September 30, 2007

Plants Galore

Enter into every gardeners delight….

Sundays 001 Sundays 002Sundays 003 Sundays 004

The green pot in the second picture contained a giant hosta that was quickly replanted in my yard. It was indeed a beautiful day.

Don't Forget!



Today, September 30, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Charmer’s Café, Jarvis @ Greenview the RPGG will hold a garden sale to raise funds for the 2008 Community Garden project outside of Charmers on Jarvis.

September 28, 2007

Moore: No Patronage in 49th Ward Dems

Committeeman All About VOLUNTEERISM!

"Patronage was NEVER something that - we're a volunteer-based organization. We never had that. We didn't believe in that. We believe that people should work in a political organization because they WANT to. And in fact you end up getting better volunteers: people who are REALLY COMMITTED."

To re-elect Moore's hand-picked stooge David Fagus to Democratic Ward Committeeman, Moore and Fagus need to RUN AWAY from Fagus' day job: running a Cook County hospital. Watch and listen over the coming months as the Laurel & Hardy of Rogers Park explain that Democratic party posts in Cook County have NOTHING to do with JOBS in Cook County. It is merely a WILD-ASS CO-INCIDENCE that Fagus is the $113,703 per year Chief Operating Officer of Cermak Health Services of Cook County, and anyone who intimates otherwise is being impolite. And Fagus' hefty raise right after Toddler Stroger's re-election, that's just ANOTHER crazy co-incidence, too. Fagus WANTS to work for the County for $114K/yr and for the Party for free!

Dear neighbors, if you should happen to read stories of Stroger cronies being appointed to high-paying jobs while Stroger lays off front-line health care workers who serve our neediest neighbors, please be sure to understand that they are talking about SOMEONE ELSE, not our very own Dave Fagus. Remember: Moore & Fagus are grass-roots kinda guys, not Machine guys.


CeaseFire Alternative Fixes Funding Flaws

State legislators are proposing an alternative program to CeaseFire which addresses CeaseFire's greatest weakness - its funding model. Though an intensely local program, CeaseFire is funded by "member initiatives" out of State coffers. The new proposal, Operation Safe Streets, pushes the funding down closer to where it belongs.

Lawmakers say politics is behind anti-violence program
Poe, Mitchell want state police to run new effort Two Republican lawmakers want to replace CeaseFire violence prevention activities downstate with a similar program they say would be less political. Grants for the new Operation Safe Streets [HB4138] would be awarded by the state police instead of through specific budget appropriations from lawmakers or the governor’s office.


September 27, 2007

Mixed Income NOH - Random Gunfire

This email was sent to the alderman by a neighbor. I was copied and am posting with permission.

Tuesday Night shortly after 11:30 p.m. While the 24th District police were attempting to disperse the normal group of individuals who now gather in the middle of the block of the 7700 N. Marshfield; and play loud music from their cars, drink, loud talking and randomly pissing into yards and around buildings. One of our new NOH residents walked to the middle of Juneway and Marshfield and proceeded to fire off a few rounds at someone who had done him wrong. The police immediately took off in pursuit of the individual. A massive police response and presence in the neighborhood; strangely the police returned very shortly to the 7700 block of Marshfield where the party people were still assembled and arrested one individual?

There have been numerous 911 calls regarding the new gathering spot with sporadic police response. As our Alderman has stated, this is a “mixed income” community. I find it hard to believe that a “mixed income” community is still trapped in random gun fire, and random groups of people simply driving to a location and having a street party? Possibly, I’ve missed the new definition of a “mixed income” community.

With the pending completion of this Community Center and all of it possibilities, Someone should get off of their ass and high horse and make a sincere effort to secure this neighborhood before we are talking of a much bigger tragedy occurring in this area. Random gun fights is not an element of a successful mixed income neighborhood and the debate has gotten very tiring, You need to fix this problem and it needs to be done now.

Regardless of the perception or misguided ideas of this community NOH, things have gotten much worse in a very short period. Something has got to be done to eliminate the gun play in this neighborhood.

Tonight, so far it is quite, and there are a lot of cruising police cars, there has got to be a change.

Fagus = Obama

Moore Reveals Fagus Re-Election Strategy

Fagus-Obama 2008!

Alderman Joe Moore revealed the cornerstone of his strategy for re-electing his chief flunky, David Fagus to the local Democratic Party post of Committeeman from the 49th Ward:

A Vote for Dave is a Vote for Barack!

Moore spoke briefly in a hideously unwatchable cable access interview:

"David Fagus is the Democratic ward committeeman. He's up for [re-]election next March. He's really built a very diverse and representative Party in the 49th Ward. I'm proud to count him as a friend. I look forward to working with him, because we've got some important elections coming up. First of all, our own US Senator Barack Obama. Both Dave and I are very strong supporters of Senator Obama, and we want to do whatever we can to help him win."

