January 31, 2007

Tree Killer On Crime in 49

The latest Tree Killer announces that crime is down 49%!
The stats are supposed to be current, the photos are slightly dated.
In fact these are photos from the last time the Mayor came to visit.

May 2004

So dated in fact that the PR/Tree Killer is a collage of re-runs. Re-runs on photos and re-runs on rhetoric. Will the current police Commander Rottner please do a photo op with Joe? That's former Commander Boggs in the bottom left insert. If the imcumbent is going to waste paper on an expensive mailer, could it be up to date? There have been several walks after 'deadly crimes' since May 2004 to slicker up and mail. Several walks.

Compare the 'green shirts' and draw the only conclusion, same event, same
gray hood, same green shirt, same young man 2004 as in the top right in the first Tree Killer.

This outdated 2004 event was on a Saturday. A few nights later one man in Gale Park shot and killed another man, turned his weapon on police and was killed.

Since then how many have died from violence?

Crime is down - statistically.

Candidates Enter the Blogosphere

By Lorraine Swanson - Pioneer Press

At Sunday's forum I saw someone who wears the title community organizer. Two years ago this person tried to convince me that blogging and the Internet were OK but not the same as the old tried and true methods.

I contend it beats hiding the truth with ignorance or brainwashing. Blogging opens a venue to at least consider angles and dimensions not presented by controllers. Most blogs allow comments (dialogue, ideas, opinions) with the right to delete obnoxious content.

That's more open than many community meetings. We're here everyday - open to all.

January 30, 2007

County motto: Give and you shall receive

County motto: Give and you shall receive
Carol Marin
January 28, 2007

It turns out that a number of interesting people will not be laid off, let go, or thrown into the street.

Who are they?

They are givers.

Fagus, David
Cermak Hospital
49th Ward Democratic committeeman
7356 N. Greenview Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626-1924
Individual Contribution
Friends of Todd H Stroger

What a generous man he is with your tax money! You shouldn’t worry or be angry because you have to budget to pay your surging utility bills, impending property tax hike, mortgage, or rent. Spin it that there’s someone like this grabbing and re-distributing for you. Don’t you feel privileged that you give not once, but twice?

Had you gotten a bizma degree you could be ensconced in a Cook County cushy throne too! It’s your own fault. You could have had perks, health care, 3-4 weeks paid vacation, plenty of sick days, and above all, a very nice raise for donating someone else’s hard earned money to Stroger.

Oh heaven forbid if these upper class mismanagers lose 20 days of salary to ‘pitch in for the greater good’ of the Cook County Budget. Just forget they’re the fools who screwed it up in the first place.

You've got to learn how to 'roll with the punches' and wear those bruises proudly, it's your civic duty.

County's most slovenly patronage pit: Bureau of Health.

For once, they have to say `No!'
Chicago Tribune, January 29, 2007

"....what's long been the county's most slovenly patronage pit, its Bureau of Health."

double-whammy Trib-Sun-Times slam of County patronage Monday

Gordon On Crime

January 29, 2007

Let's Talk About Housing Some More

Click the first link, top right under 'ANNOUNCEMENTS'

Lakeside CDC

Lakeside 49th Ward Candidate Interviews.

Affordable housing is a key issue in aldermanic races across the city, including in the 49th ward, which encompasses most of Rogers Park. There are currently 4 individuals seeking to represent the 49th ward in City Council. Recently, Lakeside’s Board met with each of the candidates to determine where they stand on the issue of affordable housing, as well as other significant issues that will affect housing opportunities for low-income families. The candidates are Alderman Joe Moore, Chris Adams, Don Gordon, and Jim Ginderske. Each candidate was provided a set of questions in advance and was asked to provide written responses. Each candidate also met individually with the Board of Directors in person.

Courtesy of Brian White, Lakeside Community Development Corporation

January 28, 2007

Debate or Town Hall Tea?

The immediate disclaimer of any endorsement by either Northside Power or Good News Church was repeated multiple times. The remark was directed to bloggers! So they read the blogs! Amen!

There were only three amen’s this afternoon, so my reluctant commendation for toning down the atmosphere is so stated.

Before the four topics were addressed, each candidate was given an allocated time to give an overview of his purpose in wanting the position of alderman of Ward 49.

Chris stated “the ward is broken” and focused on education and crime.

Jim spoke of his health care initiative work with Northside Power and the issues of housing and poverty.

Don stated that Rogers Park has ‘stagnated’ in the last 16 years and how his focus on economic development will improve other maladies such as new jobs to fight poverty and encourage education.

Joe repeated his mantra on diversity and his preservation of Northpoint, and all the upcoming (unfinished) projects in the making.

The four topics for this North of Howard debate were Housing, Jobs and Job Training, Safety and Health Care derived from a survey of 200+ voters.

From my perspective, it seemed that Joe chose to disagree much more with Chris and Don than Jim. Of course, the terms and conditions of the debate were to not be adversarial, but come on, a debate is a debate. Don and Chris deflected the alderman’s attempted attacks right back into Joe’s domain of not finishing the job on certain housing issues and the flawed Big Box law.

Highlights, overviews and not verbatim responses:

Joe mentioned saving ‘affordable housing’ by continuing the Northpoint contract even though there was some community disapproval. Chris rebutted by stating just signing a contract and not following up on management issues by the alderman is not preserving anything.

Blog note: There is a difference between affordable housing and subsidized housing.

Chris referred to his 12 month proposed moratorium on condo conversions so he and the community could evaluate the direction the housing market has taken and should be taking. He also emphasized accountability of owners and the impact of landlords on a neighborhood.

Jim spoke to the importance of not accepting any donations from developers and the preservation of diversity and affordable housing.

Don’s discourse referred to the lack of economic growth and subsequent lack of local job opportunities. Don stated the ‘big box’ or living wage ordinance was short-sighted as written and drew the circle back to the stagnation of economic development here and the ripple effect to jobs and housing.

Joe rebutted Don’s reference to ‘big box’ jabbing that Don probably wouldn’t agree to a rewritten ordinance to avoid not getting the Chicago Chamber of Commerce endorsement. Return volley from Don was that he {Don} would probably NOT get the endorsement because he believes that after being in the real world for 25 years, there is an unfair distribution of wages from the overpaid managers down the line to the underpaid mail clerk.


Chris stated this is a long term problem that goes back to his stand on education.

Don spoke again to his revitalization of the commercial corridors that would create jobs as did Jarvis Square.

Jim spoke of his work with Northside Power to obtain union jobs for area residents on Rogers Park projects and development projects.

Joe stated he has worked to get commitments from contractors to hire locally and stressed the need for job seekers to get a union card. He mentioned his work with Northside Power and HACC to assist area residents to obtain training for union requirements.


Chris made a truthful statement that CAPS has the same faces and the alderman is not involved. There’s a need to involve the community at large with an involved alderman.

Don discussed bad managers/landlords, and creating a Dirty Dozen List to clean up mismanaged buildings. CAPS needs to utilize all available resources constantly, not monthly.

Jim stated CAPS currently doesn’t work effectively and won’t until the original format is used. He would work to get Boys & Girls clubs to ensure the safety and mentoring of our children.

Joe informed us of the CAPS pilot program in ward 49 that is now in force across the city. And, crime is down. He also jabbed at Chris that he {Chris} never attended any meetings until he decided to run for alderman. Chris rebutted that just because he isn’t loud he may not have been noticed, otherwise, why would neighbors have approached him to run for alderman? No response from Joe.

Health Care

All seemed to agree that it is a serious issue.

Chris has held discussions with area hospitals in Cook County who are obligated to accept and provide health care services for the poor. There are locations near Rogers Park that could provide help to area residents.

Don stated he would work with current on the ground organizations and look for funding from other organizations. He made reference to Howard Brown offering services for other health issues than just HIV related problems. Rogers Park is one of the top 3 HIV wards in the city.

Jim outlined his research and activism in the health care field to bring a facility to Rogers Park.

Joe praised Jim and Northside Power for their efforts to bring health care to Rogers Park. He patted Jim on the back and stated that with his assistance, he {Joe} helped the group identify a location in Rogers Park.

Closing Statements:

Joe stated the greatest challenge is preserving our diversity and all that he’s done in this arena.

