March 30, 2006

DNA Links Offender To Crime


There Is A Wisdom Bridge Arts Project

Wisdom Bridge Playbill Collage.

This collage is composed of playbills collected over the years and was removed by the WBAP group to protect it from further water damage. There are photos of the many stars who performed there.

To dispel any myths or rumors of a conspiracy, I went to the Wisdom Bridge Arts Project Meeting 3/29/06. I’ve known of its existence for some time, but recently on another blog, some commenters couldn’t find any information about them. Here’s their new website that just hit the Internet.

WBAP a small group of five board members who have been working for several years to obtain the Wisdom Bridge building. To make a long story, very short, the property was ‘held hostage’ in my opinion by John Terzakis who owns the adjacent parking lot on Howard and the propriety on Ashland where the Lerner building stands. He would not sell the WB until he was able to obtain community and city approval to develop the the latter plats. Now Terzakis is being threatened with eminent domain by the alderman. However, the Wisdom Bridge group persevered and purchased the building in October, 2005.

The group obtained a loan from a not-for-profit lender, got funding for pre-development expenses, and has John Morris, AIA providing his first renderings this week. Morris has designed several theaters and will be working with the current board and any RP neighbors who want to put time, energy and thought into promoting a cultural arts center on Howard Street.

The rumors are true, the current building will be demolished and in it’s place will be a new mixed-use, or multi-use arts center. Demolition was a difficult but necessary decision according to Tom Rosenfeld who chaired the meeting. There was the dilemma of saving the building and incurring the expenses to remediate it’s current state versus starting over with a new building designed for the arts. Ultimately, the group had to decide whether their mission was to be historical preservationists (at an unknown cost) or to be facilitators of a cultural arts center.

The center will probably have condo’s atop the lower level commercial condo theatre space. Throughout the years of meetings and planning, the group dealt head-on with the ‘gentrification’ process that someday will change the landscape. Their goal is to have a responsible development that encompasses the culture of the current neighborhood's cultural makeup rather than creating a center for future residents of the ‘gentrification’ movement.

So the battle to obtain the building has been won and the next steps are the implementation of plans and a capital campaign effort, i.e. fundraising and obtaining grant funding. They have the support of time and design from Robert Falls and some financial support of alumni William Petersen of CSI fame. The goal is to reach out to as many stars who performed in Wisdom Bridge as possible for their fundraising support.

There will be another meeting in two weeks and their next objective will be to have a community meeting at Gale School to provide further details. Until that time, if you have genuine interest or passion for the arts, please contact the group via their website. Please help the Wisdom Bridge Arts Project by offering your expertise at grant researching and writing, or recruiting sincere, dedicated cultural arts enthusiasts.

Imagine this….

Howard Street on a summer night with people going to a theatre destination.

Collage Closeup 1

Collage Closeup 2

March 29, 2006

Vigil for Clyde Flowers

Ceasefire will hold a vigil tomorrow night, March 30 for Clyde Flowers who was slain last night. The vigil will begin at 5:30 pm at Fargo and Ashland where the incident took place, and will proceed around the block.

At 6:00 p.m. there will be a police roll call.

Many may think 'why bother' but this was a young man, someone's son and all the information regarding the shooting is not yet known. The incident, like so many others, is a partly symptom of a 'why bother' attitude we've all been guilty of at some point in our lives. We need to bother, we need to care, we need to support Clyde's family and the neighbors of Fargo and Ashland.

I will try to attend providing I can get out of work a little early. Will you try to attend too?

More Unwelcome News

Received this news in an email last night @10:24pm from a neighbor

I was walking home from a friend's place on Jarvis near the lake. When I got to Jarvis & Ashland, I found that Ashland was closed off from Jarvis to Rogers by MANY squadcars (over a dozen). Someone on the street said that there had been a shooting. I called an officer friend who confirmed a reported shooting - man shot in the chest in Dubkin Park.

