July 31, 2006

National Night Out - TONIGHT Tuesday August 1

The 24th District Police Department and Beat 2422 Invite you to join us
on National Night Out on August 1, 2006, in Gale Park.

Bring out a table and a couple of chairs and bring information to share
with the community from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

It's also a great opportunity to get volunteers, do surveys, sign-up
voters and talk to people about your organization.

Enjoy the fresh air and getting to know the people with whom you live and

Please let me know if you will join us and the rest of the nation on this
summer's eve.

You can e-mail me at elm@clstoons.com or call me on my cell at

I look forward to seeing you.

Eva McCann
Facilitator, Beat 2422

July 28, 2006

Teamwork at Northpoint

The new Northpoint property manager has attended CAPS meetings for several months now. At the July meeting, the cul-de-sac at Ashland/Jonquil was the main topic of discussion and concern. Here’s how teamwork is helping clean up the problem: Northpoint is in the process of adding bright lights to their buildings. As you can see, the problem circle now has large overhead lamps extending from the roof. The other night, I noticed the change from Howard. Outer lights have been placed on several buildings as well as in the courtyard areas. Most of the tenants have expressed positive opinions about this addition. As one told me, it was worth $9-$10 to buy darker window shades to keep the light out. The overall impression is that tenants and neighbors feel more secure with these lights. The NOH dark activities will just have to move to less well-lit places.

summer06 013

Also, the level of litter and trash abounded in this circle. No more. Tenants willing to clean up their walks are supplied with rakes and garbage bags and clean daily. They also tie trash bags to the stop sign poles as a not too subtle suggestion to use them!

Kudos to our neighbors!
summer06 012

July 27, 2006

Some For You and More For Me

Working For Everyone But The Constituents

So, where is the leader of the Wage Law for humans living in Ward 49? Why isn’t he guarding and protecting us? In a sense he is, we have Michael Land and Wayne Frasier watching over us while debacles like this and foie gras play out downtown. And we have tear downs and concrete blocks, dollar stores galore.

Our aldermen are into living wages these days…some for Wal-Mart/Target Workers and some for themselves, and a tax increase for everyone else. Just like picking blueberries, one for the basket and two for me.

July 26, 2006

Interested In Green? Survey Available

My friend and neighbor, George Sullivan forwarded this email survey to several developers, politicians, and neighbors. If any of you are interested in green buildings please fill out the survey by a DePaul Graduate Student working on the subject. If you have any particular questions, please email George gds@ecosmartbuilding.com,

Dear Chicago Resident,

The researchers conducting this survey hope to learn what obstacles currently face supporters of “green” residential building in Chicago, and what action steps might remove them to stimulate market demand. While no single “Green” standard yet exists for all residential development, the generally accepted standards for environmentally-sensitive building include the following:
· High energy performance (including appliances, lighting, and building insulation)
· Indoor air quality (ventilation, paints and surfaces that emit few or no toxic chemicals)
· Material selection (locally-sourced and/or sustainably harvested)
· Water conservation (green roofs, rain barrels, rain gardens, swales, low-flow fixtures/appliances)
· Renewable energy sources (active or passive solar, wind, geothermal)

Please answer all questions on the survey. Remember, your responses are anonymous, so financial and other personal information is not personally identifiable, even to those collecting the data. If you would like to find out more about green residential building efforts in Chicago, or about the results of this survey, please contact me or your neighbor, George Sullivan gds@ecosmartbuilding.com.

Please complete the survey by Monday, July 31.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Green Building Survey

DePaul University Grad Student
Management of Public Services Graduate Program

Think About This

That's Right Mike - It Ain't Rocket Science

Trying to understand placing a bike rack in the middle of a playlot behind a sign stating 'no bicycles' is beyond most non-bureaucrats. It'sehind the sign that was stolen the day it was put up. It's behind the replacement sign that Sr. Cecilia had to request be affixed properly. Multiply the cost of that bike rack times all the absurd moves our Cook County/City Crats dump on our doorsteps and the huge deficit amount will pop up easily. Quite easily to a non-bureaucrat.

I wonder what the charge to us will be if the rack is properly moved? We all find out early this year.

July 25, 2006

Go Get A Real Job

Here’s another monarchy that needs a voter wake-up call

After last week’s live performance of the Machine Fix or The Machine In Reverse it’s time to clean house and get some fresh thought processes in the city council. It’s nice to know we can pay higher property taxes, live in a partial wasteland, yet be forced to contribute to these often aging, overweight, and insensitive ‘servants’. Cost of living? Then get a ‘real job’ where semi-annual performance reviews are held! Bad review – no raise. How many taxpaying voters are living that nightmare?

July 24, 2006

Separated At Birth

Todd Stroger, heir to the Stroger Chair in Cook County.

Steven Quincy Urkel

Dance of the dinosaurs
Chicago Tribune, July 19, 2006

"Todd Stroger's next good idea for rescuing a county government that taxes too onerously and spends too wastefully will be his first. ...

By no honest measure is Todd Stroger the best possible candidate to represent his party in a contest to lead a $3 billion government that is bigger than those of many states."

July 23, 2006

Mystery Permit, Mystery Pizza, Mystery LLC

The good news: Someone is repairing the botched façade repair done two years ago at 1632 W. Howard. Unfortunately, the ornate trim was ruined and concrete was splattered around the white stone. There’s a permit in the window stating the point and purpose and the permission granted by our money grubbing city government.

summer06 001

summer06 003

However, there’s no permit for what’s going on inside the old Dunkin’ Donuts that later was the short-lived Au Maquis Restaurant.

summer06 008
I called the phone number listed on the permit 773-895-4548 and received an automated response "your call cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and try again...I did and received the same message.