Chris spoke to filling the leadership that we are missing, i.e. a leader who returns calls and gets to meetings on time!

Jim noted that RP had many poverty level residents and stressed the need to preserve the diversity of RP so that it doesn’t become like many neighborhoods in the City.

Don stated he’d just participated in the debate so let us us who he was. He described being raised by a single mother, his aunt and grandmother and their struggles to make ends meet. He gave his three mothers credit for their love and sacrifices that gave him a different perspective on life.

Blogger Observation: Two of the four candidates - Joe and Jim - were whispering and at long last, Jim made reference to Joe’s pats on the back. While I can only remark on my observations, it seemed those two were too chummy to be in a debate for the same job. Of course, that’s just my observation. However, since 4:30 tonight, many shared the same observation on these two with me via phone and email. We shall see if this comraderie and praise for Northside Power’s initiatives was for the day or will carry forward into the next round.

Other Bloggers Observations:
Live Coverage From Craig

Jocelyn’s Observations

January 27, 2007

Here We Are 10 YEARS LATER...

In the early part of 1997 another ‘study’ involving NOH was underway. This one was being conducted by Trkla, Pettigrew, Allen & Payne, Inc., Community Development Strategies, at the direction of “The North of Howard Task Force”. The NOH Task Force was established by Alderman Joe Moore to develop an action plan to deal with the bleak conditions in the neighborhood, including housing as well as Howard Street and the 7600 block of N. Paulina.

On May 5th, 1997, the consultants, TPA&P, released “Phase I: Housing Action Program, Framework and Preliminary Concept, Howard North Housing Initiative”, a 27 page document. It covered housing issues, management issues, slumlords, lack of economic growth, inventories, maps, land use summaries, demographic analysis on income and education levels and school enrollment, to name a few. The problems of Howard and surrounding NOH streets (gangs, drugs, prostitution, crime) were stated, crime and the ‘perception’ of crime and observations that “the area is so poor that property owners have great difficulty attracting good tenants”. (Has anything changed very much in ten years?)

After a summer of meetings between the North of Howard Task Force, the alderman, and the Trkla, Pettigrew, Allan & Payne, a ‘Preliminary Action Program: Recommendations’ Summary Report, resulting from the ‘Phase I: Housing Action Program’, was prepared and presented to the neighborhood at a community meeting at Gale School. The date on this report is September 17, 1997.

Keep in mind, that this was all very preliminary and not at all any kind of ‘final’ plan for the area. It was a beginning. One suggestion was to upgrade the conditions of the 7600 block of N Paulina. These suggested changes on Paulina Street would have created what you will see in the link Option A.

You may find it interesting if you connect the dots to the current proposed upzoning of Paulina that would now allow SRO’s. You may find it interesting if you connect the dots to the ‘entities’ that own a large chunk of both sides of the street.( 3 owners out of a total of 10 owners) If Option A in this link jumps at you, it should!

The Introduction of Continuing the Status Quo

Don’t Worry Good News Church Letter, I’m Going To Keep You Here

The ‘Turnover to the Agencies’

Following the above memo announcing the creation of this ‘new’ community group, the original Task Force was ‘disbanded’. The alderman established the new group to represent this neighborhood as the ’official voice’ (NOH Leadership Council) regardless of the interest or input of the larger NOH community. Because of the perceived threat in Option A by certain agencies and entities with vested interest on Paulina, the alderman chose to dissolve his original NOH task force and officially turned the future of the NOH neighborhood over to a select group in this November 7, 1997 memo. You can read the names for yourself.

With the proposed upzoning on Paulina, please connect the dots to the establishment of SRO’s being permitted without special use permits. This is obviously the ‘big payoff ‘ to the three groups Joe addresses in his letter, dated October 8th, 1997

Anything goes NOH!

January 26, 2007

OPEN THREAD: Questions We'd Like to Hear Joe Moore Answer

For all the self-serving press releases and inane TV sound bytes he orchestrates, Joe Moore never submits himself to questions from his constituents. Go to one of his info-mercials with an issue and he will tell you "that's not what we're here for tonight" unless you want to talk about how wonderful his developer pal's latest luxury condo project is. Well, that's about to change over the next few weeks. The debate season is here! Will Moore show?

We'll soon see. Meanwhile, dear neighbors, start cogitating:

What questions do YOU want to hear Joe Moore answer?

I'll kick it off:


Alderman Moore,

According to your filings with the Illinois State Board of Elections, Bob Creamer's company Strategic Consulting managed your last race for alderman, earning more than $5000.00 per month:

Citizens for Joe Moore to Strategic Consulting

$5,235.71 on 2/12/2003, Purpose: campaign manager fee
$5,300.00 on 1/21/2003, Purpose: campaign manager's salary
$5,450.00 on 12/23/2002, Purpose: campaign managers consulting fee
$5,450.00 on 12/6/2002, Purpose: Consulting and campaign manager's fee

Also according to your filings, the political action committee you chair, Citizens for Joe Moore, made a series of large, short-term loans to your campaign manager, Bob Creamer:

$6,000.00 on 6/12/2002, repaid
6/20/2002 , 18 days later
$5,000.00 on 1/26/2001, repaid 11/9/2001, 10 months later
$4,000.00 on 1/22/2001, repaid 5/4/2001, 4 months later
$10,000.00 on 11/4/1999, repaid 12/31/1999, 8 weeks later

$25,000 in all!

On March 11,2004 your campaign manager Creamer was indicted on charges of fraud in an elaborate check kiting scheme.

On August 30, 2005
your campaign manager Creamer plead guilty.

On April 5, 2006
your campaign manager Creamer was sentenced to 5 months in prison.


  • What is your explanation for this highly unusual series of large, short-term loans, for periods as short as 3 weeks? What were they for?

  • What was your role in Creamer's check kiting scheme?

  • Were you contacted, questioned or deposed in the prosecution of your campaign manager Creamer?

  • Did Creamer's guilty plea save you from having to testify?

  • Did you ever visit your campaign manager Creamer in prison?
Even after your campaign manager was indicted (3/11/04), even after he plead guilty (8/30/05), even after he was sentenced (4/5/06), even as he served his sentence, you and your ward organization continued to do business with Creamer:

Citizens for Joe Moore to Strategic Consulting

$2,600.00 on 3/3/2005, Purpose: fundraising consulting
$5,590.00 on 2/1/2005, Purpose: fundraising consulting
$4,642.00 on 1/11/2005, Purpose: fundraising consulting
$5,590.00 on 7/12/2004, Purpose: fundraising consulting
$2,600.00 on 6/28/2004, Purpose: fundraising consulting

Democratic Party of the 49th Ward to Strategic Consulting

$7,680.00 on 3/6/2006 Mail Services
$490.23 on 3/15/2004, Purpose: development production & delivery of mail

In fact, Citizens for Joe Moore has spent nearly $300,000 with Strategic Consulting since 1999.

  • What is Creamer's and Strategic Consulting's role in your current campaign?

  • Is a federal felony fraud conviction a credential in your line of work, campaigning?
More: Moore's campaign manager Creamer convicted in fraud

So that's my question. What's yours, neighbor?

Now Rogers Park: You SOUND OFF!

What have you been dying to ask Joe Moore? Now's your chance.

Ask in the comments.

Beware Of The Nucleus

The Broken Heart of Rogers Park blog announces the first aldermanic debate coming up this Sunday. Just so our neighbors who live ‘west of the mess’ who may not visit us often, here’s a brief history of politics North of Howard.

This area has a separate identity from Rogers Park. We are identified as ‘North of Howard’ as though we were an extremity of the main body. We are registered to vote in Ward 49, City of Chicago, County of Cook, State of Illinois, United States.

Thirty some years ago, this area was designated by a religious ‘group’ to be a haven for those less fortunate. With political approval, it has continued on this path. While a few really bad buildings have transitioned to condos, the ‘hood’ as a whole has continued to be a social experiment. The ‘politics’ here insist on keeping barriers between neighbors and the neighbors often play along with it. Many neighbors aren’t aware of the ‘undercurrents’ and aren’t aware of even being pawns in the bigger game. We have here, a prime case of pitting the ‘haves and the have nots’ against one another. A community divided. Who incites this demeanor while hiding behind the mantra of ‘neighborhood’? Some of the agencies and religious entities who thrive upon the un-separation of church and state. The entities who speak from both sides of the mouth to appease everyone. Isn’t that a form of ‘politics’?