From what I observed and heard, it may very well be a fatality. Word is that it was a 19 year old male. No name or other details at this point. Ashland is still blocked off by crime scene tape. The shooting happened around 9:00 p.m.

March 28, 2006

Please Help These Innocent Creatures



Zoning Meeting 1344 W Lunt

From The MoroseHellhole

Unwelcome RP News

Bandits hit N. Side bank

By Jeremy Gorner
Tribune staff reporter
Published March 28, 2006, 2:56 PM CST

Authorities are searching for two male suspects who robbed a bank this
morning in the Rogers Park neighborhood on Chicago's Far North Side.

The pair entered the LaSalle Bank branch, 7516 N. Clark St., shortly
before 9:30 a.m., and displayed weapons, authorities said.

The suspects took an undisclosed amount of money and then fled the
bank, FBI spokesman Tom Simon said. No one was injured in the heist.
Descriptions of the suspects were unavailable.

FBI agents were at the scene this afternoon. Representatives from the
bank were not available for comment.

Officials described the incident as a "takeover" robbery, in which the
offenders announce the stickup, rob at least one teller and sometimes
steal from several tellers as well as bank patrons. It was not
immediately known how many people were robbed in today's incident.

A total of 51 takeover robberies were reported against Chicago banks
last year, up from 29 in 2004, according to the FBI.

Copyright (c) 2006, Chicago Tribune

From Anne

Please Register Your Opposition to the Loyola TIF

Besides pushing for the jobs & economic justice policy to apply in general, RPCAN's Board of Directors voted to oppose the specific request from Loyola University for a $46 million TIF subsidy (part of the Devon-Sheridan TIF), to reimburse part of the cost of rehabbing tax-exempt campus buildings.
RPCAN values Loyola as an important part of our community, but this subsidy request does not satisfy our community's interests. Contact RPCAN for more info about reasons.

Loyola reps claim they have more community support than opposition. RPCAN is asking members and allies to register opposition to that specific subsidy proposal, before it is submitted to the City Council, by clicking

Thanks for your help. When each of us does her/his part, the change it's gonna come.

Jonathan Roth, Patricia Phillips

RPCAN Office

Pun Intended?


One can't help but wonder how much homework or research went into integrating two different systems. Better question is why are there two different systems? Not surprising is City Hall's capability to push the blame elsewhere onto the human factor known as training. Next they'll try to convince voters that MACS and all other computers are the same.

But we can be assured that the 'machine helpers' NOH were paid $30 Bucks and a hoagie

March 26, 2006

Broadmoor Faces Foreclosure


The decent, hardworking tenants of the Broadmoor and other 'former' IMC Properties throughout the Chicago Area, wish to thank Mr. Higginson for his devotion to low income people. Apparently his methods of purchasing properties in gang infested neighborhoods failed due to his lack of management being the first step to failure. The second step in this downward spiral, was the lack of initiative to make these properties safe, secure, and up to code. When one cuts corners, one eventually gets caught in the corners one creates.


This afternoon, my neighbor from the Broadmoor is sitting with me as I enter this post. This tenant now must begin the merry-go-round of waiting in limbo not knowing if she has a home or not. It only took from May 2005 until January 2006 for her to finally get her signed lease renewal. Friday, March 24, 2006, all paperwork was removed from the Broadmoor management office. Let's hope it doesn't get 'lost'.

Was Mr. Higginson's tax credit concept such a help to those who really needed low income homes? Now the court will decide. And taxpayers wonder where the money went.

March 25, 2006

Taking Back Our Lives

Dee Costanzo, of ImpactChicago, captivated almost 70 Rogers Park women and several youngsters at the Women’s Self-Defense Workshop. Dee has training in several schools of self-defense and has taught with Impact for 18 years. The main objective of ImpactChicago is not to be physical but rather to promote the message of being aware, confident and in control of yourself.