Through the unpapered window one night, a friend and I saw a woman putting sliding letters into a white sign. (Sorry, my inexpensive digital does it's best...the sign is laying flat on the table in the fuzzy pix) Humm, the various flavors, sizes and prices of pizza. There were men in the back room working in what will probably be a food preparation / baking area. That possibly would mean electrical, duct and venting, or plumbing permits right?
summer06 007 summer06 005

A call was made to DevCorp to inquire who was opening the business, but they couldn’t remember the ‘man’s name’. Another person recognized the man driving the big black Mercedes and called Ward 49 inquiring what kind of business was opening and where was the interior permit posted? A short time later, the caller was told there was not a permit for a restaurant showing on the city’s website. So mystery surrounds this corner commercial space. The name on the permit states:

Entity Name HOWARD STREET, LLC File Number 00529702
Status GOODSTANDING On 02/21/2006
Entity Type LLC Type of LLC Domestic
File Date 03/12/2001 Jurisdiction IL
Agent Name MARC J LEAF Agent Change Date 04/25/2003
Agent Street Address 1 N LASALLE STREET SUITE 1620 Record Office 5700 W HOWARD ST
SKOKIE 60076
Agent City CHICAGO Management Type MBR
Agent Zip 60602 Dissolution Date PERPETUAL
Annual Report Filing Date 02/21/2006 For Year 2006

Two PIN Numbers From This Search

Cook County Recorder indicates a different LLC ownership

When clicking through the various recordings in CCRD, there's been a lot of activity!

When I heard there was not an interior permit, I checked online and the information was correct. At that time there was only the permit for the scaffolding and façade repair. A week or two after that call to the ward office, a second permit application appeared on the site. The first permit of the two now appearing states a 'revision' to change the address from 1635 W Howard to 1632-42 W Howard. What happened to odd/even numbering? Was it incorrect to begin with?

Here's the original permit:façade repair

The properly posted permit number 100112263 when entered states:
Total Records: 1

The second permit appeared on this mornings check on the city site:

This application is the
latest permit application
Application Status

Application Date:
Last Submit:
Application #:


Total Records: 0

A permit for this address has not yet been issued

If uncomplied corrections exist, you will see a status of "Denied" for the given discipline, until those corrections are complied with.

This data represents the last 18 months of historical permit information and was last updated on 07/22/06 22:34:34 PM CDT . This web site is usually updated every night, however, please allow two (2) business days for permit data to be posted to this web site.

The list of licenses on that block indicates no new licenses only the defunct Au Maquis for 1632W. Howard.

Location Doing Business As Business Structure Ward Precinct Owner/Officer License Information1605 W HOWARD ST AROUND THE CLOCK CORPORATION 49 005 Owner/Officer Licenses
1607 W HOWARD ST , Floor:4 , Suite/Apt:A1 OPTIMAL INTERNATIONAL CORP. CORPORATION 49 005 Owner/Officer Licenses
1609 W HOWARD ST J & J FISH & CHICKEN CORPORATION 49 005 Owner/Officer Licenses
1627 W HOWARD ST P & J FOOTWEAR CORP CORPORATION 49 005 Owner/Officer Licenses
1631 W HOWARD ST JAMIAICA JERK CORPORATION 49 005 Owner/Officer Licenses
1632 W HOWARD ST AUMAQUIS SOLE PROPRIETOR 49 001 Owner/Officer Licenses
1636 W HOWARD ST TAQUERIA EL GALLO #2 SOLE PROPRIETOR 49 001 Owner/Officer Licenses
1638 W HOWARD ST US DOLLAR PLUS CORPORATION 49 001 Owner/Officer Licenses

I have no particular objection to a decent new business on Howard. However, Au Maquis went out of business after only 2-3 months. They were not 'coached' on advertising properly. No one knew they were open for weeks. My concern is that a little shuffling of licenses or changing and re-arranging is not quite up to par on the permit level. I hope they won't promote selling pizza by the slice adding to the litter levels on Howard.

So we don't know who the real owner is if the CCRD website hasn't been updated...we don't know the 'man's name' who's allegedly starting a business, and we have one permit and one application...will installation of an alarm system suffice for installing ovens?

But anything goes North of Howard.

July 22, 2006

The Stats According To Cline

Notes from 6/13/2006 Beat 2422 CAPS Meeting

Beat Wide

Contact Cards: 374
Case Reports: 158
Arrests: 94

Arrestees from 2422: 70

Domestics: 5
Simple Battery: 6
Vice (not Narc): 5
Quality of Life: 30
Narcotics: 17
UUW: 2
Theft: 9
Robbery: 0

Jargowood 4
Birchwood/Greenview: 10
Triangle Park Area: 4
Bosworth: 10
Clark: 2
Jonquil: 6
Juneway: 3
Marshfield: 7
Rogers: 1
Sheridan: 4

Noteworty Incidents/Arrests:
There were 10 warrant arrests.

There were several complaints regarding the noise and loitering at the cul-de-sac on Ashland/Jonquil. Again, the police gave an overview of the Anti-Gang Loitering Law. Here's it's amended version Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance. The only way this problem will be solved is by citizen action, working with police, dialing 911 and petitioning for a police pod on Jonquil/Ashland.

Following that were neighborly tips on watching our for the hood by increased lighting outside homes, no loitering signs, positive loitering, community walks, inclusive events.

A link to 'sponsor a pod' was to be provided to the Beat Facilitator. Businesses, private donations, fundraisers, grant writing, etc., are many ways to fund police cameras. However, the area must meet certain specs before placement. According to the officers attending, an area that does not call 911 may not meet requirements.

July 21, 2006

Let's Celebrate This Diversion Of Funds!

Here it is, in black and white in the Sun Times...a bold statement that YOUR Property Tax Increase helps cover the bite taken by TIFS. So the next time the local group of grabbers talks TIF, please re-read this story.


Cook County property tax bills will be timely
July 21, 2006

The tax bills are coming.
For the first time since 1993, Cook County property owners will get real estate tax bills the week of July 31. They will be due Sept. 1. Last year, they went out in September and were due Nov. 1.
Over the years, the mailing has slipped back as government offices took too long assessing and hearing appeals.
This year, Assessor Jim Houlihan's office finished the assessments in February instead of April. The Cook County Board of Review finished hearing appeals in May instead of August. Cook County David Orr's office released the tax rates Thursday, and Treasurer Maria Pappas' office has 500,000 of the 1.7 million bills that have to go out printed up.
"Everybody pulled it together, the Board of Review, the assessor. Everyone was a good little beaver and got it out quicker," Pappas said.
Part of the reason is that the south and west suburbs were the ones whose assessments went up last, and they traditionally file the fewest appeals. The assessor and the Board of Review are bracing for a mother lode of appeals as Chicago residents get their staggering reassessments this year.
Property owners in the south and west suburbs can expect the biggest tax hikes, but a state law aims to keep assessments from jumping more than 7 percent a year.
Slightly more than half of the tax bill for Chicago residents goes to the Chicago Public Schools, which this year raised taxes 3.4 percent, the maximum allowed under the law. About 20 percent goes to the City of Chicago, 9 percent to Cook County and 7.4 percent to the Chicago Park District.