Moore states as his main reason for supporting Fagus, NOTHING to do with Fagus himself, but motivated by the OTHER important races on the same ballot. The alacrity with which Moore switches the subject from Fagus to Obama is stunning, even by Moore's highly-honed standards of obfuscation. It's enough to inflict terminal whip-lash on a strong man. Of course, Moore can hardly be blamed for wanting to talk about ANYTHING other than Fagus. Moore's "friend" Fagus is the $113,703 per year Chief Operating Officer of Cermak Health Services of Cook County, and so is in upper management of the most scandal-ridden department in the most patronage-choked government in the nation.

Moore's re-election of Fagus to Ward Committeeman is key to Moore's two-decade strategy of surrounding himself only with incompetents who present no threat to his own incompetence.

Prediction: Moore and Fagus plan to avoid all mention of Fagus' role in the ongoing train wreck known as the Cook County Health Department. In the months to come, plan on hearing a lot about Obama and the direction of this country, and nothing about Cook County.

September 26, 2007

Moore Reveals Polling Results, on SELF!

Joe Moore on the Berny Stone Show

Above is a link to a YouTube of a REALLY, REALLY BAD cable access show hosted by a mostly harmless West Rogers Park nebbish out of his basement. Dear readers, I have too much respect for the least respectable of you to recommend you actually click on it, unless you are a glutton for punishment, have no respect for your own time, or just can't get enough of Joseph A. Moore. But I watched it so you don't have to. Please allow me to draw out a few chestnuts for your consideration:

Moore discloses the results of some recent polling he commissioned - ON HIMSELF - inside AND OUTSIDE the ward!

"We've done polling, and in MY ward I'm BETTER KNOWN than any other elected official EXCEPT for the President and Mayor Daley. You go OUTSIDE the ward boundaries and it's a different story. ... People know who their alderman is."

So there you have it:

Elected Officials by Name Recognition in the 49th Ward
  1. President Bush
  2. Mayor Daley
  3. Alderman Moore
From his comments, Moore seems content with his 3rd-place showing INSIDE his ward, and is apparently at a loss for what he might do to boost his numbers above our President or Mayor, after all (pre-emptively invade a foreign country? bulldoze an airport?). But he clearly recognizes that his work is not yet done OUTSIDE his ward!

Predication: Watch in future months as Moore feeds his ambition by attempting to rectify this situation, latching on to bogus ward-unrelated issues (think foie gras, think recycling) that will increase his visibility OUTSIDE his ward, as violent crime runs rampant INSIDE his ward.

Outsourcing The Outsourcers

Intriguing article on outsourcing in India presents a novel angle.

Another interesting news bit:
Magna Carta For Sale

Back home in Chicago:

Don’t forget to look for your credit

September 25, 2007

Rogers Park Garden Group Fundraiser



On Sunday, September 30, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Charmer’s Café, Jarvis @ Greenview the RPGG will hold a garden sale to raise funds for the 2008 Community Garden project outside of Charmers on Jarvis.

Your neighbors and friends have donated some terrific items from native plants, tea roses, and seeds to photographs and gift certificates from local businesses and restaurants from Gethsemane’s to Gruppo and much much more. There are gift certificates for dog walking services, tango lessons, and massages, just for starters. We have lots of pots, vases, planters, wreathes, outdoor lights, and some fabulous terra cotta pieces from the old Ace Hardware on Howard. We have original trellises and plant signs made by a local carpenter. We have paintings and garden shoes, bird feeders and placemats.

In short, we’ve got a lot of great stuff and we’re sure you’ll find a deal for yourself, a friend, or some early holiday shopping. Rain or shine, come out and support the Rogers Park Garden Group 2008 community garden project by buying some of these terrific items.

Community Walk Tonight at 7 PM

Community beat 2422 walk tonight at 7PM. Meet in front of the Broadmoor, 7600 N Bosworth.

September 23, 2007

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk

A neighbor told me about this event and asked if I’d like to join her on October 21. I accepted and will join her in walking for a good cause. We're old walking friends. How many of you can make time to walk? My neighbor went last year and confirmed it’s a no compete walk, men and children joined and it was just great.

Phone: 312-279-7376

You can pick up Making Strides walk papers at all Chicagoland AT&T retail locations, Dominick's locations, Mario Tricoci Salon locations, and CD One Price Cleaners locations!!

September 22, 2007

Reba and Tom Reunited

Here's a happy ending to a sad story. Apparently the person who took Reba decided it was best to return her to her rightful owner and best friend. It will be good to see them at their corner next week.

Tom Long 12/7/57 - 9/18/07

Tom Long was a lifelong Chicagoan. He was known as ‘The Mayor of Jarvis Beach’ and swam every day. He was a ceramic sculptor, creating hand built sculptures that depicted mythological creatures, natural wildlife, pet portraits, human life figures and formal busts. His sculptural philosophy was Clay Today, Ceramic Tomorrow, Art Forever.

Visitation will be Sunday, September 23rd, from 3 to 9 p.m., at the John E. Maloney Funeral Home, 1359 W. Devon Ave. The family and friends will meet Monday, September 24th, at 10 a.m., for Funeral Mass at St. Jerome Church, 1709 W. Lunt Ave., Chicago. Interment private.

