March 31, 2007

NHNA Wants An Answer

An Ironic Twist At Drug Bust Press Conference

North of Howard was in the news again. I went to the press conference at the 24th Police District yesterday afternoon. The online press release hasn’t landed in my mailbox yet so I’ll summarize the hardcopy since many have seen the news clips.
“Fourteen people were charged in connection with the two-month long investigation, dubbed “Operation KS II” which was conducted in the Rogers Park (24th) District. The targeted area of the investigation was from Sheridan Road on the east to Clark Street on the west and Rogers Avenue on the south to Juneway Terrace on the north.

During the investigation it was found that members of the Ganger Disciple street gang were selling crack cocaine near Gale Elementary School, 1613 W. Jonquil Ter., at all hours of the day and night. There were also frequent narcotic sales near the Good News Church, 7639 N. Paulina St., the Howard Alternative High School, 7647 N. Paulina St., the North Shore School, 1217 W Chase Ave., and the Abundant Life Mission Church 7629 N. Rogers Ave.

Investigators found that the operation was run mainly by two gang members identified as Ryan Campbell, 19, and Craig Norwood, 17. The two, who called themselves “brothers” would organize the street sales, which were often mobile and occurred in vehicles. When the transaction was over $100, Norwood would personally make the deal.”
Campbell is in custody, Norwood is wanted. The charges are criminal drug conspiracy.

Moore was there as well as several residents of the NOH area. After the event, I was standing in the lobby area talking to one resident and another senior walked up complaining that she had not received a sympathy card, phone call or anything from the alderman when her son died. She stated that her son helped Moore (I am guessing on campaigns). She turned to see Joe not too far behind her and decided to take the matter up with him rather than us. Many of us had offered consolation and assistance to her after her son died. Sorry folks, I didn’t eavesdrop because I’m sure Joe slid around it with one excuse or another.

Her son died of an apparent drug overdose at a woman’s apartment. The woman drug his body to the back porch, did not call 911 for help, and continued with her evening. Tenants discovered the woman’s son on the porch on their way to the garbage dumpster. There was a police investigation which would automatically create contact with the alderman’s office.

Whether or not the deceased worked for or with Joe on any campaign is irrelevant. What is relevant is the woman resides in low income housing here, and she lost her son. A simple card or phone call would have been a gesture of kindness reflecting the campaign rhetoric that “Joe cares”. It’s ironic that Moore has enlisted ACORN to litter the neighbhood with their propaganda against Gordon. They've apparently been tutored by Frazier on how to play the race card with their over-reaching theories on bananas and Hersheys kisses, yet Moore can’t send a sympathy card to a senior citizen who just happens to be African American?

A mother lost her son to drugs, should that make any difference?

March 30, 2007

The Police State of Chicago

I've never tasted foie gras and I doubt too many of my NOH neighbors have either. Pity Joe didn't spend as much time on crime as he did on turning Chicago into a police state.

Just think, crime is down 49% and the consumption of foie gras is 0%. The rate of illegal voter registration and voting is probably up 2.0% of the 2.8% in ward 49. The slander rate and dirty politics is up 150% and the rate of fair government remains pretty much at a level of 5% if you can get a returned message.

When office staff has to stand at the Howard El to campaign, that's pitiful. Great way to spend tax dollars.

If it's going to be another warm weekend, our alderman should be out cruising with the police keeping crime down.

Wal-Mart, Big Box and BS

Todays post is from a reader who sent a 'must see' review of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Wal-Mart on Showtime.

The reader states: It is a show debunking the myths of the "evil" Wal-Mart empire. It uses Chicago and the Big Box ordinance to show how people overreact to the news of a store opening in their area. Moore comes off as a Union flunky who doesn't have a clue what is good for his community. Something we all know, but now the rest of America will be laughing at our ward. I wish we could broadcast this show on a continuous feed outside of the train station! If you go to Showtime's web site you can see a preview of the episode, although the clips there do not include any of Joe's footage.

Watch Wal-Mart Clip and check out complete schedule.
10:35 PM

12:30 AM

08:30 PM

12:00 AM
all times ET/PT

March 28, 2007

Jay Johnson Lashes Out

Everyone is entitled to an opinion. Mr. Johnson has sent his rebuttal to the News Star and it was published in today's weekly paper.

Jay Johnson Lashes Out At News Star In Response To this Article

Mr. Johnson states: "In all our buildings, our company works cooperatively with tenants, the police and elected officials to address safety and quality of life concerns."

May I suggest Mr. Johnson now address the neighbors who dialed 911 in response to to this? Mr. Johnson may wish to express his profound apologies to the neighbors and police who could have been injured or killed from his cooperation per his statement quoted above.

May I suggest concerned tenants, citizens and neighbors write a letter to the editor so our local paper can understand what you've witnessed in Johnson's buildings for years?

As I've stated many times, it's not a sin to be poor. The sin is on those who pretend to care about the plight of the poor while taking advantage of those less fortunate. Everyone is entitled to a safe, clean, properly maintained building.