Homeowners' share of the tax bite increases as the city expands "tax increment financing" districts downtown that divert tax money from schools to downtown development. Suburban property owners in districts that passed referendums to raise taxes for new schools will see the biggest increases.


July 20, 2006

A Readers Response to Mr. Fagus

Reader Pamela Vangiessen was not satisfied with the response she finally received to her email to David Fagus regarding the Democratic Candidate process to replace John Stroger. In this morning's in-box was her letter in response to Fagus' after the vote' response to Pamela, a constituent. Apparently, about all we're good for is taxing.
Dear David,

Thank you for your response. Todd Stroger, irrespective of whatever talents he may or may not have (and who would know since he didn’t have to present himself to the voters), was crammed down our throats not because he is the best candidate nor even because he convinced a majority of voters that he is the best candidate but because of his DNA. My father was a doctor; does that mean that I am entitled to an MD by virtue of birth, without having to attend medical school and pass a state licensing board? Should his children or grandchildren or friends be entitled to positions in the medical field because of his position? Would you want to be treated by a physician or nurse or anyone else who got their position due to nepotism (which is just another flavor of patronage), and who got to skip all that hard stuff like, say, school or licensing requirements? I’ll answer for you: No.

Then why should we, the voters, be governed by someone who has not proven that they have the experience or the ability? By someone we didn’t vote for? How is it that the county DNC has decided that they know better for us than we do? In other parts of the world they call this tyranny and to suggest that we, the voters, give the guy a chance is a little Saddam Hussein asking the citizens of Iraq for their forbearance. The only difference between that tyranny and this is the use of lethal force. Hopefully even stalwart Democratic voters will be repulsed and send a potent message to the local Democratic party officials on election day though I am cynical enough to believe that the party officials will see that doesn’t happen by getting out the “right” vote.

You had a choice yesterday: stand by your constituency, politics be damned, or be a party cog in the patronage machine where votes are traded for potential favors, democracy (and voters) be damned. It’s nice to see that time hasn’t really marched forward in Chicago, and that elections are bought and sold in 2006 just as they were in 1906. Depressing.

Even more depressing is that you believe the biggest thing that RP needs from the county is a health center. In short order (particularly after folks get their new property tax bills) RP will only have very wealthy residents and that health center will serve who, exactly? The 100 residents left in the subsidized housing so politicos can say that they protected the disadvantaged? But at least RP will have a health center to serve the shooting victims and drug overdoses and make sure that the winos get annual check ups. That is, until the super rich left in the ‘hood force the police to chase the undesirable element out of town, like Lincoln Park, at which point the health center will be an even more underutilized facility that provides good paying jobs to friends and family of the Strogers. Hopefully, however, they will have proper medical licensing.

Posted by request of: Pamela Vangiessen

Rogers Park Squalid News

So how long has this been going on? We all know that slumlords have been getting by with not repairing properties or not securing properties for years. One of them sits on the 49th ward zoning committee. One neighbor claimed this woman was a squatter and so what, a responsible landlord would have been watching over his property and would have found her. Things happpen for a reason. I hope the kids are taken care of and given a new start. IMC was dissolved, turned over to East Lake Management and most of their empire has been in housing court. Not sure on the status of this building. My question again: How many of these derelect NOH mismanaged buildings have squatters living in them? And does the owner care if the monthly check for no vacancies comes from the government?

North Side squalor mom charged
The mother of six children who have been living in squalor in a Far North Side apartment was charged with endangerment Wednesday, and her children were in protective custody. Tracey Buie, 32, of 17041/2 W. Juneway Terrace, was charged with four counts of endangering the life or health of a child, according to police. "There was no electricity, no plumbing . . . every room was disgusting," said one police official.
From The Sun Times

It’s Not The First Time

July 19, 2006

So What Do They Do?

At the Gateway Bar & Grill meeting regarding the Howard SSA, DevCorp touted that one of the “community services” they provide is to keep a database of vacant commercial properties and match those properties with potential renters. The Don Gordon campaign took them up on it when we launched our search for space for our campaign office. After a convoluted process where DevCorp pre-screened us for property managers, we received some referrals. The results are below. We encountered the same challenges any new business or entrepreneur faces in Rogers Park. Unfortunately, DevCorp was not much help. Only two of the properties DevCorp referred us to were within our price range and neither of those were on the streets we wanted.

So we got in a car and cruised the neighborhood. In less than 2 hours we found 17 possible spaces, 14 of which were on the requested streets. Most of the landlords we called got back to us within the hour. Most were thrilled that someone was interested.

Ten of those spaces were on Morse. Now, with DevCorp managing an SSA on Morse Ave., how is it that they didn’t know about these properties? Is it because these landlords aren’t members? Regardless, they still pay taxes into the Morse SSA to support DevCorp!

What we asked for;
A storefront on Sheridan, Howard, Clark or Morse for $2,000 per month or less.

What DevCorp Gave Us:

Address / Rent
20-- Howard Already rented
16-- Howard $3,213
16-- Howard $2,410
76-- Paulina $2,575
76-- Paulina $1,023
68-- Glenwood $950 (already had made contact here)

What we found on our own in 2 hours:

Address / Rent
12—Pratt $1500-1600
15—Howard No response from mgmt
16—Howard $2200
16—Howard $2000
16—Morse $1,000
16—Morse $500
16—Morse $900
15—Morse $600
15—Morse $500
15—Morse $1200
15—Morse $1500
15—Morse $2700
13—Morse $600
13—Morse $1000
69—Glenwood $950
71—Glenwood No response from mgmt
13—Greenleaf No response from mgmt

From Anne Sullivan

July 18, 2006

Democratic Drama

A pathetic drama was held today in a stifling room at the Allegro Hotel featuring several unhealthy looking heavy hitting so-called Democrats. The title was ‘The Machine Fix’. Like much of America, this delegation needs a fitness program to eliminate the fat, the salt, and whatever element that creates such florid faces. To gather as unified for health care, perhaps this bunch should get healthy first, it might clear their minds.

