August 31, 2006

Alleged Arson on Howard

It would appear to passersby that there’s some Howard Street remodeling going on, or just an accidentally broken window.
Arson8.28.06 001

Arson8.28.06 003

The door to DigiWorld, Inc. was open tonight and having heard some rumors, I went in and spoke to Owen Leroy, the business owner in the space beneath the broken window. Owen stopped working on his project and gave me a tour and updated me on his 2006 woes. Last year it was slinkers from this parking area behind his business and the thugs on Howard.

Last summer the building was still under the ownership/management of IMC Property Management. In a turn of events, Higgy (William Higginson) was retired from the board and his fiefdom went to Elzie Higginbottom. In the months to come, the IMC buildings NOH were taken by the city and are currently under the court appointed management of Urban Properties.

Apparently a tenant was evicted (or was facing eviction) from the apartment directly above his shop (which has sensitive business equipment in it) and made a little return visit 8/28/06. Allegedly, the evictee set fire to the apartment. Owen posed for this dismal shot of some of the damages.

Arson8.28.06 012

At his feet, a wet mess of water damaged bits of the suspended ceiling.
Arson8.28.06 017

And above, the residual of the alleged arson’s water damage.
Arson8.28.06 014

The subject turned to insurance; a bad turn in the conversation. According to Owen, he can’t get any response from anyone about all this damage. He wasn’t the cause of the fire, yet his business could be doomed for the trash can.

Arson8.28.06 007

One would think that a member of Devcorp, a small businessman, could get some help right? One would think the ward office would also make a few calls and see about some entity or agency filing an insurance claim on his behalf.

But anything goes North of Howard.

Don't Forget Your Contribution

I mustered up the courage to face the problem, took a deep breath, exhaled and quietly said to myself ‘let it go’. I signed my name on the check made payable to Cook County Treasurer and noted in the memo portion “Stroger Fee/Contribution”.

Don’t Forget To Pay Your Property Taxes

August 30, 2006

AHA! The Fear Level Is Rising

Could this report be the cause of sudden discussion from our Ward 49 Democratic Committeman on his candidate?

Note I state 'his' candidate since the majority of us voted for Claypool.

August 29, 2006

More Stupid News

Wow, Ward 49 made the news again today! Wonder how much transportation costs were? Wonder how much the sub sandwiches cost? Could be this the inner sanctum workings of church and state?

Try This Tactic Downtown

While many of us were working for a living today, these rascals were wasting our tax dollars begging for handouts. Way to go! Have the cops doing crowd control instead of criminal control! Fill up the mall, get your pals at Devcorp to create viable businesses on Howard/Morse and these folks might have real jobs.

But this is probably more fun right?

Current Tense Please

Sen. Obama, please use present tense to describe Chicago politics. We'll still vote for you, just please pin the tail on the donkey(s). Even blindfolded, we can find the target as witnessed in Carol Marin's WTTW interview with Todd Stroger last night. Todd doesn't have a clue and doesn't want one - doesn't need one with the machine as his lifeline.

Hey, NOH Still Needs Help!

Nice touch adding a similar wood frame planter to match those across the street in front of the antique store. It almost minimizes the transparency of SSA privilege right?

NOH happenings8.27.05 001

NOH happenings8.27.05 002

This time, if anyone has any questions, just email instead of quizzing the mailman.

Just up the street on the Terzakis ‘eminent domain threat’ we have the beginning of a hillbilly junkyard - weeds and all. Isn’t there a law about knee high weeds?
NOH happenings8.27.05 005

Who’s minding the store up here? Has anyone received an infomercial updating us on the ‘takeover’ and giveover? No one knows anything about new business licenses, interior building permits, it’s just scandalous!

Meanwhile, up at the mall…a plus size ladies store is in progress. Sizes 14-22.
NOH happenings8.27.05 004

This dumping happened after the walk Saturday night. Let’s guess, the gardeners are supposed to pick up the trash people dump from their cars? Our leaders should hold a Todd Stroger Unity Day here. Invite those suburban independent voters so they can see how much hot air is floating around. The proof is in the reality not the rhetoric. See how fast they punch Peraica!

NOH happenings8.27.05 010

It’s all about who you are, who you’re connected to and where you reside.
Location, Location, Location.

