ward deserve much better than what they have gotten. The current Alderman’s continuous attacks on the business community have left the 49th Ward isolated while its neighbors Evanston, Edgewater, Andersonville, West Ridge and Lincolnwood have flourished. This endorsement is a nod to the residents of Rogers Park that we want to help you create a better future.”

Rogers Park has lost more than 800 jobs, according to the most recent statistics, while 29 percent of the community’s largest employers have either left or closed. Gateway Plaza, the community’s largest retail development, remains half empty after nearly seven years of operation. A recent survey by the Chicago Sun-Times identified Rogers Park as one of the city’s neighborhoods that is underserved by grocery stores, calling it a grocery “desert.”

“The Chamber’s support is not just an endorsement for our campaign, but recognition to the entire community that our concerns are shared throughout the city and the region,” Adams said. “Certainly we welcome the support of the Chamber and its many partners while we work to build a full-service community that addresses the need to fix economic development as well as address the needs of our schools, public safety, transportation and affordable housing.”

Forum - Round 4

Opening statements were two minutes, responses to questions were one minute and closing statements were one minute. The audience was told before the event began to turn off cell phones, be courteous (quiet) and NOT to applaud until the event was over.

Guess what? Some people clapped for their candidate, friend, boyfriend, husband etc. and the moderator was forced to remind the audience of the rules.

Well folks, tonight was a re-cap of the last three forums. The candidates were asked the same questions about healthcare, providing jobs, if they would agree to obtain $250 million for affordable housing, and the ever recurring economic development. All re-runs for the most part.

One question was about their stance on assisting non-citizens to obtain applications for citizenship. The cost of the application has risen from $150 to $400. All replied affirmative.

Another question emerged asking if elected alderman would you place a stop sign at North Shore and Clark near a school crossing? Yes or No? The answers were affirmative. Backtrack, Joe announced that ‘there will be a stop sign there next year’. Don expounded beyond ‘yes’ to his attendance at a safe street seminar and his concept of creating safer streets for all pedestrians, all ages. Jim stated there aren’t enough crossing guards and would get more for school areas.

Another question concerning police insensitivity toward youth was asked after a young man described an unfortunate incident he experienced. In a nutshell, all responded the issue of police sensitivity needs to be addressed, spoke to the ‘other side’ of the issue that isn’t heard in CAPS meetings. Don stated there should be zero tolerance for harassment and there should be dialogue with the community. CAPS would be one avenue to begin the discussion and bridge the gap. Joe claimed he championed removing the office of professional standards from the police department. Chris spoke of effective after school programs with neighborhood adults and police to bridge the gap between community and police.

Highlights or Oddities:

Chris opened with a statement that if anyone recalled, the alderman was to have a CTA hearing on 2/6/07 and guess what? It didn’t happen! Chris claimed it was typical of the leadership we’ve experienced for the past 16 years. He stated possibly there was no hearing because Joe doesn't chair the CTA committee That’s why the candidates and the taxpayers are always discussing the same issues – nothing ever happens due to lack of effective leadership. Joe had to snap back that CTA's Frank Kreusi 'broke his promise' and was a no show because the Mayor told Kreusi he didn't want a meeting. Allegedly Kreusi obeyed 'his boss'.

Blognote: To try to uncover the truth, which is often difficult in Ward 49, you might try contacting the CTA and the Mayor for their version.

One question addressed the re-entry into society for those leaving prison. The oddity of this question wasn’t the response from the candidates on the topic but a statement made by Jim. He stated that on his petition drive he encountered people from a Safe Haven house (recently released from prison) who were coerced into obtaining petitions for the incumbent. While I don’t doubt it happened, why on earth didn’t he report it to the election commission or challenge the method in which the petitions were allegedly being handled?


Jim stated Rogers Park is a complex neighborhood with complex issues and one minute isn’t enough to cover healthcare, poverty, his website and plan and he spoke faster than I could scribble.