Mike Madigan was emcee due to extenuating circumstances. His Ed McMahon, the Secretary, either had a vision or reading disability in that it was difficult to get names enunciated in a proper or timely manner. Madigan looked as though he’d rather be anywhere but in this grade B performance. The repeat performance of ‘The Machine Fix’ aka ‘Divide and Conquer’ starred Danny Davis and Todd Stroger as the only male leads. Other actors with speaking parts were Freddrenna M. Lyle, 6th, Isaac Carothers, 29th, Ed Burke 14th, Burt Natarus 42nd, Dick Mell 33rd, Lou Lang, Niles township, Wilbert Crowley, New Trier Township, the diva of the council, Dottie Tilman, 3rd, and her hat. Others with minor speaking parts are in this playbill
One of the best lines was spoken by Madigan who tried to convince the audience this unfortunate meeting was in the open ‘…this is not a smoke filled room’. Of course not, Mikie, that was last night when you didn’t invite us voters to the rehearsal.

I held my Forrest Claypool two-sided sign up. My committeeman pretended not to see me and refused to make ‘eye contact’ with me. Gee, I wonder why? His gangway and alleyway political tactics are well-known up here in this so called land of progressives. But I’m sure I would have embarrassed him. That’s the machine mentality! The truth is in the dark with them.

Danny Davis spoke first. He’s not my choice, but he did speak eloquently and does have a presence. He willingly outlined his education and background qualifications in administration.

Todd Stroger spoke of the unfortunate circumstances that brought the committee together this day, thanking everyone for their kindness during his father’s illness. When that thread was finished he went on to the purpose of ‘compelling’ everyone to choose him. I wasn’t compelled…just further repelled by the whole farce. John Stroger was an ill man when he ran for re-election. They were in collusion to ensure their plans didn’t get derailed.

Hearing all of these public servants speaking of ‘unifying and consensus building’ was laughable. Not only is Chicago a racially divided city, it’s promoted by these so-called ‘progressives’. Why do I say this? Carothers and another African American man were verbally sparring (some call it joking) through the whole play. When various supporters of each ‘candidate’ got up to speak their badgering would start. A Caucasian man spoke his words of Todd praise just before Dottie T. When Dottie hit the podium to espouse the wonder of the Strogers, Carothers, a Davis supporter, mumbled something. The other African American man became insulted and stated no one interrupted when the ‘white people’ talked. Now is that racist? Some would say – yes. That's their tool to keep us in our respective places and to keep the fires burning.

By the time Diva Dottie spoke at length about herself, frequently brutalizing the English language, people were fanning and shaking their heads.

Both sides tried to convince us that this choice is what the voters really, really want and need. Many will disagree, but who cares? The voters from Barrington will be happy to know their representative claimed they supported Todd Stroger.

David Fagus voted for Stroger.

So we have some choices here. McGyver’s plan B – a real grass-roots revolution known as write-in Claypool or Plan C - upset this ugly, little monarchy and vote Republican.

“Also Monday, a political activist, Carl Hamilton, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court seeking to have a judge order a new primary election, charging party officials conspired to hide Stroger's condition so they could choose his successor. Hamilton, who said he is the director of a political committee called Council on Voter Education and Voter Responsibility, filed the lawsuit without a lawyer.” Chicago Tribune.

Monday’s Dress Rehearsal

There was a highlight today though. Burt Natarus kept staring at me and finally shook his head and mouthed the words ‘I don’t know who you are’. So I introduced myself as a ward 49 voter. Unlike some, I won’t take words out of context for sensationalism, but he shook his head and mentioned ‘foie gras’ in a negative manner that most would appreciate!

Today's Open Stroger Meeting

Our Commissioner’s Opinion

Today’s open meeting to choose Stroger’s Democratic candidate replacement is in Allegro Hotel, 171 West Randolph in ‘Goodman B’ listed as Cook County Democratic Party. The meeting is at 11:00AM. If you want to hear and possibly be heard on the interim replacement of John Stroger.

July 17, 2006

Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance-amended 2000

Anti-Gang Loitering Ordinance

Gang Loitering Ordinance, Municipal Code of Chicago 8-4-015

From the 'Chicago Defender' Year in Review, 2000
Feb. 16 The Chicago City Council passes a new anti-gang loitering ordinance by a 44-5 vote. Opposition comes from four black, female aldermen and 46th Ward Alderman Helen Shiller, who is white. Third Ward Alderman Dorothy J. Tillman calls the law “anti-black” and “inhumane,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The original loitering law, passed in 1992, was suspended in December 1995 and deemed unconstitutional in 1999 by the U.S. Supreme Court. Under the new ordinance, which takes effect in March, police can only arrest loiterers in specific “hot spots.”

Having a ‘No Loitering” signs posted where CPD and loiterers can see them leaves no room for doubt. More neighbors calling 911 and utilizing phone trees would help.

July 16, 2006

Related Retaliation?

What is this, the ‘never ending Sunday’? I came home and noticed several people on Jonquil. Thinking the hot spot had moved back to the alley behind Bosworth, I discovered this further up by the school.
summer06 014

Undercover and squads were checking out this vehicle bearing my one of my favorite sights up here - ‘temporary license plates’. It happened about 3PM this afternoon. Naturally, no one hanging out on Jonquil saw anything.
summer06 015

Is this related to this mornings incident or another retaliation to another drama? At any rate, this vehicle’s owner has an angry person or more out there.
summer06 016

If anyone has any information on this vehicle or owner, please contact the 24th.

7/16/06 Shooting Update

Update: I walked to the scene and there is a Hennessey and Roses shrine. I don’t know if it was there last night or was put up between 7AM and 10AM today. According to one officer, one person was shot in the leg and they are scouring the area for a second possible shooting victim.

This car is inside the crime tape. Note the apparent blood stains on the rear door. I asked an officer if that was blood and the response was ‘looks like it doesn’t it?’