August 28, 2006

No Comment from Todd Stroger

"I'm not saying everybody hired under the office of the president got there legitimately," she said, adding that she "called in the people I thought did the hiring" to ask about reasons certain people were hired for certain jobs before she took office this month.

"I was given an answer that made me feel very uncomfortable," she said.

Steele could not be reached Sunday to elaborate. A spokeswoman said the board president will issue a statement today regarding county hiring.

Peraica and Claypool also had something to say, so where's the other Stroger? Waiting for the Machine to manufacture an excuse, aka coverup? What about Mr. Fagus? Any comment?

August 27, 2006

Election Rhetoric Is Often Exaggerated For Effect

I’m really glad Craig posted this juicy tidbit from Friday’s Sun Times. It’s another example of our WARD 49 elected leaders not cleaning up their own back yard. If you’re out and about today, it will appear that our leaders are home and working for you. They’ll be seen at the ‘Back To School Picnic” where they’ll tell you how hard they’ve worked for you and give your kid a hot dog and some back to school goodies. That still doesn’t mean they have a right to order you to do much of anything including how to vote. That still doesn’t mean they’re really working for you. You may see them at the Glenwood Art Festival smiling and talking to you. Same rights apply.

Statement from Fagus

Source of the tidbit

When I went to the farce at the Allegro Hotel, Mr. Fagus saw me walk through the door and quickly turned so he could pretend he did NOT see me. I guess he feared I had HAC’s bullhorn in my pocket. I guess he feared I would embarrass him! He doesn’t seem to get it, he’s an embarrassment to ward 49 as well as to me. There he sat in his chair marked 49 in that hot little room, waiting his turn in the roll call. I was standing to his left, in front of him, and still that man avoided me. The others noticed me and my two-sided Claypool sign. I have never in my life seen such a room full of NON-LEADERS. Had it not involved an election, peoples hard-earned tax dollars, I would have imagined it to be a rehearsal for a comedy spoof. But, unfortunately, it was a reality in the 21st Century – Chicago Machine Politics as usual.

In case you missed it, here’s today’s headline from the Sun Times: Statement Fagus wouldn’t want you to read. This is partly where our tax dollars are going and partly why the boys need to raise property taxes. Just remember, Mr. Fagus is on county payroll too! Could it be that he’s protecting his job more than me or you?

On Craigs blog:
Fagus made a statement all voters should emblazon on their minds:

"Election rhetoric often is exaggerated for effect." David Fagus
My comment:
If we believed his anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-gun blast at Peraica, then we wouldn't be on this blog responding, would we? So we're progressive liberals? Some are, some aren't. There's nothing progressive about following the herd. Yes, election rhetoric is often exaggerated for effect, and that's your whole existence in this sham. The board president isn't powerful enough to overturn Roe v Wade, the gun laws, or Gay Rights, you know it, and now you've been apprised that I know it, and many others know it.

Have a fun Sunday out there and if you run into Fagus and/or Moore just remember

"Election rhetoric often is exaggerated for effect."

August 25, 2006

Celebrate the Field House

  To celebrate this long awaited Gale Park Field House, join CAPS Beat 2422 and yours truly Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 7:00 PM for a Neighborhood Walk. We’ll meet at the blue light in front of the new construction fence on Howard Street. Bring your kids, neighbors, friends, dogs and cats. Posted by Picasa

August 24, 2006

Communication Break Down

It’s amazing what a communicator can accomplish. This tidbit gets posted the same day the fence went up to secure the construction site. None of the Park Council members received an infomercial (phone call or email) like we all did for the Top Hat Lounge informercial 8/23/06 communicating this event to us. After 10+ years of waiting, it would have been ‘the right thing to do’ don’t you think?

And to add a little salt to the neighborhoods wounds with this nightmare, let’s push the BB ordinance with the field house. Sadly, if it stood for BB guns instead of Big Box, it would have been the meat and potatoes this neighborhood needs from a leader. On second thought, we get to view some down home pork barrel photos. Instead the box is about every other ward. It’s becoming difficult to discern what is about our ward unless citizens do something so someone else can jump right in and take the credit.