In lieu of flowers, contributions to Misericordia, 6300 N. Ridge, Chicago, IL 60660 appreciated. Info: 773-764-1617.

September 21, 2007

Chicago Tribune Editorial Must Read

"Ward was trying to keep construction of the Field Museum out of Grant Park. That third Supreme Court decision included an unequivocal passage, as if the exasperated justices were saying to museum backers who wanted to build in Grant Park, what is it about "forever open, clear and free" that you people can't understand?"

Ward's interview was in 1909.

Reba - Missing 2 Weeks Today

At mid-morning, Thursday, Tom was at the corner of Madison and LaSalle. He smiled and pulled his brand new street performers license out of his pocket. He was in a hopeful mood, asking what song I’d like to hear on his harmonica. He said ‘I know something’s going to happen soon’. Tom was waiting for a call from Steve Miller of WBBM. Since Reba disappeared, presumably stolen, the outpouring of assistance has been overwhelming –from loop office workers and the media.

Tom 9.20.07 004Tom 9.20.07 003Tom 9.20.07 005

According to Tom, a male caller claimed he’d identified Reba ‘in the alley eating from garbage cans’ no location given – but the caller wanted $100. Apparently calls like this are being checked for Tom by the media. Tom’s wave of hope faded when the callback number didn’t match the name the reward seeker gave. Tom just sighed, and luckily more well-wishers stopped to give him moral support.

Today will be two weeks.

September 20, 2007

Name This Toon


Courtesy of cartoonist, Tim Jackson.

September 19, 2007

Homan Square Power House

A friend told me about the American Express Partners in Preservation. You may register and vote here

My vote is for Homan Square Power House

"Charlie Shaw believed that the principle job of a developer was to create places where people lived and worked. Creating environments for growth and learning were clearly an important part of that philosophy. He worked tirelessly to raise funds to build the Homan Square Community Center so that residents of the West Side would have high-quality community services."

9/18/07 Meeting Photos

These will be linked to the new NOHPAC website that's being developed.

Special thanks to Tim Jackson!

Update on Reba

Tom was in the lobby of my workplace yesterday. We stepped outside to talk, and another woman who knows Tom joined us. It seems the person who stole Reba called the number given for leads to let Tom know Reba was safe and happy. She also hit *67 to block her phone number.

With the additional support of free medical assistance for Reba, no questions asked, perhaps this person will return Reba. If we could ask her - I'm sure Reba would let us know she'd rather be home with Tom.

From the Chicago Tribune
"Whoever has Reba can contact the Anti-Cruelty Society, located at 157 W. Grand Ave, with no questions asked, he said. The society will even arrange to pick up the dog. Call 312-644-8338."

Hard Hat Area

In a moment of spontaneity, I walked into the construction site this afternoon and asked if they had floorplans for tonights meeting. Having inquired at the park district, I was told the ward office should have them. I kept getting the bounce around. So Chris Powell, FHP, kindly downloaded and emailed the floor plan to me. I asked if I could take a tour and was given my choice of hard hats. I declined on the Green Bay Packers hat. Here’s a little tour through the new building. These were inserted in the PowerPoint presentation for the meeting.

This is the entrance from the east. The green tiled area will be the reception, to the left will be the new park supervisors office.

9.18.07 rev pix 001

Directly to the right from the above photo is this large activity room.
9.18.07 001

Chris led me down the corridor in the first photo. To the right were several doors that will be storage areas for gym equipment, locker rooms, and kitchen area. To the left will be not one, but two large, sunny activity rooms. They will be fitted with partitions which will allow the room to be divided. For example, a yoga class on one side and a thai chi class on the other.
9.18.07 002 9.18.07 003

And around the corner, Chris led me into the main attraction of athletes and skeptics. It’s a gymnasium, or a full size basketball court, or a huge room that will have wood floors that can be utilized for multi-purposes - dances, fundraisers, classes, the possibilities are endless.

9.18.07 004

Tonight’s gathering had 50+ in attendance, which was a good show for NOH.

100_2149 100_2148 100_2150

Again, thanks to the bloggers, the email blasts to friends, Principal Glass and to those who contributed time to pull this together. There were a total of 9 break out tables by age and category.

1.Pre Kindergarten
2.Kindergarten – 8th
3.High School - Teens
5.Special Needs
6.Seniors & Grandparents
7.Animals – Gardening
8.Instructors – Volunteers
9. Other

Attendees joined a table or floated to several tables writing their planning concepts on large flip chart paper. From here, the ‘wish’ list by table/category will be tabulated to present additional programming ideas to Daphne Johnson, (who attended also) of the Park District to consider with the new supervisor. I printed off 10 Park District employment applications – I should have printed more!

Rep. Julie Hamos joined us tonight. Hamos is one of several public servants who diligently assisted the community in fundraising for the building. Community Center, Field House, - whatever terminology you like, it’s the new big building on Howard Street for neighbors to participate in many activities.