Gunshots on Paulina/Jonquil


Mike Luckenbach made 3 calls to 911 starting at 11:30 PM last night through 3:45AM this morning to complain about the 'activity' going on, drinking, drugging, etc. at the corner of Paulina and Jonquil. Per Luckenbach there was no proactive response and things were allowed to continue, up to the time of the shots being fired.

Sister Cecilia Fandel was leaving her front door at 6:50 AM this morning when she saw one male chasing another male on Jonquil. They turned north on Paulina, the neighbor saw a handgun, ducked back inside the door, and heard two shots. From the door, she saw three moving cars apparently involved in the incident.

1 was driving west on Jonquil
2 was driving north on Paulina
3 was circling the area

She isn’t sure, but she feels the shooter and intended victim jumped in cars #1 and #2.

Some speculate this is an annual ‘celebration’ of the shooting death of Alex Vernon.
Will we all never learn? We heard in the CAPS meeting of the anti-loitering law, however, drinking in the public way and dealing drugs is still illegal.

All concerned neighbors fear it's just a matter of time before an innocent person is caught in these gang games and arguments that are settled by the only way they know - with guns.



Photos courtesy of Mike Luckenbach

Vandalism at 1630 Fargo

Neighbors on Fargo were putting their car in the garage tonight and noticed an open back door on the 3rd floor at 1630. They did a premises check. The 3rd floor was the only unlocked back door on the west side of the building. All the radiators were gone from this unit and the others on the same tier. Plumbing fixtures were smashed, and there was other damage. They locked the back door and went out the front. They noted that front doors to all units were unlocked.

These neighbors strongly recommend that 2422 do regular premises checks on this building, as there was abundant evidence of trespassing. This situation looks way too much like 1640 W Fargo right now.

This building REALLY needs to be secured.

From a neighbor on Fargo

July 15, 2006

The Night I Didn't Have My Camera!

In keeping up with all the aldermanic candidates, and to be fair, I’ve now attended two announcement gatherings I’ve been invited to. Earlier in the spring, I went to My Pi to meet Chris Adams and neighbors. Tonight I went to Don Gordon’s Bastille Day event in their new Morse office and met many new neighbors. I had an intriguing conversation with a person I thought didn’t like me! It’s interesting how many commonalities we all share when we bring the issues to the table and have open, honest discussions.

In my newest role as a social butterfly, I couldn’t help but overhear that someone spotted a red car parked across the street 'watching' to see who and how many were there. I heard later the red car drove away when a camera did appear. Hummm... I had visions of lying across the hood of that red car like a 1930's piano singer. Now wouldn’t that have been a photo op? But we all miss great opportunities – call it fate.

Some good friends/neighbors gave me a ride home and we took the tour of this summer’s NOH hot spot….Jonquil and Ashland. There were about 25 people loitering directly in front of the Jonquil Hotel, about 8 on the corner across the street and several more loitering on Ashland just before the cul-de-sac. (No red car in sight watching that mess.) Since this was the main topic of last night’s CAPS meeting, it was interesting to note how the crowd had moved north from the circle. The problem will be allowed to persist however, until the police get inundated with 911 calls about the issue. As they stated last night, they don’t receive many calls on the disturbances. As they reminded the concerned residents and neighbors, ‘we need you to work with us’.

The squads and plains are cruising tonight, but the neighborhood needs to call 911 and that most certainly begins with the manager of the Jonquil Hotel who religiously attends CAPS meetings claiming to call 911 all the time.

I suppose tonight was his night off?

Keep cool this weekend!

Bastille Day

July 14, 2006




We are pleased to invite you to an open-house meeting July 17 to discuss
plans and request volunteer assistance in our effort to develop a
Community Arts Center in Rogers Park. The Arts Center, to be built on
Howard Street at the former location of Chicago's legendary Wisdom
Bridge Theater, will offer workshop and studio rehearsal space, a
projected 125 seat performance space, and a venue for creative
development in the arts for residents of Rogers Park and beyond.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive programs for both children and
adults in all art forms-theater, music, dance, visual arts, and
writing-conducted by Chicago artists in partnership with the community.
It is our belief that participation in the arts promotes empowerment,
personal transformation, and positive
social change.

Wisdom Bridge Arts Project is seeking volunteers to work in programming
and fundraising for the community arts center. Here is an opportunity
to truly influence public access to the arts. We need your opinions,
input, connections, skills, and imagination to help make this happen!

Please join in the process:

Community Arts Center Volunteer Meeting
7 PM Monday, July 17, 2006


7543 N. Paulina
in the plaza level of The Gateway Centre
just below the Howard Red Line el stop

Come create with us and RSVP to info@wbap.org

July 13, 2006

Response from Commissioner Quigley

All who signed the petition: SPEAK OUT ON STROGER’S REPLACEMENT received this letter from Commissioner Quigley in their email today. There is still time to sign the petition, email your Democratic committeeman, Mr. Fagus, davidfagus@49thward.com and the others on the petition. Let them hear what you have to say! Please try to attend the OPEN PUBLIC meeting on the 18th if you possibly can. It is your RIGHT.

July13, 2006

Ms. Julie Segraves
xxx xxxxxxxxx
Chicago, IL 60626

Dear Ms. Segraves,

Thank you for contacting me with your concern about the current state of the position of Cook County Board President. This is a sensitive issue, but as a Cook County Board Commissioner I understand your desire as a tax-paying citizen to know who is in control of Cook County. It is my position that this must be an open process to ensure that both the commissioners and voters are aware of the decisions being made.
Since you wrote to me, President John Stroger submitted his letter of resignation, effective July 31st. At the July 12th County board meeting, the Board of Commissioners scheduled a special meeting for July 19th to elect an Interim Board President. I will be voting for Commissioner Forrest Claypool at this meeting. The Interim President will serve out the remainder of President Stroger’s term, until December 1, 2006.
The other area of concern regarding this issue is who will replace President Stroger as the Democratic candidate on the November ballot. That decision will be made by the Ward and Township Committeemen on July 18th at a meeting open to the public at the Allegro Hotel. I encourage you to contact your committeeman and let him or her know who you feel is the best candidate for the position. To find out who your committeeman is you can go to the County Clerk’s website CookCountyClerk and scroll to the bottom of the page to the “party officials” section or call 312-603-0906.
Thank you for taking the time to write. It is important to hear from the citizens who are affected by these issues. As you have mentioned, as elected officials we need to be committed to providing service to the citizens of Cook County, and I am dedicated to carrying out that mission.