The last time I inquired about a start date was June 21, 2006 and this was the opening to the response:

'Close your eyes, and click your heels three times'.

The closing to this response was the tried and true permit stage information.

August 23, 2006

Strange Theft

This request was in the mailbox from a reader in the neighborhood. They have not filed a police report, but plan to do so today...

Last night (8/21 or early morning 8/22) someone stole the dry cleaning from our car, at Ashland and Rogers. We were parked in our parking spot, which is on the side of our association, abutting the alley. I think the back door or our minivan was ajar, which is how they got in. They got away with a bunch of my husband's dress shirts, a few of his suits, and some dresses of mine. The clothes were not designer brands and pretty conservative, and I sort of doubt whoever took them will have any interest once they realize what they got. I don't think the clothing has any street or resale value. I'm thankful they didn't take our kids' car seats or strollers, as those would have to be replaced immediately. They did take all the quarters we kept in the car for meters.

That being said, I'm wondering if our stuff is lying in a heap in some alley or park around the neighborhood. Would you mind posting something about this on your blog? I'm not holding my breath, but it would be really wonderful if we could get some of the clothes back. I'm also curious to know if other neighbors have had recent car break-ins. They took larger-sized dress shirts in white and blue, some grey dress pants, some business suits, a white linen shirt and two black dresses, one silk and the other linen.

I can be reached at

Thanks so much,

August 22, 2006

Mike Told The Truth!

This man didn’t have any lies for NOH! He had the blueprints this morning and said he was waiting for the trailers and ‘digging’ should begin Monday. Meet Mike from Paschen Construction.

fieldhouse82206 001

From the El platform looking East – the square inside the green fence is a trailer – so at 5:55pm on my way home tonight, I happily snapped another photo of ‘the truth’! (It's the square under the sign on the left side)

fieldhouse82206 002

The chain link construction fence divides the the construction area on the west side from the rest of Gale Park. The pathway from Howard to the cul-de-sac is closed until further notice. Can we agree that this is more of a 'manifestation' than that pitiful snow fence?

fieldhouse82206 003

If there are no more procrastinations (or excuses) from the ‘government’, Gale Park will undergo it’s long overdue transformation from park to community center and park. Last weekend was the last time (hopefully) that Gale Park will appear the way it did. Mike from Paschen pointed proudly to the school annex behind him and stated ‘we built that’. We briefly discussed what they hope NOT to find when they begin excavating – old basements that were filled in and grassed over when the buildings on Howard were demolished.

The Parks Council never viewed the final architectural rendering that was approved by our secretive friends in the government. But here’s the revised rendering the community was introduced to in April, 2005 after we made our demands at the park district’s March 2005 monthly meeting.

FieldHouse 003

Tonight, there was a performance going on in the mini-theatre, people were barbecuing, and for the first time in a long time, I felt a sense of community.

To celebrate this long awaited day, join CAPS Beat 2422 and yours truly Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 7:00 PM for a Neighborhood Walk. We’ll meet at the blue light in front of the new construction fence on Howard Street. Bring your kids, neighbors, friends, dogs and cats.

Gale Park Community Center Construction to Begin NEXT WEEK!

OH Happy Day!

The first day of the post-foie gras era in Chicago?

NO! WAY happier!

From Toni:

There was a white truck in the park this morning. A man was leaning on the back looking at what appeared to be blueprints. So I yelled, hey, are those blueprints? He responded you better believe it! So I walked over introduced myself and he's Mike from Paschen. He was waiting for the trailers to arrive and set up. Digging should start on Monday.

A day a decade in the making.


The Red Beam

I’ve seen the ‘red light’ beaming on the sidewalks at night on a few occasions. When I first moved here, a co-worker stopped by during the holiday season. He was a little shaky when he came through the door. A red light had followed ahead of him from a window in the Broadmoor. Toy or not, it was a threat or a warning to him.

This summer the red light was beaming on Howard from the apartments over the vacant resale shop. Unfortunately, a kid and a policeman had to be victims of this under-enforced law and now we see some action. That’s good, just keep it up. There’s a time and a place for BB guns and an urban area isn’t it.

August 21, 2006

More than Wal-Mart

By Robert Kuttner | August 19, 2006

WAL-MART is usefully becoming the symbol of an America where tens of
millions of hard- working families cannot make ends meet.

