August 31, 2007

Destruction In Broad Daylight

Destruction in broad daylight!

Vehicular Property Damage

This vehicle parked on the west side of Bosworth was damaged by unknown hooligans. Another car directly across the street received a shattering blow to the drivers window. A policeman was making the reports as I rounded the corner.

Four youths were on the west side of the street when I crossed to take the photo. One muttered ‘jungle’. Pardon me? They giggled as kids do and repeated it. During our conversation they informed me the Lokes (a youth branch of a gang) probably did the car bashing and this area is indeed a ‘jungle’. What an expensive beginning to a long weekend for those two car owners.

One young man stated he was going to become famous, buy the place and make it better. If I win the lottery, he can be my assistant planner.

Take Your Temperature

From the Sun-Times Commentary Section:

There’s something to either educate, amuse or offend everyone today. It all depends on the perspective you’re looking from….

Is CeaseFire Worth It?

The Illinois Auditor General on CeaseFire

* ... some of the funds did not go for the stipulated purposes.

* ... the Chicago Project charged a total of $365,000 in administrative fees that was not delineated in the funding agreement.

* Insufficient diligence lead us to question $371,000 in reimbursement to community partners.

* CeaseFire communities were determined by two sources: the Chicago Project or individual legislators ... CeaseFire does not always operate in the most violent communities.

* The [Illinois] Department of Corrections had no predetermined performance measures ... detailing what results were expected for the funding levels received. The agreement simply set forth payment schedules. ... The Chicago Project regularly reports on the decreases in shootings in the CeaseFire zones in which it operates; however, it cannot measure how much of the decrease was due to CeaseFire or to other activities/programs operating in the same communities. An analysis of Chicago Police Department shooting statistics showed that while shootings have decreased in CeaseFire zones, other non-CeaseFire beats sometimes had greater decreases.

* ... not all of the subcontract maximum expenditure levels were met, which resulted in additional funds that the Chicago Project was able to expend at its discretion, again, outside any language to that effect in the funding agreements.

Rogers Park

2005 Amount not distributed by UIC $44,602.74
Amount not distributed by UIC $30,000.00

Summary Report Digest (pdf)

Program Audit - Full Report (pdf)

The Chicago Police Department on CeaseFire

Chicago Police spokeswoman Monique Bond said: "While CeaseFire has made progress in delivering their message on anti-violence, the department has no concrete evidence their programs have contributed to the reduction of crime in the city."

... the department can't back a claim that CeaseFire helps reduce crime. "... it would be difficult to quantify operationally how those programs translate into reduced homicides, shootings and violent crime," she said.

CeaseFire's Executive Director on CeaseFire

[Gary] Slutkin acknowledged CeaseFire's bookkeeping needs "tightening up" ...


Is CeaseFire worth your $13 million?
Questions surface over its effectiveness

August 30, 2007

Hostage Situation in Rogers Park Bank

A group of hostages got out of a Far North Side bank where an armed robber was barricaded early today, and authorities were trying to determine whether more employees or customers were still inside.

Full Breaking News from Tribune

From NBC 5

August 29, 2007

Girls Really Do Prefer Pink

The attraction may owe to evolutionary influences, researchers say

By Ed Edelson, HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, Aug. 20

... females in the study showed a preference for the reddish side of the red-green axis of colors, while males didn't. ...

"Females were the ones who gathered red fruit against a green background," [Dr. Anya C. Hurlbert, professor of visual neuroscience at Newcastle University in England] said. "Red is healthy in faces and in fruits."

Press Release: Girls prefer pink - or at least a redder shade of blue

The Beat Goes On - At Long Last

The big yellow machine was gnawing away at the Lerner Building yesterday morning and still crumbling walls after 6PM last night. I sent an email to the ward office inquiring if this is being done by Terzakis or by the city and what the plans are.

8.27.07 001

Layering and wrapping the Gale Field House.

8.27.07 003 8.27.07 004

Neighbor Reggie and McHugh pals working on the Howard Street portion of the renovation yesterday morning.

8.27.07 005

August 28, 2007

Tonight's Walk

Some of the human walkers. It was a calm night and the lake was beautiful at dusk.

8.27.07 011

And of course, the boys, Charlie and Louie! They just couldn’t sit still at the same time. There was just so much to do at the park. One shot would have been great but someone moved. (The camera, not me!)

8.27.07 0068.27.07 007

Remember a few months ago when neighbors raised the roof about real estate signage on the parkways? Well, it’s back on Juneway/Sheridan – named ‘Cornerstone’ with nearly the same name as Johnson’s Cornerstone at Juneway/Ashland.
8.27.07 0128.27.07 015

There were some blatant parkway signs on Jonquil also.

8.27.07 0148.27.07 013

TP’ing a tree shouldn’t result in killing it. This tree was killed in front of Gale School. Again, the lack of respect for a neighborhood by a few tree killers and parkway advertisers ruins it for everyone else.

8.27.07 016

Neighborhood Walk Tonight

Please join neighbors in a weekly community walk in beat 2422. Meet at 7PM tonight in front of the Broadmoor, 7600 North Bosworth.

I hope the BoJo Boys will join us.

More Street Cleaning

Now the folks over at that unbiased pro Joe blog aren't going to take note of this but NOH neighbors will. After all, some have been living with the NOH horrors for years now. Who knows the hood better then those who live in it!

Yesterday was a busy day again for dealers? and the police. I wasn't home to witness the events but others were.

From an email:

Another big bust today in front of a Northpoint building on Bosworth. Marked squad car and unmarked, had the street blocked and drove 2 vehicles away after arresting a couple of people.