Mike Quigley
Commissioner 10th district

Beat 2422 CAPS Meeting Tonight

The regular CAPS meeting of Beat 2422 will be tonight at 7:00PM. The meeting place is the Gateway Senior Apartments, 7450 N. Rogers, 1st floor community room.

I hope to see some of the 100 or so people who came to the Island Groove meeting show up. They should find out what else is going on in their beat. There are plenty of issues to rally for and against! Do they realize that what happens on one street has effects on everyone's street? The Beat extends all the way to the lake, it's not just for us inlanders.

After all these years, people just don't get it.

Between Good and Not So Good

The things one sees on a walk around the neighborhood, some good, some not so good.

This open gangway is between the vacant laundry and the Chinese Restaurant on Howard. So the foot traffic can go between Rogers and Howard and be relatively sheltered from any watchers. It’s too bad Mr. Coe isn’t interested in securing his properties or making one less sneak space for the bad boys and girls. What a good neighbor!

JulyWalk06 004

The Northpoint Advancement Center was closed for a long time. Now open for business they will be offering CPR, First Aid and Babysitting classes for Northpoint residents. CPR will be held July 17 from noon to 4PM and First Aid on July 18 from noon to 3PM. Babysitters class is available for children 11-15 years old, please sign up in the Advancement Center, Contact Tamara Paine 773 262 4979. There is a food program for Northpoint children with a breakfast pickup from 9-9:30 and lunch from 12:30-1:00pm.. There are several activities for the seniors here too. (Sorry about the pitiful resolution)
summer06 001

This Howard Area Garden is in full bloom. When we walked by the other evening, several gardeners were either weeding, harvesting, or watering. Had Hispanic Housing had their way, this was to have been a parking lot. Instead, our wonderful politicians sold them a portion of Triangle Park – however, the zoning issues that burdened the field house have moved northwest.

summer06 006

This young one came around the corner on Paulina in a sweaty rampage yelling at anyone in his way. We passed him later on Hermitage and more insults and threats ensued. So if you see him, just stay out of his way. If you’re up to being called a coke whore and a cop in the same sentence, go for it!

summer06 007

July 11, 2006

Attorney General Scolds DevCorp

After all the hedging, dodging, humming and hawing about OPEN MEETINGS on SSA#19 and other taxpayer fundraisers, here’s what the Attorney General’s Office has to say about it...

AttyGen1 7.10.06

AttyGen2 7.10.06

On June 27, 2006 I received a rather demanding email asking that I delete my post that was actually Hugh’s post on TIF’s. The author stated it was ‘just blatantly false’. I dare that person to send an email request to delete this post. I offered to post the demander’s request on the blog, but didn’t receive a response. In fact, I didn’t receive a response to my response which was:

“I find it offensive that SSA's and TIFS are slid into effect without real community approval.I find it terribly offensive that meetings are held at 8:00-8:30 am or 6:00 pm to exclude the working, real taxpayers in your SSA's and TIF' meetings.
I find it offensive that my neighborhood doesn't really have a 'chamber of commerce'. The list goes on and on about the 'blatancy' of Devcorp and it's SSA#19 budget, street cleaning, and sidewalk planter arse benches, and motives. It's been a good fund raiser for DC but has done very little for NOH.

Thank you for removing that hideous lavender real estate advertisement of fellow member over the door. I suppose Aronson sold all the units and it's being repainted.

How do I get a copy of the board meeting minutes especially the annual report? If they're typewritten, they should be available by email, or does this require an FOI?

As for SSA#19 what are the old boundaries and what are the new boundaries? It appears to be 'growing', so I guess there's no rule on establishing an SSA and no rule on having the boundaries not creep outward? So I'll make my demand of you, delete SSA#19. And you speak of blatancy?

Regular Taxpaying Voter”

Naturally, ‘they’ don’t read the blogs, but are sent emails that we’ve posted blatant lies about their meetings and motives. Perhaps when someone notifies them that a black/white copy of the July 3, 2006 letter from the AG has been posted, then perhaps their meetings will be posted on their website(s) as well as on the building with the appropriate notice as written in the Open Meetings Act. (5 ILCS 120/2.02) (from Ch. 102, par. 42.02)

Now may I have the copy of the board meeting minutes and annual report I requested on June 30, 2006? You already know my email address.

Copy of letter contributed by Anne Sullivan

FREE College Level Classes for Low Income Adults

Free college-level humanities classes for low-income adults will be available again in the fall through the Illinois Humanities Council. The Odyssey Project classes -- in philosophy, U.S. history, literature, art history, and writing and critical thinking -- will begin in mid-September at Ariel Community Academy on the South Side and at the Howard Area Community Center in Rogers Park. To request an application for the South Side program call (773) 550-9406 and for the North Side course call (773) 995-8411. For more information, see Odyssey Project.

Tuition is free; books, on-site baby-sitting and CTA fare cards are also provided. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, live in a household with income below 150 percent of the federal poverty level, and be able to read a newspaper in English. Teachers are professors from the University of Chicago, DePaul University, and Northwestern University. In May, 32 students graduated from the class of 2006.

Sun Times

Never Say Never

Guess I’ll Be FORCED To Vote Republican

Political IOU’s? Most of the ‘Democratic Committeemen” are aldermen already, therefore, the IOU should be to their constituents. These guys, including our Mr. Fagus are forcing voters away with this little feifdom sham.

And ya'all call yourselves Democrats?

July 10, 2006

More Negative Rogers Park News

Rogers Park Child Molestors In The News

Please note our very own Carol Goldman is quoted in the article. Having lived here since 1958, who should know better, Carol or the entities?

My vote is with Carol.

Selective Landscaping?

Do you think this wooden planter box looks ‘weathered’ or ‘rotten to the point of needing replacing’?