Its wages and health benefits are so dismal that in several states
Wal-Mart displaces worker healthcare costs onto tax-supported Medicaid
for the poor. Wal-Mart batters down wages not just in the United
States, but in Third World countries, where it plays foreign suppliers
against one another to demand the lowest possible wholesale price (and

The New York Times reported recently that Democratic politicians from
Senator Joseph Lieberman to his winning opponent in the Connecticut
primary, Ned Lamont, are making Wal-Mart their nemesis. This focus is
certainly helpful in spotlighting one mega-employer that is symbol and
substance of an America where the middle-class dream is vanishing, but
the problems go far beyond Wal-Mart.

The America of a generation ago had multiple institutions for enabling
worker incomes to rise with their rising productivity. More industries
were regulated. The federal minimum wage was equal to about half the
average wage; today, it is below one - third. The federal government
actually enforced workers' right to organize a union. Nearly half of US
workers were covered by decent, federally guaranteed pensions, instead
of funny-money worker-savings plans. Wall Street was more tightly
regulated, and corporate executives were not able to grab such an
outlandish share of the total pie. Taxation was progressive, and
ordinary workers paid much lower rates. We did not trade with countries
that had something close to slave labor, like the Chinese factory

Since the mid-1970s, under three Republican presidents and too-
often-feeble Democratic ones, this social compact was blown up. Since
the early 1970s, real incomes for the top 1 percent have doubled, while
earnings for most Americans have stagnated. Middle-class Americans have
stayed even only thanks to a second wage-earner -- an average increase
of more than 500 annual work hours per household. This is a disguised
loss in living standards, cutting into leisure and parenting time, and
incurring child-care and transportation costs.

Politicians may legislate special laws, requiring higher minimum wages
for mega-stores (as Chicago has done) or requiring them to contribute
to health coverage (as Maryland has attempted), but until our political
system addresses the larger problems, even reforming Wal-Mart is a drop
in the bucket.

The system is now essentially rigged so that workers' productivity can
rise, but workers' incomes can't. A study prepared last month for
Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee and released by
Representative Barney Frank of Newton showed that since 2002 annual
productivity growth has averaged more than 3 percent, while real wage
increases have been under half of 1 percent. Corporate profits,
meanwhile, have risen from 8.5 percent to 14.4 percent of national

Whenever wages show signs of rising with productivity, the Federal
Reserve whacks them back down. It shows no such concern about corporate
profits being excessive. Until this month, when the Federal Reserve
announced a ``pause" in rate hikes, our central bank had hiked interest
rates 17 times since June 2004, citing fears of inflation, mainly in
rising labor costs. But note the sleight of hand. If workers' wages are
lagging well behind workers' increased productivity, then rising wages
are not a source of inflation. The rising ``total labor costs" include
pensions and health insurance. Doesn't that benefit workers? In fact,
the increase in recent employer contributions to pension plans is
mainly to make up for the corporate looting of plans during the 1990s.

In the stock market euphoria of that decade, corporations used
outlandish assumptions about future stock market returns to reduce
annual contributions they were supposed to make to pension funds. The
replenishing of fund shortfalls in recent years is not a source of true
worker compensation -- and it can hardly be burdensome given the huge
increase in net corporate profits.

The hike in employer health insurance costs, likewise, is not a true
benefit for workers. It reflects a health system out of control, and
excessive charges and profits by health maintenance organizations and
drug companies. Actual health insurance benefits to workers are being
cut back, and not just by Wal-Mart. Corporations generally are hiking
the employee share of premiums, and plans are increasing deductibles
and copayments.

I hope Wal-Mart does become a poster child for all that's out of whack
with the US economy. But we need to go after a great deal more than
Wal-Mart if politicians are serious about restoring the dream of an
America where people who work hard and play by the rules can aspire to
be middle class.
Robert Kuttner is co-editor of The American Prospect. His column
appears regularly in the Globe.

© Copyright 2006 Globe Newspaper Company.