To read Johnson blaming "two tenants" at the Howard Theater building is typical. There are times when tenants will not report a problem fearing they will get in trouble, I'll grant that. But once the problem has been identified, there is no excuse for management NOT to give the appropriate notice and use their keys to enter the apartment and make the repairs.

email your opinion to:

Jay Johnson Resignation Story

By Lorraine Swanson - News Star

"He just felt that (the committee) was becoming too much of a distraction. He didn't want to be a political football and a distraction to the committee," Moore said.

Moore stated that he did not ask Johnson to leave the committee, but that Johnson's resignation was voluntary.

"I saw no reason for it," Moore said.

The complete article

Interesting to note that Moore still covers for Johnson and himself.

March 26, 2007

Remove Your Trash From Our Park Joe

Illegal Sign Removed3.26.07


In an email from Sister Cecilia Fandel:

“Nohpac members,

I called Daphne this afternoon. (Daphne is with the Park District) She told me the sign was taken down this morning, and if it wasn't I should call her immediately. So I walked over, and while the sign is down the big 2x4 timbers and braces are still there. So I called and left her a message that the timbers & braces are part of the sign and they should be removed also, and would she please call Moore's office and ask him to remove them. I'll check tomorrow am early on my way to church and see if they are removed.”

I followed-up this morning and when my message wasn’t returned, I called back at 3:42pm. I asked to speak to Arnold Randall, the person I had been referred to on Friday. The woman asked if he would know why I was calling. I replied he wouldn’t since I called while he was on vacation last week, but I was calling about the political sign in Gale Park by Joe Moore. She put me on hold and returned to tell me that it should be down by now. I thanked her and said certain blog readers had said I was clogging the government etc. She in turn thanked me (you too) for bringing this to the Park District’s attention.

People = 6 with Extra Point = 7

Joe Moore = 0

March 25, 2007

Stabbing on Bosworth

Just before the 10:00pm news we heard screaming and yelling through the open windows. Several squads pulled up. A female victim was sitting in front of 7628 N Bosworth on a planter. The victim was allegedly slashed in the face near the mouth and was taken away by ambulance. Officers took two females into custody.
Stabbing3.25.07 on 7600 Bosworth 001

Police are taking statements outside. Again, crime is down 49%.

March 24, 2007

Shootout at Johnsons Unsecured Ashland Building

There was a shootout at Ashland I, the unsecured, vacant property of Jay Johnson in the 7700 block of Ashland around 12:30AM. There are reports of property damage to vehicles parked in the street. Neighbors have complained of squatters dealing drugs in this building for months and now this shootout. Whether the shooting was about a drug deal gone wrong or gang rivalry is unknown. Several 911 calls were made and the number of vehicles damaged is not known. The blue remnants and shattered glass are remnants of one vehicle the owner drove away.

Again, we must remember Crime is down 49%.

shots3.23.24.07 on 7700 Ashland 016 shots3.23.24.07 on 7700 Ashland 019 shots3.23.24.07 on 7700 Ashland 018

Open basement doors. The first door appears to lead into a boiler/furnace room. I didn't see anyone working unless they're saving electricity. The green door behind the gate was ajar last weekend. It's the same place where I took a photo of the wharped floor from a dripping water pipe two years ago. The same place where Young Mother had a bug ridden apartment directly above this. She paid rent for the bugs too. So this is what we consider 'affordable' and how we treat less fortunate people? Or is this part of the patronage of our current alderman?

shots3.23.24.07 on 7700 Ashland 021 shots3.23.24.07 on 7700 Ashland 020

Thanks to Urban Equities for fixing this gate! noted last Sunday on the walk down the Ashland Alley. Apparently blogs work faster than phone calls.

March 23, 2007

Stirring the BS

While the unpublished comments of one Moore player remain in hiatus, its amusing to note how very little they would add to any intelligent dialogue on Gordon versus Moore and dirty campaign antics. Likewise, the slams and groans over JoMo appointing JimmyG to take Johnsons’ spot on the zoning committee apply. It’s no surprise, no shock factor but then I’ve sunk to ‘my lowest point yet’. The sniper complained that I was “willing to clog up city government over a silly sign”.

City Government has been clogged for years my dear. A good laxitive is in order. Moore’s most infamous silly issues such as stopping the presidents war in Iraq, banning foie gras, pushing big box, battling the CTA renovation after voting FOR BLOCK 37, and other smoke and mirror meetings top the list. All were done with taxpayer dollars for salaries, perks and to create more taxes and restrictions for you. He did promote Toddy Stroger didn't he? He did vote yes on tax hikes didn't he?

When long time residents shared the outcome of backroom deals that have been dropped on us for the last 16 years then who has reached the low point? It’s apparent that those who ardently believe that Joe’s doing a great job are at their lowest point. For those who drifted away for the 2/27 election and are snuggling back up to the Machine, well, I feel sorry for you too.

Most professionals in human studies will state that the biggest threat to anyone is the fear of change. It’s the big unknown. It’s the reason (excuse) to project situations and outcomes based on that big unknown called fear. So every election year, the Moorites claim the opponent will destroy diversity, run everyone out of low income housing, turn Rogers Park into yuppie land. Don’t forget the Lakeside Development study where the opponent – now Don Gordon did NOT lose nearly 4,000 rental units in the last 4 years to condos. Joe and his developer pals took those rental units. Is there any connection to the $250,000 in developer campaign donations?