September 18, 2007

Don't Forget!

North of Howard Parks Advisory Council
Important Meeting: Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
7:00 P.M.
At Gale Academy, 1631 W. Jonquil Terrace.
The Gale Park Field House is almost Complete !

WANTED: Your program ideas.

WHAT would you like to see at our new fieldhouse? Sports? Games? Music? Dance? Exercise? Arts & Crafts? We’re open to consider all suggestions.

INVITING: Kids, Teens, Adults and Seniors…
We want to hear from you. We’re listening.
NEW MEMBERS WELCOME! The North of Howard Parks Advisory Council meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Howard Area Community Center, 7648 N. Paulina.

Park Advisory Council Meetings are open to anyone who is interested in joining and committed to working with the community and the Chicago Park District to improve our three parks. Park Advisory Councils help to advise the Chicago Park District on long and short term plans, programs, activities and events.

Madigan's Moralistic Stances

September 18, 2007
BY DAVE MCKINNEY Sun-Times Springfield Bureau Chief

“But an aide to House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) predicted little appetite for the plan in the House because of how it would be paid for -- gaming.

Jones and Blagojevich avoided reporters all day, but one key Senate Democrat expressed frustration that they would be moving forward with the plan without Madigan's involvement.”

What’s the big problem with casinos? Is it some moralistic viewpoint - the very thought that innocent people would be swindled out of their paychecks? Or is Madigan et al projecting the seamy underbelly we see in the movies, gangsters, showgirls, low and high paid call girls, trade in your chips for drugs?

It wouldn't be the end of the universe if out of state tourists came, gambled, and helped pay for the CTA. It’s just a matter of who is being swindled out of their paychecks - them or us. That is, if one wants to get moralistic about the issue.

We have gangsters, call girls, open air craps games, brown paper bag cocktails and any drug you could want up here. The only problem is they're not being taxed on their income. Yes, Madigan, come visit our NOH Casino sometime.

September 16, 2007

Variations on Gale Field House Theme

Special thanks to the bloggers below for helping communicate the importance of community presence at Tuesdays meeting. The field house is about the neighbors and for the community and we want to hear their ideas and suggestions.

Broken Heart – Craig Gernhardt

The Bench – Tom Mannis

The Living Room - Kheris

RP Neighbors - Jocelyn

Fargo Observer

PS: Everyone will get to meet Mr. Glass, the new Gale Academy principal, too!

September 15, 2007

Another Broken Promise

Alderman Moore attended the August North of Howard Parks Advisory Council meeting after changing the point and purpose of our meeting and flyer and sending out an email blast. We went through all that in another post. So after we hashed it out, discussed the real community input meeting we had scheduled for September 18, Joe promised to send out an email blast again. People at the table heard it and it's in the minutes of the meeting.

So Thursday evening, knowing there was a CAPS meeting, Mr. Moore sent Eva, the beat facilitator, an email that stated that "I'm sorry, but we will be unable to publicize your meeting." No other council members were copied on the email.

Eva emailed the poster to various groups, organizations, individuals to distribute to their lists and to post. In fact, I called the ward office before I left work Thursday. I mentioned it to Alicia in person after the CAPS meeting. Apparently both Betsy and Alicia knew Joe was going to do a Joe and talked around the communication of the meeting. The one possible excuse given was that '....we've sent out several blasts this week, we don't want to overwhelm people...'. But, both women are employees and must follow orders!

So Friday morning Joe sent this email to Eva:

"Perhaps you didn't?receive the e-mail I sent you?early yesterday evening.?
We will be unable to distribute?your flier, nor will we be able to attend your meeting on the 18th."

There were no other council members copied on the email, including the secretary. Why?

So now Joe can't communicate the meeting (as promised) nor can he attend. Pity he didn't check his calendar a little sooner. Had he communicated with the council in August he could have avoided that meeting can be pretty dry material. Or at least he wouldn't have sent the wrong information in his email blast.

Gale Field House was a broken promise to this community for years. Now it's nearing completion after a lot of pushing and shoving. A politician should understand pushing and shoving to get what he wants - its done every day. Instead of working with the council, Joe's doing his little protest hoping that the meeting is a failure!

The Field House will open when completed, the Park District is accepting applications for a park supervisor for the field house (includes Triangle and the HW Playground) and programming will happen.

So join us as we have an interesting evening planned for everyone who attends Tuesday, September 18, 7PM at the Gale School prepared. You won't just sit and listen to a lot of speakers. You'll be choosing a minimum of one group and creating your own programming wish list to present to the Park District to consider as additions to their mandated programs.

If anyone would like a poster to send or post on their gate, send me an email: with a copy to Eva at and Sister Cecilia at Eva will not have computer access because she’s busy today with this event. By communicating to three people, the chances of being heard are 100%.


North of Howard Parks Advisory Council

Monthly Meeting September 18th, 2007
7:00 p.m., Gale Academy, 1631 W. Jonquil Terrace

Gale Park Field House is almost Finished!