August 17, 2006

Shadow Boxing

Quoting the Mayor:

“Some decisions are very difficult to make. Sometimes people don’t like `em. But, if you don’t make decisions and you sit on the fence forever, nothing changes in the city. I work with the business community. I’m not ashamed to say that. If you don’t have a business community in the city, you have nothing left.”

Is the alderman of Swan Lake shadowboxing on a surreal stage? We sure don't have much to begin with, and are well on the way to 'have(ing) nothing left'.

Hasn’t our leader seen and heard enough about the 'business community' on Morse and Howard to reveal the shortcomings of his beloved fief? No one is real fond of big boxes, but then, how does one compare a big box to the myriad dollar stores we have to choose from? Shoe Stores and Dollar Stores.

Suddenly Club 50 is concerned about poor people? So they raise taxes to supplement the millions the TIF recipients stole! Why continue to allow SSA’s to clean streets, collect taxes and do nothing to transition the poor? Oh, I forgot, there’s a computer class and another on how to create a business plan. One doesn’t need much of a business plan here, just keep those designer sports shoes for the drug runners right? Keep the shoddy little stores for LINK card cash-for-drug scams, the focus is on the developer pals, and keep the subsidized housing NOH. In fact, keep the Slumlord Zoning Pal up here, keep the religious zealots in business here, and keep the kitchen feeding everyone. Keep those battered women holed up in an old garage too. It's more than they had on the street right?

After all, it takes about 6 months to get the variance and zoning and onto the permit stage for a concrete block condo, but years to get a straight answer on a Field House.

What’s that old saying about cleaning your own back porch?

August 16, 2006

The NOH Community Garden

Many thanks to the neighbors who protected this garden from the asphalt trucks. As you can see from John Jaffe's great web site, this is an on-going work of art in the truest form - Mother Nature.

Garden Photo Album

Thanks John!

Mapping Our Urban Future

A fairly global consensus acknowledges that the world is failing to plan for urban expansion. This is of increasing concern to politicians and planners, in light of the expectation that by 2030 the global urban population will reach close to 5 billion. At a yearly growth rate of 70 million, that is the equivalent of seven new megacities every year.

Of the 55 percent of the global population expected to live in urban areas by 2020, 94 percent of the increase will occur in developing countries, many of which have either failed to invest enough in or are too poor to invest at all in infrastructure to service this new urban growth. However, inadequate investment in infrastructure also is becoming a major concern for the developed world.

To finance basic urban services, cities increasingly will need to forge new partnerships with multilateral institutions, bilateral donors, central governments, state or provincial governments, and the private sector. And increasingly, worldwide, public infrastructure already is attracting private investment. In India, for example, a public/private partnership using private capital is helping finance a $38 billion road rehabilitation project, and a consortium of domestic and international investors is financing upgrades to the Mumbai and New Delhi airports.
Cities are becoming essential partners in governing relationships to compete, both locally and globally, and to create sustainable and livable environments. The growing lack of a singular city core is taxing the governing of new territories that, in many cases, expand into competing political jurisdictions. As a result, there is interest in the elements that make cities great and in the strategies that best enable them to compete.

Recent city forums, such as the World Bank’s Urban Forum and Learning Week and the UN-HABITAT’s World Urban Forum III, focused on what was termed “urban upgrading.” It was noted that well-governed cities are more global, and more global cities are better governed. Improving governance at the city level makes cities better places to visit and to live and work in. Inefficient cities are those that have excessively restrictive land use controls and poor infrastructure.

A program of urban upgrading needs to consider carefully the elements that affect a city’s competitiveness—its investment climate, infrastructure, amenities, housing, skills and technology endowment, labor market flexibility, social/international integration, private sector participation, tax burden, judicial system, and use of resources.
Most of the people flooding the world’s growing metropolitan areas are extremely poor. Governments must step in in crucial ways. Markets alone “will never satisfactorily house the nation’s poorest citizens,” observes David Smith, founder of Affordable Housing Institute, in his article “Housing the World’s Poor” [Harvard International Review, June 2006]. “The distribution of wealth is a societal and hence governmental choice,” he writes. “If the international public wants healthy cities, the poor must have access to housing in homes they can afford . . . it is up to government to stimulate the creation of sustainable affordable housing.”