Again, the sign several of us oppose is all about Joe and maintaining the status quo. Rental stock was lost in the past 4 years and it only took 10 years to finally start the Field House. How many of our youth may have gone down a different path if the field house had been built years ago? That's one answer Joe can't give you and it directly ties to the issues of drugs, guns and crime. If we had a real chamber of commerce, there might be a destination place on Howard other than the El and buses so we can spend our money outside Rogers Park. A thriving commercial street with genuine shoppers is a deterrent to crime isn't it? But, it's always 'Coming Soon' instead of 'It's Here'.

But if one is too busy stirring the caldron of lies, one can’t smell the main ingredient which is pure BS.

March 21, 2007


The Park District is being a tad touchy with all the phone calls about Moore’s political sign. When I called to follow-up before I left work today, I spoke to someone other than the polite, helpful man from yesterday. Today I was told that we should address the alderman about his political sign in Gale Park! Harry Truman would love this wouldn't he?

Last night was the monthly NOH Parks Advisory Council meeting and the sign was on the agenda. It was moved, seconded and voted upon with unanimous approval that the Council would express its disapproval to the alderman. The sign does not acknowledge the Mayor, the Park District, NOHPAC nor were we approached to approve such signage. NOHPAC does not approve of the sign. The President made the call late this afternoon. I called the ward office tonight to further support the call since the ward office is open until 7PM on Wednesdays.

If you are of the mindset to express your opinion to the alderman (via message no doubt) the number is 773 338 5796.


Day Three-Take It Down!

signs23.18.07 012

This is Day Three in the working business hours of the Park District.
312-742-4602 received many complaints on Monday. Let's keep their phones busy until that sign comes down.

I called yesterday, filed my complaint, and was told the counselor was in a meeting. Apparently the park district had contacted the ward office about this sign being erected without their permission according to 'the rules'. As the person on the other end of the line said 'Moore knows the rules'. Right, he makes his own rules to suit his needs.

You may also lodge a complaint with the mayors office by dialing 311. Don't forget to ask for a tracking number. It may have another buzz word but ask for it anyway.

If you are not a moore fan, please do what you can to help the Gordon Campaign. Stop in at 1600 Morse, grab some literature for your building and block. At least you LIVE here and pay taxes here.

March 19, 2007

Mystery Foyer - Mystery Mailbox

You see strange things and meet all kinds of people when you canvass a neighborhood. But when I landed on a street that was NOT Fargo and entered the foyer I noticed Alderman Moore on doorbell number 2 in faded purple lettering. Some of the names on the voter registration sheet did not match those on the doorbells. One would think that current residents would want their names on mailboxes and doorbells. Either the doorbells don’t work or everyone was out for the day.

Maybe there’s been a big turnover since the board of election allowed printouts? Something seems a little fishy but could it just be an early alewives season? I wonder how many mailboxes in Rogers Park have 'Alderman Moore' on them?

March 18, 2007

A Community Improvement Joe Didn't Battle For

Now you knew this was going to happen since there’s a run-off election didn’t you? This sign just went up over the weekend.

signs23.18.07 012

Another Community Improvement Underway!” Pity Joe didn’t know the status when he made his first appearance 3/8/07 at CAPS 2422 meeting in almost 4 years. I wonder why the Mayor’s name is missing and the Park District and yes, the neighbors who had to threaten dynamite and a dig-in! It’s all about Joe. The truth is – the field house should have been finished a long time ago had Joe been on top of issues that concern his constituents.

Behind the sign a few corners away there’s more change underway but it’s doubtful many will consider it an ‘improvement’.

signs23.18.07 002

Yep, looks like Jay Johnson’s at work on this building (Ashland/Juneway) again…with no visible permits in the windows. The old permits have been removed and I’m sure we’ll be able to check with his friend Joe to find out what’s going on, right? Is this another reason why the zoning minutes were removed from the ward website? Say, better get the dead pigeons out of the top rear window before it heats up…

Continuing south in the alley behind Ashland from Juneway to Jonquil, there’s this improvement to the old IMC property now managed by Urban Equities

So, the city stepped in, got rid of Bill Higginson of IMC then Elzie of East Lake Management so Urban Equities could improve the quality of life issues for tenants in this building on Jonquil right? Then fix the freaking gate. What’s the use of a no trespassing sign on a rusted, broken gate? Hey, how about all that rodent food?
signs23.18.07 009

“Another Community Improvement Underway!” Please be patient for a few more years, change takes time don’t you know.

March 17, 2007

501(C) 3 Political Engagements in Ward 49

This organization is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
CHICAGO , IL 60626

signs23.17.07 006
And of course, Joe’s benefactor, Bud Ogle of GOOD NEWS PARTNERS,Jonquil Hotel, 1600 W.Jonquil Terrace, an SRO, (Single Room Occupancy) which is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.
Note JM signs in the ground level windows on the east and outside in the yard behind the fence.

signs23.17.07 010

The ground level windows are in the lobby or common area and Moores signs are illegally posted in this charity. Residents of the buildings may be permitted to legally place in their room/apartment windows but as learned in the Northpoint escapade, signs in common areas and exterior property common areas are not permitted.