Too many women (like children) have been conditioned to be unassertive and conciliatory, making them prime targets of predators. She likened predators to the school yard bully. The bully usually picks on the smaller, weaker kids because they are easier to intimidate both mentally and physically. We learned the ABC’s of self-defense to deal with bullies on the street, on the train, in the office.

Awareness, Boundaries, Confidence

We were taken through steps of being aware of our demeanor. How were we being perceived? We learned how we should appear in our surroundings, and to the people around us. We learned techniques to create our boundary; our personal safety zone. We learned how to establish and maintain our safety zone between ourselves and anyone attempting to invade it. Accompanying awareness and boundaries emerged our better understanding of confidence. Attendees played both the role of the ‘timid, frightened victim type’ and the assertive, confident type in several exercises to show us how ABC works. Overcoming the fear is the first step to rational and quick thinking in these situations. Not being afraid to yell STOP could save your life.

All Around The Sky Room

The ABC's of defense

The One Two Kicks

The predator, according to Dee, is your ‘average guy’ in appearance. Surprisingly, most are 5’8”-5’10” in height and weigh an average of 160 pounds. Emphasis was placed on not wasting time trying to figure out anyone’s strange behavior. If you feel those tiny hairs standing up on the nape of your neck, listen to your instincts. More importantly, do NOT worry about embarrassing anyone when it comes to your safety. One message is to allow yourself to be loud, firm, and in control. Be aware of anyone watching, and of strangers striking up conversation, whether at a bar or a bus stop. Too often, we unconsciously give out too much information about ourselves in seemingly innocent chatter. She stressed that many of these predators watch and know our patterns.

Toward the end of the program, Dee went around the large sky room lined with attendees and each woman, including the children, participated in the one, two kicks.

One very important thought Dee left with us: We have a right to be on our streets and we should not have to constrict our lives by allowing fear to accommodate the bullies. They’ve had ownership of the streets too long. It’s time to be assertive and take back our lives and our streets.


Here's a new blog from neighbor Fargo! Please bookmark in your favorites.


Impeach Bush?

Dubya is more deserving of the charge than flirtatious Bill. The only person who should have held him responsible for dismissal was Hillary, but that's my opinion.


The frightening part is the person next in line.

March 24, 2006

Women's Self-Defense Workshop Reminder

Don't forget to attend the free Women's Self Defense Workshop tomorrow, March 25. The two hour session begins tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. to 1:30p.m. It's at Loyola Park Field House, 1230 West Greenleaf and we will be upstairs in the Sky Room.

Wear comfortable clothes!

Broadmoor Into Receivership Today

Lord Higiwil’s low hovel fiefdom passed onto Lord Heizle in the late summer of 2005. Since that transfer, the High Courts of the Kingdom of Ogacihc have been pursuing Lord Heizle’s lesser lords and overseers of his newly inherited domain. They've been summoned to account for building complaints from code violations to harboring sinister knights of evil. Yesterday one of the peasants who lives in the low hovel we know as the Broadmoor called. The peasant spoke to the Broadmoor overseer to follow-up on a work order placed March 14. The low hovel tenant felt the problem obviously was being ignored. History was repeating itself with a leak in the ceiling. What a shame to have this magnificent repair job ruined.

33.24.06 006 33.24.06 008

A year ago, it appeared that the radiator in the apartment above was the culprit. Although a ‘repair’ was made, a year later, the problem is recurring. The tenant was told by the overseer of the Broadmoor that the building had been placed in receivership and they were packing their office.

I contacted Lord Heizle’s main castle to inquire after attempting to reach the Lord of Drawoh. Instead of a knight of Drawoh responding to my call, I was greeted by a machine. Not wanting to wait weeks for a response, I had little choice but to call upon Lord Heizle’s staff. I was courteously informed that another management company would indeed be taking over the Broadmoor effective today, March 24 in the year 2006. It was confirmed by someone other than our home base. Some of Lord Heizle’s other low hovels in Southern Ogacihc recently went into receivership.