More than 150 million people in Africa alone live in slums without municipal services. If nothing is done, by 2020, out of a projected total urban population of 4.2 billion, the global urban slum population will increase to 1.4 billion. UN-HABITAT’s Cities Without Slums is trying to improve the lives of at least 100 million slum dwellers by upgrading existing slums and planning alternatives to slums.
Dramatic population shifts clearly are taking place. These shifts eventually will enable other countries to gain relevance, power, and economic dominance. The metropolitanization of cities, both rich and poor, is creating new imperatives for vision and leadership in guiding growth responsibly.

Kristina Kessler
Editor in Chief
Urban Land: July 2006
© 2006 ULI–the Urban Land Institute, all rights reserved.

From George Sullivan

August 15, 2006

More Government Waste

This all too familiar song of 'helping the poor' while stuffing the pocket and stomach. $400 for a hired car to attend a funeral, expensive chocolate delicacies, all donated by taxpayers.

August 13, 2006

Drag Racing

From a neighbor....
I am a resident at the 7700 block of Sheridan road in beautiful North Rogers Park. An area at the far northeast point of Chicago, IL. heading into Evanston.

I have created a petition for Speed Zone Enforcement in my area due to a serious lack of involvement by the local authorities, our local Alderman and quite possibly the City Of Chicago. Evanston Police have developed a reputation for a lack of tolerance for reckless drivers who think they're going to speed their way into their town. Chicago police seem to be developing a reputation for being less than willing to do the same!

Moreover, daily seeming to be more than willing to let Evanston Law Enforcement deal with the problem rather than team together for the Greater Good of this charming community. I extend a message to anyone who would be kind enough to take a few moments to read it and ask that we as a neighborhood "VOICE" our concerns and displeasures to Alderman Joe Moore and his staff. Also let them know if there are
positive things happening in your area so that they may be encouraged to keep doing MORE! He has a picnic on August 27th between the hours of 12:00-4:00 p.m. at Loyola Park (Farwell and the Lake). This could be a Great Opportunity for Voices To Be HEARD! Or will we kiss and hug and shake hands and let another election year come and go without much being done up to this point. Take a look at the photos of the most recent accident and damage resulting from it.
Thank You and Good Luck To Us All!

Sincerely, John Q Taxpayer

This Accident took place Sunday August 6th


This Rubble stayed for 2 more days following the accident until I took it upon myself to visit my local Alderman's office.

This pole stood for 3 more days after the accident as I continued
to put pressure on the Alderman's office by visiting for the Second
straight day. (the lamp cover shown was knocked down during an
accident involving the same light pole 1 month earlier in which the
City of Chicago had'nt decided to clean it up yet) My opinion of
course. I'm interested in knowing yours?
IMG_0498 IMG_0499 IMG_0506

This is our new light pole which has been like this for 3 days and counting!

I fail to understand what the Artist's expressionistic view
must have been when trying to come up with my impressions of this
WORK OF ART. Thank You Alderman Joe Moore and Mayor Daley for this
Lovely View. Do you think the residents in this beautiful building
and their neighbors in this area deserve this?

Thank You and please lend your support for my petition and let your
Voice be heard in your part of the neighborhood!

August 12, 2006

A Glimpse Of Howard Street

These two park benches are in a state of abuse in Gale Park.


An interesting glimpse into the years gone by on Howard Street. Imagine, a department store on this street. This little gem was hidden behind the Dunkin Donuts signage. 

Has our Club 50 considered a few of these patrols for our troubled streets in Ward49? We know Todd Stroger's main concern isn't our safety, the mayor thinks we should take back our streets, the police sometimes do flip flops depending on which one you talk to, so how do we get beat police?
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August 10, 2006

Swan Lake

Mark your calendars for the final curtain call for our alderman’s major performance of 2006 - Swan Lake For Foie Gras.

Instead of our tax money being spent on ‘lawmaking’ to protect us commoners from being punctured or seriously injured, time, money and energy was NOT spent on reviewing BB Gun Law Enforcement. Do you recall anyone demanding more money be spent for beat police to walk the streets? Instead, many opted for the lucrative fast buck TIF and SSA excuses. Our Club 50 enjoys comraderie with developers - they make campaign contributions.