IRS politickin’ rules for charities

Another 501 (c) 3 article

March 16, 2007

Illinois Auditor General's First-Ever Audit of Our Public Transportation System

... the mass transit agencies "are in serious financial trouble."

What? Bribery In Chicago?

March 16, 2007

"On Tuesday, the inspector general and postal inspectors raided City Hall offices of the Department of Construction and Permits and left with computers and scores of documents."

Wonder if they'll find any aldermanic passes for pals in those computers or documents? Don't stop with just one department, these 5 people are the tip of a huge corrupt iceberg.

March 15, 2007

Your CAPS 2422 Beat Minutes

There's been a little controversy lately about CAPS beat minutes. One blogger offered to post minutes and his beat facilitator (not 2422) said it was against policy. Another source said minutes should not be posted on blogs to avoid politics.

Another source went to the police department and....

"By the way, just to be sure, I checked with the police dept. and it is
okay to post minutes on the blogs. It is public information and as long
as nothing has been altered, changed or is different than whats posted on
the CAPS website or the 24th Dist. website, it's okay."

To avoid edits on the minutes, the pdf versions of the February and March are available on the link. Click on Beat 2422

At any rate, after writing, getting approval, forwarding on to CAPS, here's the easy way to participate in CAPS.

March 14, 2007

Be Gone! We Couldn't Agree More

March 14, 2007
"We don't want these kinds of landlords in our neighborhood."

That was how one Rogers Park (24th) District police beat facilitator characterized the community's reaction to Jay Johnson, the Rogers Park landlord who faced a court date this week to answer for citations for 46 building code violations at 1638-42 W. Jonquil Terr. and 7700-06 N. Marshfield Ave.--the scene of a Sept. 3 blaze that killed six children.

And we couldn't agree more. Read Entire Article

Johnson Housing Court Recap

Residents attend housing court hearing

March 14, 2007

The housing court hearing for a Rogers Park apartment building would have been unremarkable had it not been the site of a deadly fire where six children were killed and two others seriously injured last September.

Jay Johnson, president of Cornerstone Investment Group LLC, appeared before a Cook County Circuit Court judge on March 6 to apprise the court of his progress in correcting 46 building code violations at 7706 N. Marshfield Ave. in the North of Howard neighborhood. The violations were discovered by city inspectors during an inspection two days after the Sept. 3, 2006 fire.

Some 30 Rogers Park residents acting as court advocates attended the hearing, as did an older, surviving sibling of the five Ramirez children who died in the blaze.

Flanked by his attorneys, Johnson identified himself as a managing member of the Marshway Limited Partnership that owns the building where the six children ranging in age from 3 to 14 died last summer.

The families of the Ramirez children, and their friend, three-year-old Scarlett Ramos, have sued Johnson and the other building's other owners, claiming that the owners did not maintain adequate smoke detectors in the Ramirez family's apartment. That case is still pending.

Chicago Fire Department investigators attributed the cause of the blaze to candles used by the family for light after their electricity was shut off when the family fell behind in paying the utility bill.

Yadira Ramirez, an older sister who was not home at the time of the fire, attended the hearing with her attorneys who are representing the two families in their civil suit against Johnson and the other building owners. Ramirez did not comment after the hearing, but one of her attorneys, John Perconti, spoke on the family's behalf.

"We believe that the evidence we collected in the Ramirez apartment will help establish that the subject unit was not maintained with the requisite number of operable smoke detectors, which would be in violation of the local and state codes and statute as it pertains to fire prevention equipment," Perconti said.

In a procedure that lasted about 10 minutes, Johnson and his attorneys established that a majority of the violations -- ranging from broken hardware, exposed electrical equipment and wiring, a missing fire enclosure in the basement furnace area, and damaged door frames -- had been resolved.

Judge Daniel J. Lynch ordered that the third-floor apartment at 7706 N. Marshfield remain vacant until repairs from smoke and water damage are made. The judge also ordered that building permits to fix a faulty rear porch system be obtained, and that the entire building undergo another inspection to ensure its compliance with city building and safety codes.

Johnson declined to comment after the hearing.

Johnson is president of Cornerstone, a real estate company that owns several rental properties in Rogers Park for which he receives federal tax credits in exchange for providing low-income housing. Like the building at 7706 N. Marshfield, several of the company's rental properties are set up as limited partnerships.

Johnson has also donated thousands of dollars to Alderman Joe Moore's, 49th, campaign fund and sits on Moore's Zoning and Land Use Advisory Committee. Moore is facing a runoff next month.

Moore did not attend the March 6 housing court hearing, but was represented by his chief of staff, Kevin Cosgrove.

"They're doing everything they're supposed to be doing," Cosgrove said after the hearing.

Cosgrove added that he expected Johnson to be fined after all of the code violations had been resolved.

"Absolutely he should get fined, no question," Cosgrove said.

Residents also spoke out in a press conference after the hearing. Some of the residents live in other buildings owned by Johnson in Rogers Park.