From a phone 'watcher':

Around 7:30 PM undercovers pursued certain individuals from Jonquil/Paulina area to the Jonquil/Ashland area. The watcher stated arrests were made.

PS The perps ran to the blue light area in the vicinity of the Jonquil Hotel. Perhaps they wanted their arrests caught on camera?

Can You Imagine?

Edible Gardens

August 27, 2007

At Long Last!

Howard/Ashland – Lerner Property

At long last, demolition has begun.

8.26.07 0018.26.07 0088.26.07 0098.26.07 010 8.26.07 011

August 26, 2007

Two Incidents NOH

Apparently it was a busy afternoon for the dealers? and the police. I put the ? mark there since I don't know the nature of the arrests.

A neighbor to the west noticed a squad had detained three males at Jonquil/Paulina. When the neighbor returned from the errand, they were still there. The end result, all three males were taken away in handcuffs and their vehicle was taken also. The incident was around 2PM

On the other side of our little town, 4-5 males were loitering in front of a house that has become a hangout. The owner just put two signs in the yard yesterday that state 'Keep Out'. Last week, a 'No Loitering' sign was put on the front door. The police came around 3PM, to check things out. Two undercover cars followed shortly and searches were made. One male was taken away in handcuffs and a vehicle was taken in this incident too.

Neighbors up and down the street are watching the stunts pulled on this street. So if the signs aren't saying enough, how about "go somewhere else to do your business"?

Observers of both incidents stated there was no mistreatment of the suspects during the searches.

August 25, 2007

Holy Flyer, and the GCPD

Hey, Batman Fans!

According to a flyer distributed by the management office at my workplace:

Filming of the latest Batman movie will be taking place in the vicinity of Madison/LaSalle, this weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lo and behold, the Gotham City Police were guarding one building yesterday afternoon! On another corner, two SWAT team stand-ins were sweltering in their uniforms later in the day. They did look real and mean but their smiles told passersby otherwise.

8.24.07 002

If any movie fans want to watch the filming just head to the vicinity of LaSalle and Madison.

August 24, 2007

Attempted Hijacking

This flyer was posted on 24/7 August 2 after the creator made a few edits and corrections and received approval from North of Howard Parks Advisory Council. It was also distributed to certain entities to serve as notice of upcoming elections for officers per protocol/procedure directives from a park district employee.


Meanwhile, the by-laws were emailed to each of us to review for the scheduled meeting.

Then the ward wide email blast came out announcing a ‘community meeting’ that was followed by this flyer.


Neither email nor flyer had the word “election” which was in the council’s approved flyer.

The only item that wasn’t re-arranged for the council was the meeting place, date and time! If any of you have ever been in the conference room at HACC it isn’t large enough to accommodate a large crowd, safely, legally or comfortably. But the stage had been set and all the props had been re-arranged for the hijacking.

People started coming into the room and an extra table that was pushed against a wall was pulled out to accommodate the guests. The meeting began and it was announced that there was a miscommunication between the council’s agenda and the information passed out by the ward office via both email and flyer. You see, the big meeting to gather ideas was planned for September! Perhaps the minutes weren’t read? Perhaps the original announcement was ignored? Ahh, the plot thickens.

No one was told to leave. No one was told they could not sit through the meeting. They were, however, informed that the agenda was the by-laws, election and other business. There were some who do what they do best. Stir the pot. One woman in a Joe T-shirt pulling a suitcase on wheels insisted that she’d been flyering the neighborhood, persuading ‘all those dog walkers by the lake’ to come give their input for the park. I think she was flyering the hood for the $10-$12k political picnic disguised as ‘back to school’ for the kids. But being a staunch Moore supporter must mean they too, learn to make scenes and talk really loud. Then there were others that wanted to claim that they’d been turned away at the door, which is really doubtful but part of the plot.

Late as usual, Moore arrived with a haughty air, pointing his finger and calling the council a ‘club’. Claiming that if he had known that the meeting and we ‘club members’ were not going to be inclusive of the community, he would have been there sooner. As it was, he claimed he had to leave another event to get to our meeting! That’s bad planning now isn’t it? Never, ever overlap important meetings!

He utilized his liberal vocabulary to launch the introduction of his attempted hijacking of a council meeting. He was out of order during his verbal accusations and damn, why didn’t I think to yell ‘out of order’? Hindsight! It was the same liberal rhetoric we heard from his club in Gale School when the vacant building woman came to vote. One of them was present for his very first NOHPAC meeting, Jim Ginderske! Joe, the architect of divisiveness, roared for the crowd. Two of us women had to firmly point out that the flyer had been altered without council permission, and the email had painted the meeting into a community input meeting. He was asked if he contacted anyone on the council about the agenda…he claimed he did, we claimed he didn’t. It’s not a lie to say I dialed someone’s number, but if they aren’t home does that constitute a truth that I had a conversation with them? Nope.

I asked two other members if they had been contacted – negative. Sitting across from Mr. Moore, I had to inquire if he called me. He certainly has called me at work when he couldn’t contact Eva or he wanted to make sure certain information was received. He has my work, cell and home number. He also has my address but then most of the ward does now too.

I also had to ask Mr. Moore when the last time he or a representative from the ward had attended one of our ‘club meetings’. He did not respond. So here we had a planned meeting, an approved flyer, an agenda, and Moore decided to torpedo us and put his advertisements in its place. “For further information contact the 49th Ward Service Office 773-338-5796” His name does not appear on the list of council members, he has definitely missed more than three consecutive meetings in a row, and therefore, should have to follow the agenda set forth by the council he sarcastically called a club. And that’s exactly what he finally had to do.