Bring your ideas and suggestions for programs you would like to see at your new fieldhouse.

Arts? Crafts? Sports? Games? Music? Dance?

Kids, Adults and Seniors, we want to hear from you!


NOHPAC meets the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Howard Area Community Center

Park advisory council meetings are open to anyone who is interested in committing to work with the community and the Chicago Park District to improve our three parks. Park Advisory Councils help to advise the Chicago Park District on long and short term plans, programs, activities and events.

North of Howard Parks Advisory Council

Meets 3rd Tuesday each month at the Howard Area Community Center, 7648 N. Paulina

September 14, 2007

More Shots Fired NOH

Email from a NOH neighbor:

Last night, September 13th just after 10:00 p.m. a very loud argument in front of 7728 N. Marshfield escalated into a full out wild west shoot out between two individuals. Approximately 10-15 shots were fired between the two individuals. To my knowledge no one was hit, but a number of buildings and cars were hit by the gun fire. According to officers one individual was taken into custody, and another is being sought. Poorly aimed shots were careening off of buildings; my tenants had to hit the floor as the gun play continued. This area is increasingly becoming more dangerous as more individuals are allowed to congregate on the street with no direct purpose.

Phone call from a NOH neighbor:

There was a police roll call tonight at Jonquil/Paulina. We sure hope it dampened the early Friday Fun! It seems to be an every night (or day) occurrence up here. Are we progressing or regressing?

Blognote: The alderman was copied on the email to me. He responded to the author that he'd have Alicia call. Now that's what I call delegating - send in the women! I remember that sign from a walk: Women Hold Up Half The Sky! Looks like women hold up half of North of Howard too.

September 13, 2007


Reba and Tom have a lot of friends near my workplace. Earlier this week Tom was on our corner during evening rush hour holding up a sign that Reba was missing. He told me someone had stolen her and was almost in tears. It was very painful for him standing there in the rain with the sign all pet owners pray to never hold.

Every morning and evening Tom and his best gal Reba were on the corner of Madison and LaSalle. Tom isn’t one of those in your face panhandlers, in fact, he’s rather shy. Reba is a charming lady. They joined me a few weeks ago on one of my 'sunshine breaks' and Reba showed me all of her dog tricks.

But I hadn’t seen Tom since the night he told me Reba was stolen. This afternoon I went to check if he was there and was relieved to see an NBC newscam and reporter preparing to interview him. Thanks to the ‘neighbors’ on financial row for contacting the media, and thank you Shamus Toomey at the Sun-Times and to NBC for helping Tom. There were volunteers with him for the taping this afternoon. Tom told the reporter ‘ask her how long we’ve been around’ and pointed to me.

For 9 ½ years I’ve seen Tom and Reba smile good morning and greet us as we hurry to work. We’ve seen Reba sitting pretty in her baby trailer in all seasons. We’ve all doted over Reba and her shy, beguiling glances as Tom pampered her. Tom and Reba have a large extended family – and that corner just isn’t the same without both of them there. We all miss Reba and we all care about Tom. He’s part of our family.

If anyone working in the area has a lead, please contact 312-375-9091.

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Tonight

The regular CAPS meeting for Beat 2422 will be tonight Thursday, September 13 at 7:00PM. The meeting place is the Gateway Senior Apartments, 7450 N Rogers, 1st floor community room.

September 12, 2007

Career Criminal

As reported on the Broken Heart, a man was shot on Paulina yesterday morning. Three times in the back to be precise. As of this afternoon he is still alive. Some people in his past weren't so lucky though. It seems this man is known as a career criminal. While he's been accused of murder, attempted murder, assault and sexual assault, he's never been sent away for long periods of time. Perhaps his real name is Teflon? He's 36 years old with a very long rap sheet.

He reportedly has lived in many different addresses North of Howard and Skokie. The shooter is still at large.

Attention Cat Lovers

Hi, Toni:

I don't like to see any animal on the street, and especially since cooler weather is coming. There is a very friendly small, but probably full grown black cat, probably female that has been hanging out in our courtyard area since our bird bath attracts birds.

Someone mentioned that they saw this cat earlier this summer, so she most likely has been outside for a while, but not feral by any means. I think we had a blog last fall about an outside cat that did get placed.

I'm trying to talk one of my neighbors to take the cat in, but not too promising since she has an elderly cat.

Sometimes, bad things happen to black cats around Halloween time, and I hope we can get someone interested in taking her in. I know you have a multiple cat household, as well as myself.

Could you post this on your blog?
Interested parties may email and I'll forward to this neighbor.

High Doomsday Drama

From the Sun-Times...Such high drama from Huberman, the CTA, the Governor, and the politicians. They excel in creating dramatic but sloppy situations so the taxpayers can mop up their mess. Remind anyone of a bunch of kids fighting over who's the bestest?

"Who's really going to resolve this [CTA funding issue] -- the governor, who takes a private jet to work?" Rehill said.

"The governor's office did not release details of any temporary reprieve Blagojevich might grant. It has also been mum on permanent solutions, though it has made it known he favors ending a series of corporate tax breaks to support mass transit."