"This has got (Johnson's) attention because he appeared in court today," said Eva McCann, CAPS beat facilitator for the Rogers Park (24th) Police District, who helped arrange for residents to attend the hearing.

"(Johnson) needs to clean up his buildings and provide safe, quality living conditions for the tenants of his properties," McCann added.

Tessa Volini, a volunteer for the Rogers Park-Community Action Network, a non-profit organization that assists renters in housing issues, said some residents of Johnson's properties were afraid to attend the court hearing.

"Tenants expressed fear of intimidation," Volini claimed.

"We just want respect for the tenants in Jay Johnson's building. It's about respecting people's rights to affordability and quality housing," Volini added.

Don Gordon, 49th Ward aldermanic challenger, accompanied residents to the hearing in a show of support.

"What were looking at here is just the tip of the ice berg," Gordon said.

"This is a huge problem and it's all affected by these (building owners) putting money into (Moore's) campaign coffers. Jay Johnson is just the poster child but there are plenty of other Jay Johnsons in Rogers Park. They just didn't have six kids die in one of their buildings," Gordon added.

Johnson is due back in housing court on April 24.

Cook County Commissioners 'disagree'

Cook commissioners take issue with their colleagues

March 12, 2007
By Forrest Claypool, Anthony Peraica, Timothy Schneider and Larry Suffredin

In last month's budget battle, the Cook County Board missed a historic opportunity to strike a blow against a bloated patronage system and protect the vital interests of citizens without clout.

In a featured letter to the editor defending their votes for President Todd Stroger's budget ("Balancing Cook budget was long overdue," March 9), Commissioners Elizabeth Doody Gorman, Gregg Goslin, Mike Quigley and Peter Silvestri make a series of misstatements and omissions.

In the week before the budget vote, 12 of the 17 commissioners -- including Gorman, Goslin, Quigley and Silvestri -- sponsored an alternative budget to cut deeply into the county's wasteful, patronage-laden bureaucracy and restore critical law enforcement and health care services.

In the hours before the vote, however, the four commissioners abandoned their own proposal and provided the swing votes to pass Stroger's budget. The four commissioners now express anger that some (including newspaper columnists) questioned their motives for the flip-flop.

The commissioners' letter falsely states that Stroger's budget "restored front line state's attorneys and sheriff's police." In fact, as the Daily Southtown reported, it fired several dozen police officers while laying off 43 prosecutors. The Stroger budget also decimated health care services, shutting down neighborhood clinics and the hospital family practices.

The choice before the board was a simple one: Fire police officers fighting gangs and drugs and nurses treating the afflicted or fire hundreds of the paper-pushing county bureaucrats in Stroger's "friends and family" hiring plan -- the $110,000-a-year press secretary who doesn't talk to the press, the $86,000-a-year "liaison" to unincorporated Cook County, the $88,000-a-year "outreach coordinator" to churches and on and on.

The alternative budget originally co-sponsored by the four defecting commissioners would have been a rare win for taxpayers and citizens. Why they didn't stick with the majority of their colleagues, as one news columnist wrote, remains "a mystery."

Forrest Claypool
Commissioner 12th District

Anthony Peraica
Commissioner 16th District

Timothy Schneider
Commissioner 15th District

Larry Suffredin
Commissioner 13th District

March 13, 2007

A New Crusade for Joe?

"For any PETA members thinking about launching an AAA (Animal Alcoholics Anonymous) program, please be advised that, contrary to its size, the bushy-tailed liquor lover is of the legal drinking age (for squirrels)."

At least we have squirrels in Rogers Park.

March 12, 2007

Alderman Moore, will you accept my invitation?

Dear Alderman Moore:

I have made a commitment to the voters of Chicago’s 49th Ward that I will openly share with them my viewpoints on the critical issues that will shape the long-term growth and prosperity of our community, as well as my strategies for addressing those issues in a positive manner.

As the election for alderman of the 49th Ward draws near, I remain steadfast in this commitment and challenge you to do the same.

Alderman Moore, I invite you to join me in a final series of public debates on what I believe you will agree are the subjects of greatest concern to our community:

1. Housing and Development
2. Economic Development
3. Crime and Public Safety
4. Education

I ask that you join me for four evenings during the week beginning March 25 in a neutral location (possibly an auditorium with parking such as at Loyola University) and under the guidance of an impartial moderator, possibly Chicago Public Radio station WBEZ, which has convened similar aldermanic forums.

I’m confident that representatives from our election campaigns can come to rapid agreement on the guidelines for these debates. I look forward to us sharing our thoughts in a way that helps the voters of our ward make educated decisions on April 17, Aldermanic Runoff Election Day.

Alderman Moore, will you accept my invitation?

Don Gordon

March 11, 2007

Inform Your Neighbors!

While out in the neighborhood today, it was rather amazing to discover how many voters are not aware there's a RUNOFF ELECTION ON APRIL 17th! Help make sure your neighbors know that 49% did not constitute a win.

The 49% means a a runoff election for a change in leadership in Rogers Park.


We don't have or need the Machine's Help. We have voters who want change and will make it happen the real grassroots, independent way by people who live in Ward 49.