Our current by-laws came from Robert Steele, CPD, who gave us templates to map our rules. Some questioned why one should have to be a member to vote, including Moore. I wondered verbally why we have to register to vote then! I questioned that if I lived in Logan Square, then was it perfectly legal to come to NOH and vote?

It was a very poorly planned hijacking in my opinion considering Joe immensely dislikes the former Gordon vs Moore plaintiff and beat facilitator McCann. We all know his opinion of me via those pink post cards. Perhaps that is why he was reluctant to take the only empty chair at the table which was directly across from my dark, piercing eyes. I wonder if he liked my hot pink top with hot pink purse and rose colored sun glasses? He is very fortunate that I have not yet created a pink post card ensemble!

Two council members were absent, we did not have a quorum, and the election did not take place. However, the real community input meeting will be in September (as previously planned by the council) and will be announced. It was agreed that the council would approve any correspondence regarding any future meetings distributed by the ward office. The election will be held in October after the community input meeting.

Outside, after the meeting, the subject of ‘club’ came up again. Moore told me I should be ashamed of myself. I beg to differ since many of us were witness to the shameless antics of the re-elect Moore Club.

I didn’t create the council approved flyer, I just blogged it as requested. I didn’t alter the meaning, point and purpose of the August 21 council meeting. I did show up at the monthly meeting as usual as a requirement of my dedication to the parks and to the community.

I didn’t create the divisiveness as insinuated in the ‘club’ accusation.
It was created long ago by the man who should be working with ALL constituents to create a peaceful, safe, cohesive ward.

August 23, 2007

Chew On This

Michael Vick, the dog murderer

Here’s some controversial reading from Margot at Rogers Park Dog blog. It’s a shame, disgrace, and probably illegal that sports ‘clubs’ can hire some of these characters for the sake of raking in that almighty buck. These sports figures make millions to play the game, and millions more for endorsing cereal, music, shoes, underwear and other apparel.

In the real world, the rest of us are forced to have drug tests, background checks depending on the job, and a slew of restrictions put upon us…but not in the world of hero makers for children! It’s just like politics – the hell with honesty, ethics and heaven forbid, integrity.

They’re all guilty as hell of hiring these thugs for the sake of winning. Sportsmanship has been diluted to the lowest common denominator!

Thanks Margot!

August 22, 2007

A Shrine In Gale Park

From a distance Friday afternoon, neighbors may have noticed a large group of people gathered in this area of Gale Park. It appeared to be a picnic or birthday party. The next day, a neighbor was out picking up everyone else’s trash and asked what the party was about that went on until 2:30 am. Sorry neighbor, I don’t have a clue. I heard the party resumed Saturday and continued into Sunday morning. By Sunday, I’d heard from two sources that a man died in this area.

This shrine was created to honor the deceased – the wake and funeral was Friday, August 17 according to a notice on the tree shrine.

8.18.07 012

According to the sources in the security vehicle in the cul-de-sac, the gentleman suffered a heart attack possibly from alcohol poisoning on August 8. He was only in his 30’s.

8.18.07 011

8.18.07 013

A Park District source stated the group of mourners refused to allow park workers to clean the area. The Park District source was concerned that this shrine may give parents the impression that a child died or was killed in the park.

August 21, 2007

The Hole On Howard

This hole in the sidewalk just keeps getting larger. It’s right outside the McHugh construction office at 1615 W. Howard. The hole is right at the curb creating a great ‘toe stubber’. Watch as the gentleman with the cane has to move around it. So what? Just like vehicles, humans are supposed to keep ‘in their lanes’. Kids and adults ride on the sidewalk and not always too slowly. If a pedestrian isn't dodging 'oncoming traffic' then s/he is dodging the hole.
This is just another ignored accident waiting to happen.

8.18.07 0068.18.07 0058.18.07 007

It's a city repair job but one would think a construction company with loads of ready mix concrete could take a few minutes to repair what the ward has ignored. If it’s going to get done, McHugh has the repair kit readily available. Most of the time they enter through the back door, so it doesn’t affect them. Perhaps the construction crew at the field house could patch it up? Perhaps the city could repair it? This blogger doesn't do concrete on the public domain.

Note: The sidewalk was stripped and cleaned by the big, bad power machine.

August 20, 2007

Reflections In Storm Water

Craig asked on his blog how many streets were ‘flooded’. NOH streets are always flooded after a heavy rain. This shot was taken earlier in the month. That’s the storm sewer under a few inches of water. That’s the Broadmoor in the reflection.

8.7.07 storm sewer 005

Bosworth/Jonquil is always a 'lake effect' after a storm. Juneway/Hermitage is a lake too. Permeable pavers for streets, alleys and sidewalks would alleviate backup in storm sewers.

August 19, 2007

The Inside Scoop

It got a little wild and vicious on a certain blog not long ago. The innuendo was - of all subjects - subversive gardening! The ensuing BS was a far stretch even for my imagination. So to dispel the mold and rumors from the insane mindset, I'm posting the inside scoop on the Rogers Park Garden Group.

There's one insider who knows the truth behind this 'movement' and that would be the Curmudgeon.

Perhaps we could read this and make a good-hearted attempt to take something positive from it? After all, digging is digging and gardening is, well, gardening. The difference here is the effort put into the earth for everyone to enjoy.

