September 6, 2006

The Jay Johnson Portfolio - Part 2

1722-24 Juneway
PIN 11-30-205-009
16-unit, 3 story red brick apartment building
Property taxpayer of record is Marshway, LLC, whose office of record is the Wayne Senior Center at 6928 N WAYNE (SOS)

This property is at 1722-24 Juneway near Triangle Park across from the Community Garden.

jj fire 057

7616 N Marshfield
40 unit, 4 story, white brick 4+1, half block N of Howard
This building has had a checkered past including former owner notorious slumlord Lou Wolf.

This property, 7616 N. Marshfield, is a relatively ‘new’ addition to the portfolio. And, as one lawyer stated, ‘when you purchase a property, you also purchase it’s problems’. It was a nifty purchase of few million. jj fire 077jj fire 078 7616

And, the highlight is the controversial
Howard Theater Building

jj fire 079

jj fire 082
For more background on the Howard Theater, please see "Howard Theater Building Redevelopment"

Pyramid Fashions, in the Howard Theater property, was in business for perhaps three months. Held up, tied up at gunpoint, the business owner finally gave up. As luck would have it, McHugh construction is using it for HQ during the Howard El renovation. jj fire 080

This sign is on the back door of the former Pyramid Fashions facing the 'parking lot' for McHugh.
jj fire 086
The area that was once part of the Howard Theater and parking lot is home to machinery and materials for the renovation.
jj fire 085


Hugh said...

History of leins from the City H2O dept. against Johnson properties.

Several long-outstanding liens for thousands from Clark-Devon Hardware.

I bet the owners of Clark-Devon would have some cogent comments about Jay's competence as a building manager.

Hugh said...

Let's not forget

Wayne Senior Center

Morse Senior Center

I hope someone gets in there real soon and checks the smoke alarm situation.

Hugh said...

There is no Marshfiled Bulding, LLC registered with the State of Illinois. It is a violation of state law to post a sign like this for a ficticious business.

Hugh said...

> McHugh construction is using it [the old Pyramid Fashions storefront in the Howard Theater] for HQ during the Howard.

For the duration of the Howard EL reconstruction project a portion of the the public funding for the is going to Moore pal Jay Johnson. How cozy.

Julie said...

considering the number of contracts McHugh gets with the city, I'm sure they're part of the mayor's crew. Only the chosen few make money in this corrupt city......are they all like this or is it only us?

Paradise said...

Julie, it's like this everywhere.
Or at least, in every city I have lived in. In St. Louis, if your name isn't Klingman or Shenker or Albericci or Slay,or that of one of the other plugged-in families, you get nothing. Every city I have ever seen was a really closed shop.In Miami, you must be part of the Cuban exile community. New Orleans and NYC are especially inbred. Small towns are even worse.

I don't know what to do about it. People in this country seem to love dynasties, and vote to maintain them. They love entrenched interests and will always work to support them. Sometimes I think it's something biological even though I really hate to think that.

bozhoward2 said...

Jay Johnson is hooked to the corrupt politics of this 49th Ward, and benefits from many properties without respect for too many years now. Remember this tragedy and blast Alderman Moore at his photo op picnic this Saturday...