March 10, 2007

Dollars Lost to State From Ward 49

What's a few donated bucks to avoid filing contributions for immediate public scrutiny? How close to April 17 is allowed?

Illinois State Board of Elections

$400.00 5/16/2004 penalty for late filing Citizens for Joe Moore
$200.00 10/2/2004 civil penalty Citizens for Joe Moore

Campaign Disclosure – Penalties and Fines

Rather than squandering money on late fines, perhaps the alderman needs to get these contributions entered in the manner prescribed by the law. To get a civil fine, he must have really procrastinated. But the blame will be upon the treasurer of the committee.

If the main concern is the ward he serves, these dollars should have gone to Ward 49 not the State of Illinois. It's $100 more than the donation to the little league baseball team. It's more than donated to many groups. Moore claims to have given over $100K back to the community remember?

March 9, 2007

BD49 Propaganda

I bet this person never expected me to receive this propaganda or better yet put it out for everyone to comprehend. The propaganda found its way to me in its entirety.

From: Bloggerdaddy49 @
Date: Sat, 3 Mar 2007 19:17:35 EST
Subject: Johnson hearing

The Moore wannabe liberals are in their little gunner positions.
The most obvious one is one who calls it/him/herself ‘bloggerdaddy49’ who purports to caring for those less fortunate and is at work spreading the usual mayonnaise. Bloggerdaddy has been kept off the blogs lately and most of us have had to resort to comment moderation for various reasons.

I can’t re-post the entire email bloggerdaddy sent because reprinting the computer coding gibberish would take up too much space. The main thrust of the message is that Toni, Hugh and a frequent commenter and blogger aka X are not really supportive of the effort to see justice done in the 7706 Marshfield tragedy. Bloggerdaddy proceeds with cut/pastes from various comments made to blog posts gets its arguments lined up without the most important subject matter which is the post as written.

They are promoting your efforts to=
get people out to the Jay Johnson hearing NOT to help the residents North o=
Howard but to embarrass Joe Moore. Here are a few quotes from these Gordon=20=
supporters that show what they think of section 8 tenants and the poor of ou=
r =20

But isn’t that typical? If you’re new to Rogers Park and new to the fact that the socialist elements want to embrace the poor you should also know that they do little to protect the rights of the same people they ‘embrace’. Anytime a person who isn’t in the Moore Camp does something positive to help the ‘poor’ people TRANSITION or empower them by bringing awareness to their right not to live in unsafe apartments this banter starts up. It’s really rampant over the Johnson case.

For too long the poor have been living in conditions that Johnson, Moore et al wouldn’t think of eating a sandwich in not to mention live in. For too long it was just Rogers Park’s embarrassing little secret. Now that IDHA, HUD, the City and anyone with Internet access can see the photos to match the stories, the bloggerdaddys surface to make attempts to rescue Joe with half-assed damage control.

Fact: Only Joe and his developer pals have diminished the rental housing stock.
Fact: Only Joe and his support of Toddy Stroger has enabled higher property taxes that are passed onto the market rate of any rental unit – voucher or not. Nor did it help the poor with health care!

As for comments made – the only control the blogger has is to allow, delete or moderate them. Comment moderation is and will remain on.

The subject is the housing condition the less fortunate are subject to endure by financial status. The subject is the lack of proper management of same properties and most importantly a Moore contributor and friend. The subject from bloggerdaddy is Moore Propaganda.

So bloggerdaddy, print this and distribute it! You too Jay!

March 8, 2007

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Tonight

The regular CAPS meeting for Beat 2422 will be TONIGHT Thursday, March 8 at 7:00PM. The meeting place is the Gateway Senior Apartments, 7450 N Rogers, 1st floor community room.

Ward 49 Diatribes and Alarms

Ward 49 Diatribes and Alarms

Excerpts from Cheerleader Fagus' no-comments allowed blog:

Fargus: With the field narrowed down to two the choices are clear and the turnout should be great.

That’s correct, that will be Democrat Don Gordon versus ‘Foie Gras’ Joseph Moore.

Fargus: The future of our neighborhood is at stake.

Good grief, you mean there really is a future? You mean we have a chance to thrive? Let the sun SHINE on Rogers Park

Fargus: That being the case, all should know the rules for new voter registrations.

You mean to say there are different rules?

Fargus: …. register in person with the proper ID.

Do you mean like sending paid stragglers from out west to register with hot off the press Ward 49 ID’s?

Make sure none are registered 'residents' of vacant buildings or currency exchanges OK?

Fargus: There will be early voting, absentee voting and nursing home voting.

Ahhh yes, the early voting stories again eh? And the disenfranchisement of the elderly again? That’s someone’s mother you know.

Fargus: The future of our neighborhood is at stake.

Alright already. We got it. Scare Tactic 101. The other is Scare Tactic 201 ‘those people are going to drive all the poor out of town, knock down your house and build condos there'. Rewind, that's what's been going on for how long now?

The real 49 Alarm is that the cushy little white collar gang might get disbanded isn’t it? Come on, that’s the biggest panic isn’t it? Losing ‘control’.