Grand Opening - Bargain Paradise

I stopped in on my way shopping yesterday. When I inquired about prices since I couldn't locate any on items or on the shelf, I was told 'most items are $1.00". So how is a consumer supposed to know which items are not $1.00? No doubt they burned a lot of midnight oil stocking, cleaning, preparing for the grand opening and pricing can always be added later. What's important is getting the shelves stocked and creating a welcoming ambience.

8.18.07 010

There's a refrigerator unit with milk, juices and other items. I didn't notice any 'art supplies' but there are pens, pencils, notebooks, markers and such. It's clean, well lit and hopefully will be a great addition to Howard Street.

The photo was taken on my way home from the shopping expedition outside Rogers Park. Found some great bargains too.

Lerner Property - To Be or Not To Be

Anyone on Howard yesterday should have noticed this digger parked at the Lerner/Terzakis property at Howard and Ashland. Does anyone know the status of the imminent domain? Is Terzakis finally going to build or is someone else taking over?
8.18.07 008

A truck with a lift and hook was holding the garage door up while workmen inside were cleaning out debris. One gentleman informed me they were clearing it out for demolition. So is that environmental study finally complete that’s been underway for at least half a decade? Or at least that’s the scuttlebutt when inquiries are made to the ward office. I heard about the study when I moved here in 2002.
8.18.07 009

Perhaps we'll get a green email soon?

August 18, 2007

Face Memory Test

Test your recognition skills or 'face memory test'.

Thanks JN

"It's up to Michael Vick now"

August 18, 2007
RICHMOND, Va. -- It's up to Michael Vick now.

His last two co-defendants pleaded guilty Friday and implicated Vick in bankrolling gambling on dogfights. One of them said the Atlanta Falcons quarterback helped drown or hang dogs that didn't do well. Full Sun-Times Story

This is how it always points – to the perp or the money which in this case seems to be both. First we have the Tank -Chicago Bears and now Vick-Atlanta Falcons. These two weren’t underpaid but those suspicious characters befriended them and used them for their fame and fortune. Both were just being nice guys. In Vick’s case, he’s claimed his innocence but now his alleged partners in this hideous act are talking under oath.

Drowning and hanging poor performers – appears to be punishment handed out by humans on dogs. But the punishment for the humans, if and when found guilty, will be more humane. They should be forced to volunteer in an animal ER where vets try to save animals – all kinds. Don’t these guys know or care how much most people love their animal friends? Don't they know pets are part of the family? There’s something missing with people who hate dogs or cats.

NFL Commissioner Goodall and every team owner and coach across the US is thinking ‘football’. They need to be thinking psychological profiles on their recruits. Football is a game, they’re well-paid for the risks they apparently enjoy taking for the sport, for the win, for the blood. If they’re hiring the meanest of the mean - then this is likely to happen.

They’re creating role models for kids remember? Sports stars are paid millions to endorse products. Wake up money grubbers and watch who’s being hired. The NFL et al can afford psychological work ups. They should do follow-ups too. Football, like boxing, is a very rough sport. The brain wasn’t meant to be jostled around every day. That could be one excuse for sports stars if/when they’re caught in crime. “An old football injury caused my evil behavior.”

Those dogs didn’t have any choices or chances. These acts are no different than a young Jeff Dahmer killing small animals.

As an adult, he had no qualms killing humans either.

August 17, 2007

For Cat Lovers

A must read from Lafew for cat lovers

It’s a must read for all animal lovers actually. My Daffy Cat (formerly known as Khadaffi in her youth) turned 19 in January. She’s a tad senile and can be very demanding at times. She’s a character and has become a very loving cat in her old age.

Her latest obsession is the shower. I’m not allowed the privacy of a closed door or all hell breaks loose and the howling is horrendous. So, the old girl hops in, wanders around, and watches the water go down the drain.

A friend’s senior cat began insisting on hallway walks in their Portland OR apartment. So ME bought a cat harness and leash and started taking Sheila outside for walks. Sheila decided the great outdoors beats any hallway.

These creatures are our very best friends and we’ll go to any length to make them happy won’t we? That’s just the way it is.

August 16, 2007

Coe Shapes Up Gangway

Thanks you neighbor for this heads up. Robert Coe’s worker was there today when I went to check out the new gangway 'boardup' between Howard/Rogers. Thanks to pressure from neighbors at CAPS meetings, Mary Jane Haggerty, RPCC, has begun action on the complaints. The gentleman gave me permission to take the pix and said they would be installing another gate or fence along the sidewalk area until construction begins. As he said, 'now the police can see inside, all the weeds and trash are gone'. He also lives in the hood, so he knows what he's dealing with. Hopefully Mr. Coe now understands his responsibility as an absentee property owner.

8.16.07 009 The gates to the rear entrance of the vacant laundry are secured 8.16.07 006

There were squatters living in here, which was verified in our conversation. He and another gentleman were in the process of cleaning out the mess.
8.16.07 008

The ‘vacant building woman voter’ who frequented the gangway area was pacing on this problem corner as I approached. The ravages of drug use and life on the street are not a photogenic sight. She’s another victim who has fallen through the cracks and no one seems to have the answer to help her and others like her.

8.16.07 0108.16.07 0118.16.07 012

Eva, the Tuesday walkers and I will keep watching problem spots. I’ll keep reporting the progress on the sites mentioned in the last CAPS meeting. Anyone living on Fargo may email me with any news too. (This blogger isn’t fixing anything that is someone else’s responsibility.)

I know Officer Cooper on the midnight shift will be watching his favorite corners, Greenview, Rogers and Howard, when he’s not responding to 911 calls.

At Random?