May my friends at the low hovel be blessed with a management company that will protect them from the evils they have experienced in the past. That includes riddance of the sinister manager and those useless, blasting outdoor speakers.

Recall Warning


March 23, 2006

Voters to Solis: Downzone Pilsen now

Advisory referendum to ‘slow down gentrification’ passes by wide margin
By KATHARINE GRAYSON, Staff Writer, Chicago Journal, 3/22/06

NEAR WEST: A non-binding referendum requesting that 25th Ward Alderman Daniel Solis downzone the Pilsen neighborhood passed by a wide margin of 1,103 to 356 Tuesday night. The referendum, which received the support of 75 percent of voters, asked that Pilsen’s predominant zoning classification of RT-4 be changed to RS-3 in order to "slow down gentrification," a move that members of the neighborhood group Pilsen Alliance argue will protect the area’s existing low-rise and single-family housing stock. ...

Alejandra Ibanez, executive director of the Pilsen Alliance, ... countered claims that the referendum was geared toward stunting development in Pilsen. She said the hoped-for RS-3 designation would protect single-family homes and two-flats, which would in turn help preserve the affordable housing in the neighborhood. She also said the zoning change would prevent residents from being forced out of the neighborhood ...


March 22, 2006

Moore unleashes eminent domain on Terzakis

At Ashland and Howard, Moore is openning a can of eminent domain on developer John Terzakis, as he announced at the Gale Academy meeting on the Powder Puff building. Details at link, above.

Stroger Camp Whines


March 21, 2006

The Polling Place Heavy


Mr. Berryhill was fortunate, he took the day off. How unfortunate that I couldn't take the day off and harass the daylights out of him. Damn, what a missed opportunity!

I took an afternoon off two cold years ago on election day. For the 4 hours I stood in the cold, Berryhill was walking people right up to the door with his shoulder bag. He walked and talked, and handed out brochures, while Mr. F stood proudly smiling at everyone. At one point that afternoon, Berryhill entered the building! He and Fagus later were standing together laughing because 'this little woman' was mad. So I approached them reminding them that high school was over. I didn't make the rules, and the rules apply to both sides of the campaign trail.

Yes, the Berryhill tried to glare me down, but it didn't work. The election judges had heard about his antics - yet no one did a damn thing. There should be an enforcer outside this polling place in November.

Then I went inside to vote this morning, and there was my 'friend'. He's harmless, but a neighborhood small time dealer, so what goes? I doubt many people need a road map to figure out what happens North of Howard!

How dare these people call themselves Progressive, they're as Regressive to the 1930's as one can get. And they're using the low-income people as their tools. We need a group to help enlighten the voters before November...I can't do it alone.

Anyone willing to pitch in? I'm not talking about campaigning, I'm talking about showing the roadmap and all the pitfalls, lies, and threats that are not quite legal. Many don't know their rights as tenants, so how would they know their rights as voters? Many perceive the Machine as they do the Landlord...'ultimately right'. Ain't so.

City Snubs Developer


And, speaking of Parks, TOMORROW, March 22, is the rescheduled meeting due to the election. The monthly North of Howard Parks Advisory Council meeting at Howard Area Community Center on Paulina. 7PM. Let's see if the protocol advisory duo has any updates for us following the MARCH 9 MEETING, or will the election be a conflict of interest?

If so, that will add another 4 weeks to the waiting-to-hear-from them list.

Your Vote Counts

Please look through the Chicago Bar Association and the Alliance of Bar Association Ratings for the judges to vote for. Ratings are at the top of the adobe file downloads.

check out the left side bars

Here are the new directions on HOW TO VOTE

In light of John Strogers health problems, here’s a big point to consider from the Tribune. HOW STROGER WOULD BE REPLACED IF HE RESIGNS/RETIRES IF ELECTED AGAIN, plus additional support for Clayool.

March 20, 2006

A Positive Story

Another positive story on sportsmanship and spirit.