Not much time was spent aggressively punishing slumlords, and definitely not spent aggressively protecting the voting taxpayers. Instead, our boys and girls in Club 50 gave us Todd Stroger to manage the county, gave us the Big Box Package, and simpered on the sidelines when the tax increase slid through each ward portal.

On an upbeat note – we were honored at tonight’s Beat 2422 CAPS meeting with a presence from the ward office. It happens 2-3 times a year. But this is a magical year and an election is on the horizon. Tonight the spokesperson announced that the permits were wrapped up (or nearly wrapped up?) for the Gale Park Field House and work should begin in September or the fall. And even women know that concrete can’t be poured if it’s too cold, so, let’s track this carefully. The song is getting tiring.

The magical month of September – bulldozers and campaign rhetoric and petitions. Isn’t that synonymous? Shall we wager which comes first up here?

Yes, we (fowls included) can sleep well tonight knowing we have Club 50 watching over us,.

August 9, 2006

Just Call Me Angel of the Morning

77:45AM August 9, 2006 – Dancing In The Street

Dancin' In the street  1

Just Call Me Angel of The Morning…Flaggin’ Those Cars…
mallin 004

Bada Bing!
takin a ride

The lady jumped in the car and they turned south on Ashland. Rush hour to the el and we were all on our ‘way to work’.

Grand Opening

Island Groove Cafe, 7644 N Sheridan is having their Grand opening August 11, 2006

The entertainment will be famed Delmar recording artist Lenny Lynn Jazz and blues singer. Show time will be 8pm - 12am with doors opening at 7pm. Admission is $10.00.

PS - There's a new air conditioning system.

August 8, 2006

Another Untimely Study

Is there any point in releasing the study after the fact? Instead of a study, why not a mandate? The crew has already turned over the post to Stroger’s son. I do find it thoughtful of Ms. Steele to consider some of the points made.

Again we read of raising property taxes. My extended thanks to all the boys and girls I witnessed handpicking Stroger Jr. at the Allegro Hotel. They didn’t reject their pay raise hike, didn’t work too much to earn it, but it’s Chicago and we keep paying. It’s time for an incumbent vote out.

Copycat Green

Watchers so notes that our Mother Earth green has been chosen by both candidate Don Gordon and now incumbent Joe Moore. He retired the 15 year old tired red/white/blue to green and white. However, someone didn’t proofread too closely. Is there a method to this dual now triple color choice? Could it be to confuse new voters? Hey man, it's the dude with the green and white site? Anything goes!

So do we have 42 Precincts?
Or do we have 44 Precincts?

I can’t bring myself to digest the alleged accomplishments due to the blatancy of the paragraphs and descriptions. The Gale Field House was a topic of heated debate in the last election when I moved to this place in 2002. It's pushing ancient history. Not one trailer or earth mover has landed, the parks council was told ‘not to communicate with anyone but the ward office’. I will have to stop in the public buildings office myself on lunch. I’d like a detailed answer beyond ‘it’s in the negotiating stage’ or ‘it’s in the permit stage’. The biggest problem I have is with the exclusionary process of ‘I’m the only one who can talk to them’ mentality.

The Fire Station on Clark was an issue four years ago to this former political neophyte also. So this resume is dated but at least it’s on a decent looking site with green like 24/7!

The last I heard of the Lerner Building was Moore pushing for eminent domain which means he and his developer buds can continue their symbiotic relationship. Otherwise, why mention the theatre in passing? Excuse me, what about the taxpayers do we all look stupid?

Nor can I bear to read too much into the zoning committee membership that ‘reflects’ the ‘diversity’ of Rogers Park. Jay Johnson doesn’t live in Rogers Park, he just owns old Peoples Housing slums he got for a nickel and dime from the City. As for protecting the hood by ‘downzoning’, Moore did some 8 downzones and the rest got pushed into RT4 and his plans are to upzone Paulina so ‘anything goes North of Howard’.

I read on Westgard’s blog about the ’Unity Picnic’in Gale Park on July 29. I learned that Joe attended the whole church service the next day at Good News Church to promote himself and his on-going big box wage. However, it’s an election year….so he handed out flyers asking church members to call and promote his substitute ordinance. At least it’s about people, not ducks. We mustn't be too cynical right?