The fog is burning off and the sun is breaking through. In fact, it was so intense all these seemingly unrelated headlines found me this morning.

The problem of obesity in Americans is out of control or so we’re told. I don’t have any doubt that the battered/fried, oversized portions with super sweet sodas, computer games, lack of physical activity have contributed to a lot of extra American poundage. But we can't read enough about ecological contributions to our state of health from big business.

Dubya offered money rewards to Americans to lose weight, but that’s as far as he and his pals looked. He simply utilized the old corporate method of putting the ball in our court and making us responsible with a reward at the end of the carrot stick. I’m not saying we aren’t responsible for our actions. But if there are unidentified factors that may be making us overweight, or sick, where do we toss that ball? There probably isn’t any need to use the word ‘if’ in that previous sentence, but we know how sensitive people get.

It may have started in the late 1970’s in the couch, the overstuffed chair, the rug. From the Sun-Times

Was grant money really spent on this study on obesity? From the Sun-Times

How much was the donation?
These guys sound, talk, and act like politicians – ruthless, careless and shortsighted. And to hell with Lake Michigan and to hell with us too. "We've got a gun to our head, so to speak, '' Elbert acknowledged, but he said BP wants to live up to its claim to be sensitive to environmental concerns." They don't have 'a gun to their head' - they've turned it on us. From the Sun-Times.

And last, but not least……

Someone is watching you too.
You Know Who You Are - And We Do Too
Simple search on the Internet

August 15, 2007

A Garden Project For YOU!


Would you like to sponsor a community garden project in 2008 or do you know a neighborhood group that is interested? Is there a space that you and your neighbors think could use improvement? Are there businesses around the space that might join with you to oversee a community garden project? We really want to help RP residents and businesses beautify their surroundings for all residents to enjoy. But we can’t do it alone.

We need YOU as a lead partner to make a successful and lasting project. A community garden project is win-win for everyone: by helping to improve our green spaces and plantings you get to give back to the community, share a fun project with neighbors and friends and meet people, and feel good. Something about planting tender flowers and watching them grow soothes the soul and puts a smile on everyone’s face. It is said that people who garden live longer and healthier lives (ok, we just made that up but we’re pretty sure that it’s true).

Here is the detail on how a community garden project works and what we’ll all do:

The RPGG will assist any community or neighborhood group with the creation or restoration of one garden each year on private or public space provided that can be enjoyed by the public. You come up with the idea and some neighbors, friends, or businesses and put together a proposal that includes:

· Name of your neighborhood group with group leader identified and at least 4 other residents/neighbors who will participate in the project. Include name, address, phone, and email (if available).

· Address and site location description (for instance, Loyola Park, Circle Park planters at end of Morse Ave. and the park).

· Digital photos of the site. If your group is unable to take digital photos, please contact RPGG and we will assist you.

· Approximate size of site (i.e., two 27’ diameter planters or 24’x52’ tract at ABC Park).

· A 250-500 word statement about the site and why you believe it will make for a terrific community garden project.

· Deadline for proposals is October 1, 2007.

· Nominating project information should be sent to Susan Murray, Community Garden Committee Chair, RPGG via email at

Here is what the RPGG will do to support the project:
· Provide cost estimates.
· Create the site design.
· Select plants (along with your group).
· Provide planting volunteers.
· Provide project marketing and fundraising assistance.
· Advise on ongoing garden maintenance.

So what kind of work will you and your group have to do?
· Fundraise and promote involvement with the community in the area.
· Prepare and assist in planting the garden.
· Provide ongoing care and maintenance of the garden once it is installed.
· Provide a project leader who will oversee your group’s activities and involvement with the project and who will liaison with the RPGG team.

When will you have to do all this stuff?

· November 2007-March 2008: fundraise.
· March 2008: garden design and plant selection.
· April 2008: garden site preparation (e.g., weeding, tilling, soil amendments)
· Mid-May 2008: garden planting!

We are eager for your proposals. All proposals will be reviewed by the Rogers Park Garden Group membership and the final project will be selected by majority vote at the October 30, 2007 meeting. Please contact Susan Murray at or for a 2-page information sheet on the proposal or if you have any questions. We’ll do our best to help give your proposal the best advantage!


On Sunday, September 30 the RPGG will hold a garden sale to raise funds for the 2008 Community Garden project outside of Charmers on Jarvis. We’d love you to donate plants that you can divide from your garden, pots you’ve grown bored with, yard art that someone else may better appreciate. We’ll even take your arts and crafts items – really, any garden-themed object (including veggies from your garden) you’d like to donate and have us sell. In turn, please come join the fun and see what your neighbors have donated that you might want to buy.

We are also asking businesses if they would like to donate gift certificates for products or services that we can auction at the sale. All proceeds will go toward the 2008 community garden project. To donate your items, please email us at


August 14, 2007

CAPS Beat 2422 July Minutes

Beat Wide Arrests from July 1, 2007 to July 31, 2007

Total Arrests: - 92

There were 1791 calls for service, of those 219 were bona fide incidents.

Arrests by street for Beat 2422

Howard - 18
Greenview - 3
Paulina - 3
Rogers/Clark - 5
Juneway - 4
Sheridan - 9
Bosworth - 17
Ashland - 6
Marshfield - 8

Notable arrests:

Narcotics - 23
Unlawful Use of Weapon - 3
Theft from vehicle - 2
Burglary - 1
Quality of life - 22
Warrants - 7

Beat Priorities
Gale Campus Park/Howard Street
7600-7700 N Paulina
Bosworth/Ashland/Jonquil Terrace
Triangle Park/Harold Washington Playground

Building Report/Updates

Northpoint - No Update - 12 Buildings in North of Howard area.
Noah's Ark - 7600 Block of N Paulina according to Richard Marks, manager of the Jonquil Hotel - there will be outdoor lighting eventually.