Apparently, the powers of SSA#19 thought they needed replacing in front of one SSA commissioner’s store, Lost Eras. So Saturday, one new planter box was replaced, the second one will be replaced this week. A neighbor, always looking for good alley finds asked if he could have the discards. The DevCorp man in the truck told him no, but did offer a mini-advertisement, major slip-up. He told my neighbor these wooden beams could be purchased at Home Depot for about $4.00/each.


Three thoughts rise to the surface on this. First, which line item do these planters fall under? Landscaping? General Maintenance? And secondly, doesn’t Devon Hardware in Rogers Park have similar wood or is it necessary to drive out of Ward 49 to spend tax money? Third, so for a few wooden beams @$4.00 each, how much will these planters really cost after adding in ‘labor’? Humm, was it union with a permit?

SSA#19 Budget

I wonder who purchased the decent looking terra cotta planters? They look like planters not outdoor ash trays.

July 9, 2006

Show Them The Way

This photo showing the ‘pellets’ from airguns is courtesy of the gentleman on the pencil. These ‘little harmless’ plastic pellets could hurt or do serious damage. Sorry folks, these are not toys for kids to play with in crowded park areas.


Do everyone a favor and get a summer reading program, get the alderman to hire a bus and take NOH kids to free museum days, show these kids there is a world beyond these few blocks and there is a different way of life. They may not be trust fund kids, but many famous people escaped the plight of subsidized housing.

July 7, 2006

Ceasefire Walk Tonight

Laura from Organization of the Northeast left a message that there will be a Ceasefire Vigil and March Tonight at Clark/Columbia at 6:00PM

Upcoming Events


and....this press release

Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control offers 13th District pet clinic
July 1, 2006, Skokie, IL:

On July 11th in Pooch Park, 3220 W. Oakton Street in Skokie, (located on the west bank of the Sanitary District Canal, directly west of Home Depot) the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control will be sponsoring a low-cost microchip and rabies clinic.
The cost is $7 for a 1 year vaccination with a Cook County rabies tag and $21 for 3 years with a Cook County rabies tag. The cost for the microchip is $10.

Commissioner Suffredin said “Rabies is an issue that not only affects our pets but has the potential to negatively affect our human population as well. Keeping our pet vaccinations up to date is an important step towards ensuring the collective health of our community.”

The clinic is only available to Cook County residents with a valid State ID or driver’s license from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and there is no appointment necessary.

For more information: www.suffredin.org
Contact: Karen Chavers, kchavers@suffredin.org
Phone: 847-864-1209

July 6, 2006

City Hall and Etc.

City Hall

Be there! Thursday, July 13, 6:30pm The Green Machine

Mayor Richard Daley leads a tour of Chicago that showcases his efforts to make it a "green" city, including turning City Hall into a green-roofed structure.

Don’t Forget To Sign

July 5, 2006

Sour Lemons

A commenter asked ‘how the lemonade stand went’. We never set it up, thunderstorms loomed, there were three vendors in that circle already. Chip Bags Galore. Of all the ‘concerned neighbors’ who wanted people to gather in the cul-de-sac, most of the ‘concerned neighbors’ who said they’d be there – weren’t. So those of us who gathered had a mini strategy meeting.

Before that, children and adults were setting off fireworks in the park. One simple statement that it’s illegal to set fireworks off in the city or the park quieted it down while we were there.

Meanwhile, back on the parenting kick started yesterday from the beach episode – what on earth are parents thinking by allowing their male children play with these things? There were 12 and 13 year old males shooting these in a crowded area. That's not the meaning of 'target practice'. These so called toys could put someone's eye out or could be mistaken for the real thing. Flaunting this is especially dangerous and stupid in an area like NOH. In the event of mistaken 'identity' then who's to blame?


The description is from the website and I’ve changed the manufacturer name to ‘pretend gun’. No advertisment here.

“Full-size scale heavy replica of the Sig Sauer P-228 (FBI favorite pistol). This single shot pistol is spring powered, 13 round capacity. This item shoots 6mm soft Plastic BBs or special 6mm paintballs. You can purchase extra 1000 bb's with item #XPXXXX

Pretend Gun BB guns have been designed and marketed over 30 years ago as a recreational sport for people who enjoy target practicing or indoor "plinking" with friends. As time went by, the Pretend Gun BB guns became more like the guns that people saw in movies and on television due to customer demands. This created a huge splash in the United States as well as countries like Italy and Japan, which continues today.

The design of the Pretend Gun BB guns centers on a propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to shoot lightweight plastic BB's. This system generates a much less damaging projectile while still retaining accuracy.” (huh?)

“The US government has approved and specified regulations applicable to Pretend Gun BB guns. All guns must have the blaze orange marking as federal requirement; all reputable pretend gun manufacturers must be in compliance with this ruling for legal use." (so what’s to keep a kid from painting it black or removing it?)

"These pistols and rifles are full-size replicas, single shot spring powered and use 6mm Plastic BBs. All Pretend Gun toys have had the trademarked names removed and the tips painted orange. This item is recommended for those 18 & older.
PLEASE NOTE: We are sorry but this item can only be shipped to addresses in the United States.
Pretend Gun guns cannot be shipped into the 5 bouroghs of New York city or any city that prohibits air guns. Please check with your local municpality before ordering.”

Any gun advocates out there? Are these legal or not in Chicago? If they aren’t legal, then why aren’t our aldermen making sure the manufacturers have the same language as NYC? SimPly put = Pretend Guns cannot be shipped into the City of Chicago. Period. English.

Maybe human safety should prevail over the treatment of ducks, the type of grease for french fries, or cigarette butts on the beach. Maybe checking what stores/vendors are selling should be a priority.

From another gun site on safety: Avoid letting your children play with realistic toy guns and nonpowder firearms, such as pellet guns, air guns, air rifles and BB guns.

Maybe our city council should be demanding parenting classes on 'how to be responsible for your kid'. It's no more a violation of human rights than telling us what we can and can't eat.

July 4, 2006

Loyola Beach

This wasn't playtime on Loyola Beach as it appeared at first glance. This is how a search and rescue effort is launched on the beach for a missing person.
july4LoyolaBeach 010

july4LoyolaBeach 011

july4LoyolaBeach 012
july4LoyolaBeach 020
july4LoyolaBeach 019

A man with the lifeguard squad filled me in. A six year boy old hadn't been noticed by mom in about an hour. Fearing the worst, this major search and rescue effort began with lifeguard boats, CFPD helicopter, police boats, and the volunteers seen forming human chains.