And he isn't accepting email either! So which pork will they serve us? What are the side dishes? Property taxes, other taxes or insert one casino here and one there?

Note the sub-link to the report on the Blue Line derailment. Are those slackers on the top of the list for axing?

Patronage killing health hope for poor

That's the price poor patients pay for a hospital system dominated by politics. The county has been a patronage dumping ground for years. Incompetent management has cost the county hundreds of millions of dollars ...

With layoffs of doctors, nurses and medical technicians, it is increasingly difficult for professionals to care for their patients. ...

We can save this unique public asset if we finally remove politics from medicine.


Patronage killing health hope for poor

By Cook County Board commissioner Forrest Claypool (D-Chicago)
September 11, 2007



September 11, 2007

Governor Blago's Mailer Daemon

I diligently wrote a CTA Doomsday email to Blago, hit the send button and received this mailer daemon. Sorry Joe, I used the email you provided and my thoughts were rejected. Did Blago turn off his email?

This is a delivery status notification, automatically generated by MTA on Tue, 11 Sep 2007 20:21:40 -0500
Regarding recipient(s) :
Delivery status : Failed. Message could not be delivered to domain .Failed while initiating the protocol. <[('', 554, 'Relay rejected for policy reasons.')]>
MTA Response :554
The original message headers are included as attachment.

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 554 Relay rejected for policy reasons.
Remote-MTA: dns;
Action: failed
Status: 5.0.0

September 10, 2007

6th Annual Rogers Park World Music Festival

For Immediate Release:

The 6th Annual Rogers Park World Music Festival is coming to Loyola Park (at the Lakefront between Lunt and Morse) this Saturday, September 15th, at 12:00 p.m.

Brought to you by Wisdom Bridge Arts Project, this year's festival will feature:

12:00 pm --- Sounds from Congo Africa
Featuring: Simon Kashama
and New Community Church Choir

1:00 pm --- Rogers Park Reggae
Featuring: Tony Panther
and Roots Vibration

2:00 pm --- Local Funky Folk
Featuring: andiandi

Join us for a fabulous afternoon of music highlighting the cultural
diversity of Rogers Park!

Admission is Free

September 9, 2007

Too Close For Comfort?

CITY HALL | Inspector general pushed aside after rooting out corruption
September 9, 2007
BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist

“David Hoffman isn't quitting. And under the law, the mayor can't fire him for another two years.”

Do your job well and this frequently happens, especially if the dirt trail leads too close to the boss. Their egos can’t handle looking bad. It could get very painful if Hoffman starts in on 'elections, and digs beyond absentee ballots into the bigger vote dirt piles' in and beyond ward 50.

Was Hoffman hired to pretend or was he hired to do a job? Considering the method and course taken to quickly pass this through Club 50 -Hoffman is too close to the truth for their comfort!

I can imagine this statement to Hoffman:

We can discuss corruption, we can pretend we're outraged, investigating and cleaning it up, but don't really dig it up and show us. Your dig will likely become public and that would make us look really, really bad. It's just an act to keep the taxpayers appeased David. We need their money so keep the masses appeased, that's all.

September 8, 2007

Where's Rogers Park?

This link to the Sun-Times blog on neighborhoods has no header for Rogers Park! A search for Rogers Park yields nothing.

Shouldn't we be sandwiched between Pullman and Roscoe Village? Even Humboldt Park and Englewood are listed in the categories list - Edgewater, Lincoln Park and Wicker Park are listed.

We must be considered the forgotten neighborhood of Rogers Park.

Smoked Pork! The Public Servants Choice

September 8, 2007
BY MONIFA THOMAS Staff Reporter/

A state Senate bill that could have been a last-minute lifeline to CTA riders faced with drastic service cuts and fare hikes won't be up for a vote until after the agency's Sept. 16 "doomsday" deadline.

That makes the prospect of the CTA following through on its threats even more likely, since a similar funding proposal has already failed in the Illinois House. Complete Article

Huberman has said there's no wiggle room on the CTA's deadline. "We're simply out of options,"

"I'm disappointed," said CTA Chair Carole Brown

CTA riders and taxpayers are getting screwed by their employees, the government servants. What about our 'disappointment'? How about a special tax on government waste?

Deductions from their checks could include:

Every day that’s wasted discovering wiggle room space
Every day spent arguing over what’s best just to add their porky taxes
Every day spent on fundraising for their next election
Every day they’re absent from sessions (but have a pal vote for them)

They might be surprised how quickly they could solve problems and get things moving. Or we might be amazed at how quickly the $110 million could appear. How many of the 131 TIF areas does the CTA service? There's still money left in some TIFs for development, so why not contribute to the CTA?

With this stall, regular riders are forced to buy a transit pass by 9/16 to avoid contributing more to the smoked pork fund . Huberman can cut jobs and routes and voila, on September 17 they’ll pass some measure to tax property – again. Just remember owner or renter, the fare hike and taxes have an 'immediate effective date'. Sooner or later rent has to cover the property tax increases - one for Toddy and one for Huberman courtesy of your paid servants.