Mary Jane Haggerty of RPCC reported on:

7529-31 Rogers/7536-44 Birchwood is owned by Sol Azar - she will be contacting him to discuss concerns from neighborhood. With enough pressure Azar can be convinced to sell.

7416-26 N Ashland is owned by Gus Domenich -A meeting with the alderman will be forthcoming and announced concerning this property for anyone wanting to attend.

1533 W. Howard - vacant property owned by Robert Coe. (Dry cleaners, Mel's Hot Dogs, Chinese Restaurant) Problem gangway secured on Howard and not secured on Rogers is a hot spot for prostitution, drug dealing, with probable squatters in unsecured dry cleaner building.

1540 W Fargo – construction has begun.

1626-30 W Fargo - vacant – has been reported to the troubled buildings initiative program. A neighbor stated there was an open door on the balcony, open windows, and an open rear door. A new construction permit was issued in July. Mary Jane will be mailing the owner a city initiated document on how to secure buildings before and during construction.

1640-42 W. Fargo - vacant – has been reported to the troubled buildings initiative program. A construction permit was issued in July - new owner will be contacted to secure before and during construction also.

7441 N Rogers - vacant - reported to troubled buildings initiative program.

7532 N Rogers was discussed previously as the 'new construction' building that has been vacant for years and squatters have been reported there. It is currently owned by 7532 Rogers LLC, the agent is an attorney. There are 19 properties in the 24th district connected to same agent/attorney. Investigations into an alleged scam have been initiated into these properties. Reports of selling condos in tenant buildings were mentioned as one known incident. Checking the Bar Association online to the attorney's known reported complaints and the possibility of disbarment was discussed. Further investigation by the States Attorney's office and FBI must be completed.

7616 N Bosworth has renewed its loitering status and drug exchanges there. Mary Jane will be sending the owner a letter regarding safety and security.

7603 N Greenview - neighbors report heavy foot traffic and drug exchanges there.

7616 N Marshfield – One resident stated there is a terrible odor emanating from the building that is currently under rehab construction. There are a few tenants still residing in the building.

A Northpoint resident asked why certain chains/padlocks had been removed from the steel gates on the Bosworth properties. The representative from Northpoint was not aware they’d been removed. When asked if security had reported this, the response was ‘no’.

Community Issues/Problems

Last summer a concerned resident attended a CAPS meeting requesting signatures for a petition to get a speed detector/or camera at the curve on Sheridan leading into Evanston.

Eva prepared petitions to obtain a speed detector that will take photos of the license plates on both directions at this curve. Anyone interested in getting signatures should contact her.

Eva also prepared a petition to obtain speed bumps at Jonquil and Bosworth and Jonquil and Greenview. Neighbors have complained for years about drivers not stopping at the signs endangering pedestrians and other vehicles.

Island Groove - One neighbor remarked on the alderman's disapproval to the liquor commission regarding a liquor license for Island Groove - the former Biddy Mulligan's. One officer stated they do walk- through’s to make certain the establishment is not selling liquor and have not seen any violation of the permit. They are still having private parties that are allowed to bring their own liquor. The police are monitoring the street activity as frequently as they can between calls for service in the beat.

It was noted that the recent shootings on Sheridan were within 50 feet of the front door of the establishment. One of the owners had discussed having a restaurant there, however, the space doesn’t have a full kitchen.

JJ’s Fish on Howard – neighbors complained of loiterers inside and outside the establishment.


North of Howard Parks Advisory Council meeting and election of officers will be 8/21/07 @ 7:00 PM at Howard Area Community Center. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to attend.

The Glenwood Arts Festival will be August 25.

There will be a rummage sale at RPCC August 25 with proceeds going to the youth program.

Alicia Lopez represented the ward office.

The next Beat 2422 Meeting will be Thursday, September 13, 2007 at 7:00 PM

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

August 13, 2007

Turnstile Trash - Continues

Surprise, Surprise! At 8AM this morning, the turnstile at the Howard El on Howard Street was clear.
8.13.07 001

The construction fence around the former site of the dollar store/knick knack shop has been moved closer to the turnstile creating a tunnel effect.

8.13.07 001

Welcome Home! 6:30 PM tonight and clearing the restaurant trash at the end of rush hour. Such boldness! Only NOH where anything goes, including blocking egress from the trains.

8.13.07 004 8.13.07 005

Why is it there in the first place?

Uh, It's Always the Family Isn't It?

From the Swamp:

“Yet Rove is also weary – claiming now that he’d like more time to spend with his family. This is a common refrain cited by many leaving the White House near the end of the president’s term – most recently presidential counselor Dan Bartlett.”

The Daily Kos

Well, bye, bye Carl, thanks for everything you did for US.

August 12, 2007

From Sky and Telescope

August is the best month overall to view meteors from the Northern Hemisphere, according to Robert Lunsford, operations manager of the American Meteor Society. And conditions are ideal this year because the Perseid meteor shower peaks on the new-Moon night of Sunday–Monday, August 12–13.

Perseid Meteor Shower 2007

Howard Street Is Drug Free!