Right To Facts

Here's a new blog from Julie with a different perspective, 'right to facts'. Please bookmark this in your favorites.


March 19, 2006

Sigmund Haunts Us Still


Another Rally

I stepped on a flyer last Thursday morning on Howard Street from Northside Power. I'm cutting and pasting the highlights.

-Will Edwards, Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development
(MOWD)On behalf of the CTA,
Department of Planning, and MOWD

There will be a rally on Monday, March 20th at 5:00PM at the

at Howard & Paulina or according to an update the parking lot by Good News Church on Paulina

The flyer’s theme is:
"Rogers Park, and especially North of Howard, desperately needs good paying jobs. 18 months ago we began talking with city departments to get jobs for local residents on the $56 million dollar Howard “L” station project.

Is this a prelude to asking for TIF Money for Job Training? .

Please join the rally

Please stop here during the day and sign up

dc ads 002

March 18, 2006

One More Reason To Vote

Surely everyone is aware of the dismay and distrust surrounding the LOYOLA TIF FOR PRIVATE TAX-EXEMPT PROPERTY. However, some segments of city government provide minutes that are accessible to their bosses, the taxpayers.

Of course, that's after the deals have been done and protocol has been established. Our PUBLIC SERVANTS dont' want to bother us at work, they know we may be tired after our long day at work, so they make plans for us. If and when we find out the plans, the PUBLIC SERVANTS are shocked at our attitude and distrust. TIF's and SSA's tend to fall into that category.

Here, for your information are the CHICAGO PLAN COMMISSION MEETING MINUTES

Due to ALL the above mentioned, make this just ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO VOTE MARCH 21

Will our PUBLIC SERVANTS pay attention to a referendum? Obviously this is only option left to control our public SERVANTS to do OUR WILL to the real estate feast we did not order on our taxpayer credit cards.

Stay tuned for a different approach to the same subject.

Candle Light Walk Tonight, March 18 7PM

UPDATE: The sun is smiling and warming the morning. If you want a smaller event than the one downtown, please join us.

May the weather gods be kinder than they were in February! Once again, we'll meet under the blue light on Howard at the entrance to Gale Park at 7PM. Bring a candle or flashlight, the kids, the dog, bring a neighbor or a friend.


March 17, 2006

"For What It's Worth"

How many of you remember THESE PHOTOS?

More than 30 years have passed, the names of presidents and countries have changed, but sadly we are just ‘older’ NOW?

So history evolves, revolves, and yet what has the world learned?

Artist: Buffalo Springfield Lyrics
Song: For What It's Worth Lyrics

There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware
I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind
I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side
It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away
We better stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, now, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down
Stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Irish Blessing

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

May God be with you and bless you:
May you see your children's children.
May you be poor in misfortune,
Rich in blessings.
May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.

May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind be always at your back
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home
And may the hand of a friend always be near.

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you,
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that love you.

March 16, 2006

7 Blunders of Chicago: Architecture: Neighborhoods of 'numbing sameness'

Charles Leroux, Chicago Tribune, March 16, 2006

... the biggest architectural blunder is the devastation of the city's neighborhoods by bad residential structures tossed up to take advantage of the real estate boom. Some communities have been rendered almost unrecognizable by condoing, townhousing and McMansioning.

The red-brick, three-story, standard issue multiunit is turning many Chicago streets into slab-lined corridors of drabness reminiscent of Cold War Eastern Europe. Typically these buildings turn their backs to the street, giving passersby views only of teeny patches of grass or balconies where grills and bicycles are stored. When two such buildings are plopped down across the street from each other, the street becomes a de facto alley. ...

What's being lost is something less easily defined than a wonderful old church or theater but something perhaps more important. As the distinctive neighborhoods that have traditionally defined Chicago are visually eroded, the sense of who we were and are also ebbs away. "City of neighborhoods" could easily become "City of numbing sameness," and that would be a huge blunder.

