July 16, 2006

Gunshots on Paulina/Jonquil


Mike Luckenbach made 3 calls to 911 starting at 11:30 PM last night through 3:45AM this morning to complain about the 'activity' going on, drinking, drugging, etc. at the corner of Paulina and Jonquil. Per Luckenbach there was no proactive response and things were allowed to continue, up to the time of the shots being fired.

Sister Cecilia Fandel was leaving her front door at 6:50 AM this morning when she saw one male chasing another male on Jonquil. They turned north on Paulina, the neighbor saw a handgun, ducked back inside the door, and heard two shots. From the door, she saw three moving cars apparently involved in the incident.

1 was driving west on Jonquil
2 was driving north on Paulina
3 was circling the area

She isn’t sure, but she feels the shooter and intended victim jumped in cars #1 and #2.

Some speculate this is an annual ‘celebration’ of the shooting death of Alex Vernon.
Will we all never learn? We heard in the CAPS meeting of the anti-loitering law, however, drinking in the public way and dealing drugs is still illegal.

All concerned neighbors fear it's just a matter of time before an innocent person is caught in these gang games and arguments that are settled by the only way they know - with guns.



Photos courtesy of Mike Luckenbach


Paradise said...

Toni, your photographs are beautiful. Slice those squads out of the photo, and a naif looking at them would think that this area is the perfect urban village,replete with lovely mature trees and antique urban-type buildings- the most perfect neighborhood in the world, and would have no idea of the mayhem that transpires on almost a nightly basis.

So many dedicated people are working up there to make it the area it looks like it ought to be, but we are fighting terrible inertia with our leadership and the slumlords they support and enable.

Paradise said...

Oh, yeah, God knows the area has enough work on its hands already, but we need to do something to get every damn one of Ogle's bldgs. into receivership, and hopefully vacated. Where his druggies and whores and criminals take themselves is not our problem as long as it's away from the North Side.

I would suggest relocating them all to Alcatraz Island, or the moon.

Toni said...

Paradise, I'm no fan of Bud Ogle's hypocrisy but there's no information on who the shooter(s) are or where they reside. Don't forget we have Jay Johnson's mostly vacant Manderly open to the illegal behaviors of NOH.

But one fact is a given, our current leader has allowed too many favors to both of these characters. The message is 'anything goes NOH' and I will stick to it until I see real change. Instead of lurking outside an opponent's party, perhaps our leader should have been up here watching and stalking the criminal element and doing something positive about it.

Yes, please raise our taxes so we can live in this mess. Please add more SSA's and TIF's to line pockets like Johnson, please upzone Paulina so Ogle can add more facilities to show he 'cares and embraces all people.

Please let the Jonquil Hotel manager really dial 911.

The only positive additions I've noticed are the 24/7 armed security guards at the quickly becoming vacant Broadmoor, and the new manager at Northpoint who does attend CAPS meetings and stayed behind Thursday to work on a plan with Sgt. Cooper.

Paradise said...

Hey, Toni, I hope all the folks who strongly favored the Loyola TIF are really happy with the tax increase they're getting. I hope all the people who think it's better to spend our taxes on things like this, rather than on public schools, police, fire protection, and essential infrastructure really love that their 105% increment will be going to help rich parents get their kids through school, and well-connected developers pocket hundreds of millions of $$$ of the 3 or 4 proposed TIFs dowtown that I now hear rumors of. Too bad we can't arrange things so that the sheeple who support every move of our overlords to tax us down into ragged poverty, can be the ones to support this stuff, while exempting those of us who prefer our taxes to be allocated to bona fide public purposes.

How nice it is to think that homeowners will be taxed to the nines, renters will get whopping rent increase, and elders,legitimate businesses, and fine landlords like mine will be blasted out of their properties and businesses so that Loyola can rise in the academic rankings to challenge the currently indisputable superiority of Georgetown, while taking more property OFF the tax roles- which is distinctly NOT what TIFs are supposed to be all about.