This comment was rejected since it came in after propaganda time. The reality of Howard Street is still pretty grim in spite of Ms. Vanessa B's/Paradise feeble attacks on neighbors who are fed up and want a safer thoroughfare with real stores instead of fronts. The theories on books and mixing paint is neary as scary as the drug market. Come on to a CAPS meeting Paradise. Balance is good.

Paradise has left a new comment on your post "Bargain Paradise":

They have Payless and Marshall's, which working adults can shop at, but alot of people go to uniform shops and USED to go to the Megamall. For flowers, people like the Purple Rose on Clark and Rogers, but that's probably too ghetto, in which case they have a florist in Dominick's. Or you can go to another neighborhood you like better if you want to pay for "ambience"

Books are the biggest scam in society, $15 for a mass produced paperback, people in this neighborhood like the library, that makes sense and they have art supplies at the new store if you want, all fancy in a package with names for the colors, but really, that's a scam too, artists can mix all kinds of used paint and stuff and its really more common, anyway they have stuff at the schools for kids.

And they closed the drug market already.

Posted by Paradise to 24/7 North of Howard Watchers at 8/11/2007 7:00 PM

Here’s Kheris excellent take on Howard Street et al

August 11, 2007

This Is As Far As This Train Goes

Speaking of new business on Howard brings this place to mind. This diner was closed shortly after I moved here for many reasons; one being that it sheltered certain undesirable elements. Morning rush hour dealers and hookers would jump inside if a squad car drove by. Allegedly, the owner did nothing to stop the ‘under the counter business’ and was closed down. It was allowed to re-open a few years later under different management even though the eventual renovation of the train station right above it was imminent.

8.7.07 new biz 004
Elsewhere in this city, businesses near el station renovations were closed and/or moved. Demon Dogs at Fullerton, the Salvation Army Surplus Store at Belmont, numerous others – all gone. But not in our neighborhood, not on our street! A problem business is re-opened and while neighbors complained this summer in a CAPS meeting, the police stated the new management is working with them.

At any rate, with much of the area closed off with construction fences, this is the drop point for the restaurant’s garbage. This sight and smell greets transit riders upon their exit. That includes riders who don't live NOH. Great impression isn't it? What neighborhood pride?

8.7.07 new biz 003

I’m sure there’s a sanitation ordinance somewhere on the books about restaurant trash at the turnstile and sidewalk, but it doesn’t apply to us. All of us living North of Howard are treated with this disrespect. We are treated as though we’re all too stupid to know how other neighborhoods look, how the residents are treated, or how their leaders would never allow trash on a sidewalk in a high traffic area. It must be assumed that the majority of residents never leave the NOH area therefore we are all unaware of the socio-economic climates that flourish on other streets.

We all seem to be perceived as being too stupid to want anything decent or clean, and that mentality is extended to all races, all genders, all income levels, renters and owners alike. As a collective group, we’re all being treated as though NOH is some third world existence and we should be mighty grateful for what we have.

Perhaps it’s time to yell discrimination for all the right reasons?

August 10, 2007

Bargain Paradise

Observation from my mailbox:

Grand Opening - Is this really a bargain?

8.7.07 National Night Out 006

“We don't need anymore junky cluttered storefront windows. Is there anything attractive we can put along Howard Street east of the el tracks? If we need a dollar store then we can go up to Howard and Western to Dollar Tree, where everything really is a bargain because it really is $1.00 and nothing over $1.00. Or are we truly that lazy?

Howard Street should be a destination location, where people want to come to the restaurants and shops, not a place that people want to get away from.

Look at Jarvis Square! Howard really is ready for that kind of transformation, you just need to open your eyes to see the possibilities. Why can't we give our neighborhood a decent commercial area for all of us? Why does Howard have to be the stopping point for dollar stores as if none of us wants or deserves anything better?”
Dear Reader,

I don't have a clue. There's already one bargain store on that side of the street. Pyramid Fashions on the south side of Howard opened 2-3 years ago and was kaput in 3-4 months. That 'jewel' didn't sparkle for long. It now houses McHugh Construction field offices for the Howard El renovation. Maybe you're right, we are all ready for something good. We're definitely overdue. Let's hope this store is really a paradise.

Sneak Preview - Takin' Care Of Business

Since last nights CAPS meeting minutes aren't ready to post just yet - here's a sneak preview so any concerned neighbors can help -- starting this weekend.

A year ago a neighbor on Sheridan came to a meeting very disturbed about the speeders, drag racers and subsequent wrecks near the Sheridan/Juneway curve heading to and from Evanston. Eva's prepared a petition for the alderman et al to obtain a camera to capture speeders license plates.

For years, neighbors have complained of the speedway on Jonquil from Sheridan Road. Many vehicles don't stop at the signs. Eva prepared a petition to have the alderman et al place speed bumps at Jonquil/Greenview and Jonquil/Bosworth. Sorry, folks, petitions are necessary to prove that X number of neighbors approve.

If you want a copy of one or both and are willing to get signatures, please let us know. We'll email you the document(s).

Contacts us - your email is confidential:


CAPS Beat 2422 June Minutes

Beat Wide Arrests from June 1, 2007 to June 30, 2007

Total Arrests: 87

Top 10 Crimes for Beat 2422

Battery/Domestic Simple 19
Narcotics-cannabis 15
Assault/Simple 9
Battery/Simple 8
Theft from building 7
Criminal Property Damage 7
Theft - Over $300 6
Theft- Under $300 6
Burglary/Unlawful Entry 5
Criminal Vehicle Theft 5

No arrests by street were given. There were 2 firearm incidents, and one aggravated assault with a firearm.