Money Did Grow on Trees

From Forbes:


CAPS Review For February

3/9/06 Beat 2422 CAPS Meeting

Beat Wide

Contact Cards: 325
Case Reports: 77
Arrests: 79

Priority Area
Arrestees from 2422: 49

Domestics: 3
Simple Battery: 3
Vice (not Narc):
Quality of Life:
Narcotics: 19
Theft: 1

Jargowood 0
Birchwood/Greenview: 9
Triangle Park Area: 0
Bosworth: 5
Clark: 0
Jonquil: 9
Juneway: 4
Marshfield: 0
Rogers: 5
Sheridan: 0

Total Crimes for February 2006
Battery 18
Theft 13
Criminal Damage 11
Criminal Trespass 8
Assault 7
Motor Vehicle Theft 5
Robbery 2
Deceptive practice 2
Sex Offense 1
Public Peace Violation 1

Noteworty Incidents/Arrests:
A gang shooting at Paulina and Howard was averted from a tip. Squads saturated the area and the assailant(s) fled.
An arrest was made in the recent shooting at Marshfield/Jonquil.
A cannabis arrest of over 730 grams was made in the 7600 block of N. Greenview.

According to CPD statistics, crime is down 24.5% from this time a year ago, and total crime is down 30.84%.

A monthly calendar will be created, a person volunteered to take notes/provide minutes.

Discussion regarding the lack of crime on Howard and the rise on other streets may be the direct result of the police pod. Following that were neighborly tips on watching our for the hood by increased lighting outside homes, positive loitering, community walks, inclusive events.

There's rumor of a new gang in the area, the Lokes. These are younger kids who may or may not be a branch of the GD's, and according to one officer are too young to be organized. Admittedly, many do join when older.

The Sergeant expressed his concern that the lights in Gale Park are too dim to offer protection to the kids who are out at night. Many kids have permission to hang out from the time school is dismissed until 9pm. Adding brighter lights in the Ashland cul-de-sac would help this situation.

A neighbor on Greenview complained that her handicapped parking spot was always taken by non-handicapped drivers. The sergant informed her to make several calls, ask for a supervisor or leave him a message and he would personally look into the situation.

Craig Gernhardt, from the Morse area, came to ask neighbors who may know who Donte is to try and get the youngster to talk to Ceasefire if he's afraid to talk to the police. Donte is only wanted for questioning in the Wayne Smith murder. Craig also reminded anyone available on Friday to attend the Elijah Stewart hearing as court advocates in the murder of Alex Vernon. Elijah allegedly shot and killed Alex last summer.

MaryJane Haggerty reported on building court updates for the former IMC properties known as Broadmoor East.


March 15, 2006

Full Moons and Other Ideologies

My grandmother planted her garden by the signs of the moon and planets. The secret formula for this book has passed through many generations and is still popular and almost revered by many. One can find which days are best for planting, harvesting, cutting hair, cutting the grass to improve or slow growth, fishing and hunting, or the dates of meteor showers.


How Dallas Struggles With Urban Blight

This article was sent by a friend I met on one of our monthly walks. There are many interesting studies in the sidelinks. Thanks for giving readers another perspective.


March 14, 2006

A Noisy Night

Around 7PM tonight the street yells were invading the windows and walls. A group of youngsters was having a dispute with a very angry older male. Northpoint Security stood by watching. The group broke up, security left, only to find themselves back to deal with the same crowd.


After that settled, I heard sirens around 8PM and looked out to see two squads and several unmarked vehicles in front of 7628 N Bosworth. The Beat Facilitator and I met in front of the building and were told by the 3rd watch sergeant that it was a ‘domestic’ and the young woman would not press charges. Sadly, this is often the case. The ‘man’ is the breadwinner, and the woman will tolerate these forms of abuse, whatever they may be. We weren’t told any details but the word ‘domestic’ usually says enough.