Fargus: Now, off with the gloves and on to the races cause this is a fight for the future of our ward.

And I’m sure Wayne will be playing one part of the neighborhood and you and others will play the other part right?

Divide and conquer playing the ‘have and have nots’ against the middle? Oops, forgot, we don’t have much of a middle class anymore do we?

It’s shrinking.

March 6, 2007

"Kevin Cosgrove, representing Alderman Moore."

What I Learned Today

Today I learned how really, truly screwed over our neighborhood would be if we relied on Joe Moore. I've always wondered what Kevin Cosgrove, Moore's taxpayer-salaried "chief of staff", does for a living, now I know. Two 49th ward cases came before our housing judge while we watched, and Cosgrove said EXACTLY 10 words between them, the same 5 words twice:

"Kevin Cosgrove, representing Alderman Moore."

Other than that, he stood there with his chin on his chest like a vegetable in a rumpled suit. I have a rumpled suit in my closet, now I'm thinking maybe I could have a career in local politics.

The contrast between Cosgrove (he's PAID to do this!) and Eva (volunteer) could not have been more striking. Cosgrove does not represent us in that courtroom, he represents Citizens for Joe Moore. Cosgrove is a taxpayer-salaried shill for Citizens for Joe Moore. He was not doing housing advocacy, he was doing campaign fundraising. He could be replaced in that courtroom by a deposit box with a Joe Moore sign on the side for all the good he's doing our community. He's Joe's captain because he's Joe's best earner, he collects on Joe's best route.

If you've ever been to traffic court, you've probably noticed the bottom-feeders of the legal profession, hanging out in the halls outside the courtrooms, handing out business cards, ready to meet you for the first time right there in the hall and listen to your story and take your case for cash, some of which makes it way back to chambers. That's what Cosgrove is doing for Moore in housing court.

All our wailing and gnashing of teeth on problem landlords and problem buildings at CAPS meetings and other forums in the 'hood, comes down to this, this is the front line, where the rubber meets the road: Kevin Cosgrove, for the People. The stubborn persistence of all our housing issues in our neighborhood is starting to make more sense to me after spending an hour in housing court on one Tuesday morning.


What Is Politics?

What Is Politics?

A little boy goes to his dad and asks, "What is politics?"

Dad says, "Well son, let me try to explain it this way: I'm the breadwinner of the family, so let's call me Capitalism. Your Mom, she's the administrator of the money, so we'll call her the Government. We're here to take care of your needs, so we'll call you the People. The nanny, we'll consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we'll call him the Future. Now, think about that and see if that makes sense."

So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad had said. Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his diaper. So the little boy goes to his parents' room and finds his mother sound asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny. He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy says to his father, "Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now." The father says, "Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about".

The little boy replies, "Well, while Capitalism is screwing the Working Class, the Government is sound asleep, the People are being ignored and the Future is in Deep Shit."

Source unknown but a friend thought it humorous enough to share. I agree.

March 5, 2007

Where's The Steel?

The Gale Park Field House 3/4/07. Since the NoH Parks Advisory Council receives very little information on the ‘progress’ perhaps one of the Ward 49 staffers can contact someone on the council with an update. We simple citizens are not to meddle with such important governmental matters. So, we must now ask, where's the steel? January is over so another deadline is missed North of Howard.

Gale 3.4.07

Gale 3.4.07

Up the street on the Evanston side, private sector condo work continues in the winter.


And of course, Block 37, downtown where construction is a year round process. But wait, isn't Block 37 a government project? It's the CTA.


March 4, 2007

Blowing Smoke - From The Living Room

Kheris, thanks for sharing after that long walk. There's nothing better than a good walk to clear the mind is there?

O Captain, My Captain

Couch Captain has burning questions with the Moore Propaganda Machine twist in them. Since the first sentence is:

‘I'm not unwilling to change my support away from Moore however I need to understand a few things.’

Since this is my blog I'm posting the relative and important questions Couch is asking even though he/she is a Moore supporter.

Couch claims to have good friends who are Gordon Supporters and ‘we’ have questions. May I suggest you remain on the couch and click to Don Gordon on Housing.

If you are still of the mind to toggle between “who will do more to keep low income housing versus bring upscale development to RP, or encourage more rentals to be converted to high end condos” then perhaps you should ask Candidate Gordon rather than a blog! Just send him an email by filling out the info at the bottom of Don’s Housing Statement.

Couch also wants to know:

“Is there "blockism" in our ward, do some blocks get second rate service just by where they live?”

(Couch continued with a fuzzy paragraph about the Sun-Times article that was not headlined on 24/7 so he/she will have to spread the Moore propaganda elsewhere.)

While many have received responses to questions from the ward office, many others feel they have been ignored. For me, I think it was relative to the question I was asking! To some degree of fairness, one must realize the office staff can’t always release information without the boss’ permission. There are instances where office staff doesn’t know what’s going on therefore can’t respond. That's not a good sign and it isn't necessarily a reflection upon the staff but on the leader. But office staff should be able to ask the boss the question and respond. That's where the communication breakdown occurs.