Is it coincidence that this flyer was distributed one week before the debate at the church?


It was NOT attached to the gate, or the door knob, but dropped in the snow outside the gate. In other words, litter that I had to pick up. At first glance, I figured it was a notice for the debate, but no, it’s a beckoning to find their entity.

Thanks, I have mine and it’s my business according to the Constitution. Attending a religious free debate should be the goal if it’s held in a church. The same goes for debates held by ‘non-profits’ holding a 501 C 3. Folks, these religious and social services agencies probably want more of Moore so he can continue to preserve the ‘status quo’.

Thankfully, the Women League of Voters is running the show on one Forum that I’m aware of. Their goal is to have a clean, fair dialogue. Let’s hope the other debates have the same agenda.

January 25, 2007

Why I COULD vote for Chris Adams

In the spirit of RPNeighbor's excellent Why I'm not voting for Joe Moore, I humbly offer:

Why I COULD vote for Chris Adams
Why vote for someone you KNOW will throw away their vote in the Chicago City Council, from their 16 year record?

Why vote for someone you KNOW will not be an effective check on the executive?

Why vote for someone you KNOW is on the take?

Give someone else a try. I think people are basically honest. Next person through the turnstile at the Morse EL - make them alderman from the 49th: they would have a better chance of not being a crook than someone you KNOW is a crook.

DISCLAIMER: At present I am not planning on voting in the 49th ward aldermanic election, although from what I've read the call will be going out to Moore-heads far and wide to Come on down! Nor is this an endorsement of any particular challenger. The ONLY point: ANYONE is better than Moore. My gram-mama. That weird old guy in the hardware store. Literally. ANYONE.

So work for change, and respect your neighbor's choice when they support change.

Time for REAL PEOPLE in the Chicago City Council. Enough with the career politicians.


Do Your Own Research Voters

By Ben Joravsky
September 22, 2006

From the sidebar in the article:
“MAYOR DALEY’S SECOND LEAST FAVORITE ALDERMAN: Joe Moore (49th). Daley never really trusted Moore because he came from the organization of Cook County Clerk David Orr, whom Daley always figured was against him. Now Moore’s really irritating the mayor by introducing bills like the big-box minimum wage ordinance.”

It’s up to the YOU, the voters to make a very important decision or two in February.

A. Do you want to retain Mayor Daley?


B. Do you want more of Moore?

If you aren’t sure, or haven’t decided who to cast your one for on Question B, the first forum/debate will be at 2:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 28 at Good News Community Church, 7649 N. Paulina.

Could you put your Sunday on hold for an hour or so? You, the Voter and Taxpayer, need to hear what the candidates have to say, not what their volunteers say, or what the websites, newspapers and bloggers have written.

If you’re sick and tired – don’t whine if you don’t make some change in the way we are ‘managed’. Check our what your tax dollars are spent on, who gets your money and what your return is on their investment of your money. YOU aren't investing YOUR money, the politicians are. Take a walk around the neighborhood and see your 'investments' at work.

You are part of ‘WE’.

January 24, 2007

Gordon Wins Watchdog Group Endorsement

Illinois Committee for Honest Government Praises Gordon’s Ethics.

I am proud to announce that my campaign for 49th Ward Alderman just received backing from the Illinois Committee for Honest Government (ICHG). The ICHG gave me its endorsement after evaluating my background, community experience, and proposals to lead honest and open decisionmaking to move our Rogers Park community forward.

The ICHG is a statewide coalition of Chicago and Illinois political activists who advocate for principled and accountable leadership by elected officials. Known for its research and voter education work, the ICHG evaluated all candidates in the 49th Ward race and televised its interviews of both me and the incumbent alderman on its CAN-TV show. (See excerpts from my interview on the Gordon Campaign web site.)

Another value of the ICHG is that it is managed by independent voters in Illinois. No members of ICHG serve on my campaign team or staff, unlike other political organizations whose descision-makers work directly or indirectly for the incumbent and will, as usual, support him.

I thank the Illinois Committee for Honest Government for its support. Ultimately, the most important endorsement will come from 49th Ward voters who cast ballots for me because they want me to tackle local issues and make progress in our community. I hope I can count on your support.


Don Gordon

Start Cutting The FAT

Steve Patterson - Chicago Sun Times 1/24/2007

"County Commissioner Tony Peraica, a Republican defeated by Stroger in the last election, said the proposed cuts are "heavy on . . .
the frontline workers who actually deliver services" and not top-level management with higher salaries.

But Stroger said the cuts keep offices to their "core missions" and "sometimes there's going to be pain felt" but "we aren't going to do anything that would put anyone at risk."

Stroger's belt-tightening has alienated him from powerful political figures who propelled him to office last year -- including union leaders angry about Stroger's calls for job and salary reductions. Today, the Rev. Jesse Jackson is expected to lash out at Stroger.

Astonishing Discovery!

An archeological team, digging in Washington DC , has uncovered 10,000 year old bones and fossil remains of what is believed to be the first Politician...


It has not yet been determined whether the remains were of a Republican or Democrat....

January 23, 2007

From The Ginderske Camp


January 23, 2007 Chicago, IL Jim Ginderske, candidate for 49th
ward alderman, announces victory in defeating a proposed package
liquor license application. Together with a coalition of several
dozen Rogers Park residents, the Ginderske 2007 campaign thwarted an
attempt to transfer a liquor license to a storefront at the corner of
North Shore Avenue and Clark Street.

Ginderske 2007 worked with the law department of the City of Chicago
to stop the opening of additional liquor stores on Clark Street
between Devon & Pratt, and on Friday, January 12, 2007, this effort
was a success.

There are currently five licensed package liquor dealers on this
six-block strip of Clark Street in Rogers Park. In Feb 2006, in
response to a request from one of his campaign contributors, and
without notice to local residents, Alderman Moore enabled new liquor
store applications by lifting the City-imposed moratorium.

After noticing two new applications for liquor licensing on Clark
Street, community activists contacted the alderman?s office and were
brushed off by his staffers. They then proceeded to gather signatures
and write protest letters and ultimately contacted aldermanic
candidate Jim Ginderske for help.

The Ginderske 2007 campaign team looked into the situation and
discovered that half-pints of hard-liquor and single-serving cans of
beer and malt liquor were being sold in defiance of a prior commitment
not to sell these products. In a December 12th press release,
Ginderske 2007 exposed these offenses. Moore countered the next day,
saying that Ginderske ?lies?. The Ginderske 2007 team produced a video
showing the sale of the banned items.

Jim Ginderske, Democrat and 49th Ward Aldermanic Candidate, is working
for positive change in Rogers Park.

Meet Chris Adams - Tonight

From The Adams Campaign:

Concerned about community development, affordable housing, improving our schools and making our streets safe? Please join 49th Ward Alderman candidate Chris Adams for an evening chat about his vision for a better Rogers Park.

Tuesday Jan. 23
7-8:30 p.m.

A Message From Our Commissioner

For those who may only have computer access at work, here's a message from your Cook County Commissioner. We've already read that there will be 'job cuts' and we also know that the lean will be dismissed in large numbers while the padded, patronage jobs will be maintained by the ones chosen by the first Stroger regime. Please review as asked and perhaps the County will bus all of us to the meeting so Larry can hear just what we may have to say. Like the infomercials, it's doubtful that our input would change what's already been set in motion. Remember, Larry 'reluctantly' backed Stroger even though Toddy wasn't his first or second choice. I still voted Republican on this issue because Toddy isn't the best person for the position.

Dear Cook County resident:

As the Cook County Board begins the budget process, I want to consult with you to obtain your insights into the various changes made in the 2007 County Budget.

I would like you to review the attached statement and documents and then join me on February 1, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. at the Skokie Public Library, 5215 Oakton Street, Skokie for a meeting to discuss options on this budget.


Larry Suffredin
Suffredin's Statement on the Budget: Jan 15 2007

President Todd Stroger made his 2007 Budget Address today. The proposal seeks to close a $350 million shortfall. The Budget calls for no new or increased taxes and reduces non-core mission services while eliminating 1042 vacant positions and laying off 450 employees through out the County. The proposal contains a series of “Target Adjustments” totaling nearly $100 million that are further cuts to services and jobs that are to be specified by the Board during the budget hearings. This Budget fulfills President Stroger’s commitment to cut the budget 17% made December 28, 2006.