Why not just declare Chicago and Illinois a state of eminent domain and be done with it? They may as well garnish our wages to pay for their smoked pork, they’re on that road anyway.

Smoked Pork - The other bureaucratic meat.

September 7, 2007

Parkway Destruction

On the morning of August 29 I sent an email to the ward office with a copy to to inquire if Terzakis was developing the Lerner Property or if it was acquired by the city through eminent domain. The next afternoon I called the ward office, identified myself and inquired again. The staffer answering my call told me they'd been very busy because of the bank robbery. So I was put through to Michael Land's voice mail since there was a staff meeting in progress.

This morning, my neighbor and friend told me about his ruined parkway gardening. There has been no response via email or phone call about the Lerner property, so I followed up tonight on that question and posed a second question.

In part, I wrote:

"Now, I see the City is marking water covers in the parkway with bright yellow paint and matching arrows on the sidewalk. Could you please let us know what is going on? One neighbor's planted parkway was demolished by the work crews yesterday. Many of us have beautified our streets by planting the parkways with decorative flowers, ground cover and low bushes rather than spotty grass that dies off.

9.6.07 013 9.6.07 007

Had people been notified of the city's need to do maintenance work, they possibly could have dug up their plants, shrubs, bushes etc and saved them. My neighbor lost rose bushes, hostas and other flora that had been there for years. Granted, the parkway is the property of the city, but our hard work as gardeners makes them look at lot better than the city's method of dumping dirt and sprinkling grass seed.

9.6.07 009 9.6.07 011

I really would appreciate a reply to the development of the Lerner Property and be informed about the parkway. It would be considerate to alert the ward about the parkway digging so gardeners have advance notice to protect their plants. I'm sure the Rogers Park Garden Group would appreciate knowing also."

Toni Duncan

Blognote: Perhaps the ward office blog readers would be kind enough to get in touch with me? My phone numbers are on the first email. The neighbor just called to inform me that after the city tore up the north end of the garden, the buffalo box is located at the south end of that area. Simply put, the city apparently didn't look it up on their utility maps and this destruction wasn't necessary.

September 6, 2007

It's Just A Matter of Time

As the Sun-Times reports on the investigation in Ward 50, it's just a matter of time before the sniffing starts in Ward 49.

September 5, 2007

A Deeper Shade of Paranoia

Poor Wee Wee has lost it in the depths of paranoia or loyalty. Again, he proves how little knows….

9/4/07 Wee Wee’s Post:

"So, somebody accuses Toni of being on a high horse, and, strangely enough, INKJAR responds with "I don't ride a horse."

There have been these grand claims as to the number of readers and the number of hits on certain blogs. Those numbers might be a lot less impressive if certain people are going on there multiple times a day with multiple aliases. The most interesting thing about multiple aliases is that you can set up straw men to make anonymous attacks, that you can then conveniently defend. Like over at the Bench, for example."

Thomas Westgard said...
"The full richness of the irony just hit me. Toni plays so bitter and wronged about the anonymous pink postcards, but here she is, attacking people anonymously. Which is it, anonymous attacks are bad, or anonymous attacks are okay? Or is it somehow different on the Internet? I understand not liking the experience of suffering anonymous attacks, in any forum, but I'm not able to see how doing it by mail is worse (or better) than doing it online. These seem equally annoying to me."

What Wee Wee and the Unknowns are whining about comes from Craig’s Labor Day Post.

My comments were made Monday night 9/3 at 10:25 and 11:54PM. The pretender calling him/herself Toni2 commented the next morning 9/4 at 8:00AM. My computer was turned off and I was waiting for a train at that point in time. At 8:22AM 9/4 Inkjar made a comment “I don’t ride a horse”. I was on the purple line by then dude. Sorry, no laptop either.

Yes, Wee Wee, I could be ‘lying’ as you charge, but again, I’ll give readers a clue as to how little you know about your own BS. Has anyone ever wondered why their comments don’t appear on 24/7 until after 6PM on week nights? Granted, there have been times I've been on vacation or ‘work’ on the house day and moderated comments. But I know when those days were and Tuesday 9/4 wasn’t one of them! My work team from around the country was gathering for a two day conference and last night's Cubs game. Again...lots of info Wee Wee doesn't know!

And, if Wee Wee was as wise as he is dangerous, he’d tell his readers the IP address from his stat counter to prove I’m going on multiple times during the day under aliases. He can’t because I can’t access the blogs from work! They’re considered ‘chat rooms’ and are blocked! So Wee Wee, please explain this phenomenon (reality) to your loyal readers. Hint: Computer cops or Big Brother, if you like.

I have Internet access for research and subscriptions for work-related issues but a big censored screen popped up several months ago when I tried to log on my blog. This web site has been deemed inappropriate.

So, what I have to say gets posted before I hit Howard Street for the train to work and, unless Hugh sees a good reader comment and publishes it, that’s it until I get home.