Lastly, if you are not liked by the incumbent you may not get a response or one that solves the problem you are calling or writing about. The best example is the long running Gale Field House Saga. It took years of community activism, multiple election year ground breakings and still no field house. There were ‘zoning issues’ that held it up. Blame was laid everywhere and no one had enough ‘integrity’ to admit not being focused on getting the job done. Could it have been that the focus was on other types of development specifically not North of Howard?

After years of getting the run around, the community made its demand and only after taking a letter to the Mayor’s office did some activity begin on the part of the City’s red tape elements.

I sent several emails regarding the status of the field house and many sat in the AOL email cache as ‘unread’ by Moore or 'read' but unanswered. He could have read them and answered or he could have forwarded to a staff person to follow-up on. He chose to ignore me.

He did call me to inform me the monies had come through shortly after the Park Council’s letter was delivered to the Mayors office. My questions after that regarding where did the money come from remained unanswered. Hummm.

But we were met with aldermanic overrule and control.

We found ourselves being pushed into the ‘quiet corner’ while the omnipotent ones took control. It's sad that people whose salaries are taxpayer funded found it necessary to elevate themselves to such heights and refuse to communicate to the ‘common folk’ isn’t it? It’s hardly teamwork and it’s hardly community-oriented. Is that 'democratic' or 'progressive'?

March 3, 2007

Get On The Bus!

RPCAN will be posting flyers this weekend requesting court advocates to attend the Jay Johnson 7706 Marshfield hearing on Tuesday March 6th at 9:30 a.m. at the Daley Plaza Building court room # 1103. Please respond in the howardwatchers envelope if you will be riding the bus - we need a head count. Please contact your neighbors who may not know about this. If you have other travel arrangements, we hope to see you Tuesday.

Court Advocates 7706 Marshfield


Will Moore Claim This Investigation As His Idea?

At each pre-election debate or forum, the incumbent proclaimed that he preserved 300+ affordable housing units North of Howard. That's correct. He signed his approval to the owners so HUD/IDHA could extend the Northpoint contract to allow 'rehabbing'. What he didn't do before 'saving everyone' was involve himself in the 'rehabbing' process to see the plans on how affordable it would be in the future. Northpoint is all electric. Residents pay for electric heat, electric cooking stoves, etc.

Had he been proactively involved in providing affordable housing he would have known the 304 units were all electric. Perhaps he did but it didn't matter then? Only Joe knows.

In 2004, the incumbent approved a home heating gas tax. Wasn't he looking down the profit path to forsee ComEd increasing its fiscal plan at some point? Or is it a case of worry about it when the time comes? The time has arrived.

At any rate, LIHEAP is the only offering to be given now to those calling for help with enormous bills. Seniors and others on fixed incomes struggle with these soaring bills. Their allotment for the year is often swallowed with the first utility payment. Had a vision of energy efficient low income rehabs been required it would have saved AIMCO and their tenants money in the long run which is about 20-30 years.
From the Tribune

State to probe electric rates
Bills jumped higher than expected after the 10-year freeze

By Emma Graves Fitzsimmons
Tribune staff reporter
Published March 3, 2007

Prodded by legislators, state regulators voted Friday to investigate the huge jump in electricity bills that hit homes across Illinois after a decade-long rate freeze expired in January.

The Illinois Commerce Commission decided in a 4-0 vote to examine the rate structures at Commonwealth Edison, which serves the Chicago area, and Ameren, which serves mostly Downstate. The first hearing could be held in about two weeks, officials said.

The decision came after legislators pressured the commission to do something to alleviate soaring electricity bills during a 13-hour hearing in the House on Tuesday in which tempers flared.

The rate increases hit hardest the customers who use electricity to heat their homes, officials said. The commission's staff reported that the average rate for ComEd's customers increased between 42 percent and 54 percent. ComEd had estimated the rate would increase 24 percent.

March 2, 2007

Shadowy Areas

Now that Tuesday's dust has somewhat cleared - it's time to do something. There will be a run-off election in April.

There are only two candidates this time: Gordon and Moore

When I read commentaries about the ones who aren't in the run-off 'thinking' about who to endorse I find it rather amusing, don't you?

What apparently is lacking in this area is common sense. Three men ran against the incumbent. If two didn't win or make it to the run-off stage, common logic would have them backing the one who did - if their campaign and rhetoric was real.

If people voted against Moore on 2/27, they should have the common sense and integrity to follow through on 4/17. After all, everyone has pointed out the incumbents mismanagement, the broken promises, and other shadowy areas.

Projecting what Gordon will or will not do is just that, a prediction. Everyone has been made aware of the incumbents track record. Comparing a prediction to a record is hardly intelligent or logical is it? There must be more on that bargaining table than we're reading about.

What else is needed? A map and directions? Just go to Morse or Howard.

March 1, 2007

The North Shore Line

The “North Shore Line’ entrance revealed. The board up that covered the old North Shore line has been removed for some time now. Here's a glimpse from above the construction barrier.

signs2.19.07 010

Here’s a mini-break from the election and the run-off Vote DEMOCRAT, Vote for Gordon and a little history.

South Side of El - This was boarded up when I moved here. Perhaps someone has a story to add on this section that's being renovated.
signs2.19.07 006