View President Stroger’s budget recommendation and the related 2007 Budget documents.

Now that the President has presented a 2007 Budget, it is now up to the Cook County Board to hold hearings and offer amendments to make this Budget work for the citizens.

View a list of all the Public Hearings.

I expect that the Public Hearings this year will be different from past years in that the Board for the first time will have to function as a real legislative body. In the prior years the Public Hearings were used as pep rallies for the proposed budget and discussion of changing priorities was stifled. This years hearings will have to finish the “Target Adjustments” and create a spending plan that matches a new style of what services are core needs for our citizens.

I encourage all citizens to attend the Public Hearings and to speak out on issues that concern them. I will work to strengthen our revenues and better refine more efficient ways of providing service. As the President said in his address his responsibility is complete with the presentation of the Budget. The Board’s responsibility to finish this Budget in a fair and just manner has just begun.

January 22, 2007

Community Alert

Chicago Police are currently investigating an attempted child abduction that occurred, in the 24th District, on January 12, 2007 at approximately 3:50 p.m. As the victim crossed Ridge Ave towards Glenwood Ave, the offender pulled over and opened the passenger door and said "Get in the car". The victim ignored the offender and kept walking. The offender then repeated the command. The victim approached an unknown female and requested that she accompany her to her school or her home. The victim was taken to her grammar school where her teacher called the police and the girl's grandfather.

The offender is described as Black male, 20-25 years old, 5'10"– 6', and 165-180 pounds. The offender was driving an older model burgundy vehicle with rust over the wheel wells.

What You Can Do:
· Talk to your children making them aware of the possible dangers and advising them of safety precautions.
· If possible, have your children walk in groups.
· Have your children tell you about their day.

If you have any information about this incident or this offender, contact the Area Three Special Victims Unit at (312) 744-4522
Reference RD# HN-120389

No Protection For Voters

by Art Golab - Sun Times, January 22, 2007

"Zelchenko discovered voters' Social Security numbers on a so-called "Ward Work" CD, which is supposed to contain voter names and addresses and is given on request
to anyone affiliated with an aldermanic campaign."

Alderpeople have no right or reason to have anyone's social security number unless they're paid employees. Identify Theft is ONE reason alderpeople and their minions have no right to this private information. All they need is name, address and verification that one is registered to vote. So just how long has this really been going on?

Some of the characters running around in Ward 49 imported from all over the city thanks to Fagus and Team have absolutely NO NEED for this information. Knowing this happens in every ward is rather unsettling.

Where's the legal defense of the citizens when we need it? If your identity is stolen, is the City going to create a special fund to reimburse your losses and provide FREE legal aid? Of course not, they'll just take your house, your car, and anything they can auction off. It's not their problem.

Actually, the City is very clever in turning you from Victim to Villan.

January 21, 2007

Patronage Pays Off

Thanks Carol Marin, Chicago Sun Times, for recognizing some of the problems faced by Cook County taxpayers.

Note Mr. Fagus ensured his job by being dedicated to Toddy! If only we had that kind of dedication on this side of the wallet!

Tree Killer - Part 3

On Affordable Housing –“I worked to preserve 343 units of long-term affordable renal housing and forced the creation of 67 new units of affordable ownership opportunities.”

It took a blogger and a Beat Facilitator to help some of the subsidized tenants exercise their right to form a tenant association. Attempts had been made, but little happened beyond small private meetings with lots of promises. We have a long way to go. Without aldermanic assistance beyond this email that was not disclosed to the community many Northpoint neighbors had to deal with unacceptable quality of life issues. Referrals in the emails to tenant complaints are pure BS, in comparison to the truth. The former manager referred to hardly cooperated with CAPS unless coerced. It’s pure political game playing with humanity to satisfy the needs of certain groups.

Had Joe insisted on being ‘involved’ in the rehab process, had he properly and respectfully checked out tenant complaints he would have held the former management accountable. Instead, he signed on the dotted line and in essence turned his back on the tenants and the whole neighborhood. Satisfying the demands of the social service agencies was more important than really being a progressive, caring leader to the low income voters.

Progressive means to move forward gradually which was not the case when the paperwork was signed and the rehab began on 12 buildings, a total of 304 apartments. Tenants were displaced, disrespected, and the FORMER onsite manager and regional managers ignored many tenant complaints. If the alderman heard from these tenants, little was done.

Later, listening to some of these tenants I intruded and moved a little faster. After compiling names, dates, complaints, and permission, the data was sent to IDHA so they could check for themselves. The phone and email discussions with IDHA began July 1, 2005. On August 2, 2005 there was a meeting between representatives of IDHA, HUD, City of Chicago Department of Human Relations, and a few not-for-profits, CAPS and those tenants brave enough to speak up. Shortly thereafter, the on-site manager and the two regional managers in the suburbs were history. In that year and a half, a watchful Regional VP has involved himself by keeping updated on tenant/management/community relationships.

The tenant association is working with a second on-site manager and a new regional manager who has 20+ years experience. Real issues and problems as well as solutions have been identified and a working plan has been set in motion. Gaining tenant trust, educating tenants on their rights, working with management has had its trials, but it’s been an education.

We have a long way to go, but we’ll get there and a lot faster with an alderman who gives more than lip service. Preserving affordable housing is one issue; ensuring the safety and security of an entire neighborhood is another. The latter being the part we know as creating a community not dividing it.

Joe saved the existing affordable housing. It's up to the rest of us to ensure that the neighborhood is saved.

January 20, 2007

The Scoop - On Recycling

Chicago Recycling Coalition Guest Bartending Night - 7:30 p.m.

T's Bar
5025 N Clark St
(773) 784-6000
Price: Just buy some drinks

Come out & support the Chicago Recycling Coalition at T's Bar.

We're making your environmental activism easy - all you have to do is eat, drink & be merry! You can also enjoy other barroom diversions like a pool tournament,
cards, and maybe even recycling games.

Guest bartending by singer-songwriters/recyclers Andrea Bunch and Aerin Tedesco

T's is donating 10% of the back room drink tab to the CRC - so come all the way to the back when you enter. We'll be there!

Drop by anytime.

For more information on REAL RECYCLING in Chicago see our website in the link above.
Information like this should come from a ward office don't you think? Instead it comes from a couple of activists.

Beat 2422 January Meeting Minutes

1/11/2007 Beat 2422 CAPS Meeting

The following data is for the month ending December 31, 2006:

Beat Wide
Contact Cards: 1062
Incidents 136
Arrests in 2422: 73

Howard: 23
Jarvis/Birchwood 1
Greenview: 3
Bosworth: 11
Ashland/Jonquil: 10

Noteworthy Incidents/Arrests:
Narcotics: 15
Quality of Life: 5
Warrant Arrests: 5

Overall crime is down 10.5% from a year ago.

Beat Priorities:
1. Howard Street
2. Ashland/Jonquil
3. Paulina (7600-7700)
4. Greenview/Jarvis/Fargo/Ashland
5. Bosworth

Building Updates: 1546 W Jonquil has been sold. Beat Facilitator has made several calls to set up meeting with new owner. No updated data available from alderman's rep on Ashland I & II-Jay Johnson buildings. No updated data avalable on RFP on Broadmoor on Bosworth. Various vacant buildings and inherent problems were discussed. Noah's Ark on 7600 block of Paulina needs better lighting.

A new neighbor attended and reported observing several drug deals at specific locations for police to be aware of. After discussing the problems of the corner of Jonquil/Ashland, Alicia Lopez of Ward 49 announced there would be a police camera installed at that corner overlooking Gale School, the Jonquil Hotel, Ashland, Jonquil including Gale Park.

2007 CAPS Goals for 2422:
Requests for guest speakers on various topics:
Identifying Gang/Drug graffiti, markers, etc.
Home Security
Fire Prevention - possible videos to instill reality - this can happen to you
Importance of calling 311 and 911
Initiating walks/events with the full assistance of the non-profit agencies
Block clubs working together
Building Inspectors and bad buildings

The following were hand-outs for attendees.
CPD Area 3 Monthly Newsletter
Noteworthy Arrests
Top 10 Crimes in 2422
The next meeting is February 8, 2007 at 7:00 PM.