Unlike some blogs with no profile, no visible members, some of us have our real names up there. I am Toni and that’s it.

Now my suspicions about those post cards expands into a deeper irony. Keep digging Wee Wee, you might accidentally spill the beans! Ego's can be very dangerous.

Investigating Voter Fraud?

By Gary Washburn and Mickey Ciokajlo | Tribune staff reporters
September 5, 2007

Ald. Bernard Stone (50th) said Tuesday that the city's inspector general is investigating absentee ballots cast in the election earlier this year that returned him to the City Council for a 10th term in a probe that Stone contended "is occurring all over the city of Chicago." Full Story

Other aldermen claim they're unaware of the IG investigating voter fraud in their wards...interesting. Perhaps they're just starting with Bernie first.

September 4, 2007

Joe Moore: The Very DEFINITION of an Alderman


alderman /AHL der man/ n.
  1. Mayor of ward.
  2. Protector of duck livers.
  3. At times prey for federal investigators and corrupt developers.

September 3, 2007

Truth in Toons


Number 11 gets my vote

A different viewpoint

If Vick was was pink, purple or green, the same uproar would be heard. In the 'real world' if certain rules are abused, if ethics in a company are ignored, the abuser finds him/herelf out of a job. Vick lied initially, not only to the courts, the media and public, but to his ultimate boss, the NFL. When his pals started talking Vick had these choices - keep up the lie or admit the truth. The NFL has some work to do in their hiring process on ethics.

Humans of all colors view the antics of Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nick Nolte, Larry Craig and myriad other 'famous' names and faces with various forms of disgust and misgiving. It's in our face every day. Why should Vick be viewed differently - because he isn't blonde or in his 60's?

More Cartoons

September 2, 2007

Huberman Speaketh

More doom and gloom from Huber-the-man.

Save your money on a Chicago Card. That is if you have any extra money laying around. If you can afford a Chicago Card, save the change for yourself.

When living elsewhere in Chicago, I’d take the spare change that had accumulated in the change jar, pockets, and purse and fill my CTA card on Sunday morning. It was almost like being in Vegas. Please don’t do this at rush hour – there are enough people doing that already.

You may attempt to contact your representative here and check out all the cuts in service and their reason(s) why. What you will not see is a proposed pay cut in all the top dogs salaries but the proposed loss of jobs for the small dogs. Isn't that typical? The big dogs bark, snarl and threaten everyone else but don't make any sacrifices at all. They effectively play tennis always putting the ball in the little dog's court - that includes the CTA riders too.

Can’t some of the money in all 131 TIFs in Chicago be used to help save the CTA? We claim we want everyone to work, and those making $6.00 or even $10 an hour already have a good chunk of that first hour of their workday gobbled up by the CTA. Then there's the rent, utilities, day care, food, and if there's anything left, the government will find a way to extract it too. Forget having priorities in your life, make your donations to the CTA (and the big dogs in government).

September 1, 2007

Moore-supported downtown CTA project $150M over budget

While Rogers Park CTA stations crumble, current Alderman Joe Moore voted in favor of a $42,350,000 public subsidy from the Central Loop TIF to the downtown SuperStation at Block 37.

CTA explores Block 37 deal

Millions over budget, city talks privatization with Skyway firm

Aug. 31, 2007, By Greg Hinz, Crain's Chicago Business

(Crain’s) — The massive subway station under construction at Block 37 is running as much as $150 million over budget, a shortfall that has prompted city officials to move to privatize the project.

The New Bush Bumper Stickers

From a friend, author unknown:

1. Cheney/Satan '08
2. 1/20/09: End of an Error
3. That's OK; I Wasn't Using My Civil Liberties Anyway
4. Lets Fix Democracy in This Country First
5. If You Want a Nation Ruled By Religion, Move to Iran!
6. Bush. Like a Rock. Only Dumber.
7. If You Can Read This, You're Not Our President
8. Of Course It Hurts: You're Getting Screwed by an Elephant
9. Hey, Bush Supporters: Embarrassed Yet?
10. George Bush: Creating the Terrorists Our Kids Will Have to Fight.
11. America: One Nation, Under Surveillance
12. They Call Him "W" So He Can Spell It
13. Jail to the Chief
14. No, Seriously, Why Did We Invade Iraq?
15. Bush: God's way of proving Intelligent Design is bullshit
16. Bad President! No Banana.
17. We Need a President Who's Fluent In At Least One Language
18. We're Making Enemies Faster than We Can Kill Them
19. Is It Vietnam Yet?
20. Where Are We Going? And Why Are We In This Handbasket?
21. You Elected Him. You Deserve Him.
22. Impeach Cheney First
23. When Bush Took Office, Gas was $1.46
24. Pray For Impeachment
25. The Republican Party: Our Bridge to the 11th Century
26. What Part of "Bush Lied" Don't You Understand?
27. One Nation under Clod
28. 2004: Embarrassed 2005: Horrified 2006: Terrified
29. Bush Never Exhaled