Beat Priorities
Gale Campus Park/Howard Street
7600-7700 N Paulina
Bosworth/Ashland/Jonquil Terrace
Triangle Park/Harold Washington Playground


Northpoint No Update - 12 Buildings in North of Howard area.
Noah's Ark - 7600 Block of N Paulina according to Richard Marks, manager of the Jonquil Hotel - there will be outdoor lighting eventually.

Community Issues/Problems

A neighbor asked for the definition of loitering which is two or more persons in a certain place, such as in front of a store or building 'doing nothing'. In such cases building owners/store owners should post a no loitering sign so police can move loiters or take action especially if it's a high activity area. Move on or be arrested.

Another neighbor expressed concern about a woman with a child panhandling in front of Walgreens on Clark.

The Fathers Day mugging of a senior citizen was discussed by a neighbor. The senior had been held up and beaten outside his residence. Police were called and took the victim to St. Francis Hospital. He was transferred to Northwestern to his neurologist due to complications from the attack affecting a surgical procedure he'd undergone a year ago. This account was from a gentleman who found the victims wallet in his backyard.

A neighbor on 1500 block of Birchwood spoke of her home being robbed while her mother was in the residence. The door wasn't locked and burglars entered stealing a wallet from a purse. Later, the neighbor went to her basement and noticed bicycles had also been stolen. Her mother later noticed a male 'hiding' in a neighbors back yard. Neighbors in the area had noticed a male and a female acting suspiciously also.

The 1532 Birchwood (Birchwood/Ashland corner)has become a problem building - neighbors state a male resident is a felon on house arrest.

The partially boarded up gangway between Howard and Rogers owned by Robert Coe is a hotspot for drug dealing and prostitution. The gate to the vacant laundry is not secure and the doors and windows are open.

Other problem buildings mentioned were 1626-30 and 1640-42 Fargo and 7416-26 Ashland.

The incidents of aiming Roman Candles at people as a 'game' was mentioned. A candle was aimed into the Rogers Park Pizzeria on Howard. It was a cool evening, the door was open and the sparks narrowly missed an 8 month old baby.


North of Howard Parks Advisory Council meeting 7/17/07 @ 7:00 PM at Howard Area Community Center.

Community Walks every Tuesday meeting at the Broadmoor, 7600 N Bosworth 7PM.

Gun Turn In, July 21, United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W. Morse. Prepaid Mastercards for real and replica guns, air guns.

Alicia Lopez represented the ward office.

The next Beat 2422 Meeting will be Thursday, August 9, 2007 at 7:00 PM

Additional concerns may be emailed to Eva at

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

August 9, 2007

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting - Tonight

The regular CAPS meeting for Beat 2422 will be tonight Thursday, August 9 at 7:00PM. The meeting place is the Gateway Senior Apartments, 7450 N Rogers, 1st floor community room.

August 8, 2007

Condo Horror Stories

August 8, 2007

Among the signs of saturation in the city's condominium market is the barrage of complaints from new condo owners disillusioned by what they say are shoddy construction and shady deals.

Edgewater residents who've been there shared their "condo horror stories" during an open meeting last month at Alderman Mary Ann Smith's 48th Ward service office to discuss issues and problems related to condominium conversions and sales.
Full story

Blog notes: A lot more beef and potatoes needs to be added to this proposed legislation. The city needs to inspect BEFORE there are any money exchanges. If a building and every aspect thereof does not get a clean bill of health, selling should not be an option until the building is up to code and signed off on by the City. Lawyers and their loopholes can be infuriating and expensive. If the legislation isn't solid then buyers will still be spending their own money to correct violations after the city collects from the developer fines. If this legislation isn't solid, these violations are dumped on buyers and they pay the city in building court. The City collects twice. Don't insult our taxpayin' intelligence any further.

Keep it simple and complete.

August 7, 2007

National Night Out 2422 Style

This is really Gale Park, filled with people having normal, everyday fun on a hot, muggy evening. There were pony rides, a small petting zoo, chalk art, and other activities. The demonstration by the karate students was quite impressive. This was the largest event NOH has ever had for National Night Out. Kudos to all who pulled this together - and the weather gods.

8.7.07 National Night Out 0078.7.07 National Night Out 0098.7.07 National Night Out 011
8.7.07 National Night Out 0178.7.07 National Night Out 0218.7.07 National Night Out 023

The real reason for the evening is a nationwide event of solidarity against crime. This photo captures inclusion of one little girl with the officers during roll call.

8.7.07 National Night Out 029

The music faded and the crowd moved from the north end of the park to hear Lieutenant Fitzgerald (not shown). He pointed to the men and women officers and reminded us who they are and why they are here. He spoke of the animosity that is often directed toward the officers and the conflicts that can arise. "These men and women aren't here to protect their children - they're here to protect your children, these children, and all of you." He reminded us that our guns kill children.

Our silence is a part of the crime when we know who has guns, who deals drugs, who is in a gang, all the elements that kill children. Fitzgerald implored everyone to work together so that no one's child will be dead at at 18 in a pool of blood. He pointed to the children who should live to be doctors, lawyers, astronauts or maybe cops. Fitzgerald's compelling words of community, sharing and caring gave us hope for peace as long as we learn to trust...after all the police aren't here for their kids, they're here for ours.

Commander Rottner spoke of the progress this neighborhood has made since he first served here early in his career. He also spoke of his pride in his officers and our beat facilitator, Eva McCann, who volunteers hours of her time to work with neighbors and police. Rottner thanked everyone responsible for the well-attended event - mainly the neighbors who came in solidarity against crime.
8.7.07 National Night Out 030