January 19, 2007

Leadership Is What We Seek

file006 Cartoonist-John Wagner

I'm having a Maxine moment.
All I've read tonight is bickering, backstabbing, whining and totally un-focused energy on too many sites. If you want the incumbent for another 4 years, then vote for him. If you aren't happy with the *stuff* piled on your plate, then get a clean one and ask for some damn service! Start doing some intelligent research. Go to their offices, go to their meet-ups, ask them questions and go to the debates. If you've never done it before, then pick one candidate, get out in the cold and do some volunteer campaigning.

None of the candidates (incumbent included) is perfect - but you, the voter(s), must decide which person will lead us (serve us) best. You must ascertain how the paragraph below from the wikipedia lookup best describes what you've gotten for 16 years or what you want for the next 4. There's one rule to remember, you only get ONE vote. Get control or don't whine.

The psychology of leadership
Analyzing the inspirational leader (one who can instill passion and direction into a group of individuals) requires an understanding of how the psychology of a group can affect the members of the group.

Different approaches to group dynamics (for example: Arthur F Carmazzi's ideas on “directive communication”; and Sigal Barsade's theory of “the ripple effect”, see leadership as a product of awareness and command of the reactions and influences of a group on the emotions of the individual.

According to Arthur F Carmazzi, leadership does not involve changing the mindset of the group, but the cultivation of an environment that brings out the best (inspires) the individuals in that group… Each individual has various environments that bring out different facets from their own identity, and emotionally charged perceptions drive each facet within each environment. To lead, Carmazzi says, one must build a platform through education and awareness where individuals fill each others needs. Leaders accomplish this by knowing why people may react favorably to a situation in environment A, but get frustrated or disillusioned in environment B.

When leaders change their actions in accordance with their awareness of what those actions really mean, they affect the emotional and perceptive affects on a group. By taking control of the “standard” reactions to the actions of the group, a leader can in effect change the psychology of the group and change the culture of an organization.

Tree Killer - Part 2

The aldermans "49 Line" Tree Killer states how busy he's been but so have some citizens in Ward 49. While he was tending to important city council business, zoning issues and other worldly affairs, some of us were still trying to get answers on that damn field house. So Joe can take credit for ‘pushing’ for the field house, but I beg to differ. We had to PUSH buttons above his head to get the wheels in real motion. The pressure was not his idea – but that of a handful of stubborn taxpayers.

March 05

January 06
More January 06
February 06
March 06 and it’s heating up
August 06

On A Greener Ward < – > Wow, I-GO, blue bins, cleaning up after the sociopaths, and saying NO to a marina.

Item 1: "High fuel efficiency I-GO Car Sharing has come to Rogers Park to free up 85 parking spaces, discourage vehicle ownsership and conserve energy." I-GO is convenient but not necessarily less expensive than renting a car for a 24-hour period. How does the presence of I-GO free up 85 parking spaces? Did the city tow them? Did 85 cars fall in a pothole, or get scraped up when that speed bump vanished? Or did 85 cars get sold due to slick marketing of rental cars?

Item 2: "I've long been a critic of the failed "Blue Bag" recycling program, which finally is being replaced by curbside recycling in Chicago". Then why didn't Joe lead the fight to make Ward 49 one of the blue bin wards? Why do we have to wait? Where's the thunder when we need it?

Item 3: "We put an end to the Park District's conceptual plans for a new marina on our lakefront and said a resounding "NO" to any proposal to extend Lake Shore Drive." Well, the community loudly shouted NO while the alderman looked on. We said NO, let’s get the record straight.

Let's Revisit Green...
Let’s forget all about energy smart green buildings not being constructed or rehabbed in TIF areas where developers are recipients of TIF dollars.

Where's the fight for stormwater retention that other wards have?
Where's the fight for permeable pavers in alleys to control storm water runoff like Alderman Smith's Ward? Where's the fight for permeable sidewalks that 'soak' up the runoff? Where's the Ward connection to ULI and New Urbanism other than George Sullivan? Why does Ward 49 still have storm drain restrictors that get overloaded resulting in flooded storm drains and streets? If that fight wasn't available or unworthy where's the fight to unclog the current drainage system?

Let’s give credit to the developer who did it without a TIF. Jarvis Square was recognized by the Chicago Sustainable Development even though it is not 'green'. To use one of the alderman’s favorite words, it’s rather disingenuous to take credit for Dan Sullivan’s work. Period.

Rental cars, blue bins and free trash pick up by taxpayers are hardly qualifiers of a Green Ward.

January 18, 2007

Moore: The Alderman of the Future

Moore's Record on Retail:
Future Tense

Ask any group of neighbors what they want to see, you will hear safe, convenient shopping. Let's take a look at Moore's best shot at explaining his role in retail development in his 16 years as Current Occupant. To follow along, first please read page 6 in Moore's latest glossy ordered up from Creamer, Inc. (link above).

The 49 Line
WINTER 2006 - 2007
Commercial Districts Experience New Vitality

The tree killer is dated Winter '06-'07, but it's really a report - FROM THE FUTURE!

Let's go over some of the future events anticipated in Moore's report card on himself:

Morse Avenue
  • "Construction should begin in August 2007 ... "
  • "Construction should begin in early 2007 ... "
  • " ... Dev Corp North, will relocate its offices ... "
  • " ... slated to open in early 2007."
  • "Construction on the Morse Avenue Streetscape will begin in 2007 ... "
Clark Street
  • "Construction is scheduled to begin in 2007 ... "
  • "Work will begin this spring ... "
Howard Street
  • "The project is scheduled for completion in 2009."
  • "The project is scheduled to be completed in late 2008 or early 2009."
  • "The City issued a Request for Proposals, seeking development proposals for the site."
  • "If approved by the community, it will break ground in 2007 ... "
Gosh, all manner of wonderful things are ABOUT to happen, if we just re-elect Joe Moore! Then you remember, wait a second, Joe Moore has been alderman for the last 16 YEARS! Wasn't he talking this same shit 4 years ago? and 4 years before THAT? and ...

Back to the Present

After you strip out the FUTURE EVENTS, and one ANNUAL EVENT, the "Celebrate Clark Street Festival", which (surprise!) happened in 2006, what has Moore actually DONE in his 1st 4 terms?
  • Moore (not Greg & Matthew) opened the Morseland!
  • Moore (not the CTA) put a new roof on the Morse EL!
So Joe, this is your best shot? You would think that a guy who has been in office for most of the last two decades would have more to say about what he's DONE, past tense. But no, just walk Morse, Clark, or Howard, and you will see Moore's REAL legacy: vacant lots, empty storefronts, and boarded-up buildings. The two biggest components of the retail sector of the economy in our commercial districts are open-air drug markets and prostitution. It's pretty sad when you have to include condo conversions to fluff your record on bringing vitality to our retail districts.

Moore's campaign must save a bundle, dusting off old copy every 4 years, just carry the dates forward, dress it up with a few fresh pics and you're good to go.
  • Gale Community Center
  • New Fire Station
  • Lerner Site
  • Morse streetscape
  • Howard EL rehab
  • Gateway Mall almost full
  • yadda
  • yadda
  • yadda
My god, I'm sick of hearing the same old shit, over and over, year after year. Aren't you?

Moore has had his shot. Time to try someone new. NEXT!

January 17, 2007

Bumps and Blunders

by Lorraine Swanson, Pioneer Press

Bumps and blunders

Typical ‘naysayers’

Tree Killer - Part I

The first glossy Moore Tree Killer sat staring at me. I couldn't toss it until a few items were clarified from another perspective. Here's part one:

On *A Safer, Stronger, Healthier Community - It’s debatable which street is worse, Howard or Morse. At any rate, Morse got a camera, any possible link to that CTA blogger/DevCorp board member/Beat 2431 Beat facilitator? Meanwhile Howard Street continued to languish in it’s vacant, dangerous state until we got sick and tired of being ignored. The stock answer to getting anything done here is the stall game of ‘get a petition’. So we provided a few pages of signatures requesting a camera on Howard, with a pdf to the commander as back-up of Our Request

In the past four years, I can remember ONE time that the alderman attended a Beat 2422 CAPS meeting. It was the spring of 2003 when CAPS met at the Broadmoor after much hounding on the old Forum49.