Luckily, the child was found on North Shore Beach where he'd wandered on his big adventure, but he was safe and sound. Please remember, the beach is a playground but the lifeguards are not babysitters.

Parents, please watch your little ones on the beach, parks and other public places.


The SUN is out, the skies are relatively CLEAR, enjoy your day. This tribute was sent by a senior citizen, so we can all remember or re-learn some of the words.


July 3, 2006

Lemonade Anyone?

Please join us tonight 7:00PM if you're not going to the lake or having a party. A group of us are setting up a lemonade stand in the cul-de-sac at Ashland between Gale Park and Jonquil. (See Friday's post) Bring a lawn chair and join the 'sit in for quiet'. Lemonade will be ten cents a cup and proceeds will go to the Northpoint Tenant Assocation. There are several seniors and hard-working neighbors living in that area who can't sleep with the fireworks and the day-to-day business of the area. Help us quiet the neighborhood for awhile. This requires no walking, and is an easy way to get to know your neighbors. Yes, the police have been notified.
This article was sent to me by a co-conspirator in the blogosphere.

Given high crime rate, police make lemonade MINNEAPOLIS -- In a city beleaguered by a wave of murders, Minneapolis police believe they've hit on a new crime-fighting tool: lemonade.
The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time:

(c) 2006 Duluth News Tribune and wire service sources.
On a side note, this is 24/7 Howardwatchers 500th post.

July 2, 2006

Don't Blame the Weather

A neighbor called inquiring what was the big deal with the posts on replacing Stroger. For an instant I wondered if the heat was having an effect. Logically and sensibly, most people regardless of gender or race are not quite up to a high stress job in their mid seventies. Yet, the Democratic Party and Stroger continued to push toward that election, and the result is a stroke that may or may not have happened when it did. This isn’t about bashing a sick senior citizen, it’s about the democratic process or what’s been labeled ‘democratic’ as well as ‘legal’. In Today’s Sun Times 7.2.06 and a Previous Sun Times Article
Those who signed the citizenspeak petition received a response this morning from Peter N. Silvestri, County Commissioner (9th District) who was on the outbound email list. His response, in part states:

“The positions of commissioner and candidate for the presidency are not within the control of the county board. The Democratic Committeemen of Mr. Stroger's district will fill his commissioner's position and the Democratic Central Committee will select a new replacement for the candidacy to the presidency in the November elections.In both cases, the Democratic Committeemen will replace Mr. Stroger because of his party affiliation. “

“The replacement candidate for the board presidency will be slated by the 80 Democratic Committeemen of Cook County, which includes one from each city ward (50) and one from each suburban township (30). I would suggest you contact your local Democratic Committeeman and voice your opinion with him or her also. It is imperative that you contact them as soon as possible, so that your voice may be heard before they make their selection. This office is too important for political maneuvering and the candidate must be qualified and experienced to administer a $3 billion government with over 90 bureaus and agencies and in excess of 27,000 employees. I have or will have contacted all of them again to relay this message also.”

I sincerely appreciate your position on this matter and agree. I will continue to work towards bringing this matter to an end and dealing with the many important issues facing this government.”

Here’s a list of The Members – most do not have email addresses listed.

The ‘Contact Us” button does NOT function BUT the DONATE button is activated! Imagine that! Here’s another version of the “List”
So, my confused friend, here’s a relatively simple explanation. This replacement is about Power and Money. Mr. Stroger was approved and applauded by our 49th ward committeeman, Dave Fagus who supports and applauds our alderman. There’s an upcoming aldermanic election and to date we have several contenders. Other than the incumbent, there’s Don Gordon, a 30 year resident of Rogers Park who is opening his campaign office in a few days. Chris Adams announced his candidacy earlier this summer and has been seen at all the informercials. Jim Ginderske, who’s been active for some time, announced his candidacy recently, and then there’s our Broken Heart activist, Craig Gernhardt who declared in 2005 at a zoning meeting at Gale School.

Everyone took note of the election tactics when Craig actually got a photo op of one of the Fagus/Moore tactic by their crew.
So to wrap up this saga of Stroger, please look at the big picture and how the ‘trickle down’ effect will play out on our own local election campaign. There’s nothing fair and square, let alone, democratic in some of the processes. If anyone has an issue with an incumbent appointing a ‘child or a friend’ via the support of the Democratic Party, then be aware of how too many issues are ‘taken care of’ by our omnipotent machine while we pay taxes into their plans.

If you want to pay more property taxes, higher rents, to pay for the machine’s toys and ploys and watch everything else disintegrate, that’s your choice. Please remain silent and don’t complain later. I've added Mr. Fagus email to the PETITION and Joan Brennan, 1st vice chair, Cook County Democratic Party.

July 1, 2006



If you are dissatisfied with the arrogance on this chapter of Cook County politics, please sign the above petition which will be forwarded to the machine so they can hear your opinion on the Stroger Saga.

Don't you think our public servants need a reminder that we taxpaying voters are the boss?

A Long Noisy Weekend NOH

Every night is party night in the Ashland cul-de-sac by Gale Park. The two blue vans outside the yellow buildings blast noise known to some as ‘music’ and the liquor flows freely from insulated coolers. Other non-legal drugs of choice can be easily purchased here, across the street from Gale School. The police held a roll call here the other night and are out there tonight. But they need about 50 more squads to deal effectively.


A blast of fireworks just went off before this shot. There’s a patch of grey/blue smoke wafting above the stop sign.

Residuals from last Saturday night outside the Jonquil Hotel where they claim they call the police.
JuneWalk06 007

Another youth craps game. This space between the school trailers and Gale School create a great place for drug dealing, prostitution, and craps games.

The police never interrupt this nightly alley blocker party because the neighbors never complain. 7600 block of Paulina. Food, booze, in the garage, people in the alley and vans blocking the alley. So what message does this send everyone else? Of course, noise is good, trash is better.

These were genuine kids just hanging out for a change.