Chris asked the audience to get a neighbor or ten out to vote citing Ward 49's extremely low voter turnout record. Let’s try to get 9-10 thousand voters this time. He asked the audience to look back at the past 16 years and look ahead to where we’d envision being and think which one on the stage is the leader to take us there.

Joe quoted Dick Simpson on Joe again. He’s fighting for us, still.

Don asked if our vote is based on the number of signs posted, the number of email blasts or the number of dollars given or is it based on who has the leadership qualities to solve problems. He asked who had the community experience and knowledge to resolve issues. And above all, he asked, who has his heart in the right place? He reminded everyone to check #52 for Don.

Closing and applause etc.

February 7, 2007

Debate/Forum #4

This is the 4th and final evening debate.

Unless can take time out from work.

February 7 at 7pm

United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse Avenue
Sponsored by O.N.E. & League of Women Voters

I'm assuming that it will be in the same room where the forum was held on Saturday. Enter on the Morse Avenue side and go up two flights of stairs. At least look for a posted sign at that entrance.

Thank You Moore, Fagus Et Al

I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for us in the four years I've lived here. You've battled crime down to 49%, thousands of people have beeen registered to vote in this un-democracy and you've been 'progressive' in all forms of fostering the human spirit and freedom.

You feign concern at election time about preserving affordable homes, the spiking utility costs and how you will fight to save lives and pocket books. What you aren't email blasting is how you have fought to promote and defend thugs and crooks and slumlords.

Tell us again how many affordable rentals you 'saved'? What you don't tell us is how many slumlords you took to housing court that squeaked through the system. What you don't tell us is how many of these creeps converted bad buildings to condos and were allowed by you and City of Chicago to make a profit by lying, sneaking and defrauding the buyer(s).

These defrauded buyers will not be so lucky...they unknowingly bought slumlords illegal actions thanks to you, and the City of Chicago's twisted half baked laws. If these 'others' turn to you and the omnipotent City for help and justice, there's little that can be done...'case closed' it's their fault and their problem. It's just a second source to milk the cow isn't it boys?

What you don't want to discuss in your sappy, pretentious emails is the fact that six children are dead and now the slumlord is finally getting taken to a court that will not be allowed to let his pre-existing code violations 'slip through the cracks'. You didn't 'champion' any movement to get Jay Johnson to building court, it was neighbors. It will be neighbors who pack that courtroom to make sure justice is finally served. Unfortunately for the Ramirez and Ramos families, their children are gone.

And shame on all of you concerned 'progressives' for the promotion of Toddy Stroger and his daddy's cast and crew. What ordinance are you going to 'champion' to protect us from this little character and his real and extended families?
BY STEVE PATTERSON Staff Reporter Chicago Sun Times
Toddy Stroger Appoints his cousin to $142,000-a-year job as chief financial officer while promoting CFO to new post with $70,000 raise

'This is just obscene'
"This is stunning," said Sheilah Garland-Olaniran of the National Nurses Organizing Committee. "In the face of what he is doing to nurses, prosecutors, public defenders, sheriff's officers -- to do this is just obscene."
Stroger defended his promotion of Glaser -- the CFO for the past 12 years, who will make $225,000 a year in his new job -- saying he'll help lead a hospital system long mismanaged and drowning in debt.


But Commissioner Forrest Claypool, who ran unsuccessfully for board president in last year's Democratic primary, later called it "nepotism at its worst" and said Stroger's insistence on hiring friends and relatives adds to the county's reputation as "a fat, feather-bedded patronage den."
Dunnings insists she's qualified. "My mother told me a long time ago that Jesus walked our Earth, and he had critics," she said.

"I just happen to be his cousin," she added. "But that is not Donna Dunnings in totality."

Only the Fertility Clinic Cut Makes Sense Boys.

February 6, 2007

Vote in 'Alderman Idol'

Winners get $100,000 a year
Suzanne Ontiveros, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

Are you paying attention, Chicago?

February 5, 2007

Developing Government Accountability to the People

"Government is too big and too important to be left to the Politicians."

A Report Card For Chicago 2006 (PDF 32M, 220 pp.)

Where does campaign cash go?
Real estate gives big to Natarus