It’s too cozy and too convenient for my analytical, driver mind. Picnics served with rap, Good News church on Sunday, back to school, and then what? Upzone Paulina for Bud Ogle? When Bud shows up at a community meeting, on the front row, there must be something in it for him….he sends his minions to the CAPS meetings.

Another ground breaking ceremony at Gale Park? If that’s in the plan, then we should all show up with our shovels and upstage the event. Twelve years of backburner politics, improper zoning, does not deserve any more attention. The only attention warranted is watching a bulldozer backing from a flat bed trailer. No ribbons, no services, no praying, just start digging.

Sorry Ward 49, if I’m to pay more property taxes, then I want answers when I ask the questions, not when it’s convenient for the guys to tell me.

But I do appreciate your color choice on the new site.

August 7, 2006

Action At The Mall

Workers were unloading pallets and doors at the empty space next to the new UPS Store. I searched the community developer's new website but didn't find any mention of a new business.


A real lack of foresight is indicated by the absence of real loading docks. If this mall ever gets filled we'll have a new pastime - watching trucks being unloaded.
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August 6, 2006

Wisdom Bridge Arts Project Meeting

Just a reminder to those of you who want to start up the Program Design
group for the Community Arts Center, working to decide what programs
we'll offer and how:

Our Program Design working group meets up for the first time this Monday

Monday, August 7, at 7:00 pm
at the Wisdom Bridge Arts Project Gallery
7543 N. Paulina (under the Howard el stop)

Please RSVP to if you'll be joining us. Thanks; and
looking forward to seeing you!

August 3, 2006

Jordan School Back Pack Fund Appeal

Jordan Community School is located near Pottowattomee Park. This is the 5th year where a coalition of private citizens, religious instutiions and businesses have provided essential school suppies to all 650 students at Jordan School - right in our own back yard.

The student body at Jordan is 51% Hispanic, 46% African-American and 3% caucasian & Asian. 96% of the students are from low-income families.

Kindergarten, transfer and 5th grade students need new backpacks and every kid needs supplies. (Returning students keep their backpack from last year, but fifth grade kids need grown up back packs not kindergarden models). $25 will provide all necessary supplies for one kid.

Make your check (tax deductable) payable to

Sacred Heart Church/Jordan Backpack Fund


North Shore Congregational Israel "NSCI/Jordan Back Pack Fund"


Lois Scheyer
535 Willgate Terrace
Glencoe, IL 60022.

If this effort raises extra funds over and above the cost of supplies for 650 kids, the money is used to educational programs like off-site science fairs.

Jordan is right in our own back yard. This is the best place to start to make things better.

If you want to communicate with Lois directly, email

August 2, 2006

There's No Excuse For This

Last week my neighbor and I were weeding, planting, picking up everyone else's litter. I heard a loud pop and my neighbor started yelling. I stood up from my weeding to see 15-20 youngsters milling about. One of them had thrown a rock or other object and shattered the tinted side pane of this vehicle.

NOH playtime

When my neighbor, still holding the rake, went into the street to ask what they thought they were doing, the backtalk was amazing. Everyone was denying having thrown the rock while pointing fingers at the culprit(s). They finally meandered through the gate into the Broadmoor parking lot that leads to the alley and into Gale Park via the torn fence.

A short time later, three of the youngsters came back to tell us the ‘girl in the pink shirt threw the object that broke the window’. One of them actually picked up the water hose and was helping with the gardening. Along came a squad and they were informed of the incident, given the description, and could see the culprit in the pink top out in the park. They took off in pursuit, but the kids scattered.

I was telling the instant gardener that the vehicle belonged to a young couple with kids. They aren’t rich people and this probably wouldn’t be covered by their deductible so would be one more added expense they don't need.

Damages to pay

Parents, if you have kids, could you please teach them that property damage is expensive, dangerous and evil? This couple did nothing to deserve this malicious act. They have problems just like you making ends meet, they have worries just like you. They had just gotten back from taking care of a gravely ill parent and this is what your kid(s) welcomed them home with. As the young mother told me later that night, 'that's $400-500 that will have to be spent to repair the window and there goes our grocery money'.

They didn’t deserve this. In fact, no one deserves these little hate crimes.