In the last few months, a representative has attended since it’s an election year. We just don’t seem to rate up here North of Howard. Yet in the Tree Killer titled 'The 49 Line' and in today’s commercial containing a pdf of same to download, print and paper your closet with, Moore states ‘I continue to work with CAPS, the innovative Community Policing Program I helped start in the City of Chicago. The work of the 24th District police and local residents has led to crackdowns on crime hot spots, successfully taking drug and gang members off the streets.” Then the verbiage flows into the usual ‘crime is down’ rhetoric we hear every month.

Once again, the residents are doing double duty, working all day and watching all night. There are some nights we’d like to just sit in front of the telly and have popcorn. Instead, we spent energy organizing safety walks in summer, and winter, comparing notes, taking photos, checking out why the firetrucks are screaming by, researching who the real slum owners are, running to building court to hear the continuances, researching the list of complaints that are left unattended. So where's the leader?

It appears he's delegating the leadership to the taxpayers.

January 16, 2007

Another Blogger Takes Notice

Voters - Check The Facts

Take note on Hugh's factual rebuttals i.e. the truth! Good job gentlemen!

The Curmudgeon Speaketh

Sandy has lived in Rogers Park since 1953 with his wife Carol. Both have been very active in the community and if anyone knows Rogers Park, it's this couple.

I discovered Sandy's website And That’s My Opinion when researching the Broadmoor. Since then I've had the pleasure of meeting the Goldman's and hearing many great stories. I hope you enjoy Sandy's latest essay and will take time to cruise his site.
The Rogers Park Community Curmudgeon

Cupidity and Stupidity

"I see that your Alderman committed a huge faux pas," said my suburban

"Oh," I said, " You mean that stupid foie gras ordinance which made us the
laughing stock of the entire world."

"Not that one," my friend responded.

"Then you must mean the ill-advised big box store ordinance which was
intended to keep WalMart stores out of Chicago by wage and benefits-fixing,
even though there are no WalMarts in the 49th Ward nor will there ever be,
given the acreage required."

"No, not that one either," he said. "I was reading in several Rogers Park
blogs that Alderman Joe Moore (49th) mailed a slick multi-page,
multi-colored campaign piece which included a picture of a citizens
group-the Morse Avenue Clean Team-which, by its inclusion, made it look as
if he had organized the group and that they support him for reelection."

"Oh yes. It took an eagle-eyed, totally aware citizen at: 24/7 North of
Howard Watchers to detect this inaccuracy. Ironically, one of the people in
the picture was Craig Gernhardt, the author of "The 'Broken Heart' of Rogers
Park" blog, and one of Joe Moore's most vocal critics."

"It seems," said my friend, "that this Joe Moore (49th) thinks that he can
do and spin anything, anytime he wants, regardless of the facts. He is
continually blowing smoke and expects the voters to believe. He really
thinks that the people of this ward are stupid, lacking political and
intellectual wherewithal or political acumen. You should probably add
gullible to that list. As I see it, he seems to be running around taking
credit for everything and anything. I fully expect him to attempt to claim
credit for the creation of the world someday." He grinned broadly.

"Well," I said. "That is probably an exaggeration. I think that he claims to
have created a new 49th Ward. I might add single handedly".

"New, my eye!" my friend continued, "Since I left Rogers Park just before
the last election, I haven't seen many positive changes on my visits. The
Gateway Shopping Center MAY be an exception, but school is still out on that

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Morse Avenue is no better nor is Howard Street. Economic development still
resembles a rotting fruit salad. Residential development is like shrimp
scampi-good at first taste, but odiferous and messy." (Can you tell that my
friend is a chef?) "But the most serious infraction of public trust is his
propensity to attempt to fool the people of the ward. He seems to believe
they are, for the most part, not politically active or attuned to politics
and its intrigues. Joe Moore thinks and trusts that they don't have the
time, political savvy nor the experience to decode political fact from

"But keep in mind he is running in the election of his life," I said," There
are three exceptionally qualified candidates, any one of whom could, and
would do a better job."

"Yes that is true, " he responded. "Credibility, which the incumbent is
lacking, must and should count. Moore has little."

"O.K," I said, "It's always nice talking to you. Let's do it again"

"Bye," he said. As he left he added, "Remember to keep that eagle-eye open
and beware of Joe's sharp stick".

...And that's my opinion.

And I'm Sandy Goldman

January 15, 2007

Ginderske On The CTA

Ginderske tells Moore to take CTA reform seriously
Will CTA avoid 30% service cuts?
January 15, 2007

49th Ward aldermanic candidate Jim Ginderske had this to say about Joe Moore’s latest proposal:

“While I share concern for the future of the CTA, I don’t believe my opponent’s latest call for hearings, issued less than six weeks prior to an election represents anything like the sustained commitment real public transit solutions require.”

“Although delays on the red line are certainly inconvenient, they are unavoidable if the upgrades to the old track systems that Moore complains about are to be made. It appears he is angry at CTA for making necessary repairs in an election year.”

Ginderske is concerned about areas of real crisis:

· The CTA’s current budget features a 110 million dollar deficit, and a vague explanation of what will happen if the State of Illinois fails to make up this shortfall and the CTA follows through with unspecified service cuts of 30%. Ginderske says: “People who count on this system need to know if service they rely on is on the chopping block.”

· The CTA pension fund is now funded at only 34.4%, having fallen nearly 30% in the last five years. Unfunded liabilities now top 2 billion dollars.

· Meaningful reform cannot be assured unless the statutory exemption from filing financial reports with the State Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is repealed in the General Assembly.

· The CTA has no long term financial plan, which makes it impossible to reconcile revenue streams and future liabilities. Ginderske says: “The CTA should be compelled to maintain such a plan so that local legislators with the courage to make a genuine commitment to mass transit in non-election years can do so effectively.”

Thanks Jim

The Latest Escapade

I watched WTTW 11 tonight and to me it appeared that Carol Marin must intimidate Joe. He appeared nervous. Kruesi appeared to be compartmentalizing his anger. Only Munoz managed to present an air of diplomacy. Face it, who wants to be on the hot seat in front of TV cameras? Face it, who wants to face Daley's wrath?

I certainly hope this CTA attack mode doesn’t cause any delays in construction. Any form of vindication at Joe will only hurt the riders, not Joe. He’s bent on self-destruction without our help but we pay the price for every out of ward escapade he pulls.

So what about this Block 37 budget and demands for ‘transparency’ and ‘where’s the money’? And, where's the roll call on that vote? Did Moore vote for Daley's super station?

Moore sounded like a blogger asking about the Gale Field House, or taxpayers trying to ascertain the need for SSA's and TIF's. It’s comforting to know politicians suffer from unanswered questions too.

Gordon's CTA Press Release

Chicago, IL - Jan. 15, 2007 Serious attention to Chicago’s public transportation problems should be an ongoing priority and not initiated as a politician’s election-eve stunt, charged Don Gordon, a candidate for alderman in Chicago’s north side 49th Ward.

“The CTA’s problems are long-standing and well-documented. Maybe this really is news to Joe Moore and that led him to call for a city council hearing. Regardless, it is sad that after 16 years in office he only starts paying attention to real issues just before an election,” said 49th Ward aldermanic candidate Don Gordon in a statement issued today. “Given his poor record on paying attention to community issues, I guess we should be happy that he checked in at all.”

Gordon cited numerous problems facing CTA services in his community, including unsafe and inaccessible train stations, poorly maintained platforms, inefficient local bus routes, and long-delayed capital improvements to the CTA’s Howard, Loyola, Jarvis, and Morse stations.

“Just a few weeks ago, I participated in the Regional Transportation Authority’s hearing in Rogers Park, but the alderman didn’t bother to show up. Moore is better known in City Council, mostly for his ineffective legislation and symbolic resolutions. Unfortunately, 49th ward residents depend on CTA service and have suffered as a result of his skewed priorities,” said Gordon.

Gordon plans to advocate aggressively for improved public transit services, and will challenge the CTA to respond to residents’ complaints and provide an explanation of its spending. Beyond that, Gordon supports raising additional transit revenues from state and local gasoline taxes, state license and city sticker fees, and higher taxes on inefficient vehicles. Gordon also suggests that the city evaluate the merits of raising additional revenues from public parking fees and from cracking down on illegal parking, including the 49th Ward auto repair businesses that use local streets as parking lots for their vehicles.

“Even after cutting waste and mismanagement out of the system, the public transportation system will still be among of the biggest expenses facing Chicago residents. The CTA needs more funding. Like most of our neighbors, I take public transportation regularly. As alderman, I plan to make it a priority to work with, and not against, the CTA to generate real solutions to transit problems facing our great city,” said Gordon.

Chris/Jim - please feel free to send me your opinions on the CTA to post.

Moore Missed This CTA Problem Last Year

Why didn’t Moore get concerned onDecember 9, 2005 and write up a whereas?

It’s always an election year when you’re incumbent. Resolving issues shouldn't have to wait for THE year. How many constituents and suburbanites dealt with this in 2005 and previous years? Why wasn't action taken on the obvious problem when it was happening? To the person(s) digging in my archives per my site meter, don't forget to give this blogger credit!

We would have been satisfied with a patch in the roof over our heads to stop the leaks. Where was the interest in the timeline and budget in 2005? What was going on to distract attention from this in 2005?

So many questions, so few answers!

Moore Promotes Pal's Blog!!

OHHH, let's announce to the ward that your friend, Kevin has a blog. Share your stories with Joe who will turn them over to Kevin! Hey, why not send a list of all the blogs you and your ward employees read daily? But we do our work the real way most of the time, not too many easy cut/paste stories. The only way to find out what's wrong with Ward 49 is by getting out and asking questions.

Contact, email the alderman with problems? I did that two months after moving here and the response was long in coming. In fact, it took several unreturned calls to finally request an email address. I contacted him recently about two problems, he had a partial solution to one but I don't recall the words 'how can I help you' fall from his lips on the second issue.

As a comparison: We have bosses who are supposed to direct us and we get paid for our work right? Then we pay taxes right? These ladies and gentlemen of Club 50 are paid from said taxes right? So who should be sitting in the director's chair, them or us?

If only we had been given an invitation to express our concerns over the creation of SSA's, TIFS, foie gras, and big boxes via email would anything be different? So tonight drug dealers and hookers will be on Howard while the limelight is on the CTA which is entirely out of his job description. Tonight non-resident slumlords will count their rent monies knowing that roaches, drug dealers, gangbangers are in their buildings, but that's not Moore's problem either apparently.

Hey Joe,and shadow Kevin, do you want some of my photos of buckets at the leaky Howard el? If you use my links and/or print out, be sure to leave the source name, OK?

Here's today's commercial:

Dear Neighbor,
I have been asked to appear on CHICAGO TONIGHT on Monday, January 15 at 7:00 pm to discuss the CTA crisis. I invite you to tune in to WTTW Channel 11 and then contact me to let me know your thoughts on the ordinance I introduced (see below) in the City Council. I encourage you to email me your stories of CTA service problems so that I can share them with the CTA leadership when hearings are scheduled.
I have repeated an earlier email to you below so you will have the background on the ordinance in case you missed the opportunity to read it on Thursday.
While we are on the subject of the CTA, I would also like to invite you to visit a CTA related Blog produced by Rogers Park resident and community leader, Kevin O'Neil called CTA TATTLER at http://www.ctatattler.com/.
Very truly yours,
Joe Moore

January 13, 2007

Ultra-Special Alert for Ward 49

I grabbed the mail tonight and lo and behold, another tree killer from Joe Moore’s crew. I opened it and gasped, the cats scattered and hid, shivering in fear. Inside the glossy mailer, I saw they had committed the crime of the century. The UnThinkable! They inserted a photo of Blogger Craig Gernhardt of the Broken Heart of Rogers Park!

Top right inserted photo, smiley guy, second from left wearing HIS special green T-Shirt.

As I recall the origination of this 'green team’ was from Craig’s many complaints about all the trash around Morse Avenue. With the assistance of Harry Osterman, a program was created and Sullivan High School students and neighborhood adults picked up trash every weekend. The Sullivan students earned school credits for their volunteer/civic duty work and made an impact on the neighborhood.

How this effort got misconstrued (plagiarized) into a Moore effort, we’ll probably never know. We have one of two choices here:

a)to piss Craig off or
b)total ineptitude

But one truth is for real, I sincerely doubt that Craig gave his permission to be a part of Re-Elect Moore 2007!

Egaads, they have photos of me too! For public record, I have not given permission to use my photo in a Moore Tree Killer.

Way to go Jan and Joe! As soon as the cats and I calmed down, this song just popped into my mind.

I see the bad moon arising.
I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin.
I see bad times today.

Dont go around tonight,
Well, its bound to take your life,
Theres a bad moon on the rise.

I hear hurricanes ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers over flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

All right!

Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like were in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.

Creedence Clearwater Revival 1969 Lyrics by John Fogerty

January 12, 2007

Proxy Proclamation

WHEREAS, the alderman knoweth that certain individuals doggedly pursue the truth
WHEREAS, the alderman knoweth that certain individuals photograph the neighborhood
WHEREAS, the alderman knoweth that certain individuals discuss issues at CAPS
WHEREAS, the alderman knoweth that certain individuals have collected petitions
WHEREAS, the alderman knoweth that certain individuals are watching

THEREFORE, the following proclamation came forth at tonights Beat Meeting:

the City of Chicago deemed the troubled corner of Ashland and Jonquil unworthy of a police camera…

WHEREAS, the police department reported very few 911 calls for loitering and other questionable activities this problem spot would not qualify…

WHEREAS, other qualifiers were not available to this poor place...

IN STEPPETH the alderman via PROXY to announce that there will be a camera installed within the next few weeks from the alderman’s own fund.

WHEREAS, this problem had been repeatedly mentioned in CAPS meetings

WHEREAS, a handful of Neighbors demanded change

WHEREAS, certain individuals had SO DOCUMENTATED THE NEED

WHEREAS, a camera watching the school, the street, the park, the Jonquil Hotel might be a prudent move

It finally soaked through!

TRANSLATION: Just before the election to buyeth the NOH votes

Thanks for Reading!

January 11, 2007

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks Margot for posting all the Whereas on the CAPS post! In light of the recent glossy tree killer in my mailbox, I couldn't stop chuckling at the rhetoric. That station has been crumbling for years. Howard Street has been going vacant and boarded for years, so now a few weeks before an election, we get a grandstand?

Joe's had since 1991 to take notice of the Howard el but got on too many wrong tracks. So I'll grandstand on my own observances and post my comment instead.
Oh, did he just start noticing or park his leased car paid for by his war chest and hop a train?

Yep, it's an election year. I've been riding the CTA since 1978. I've sat underground, above ground, even had to walk in the subway tunnel to get out.

Years ago the CTA took the #11 Lincoln Avenue bus for a shortcut. It used to run all the way downtown where many people WORK. No, they stopped it at North Avenue. ALL the fools in City Council have had years to help their constituents and ignored them instead. Business as usual.

Years and years of crappy service and fare hikes and before an election it's noticed? And now someone who is claiming to have pushed for the Howard el wants a report on funds and a timeline?

In a way I hope the CTA ignores him then we can ask "How's it feel to ask and not get answers Mr. Moore?" Then perhaps he will know why we're such 'naysayers'.

Easter Weekend, did Moore make a call to the CTA?

Ongoing leaks since I moved here in 2002, did Moore make a call to the CTA?

Some days it’s damn difficult to be grateful isn’t it? Thanks for reading my blog ward 49. I can handle a little plagiarism as long as it makes a CHANGE.

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Tonight

The regular CAPS meeting for Beat 2422 will be TONIGHT Thursday, January 11 at 7:00PM. The meeting place is the Gateway Senior Apartments, 7450 N. Rogers, 1st floor community room.

January 9, 2007

Did Club 50 Sleep Last Night?

By Jeff Coen and Gary Washburn, Tribune staff reporters; Tribune reporters Todd Lighty, Ray Gibson and Dan Mihalopoulos contributed to this report
Published January 9, 2007

"You want to build something? You want to improve your property? You need permits from the city?" Shapiro said. "You need zoning? You need the alderman's support? You want the alderman's support? You pay the alderman--you pay Arenda Troutman." (Insert Your Alderman’s Name here)**********************************
Thank you Arenda! Some feel most politicians are ‘hos’ so thanks for setting the record straight. We looked at those zoning maps in the fall of 2005 and wondered what the heck was going on. Some properties were downzoned or ‘protected’ while others flew into RT4 or higher by those ‘captains and teams’ who misdiagnosed many of the buildings NOH. Some were diagnosed as market rate rentals when in fact they were subsidized. Some were labeled as condos when they weren't. The issue is not subsidized, market rate or condo the issue is that data was not correctly logged -either from ignorance or deliberately.

That's how certain groups get 'community input'. One great example is the proposed upzone for Paulina. What are the facts? That's been a hush, hush topic during this election. Why? Are we saving it for dessert after the main course of eminent domain on Terzakis? Oh, how sweet it is!

An alderman should ‘help’ his constituents when they call upon him/her for assistance with a problem, period. At least the offer should be extended without requiring allegiance or cash. It's their job as a public servant. If one can’t live on $100,000/year – there’s a problem - seek professional financial counseling.

And to think this is what a political science graduate grew up to be! We all know that illegal moves can get us in trouble...no one is above the law forever.

Chicago Vacant Building Ordinance

I know the hot news is Troutman, 20th Ward adding just one more insult to constituents forced to live in these feifdoms. Vilma Colom lost her throne, in part, to allegations of having gang members persuading people to vote for her. Of course, it's just another of those vicious allegations. (Similar to our allegations about a Ward 49 employee known as Van Man.) Now Vilma wants a second chance. She wasn't too fond of me either!

But now, as a resident in Ward 49, I still want to examine these vacant buildings a little more. The document in the linked headline was effective in 2000. Insurance companies don't like vacant buildings for good reason - fires, vandalism and property claims. So they charge extremely high premiums. Could this be a good reason that many of these buildings aren't listed as legally required on the City's list? Is this neglect, ignorance or a favor? How much money in fines did Chicago NOT collect from these unlisted vacant buildings?

Please post any vacant buildings near you in Ward 49 so our ward office can do it's job. It's up to us to help them out, so let's start the vacant building list so we can get it to the ward and a copy to the mayor.

January 7, 2007

A Fantasy Or A Possibility?

Jay Johnson's Ashland I is chained and locked and allegedly has been foreclosed by the bank. Neighbors report squatters enter from the alley which was so noted at the last CAPS meeting. When asked the status of this property, the representative from the alderman's office didn't know. So how does one get the status? If the alderman's office can't tell us, who can?



The property below is on the 7700 block of Ashland has gone into foreclosure but there aren't the required signs stating the bank's name. Names are still listed on the doorbells, blinds are in the windows, but it's vacant.

Reviewing nearly two years of chronicling the history of this neighborhood known as North of Howard it seemed worthwhile to present updates on the progress to date. Many of the first posts were about vacant buildings and slumlords. Very little transpired, so the posts and photos continued as the months progressed.

I moved here in September, 2002 and many of the buildings ‘headlined’ are more or less in the same state – Vacant and/or Boarded up and unlisted as vacant with the city. In the four years that I’ve resided in Ward 49, I’ve learned a lot about the paper trails, the rules and regulations, and sadly, the flip side of that coin are those buildings and tenants and/or owner/developers who were somehow allowed to slip through the cracks of red tape. Some were villans in the stories and others were the victims. Ultimately, laws were created that were not properly enforced and apparently still aren’t. The follow-up on bad buildings in Ward 49 leaves much to be desired. It seems that if neighbors complain enough then action will be taken to still the noise. But once the building has been identified as a problem, the proper follow-up steps are not and have not been taken. Sometimes for years.

From the city website, here’s the City of Chicago Updated Registered Vacant Buildings The vacant building list is compiled from the following ordinance - City of Chicago Vacant Building Registration and Insurance Certification

I typed in some of the vacant buildings addresses that have been a thorn to many neighbors on many streets here. Marshfield Bosworth and Ashland. I could not locate any of the addresses on the city's list. So why aren't these buildings listed? Are the owners paying insurance per the city council and mayor's rule?

The building on 7717 Marshfield is now properly boarded up and secured but is still vacant and didn't pop up on the list of registered vacant buildings with the City. The same applies to the buildings known as Broadmoor East on Bosworth, 7605, 7609 and 7611-13. In 2003 I called the ward office and they claimed they did not know it was vacant. A fire vacated this building long before I moved here.

Why has the ward office not ‘aggressively’ turned in these vacant buildings to the City of Chicago? Since affordable housing is always an issue, one would think a progressive alderman would want these buildings turned around. One would think a progressive alderman would want to say ‘look, I’ve taken these vacant buildings and created more affordable housing for my constituents’. Instead, they remain unlisted and vacant. Is there a secret formula or code for special owners, developers and special people the rest of us aren’t privy to?

Some long time residents say the illegal ‘billboard’ is on the parkway with special permission. It's termed 'the alderman's pass', i.e. a favor to the requestor.
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The ‘next few months’ will soon turn into a year yet nary a whisper has been heard on this RFP.

100_1587 100_1584

While the alderman may claim that receivership of the Broadmoor has improved the quality of life for residents and the nearby neighbors, what is the status on the RFP? The lobby has been painted, new lighting fixtures have been installed creating a welcoming entranceway. I inquired about this RFP status in October from one of the organizations claiming partial responsibility for finally getting this building away from Bill Higginson. The person didn't know and never emailed a follow-up answer.

It only took several years to get into the receivership stage.

Another website noted this ancient wasteland which sadly corresponds to most of the storefronts on Howard – vacant, empty, or not a destination shopping place.

Many of you have (or will) read the 2007 Howard Plan created from yet more ‘studies’ that merely regurgitate previous studies written into a lengthy 26 page document of ‘circle talk’. What isn’t included in the lengthy document are the discarded elements of previous plans that may have contributed to the continued decline of Howard and the whole neighborhood.
If it took years and years to finally ‘force Terzakis hand’, how many more years will it take to force these nice old buildings with promise into homes?

If someone were paying attention to the ward, it shouldn’t take years and years to re-create a quality neighborhood North of Howard.

January 5, 2007

Hum Along To This Tune

BY STEVE PATTERSON Staff Reporter - Chicago Sun Times - January 5, 2007

“Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has hired his best friend's wife for a lucrative top county job. Carmen Triche-Colvin is making more than $126,000 a year as the purchasing agent, a job that's been vacant for months. Triche-Colvin is the wife of state Rep. Marlow Colvin (D-Chicago), who grew up with Stroger in the South Side's 8th Ward.

Triche-Colvin moves into the job from the Forest Preserve District, where she was also purchasing agent, making $95,000 a year.”

“Still, the move rankled some of those officials who are being asked to cut 17 percent from their budgets and comes just days after Commissioner Forrest Claypool criticized Stroger for his across-the-board approach to cuts, saying it hurts low-paid nurses and jail guards while preserving high-paid patronage jobs.”
Toddy’s been king for a little over a month now. So far he held a public taxpayer paid elevator hostage but it’s free again. Toddy’s introduced his brilliant plan to keep the fat and cut the lean, and just hired his best friend’s wife to fill a vacant job. Her salary has jumped from $95K to $126+K as Toddy calls for budget cuts.

Could it be that if good friend Gerald had to go, then a smiling, but defiant king allocated part of that salary into another friend’s bank account? Being king must be a lonely role to play. The commoners foolish demands and nasty jeers must stab the kings feelings at times, therefore, surround thyself with friends and pay them well.

Look how our leaders lash out when criticized. It matters not that the taxpayers are constituents no matter their preference or opinion…if one disagrees with a politician the ‘off with your head’ mentality goes into play. At that point, the people in disagreement become the ‘enemy’ subjected to various attacks and exclusion, but the tax bills still land!

That’s how the boys play, especially in an election year. To openly disagree with a king in Chicago, the alleged land of democrats, is to possibly face every wrath the king can direct toward you! Naysayers Beware! Or Naysayers Unite!

On the lighter side, we can chuckle and hum to the old theme song each time we read Steve Mayberry speaking on behalf of the king.

Have a good weekend!