Here’s an update on the vacant storefront at Howard/Bosworth where Carmen was the eyes and ears of the neighborhood. I wonder if the camera with the squawking speakers ID’d the window breakers?
Broken Vacant Store Window Broken Window

Did The Camera Get It?

Problem Spot on Paulina

This alley runs alongside the clinic on Paulina. Neighbors have mentioned suspicious persons and activity in both the alley and the entryway after closing. The front of the Werner building that houses the post office on the opposite side of the street is also a frequent 'gathering place'.

Clinic1 Opposite Clinic

Neighbors should report any suspicious activity to 911.

Update On Johnson

Johnson's building is tabled for now.


March 13, 2006

Another Point of View

Don't forget to vote March 21 and don't forget to click on the poll.
NHNA Community Bulletin Board
...edited at request of Mr. L....

another tidbit in my email:

Online activism is under attack by America Online.

AOL has announced plans to charge a corporate "email tax" to guarantee access to user inboxes. Under this pay-to-send system, large emailers can bypass spam filters.

Under this scheme, charities, small businesses, civic organizing groups, and even families with mailing lists will be left with inferior Internet service unless they are willing to pay AOL's fee.

We need to stop AOL and send a message to other email providers -- such as Yahoo!, MSN and Google -- that imposing a similar "email tax" is a mistake.


The New Jay Johnson Twin-Tower Legacy Highrise on Morse

Here's a post from my notes from the presentation on Jay Johnson's Cornerstone Residential Group's latest project on Morse, as presented by Johnson Tuesday, January 21 to Moore's other campaign contributors.


Peter M. Nicholas
Nicholas Clark Architects Limited
2045 W Grand Ave # 2
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 243-7799


It's at 1514-24 W Morse, the property commonly known as the parking lot to Johnson's Morse Senior Center. Other nearby Johnson projects include the Morse Senior Center and the Wayne Senior Center.

Johnson said he had approached the owners of Morland Coin Laundry, 1522 W Morse, which lies between his Morse Senior building and his latest project, about their interest in selling, but that they liked the Laundromat.

The Project

The project is 40 residential condominiums and with 2 commercial spaces on Morse. (Johnson claimed he could build 42 units by rights). The commercial spaces would not be commercial condos (as Johnson did in his Howard Theater project), they would be leases, and Johnson would maintain a management interest in the building. 4 of the residential units would be offered through CPAN.

The project is built to the lot lines, and has no windows or porches on the east or west sides of the buildings, apparently a concession to projected development on either side of this project. The project consists of two 6-story towers, one at the front of the property on Morse and one at the rear of the property on the alley. This was to offer windows and a suspended balcony to all the condos. Every unit would be a "corner" unit.

The front tower would have an elevator. The two towers would be connected by glass-enclosed bridges. Between the two towers, in the middle of the lot, on top of the parking garage, would be a green roof available to residents.


The number of parking spaces will exceed the legal requirement. Although this project is eligible for a significant waiver of parking requirements due to its proximity to the Morse EL, Johnson will not apply for any discounts on the parking requirements. Two levels of parking:

1. ground level behind the commercial spaces

2. below ground level, accessed by an indoor ramp.

24 parking spaces will be dedicated to the residents of the senior building. Johnson stated that about 12 of the spaces in the existing surface parking lot are currently rented to residents of the senior building. This was described as an upgrade in security for the residents of the senior building. Key card access will be required to enter the parking area. Access to the parking would be via a gated entrance at the alley. A curb cut on Morse for the current surface parking lot would be removed. No parking for customers of the commercial spaces.

Zoning Change

Johnson is asking for a zoning change to B3-5 from the current B3-3.

Loyola and the CPD


Johnson's Towers on Morse?

When cruising through Morsehellhole, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t help but notice everyone what readers kept skimming over….

"The New Jay Johnson Twin-Tower Legacy Highrise" in the 1500 block of West Morse Avenue”…. “the possible 80 foot high building where now sits a very important parking lot”

Did those zoning experts grant one of NOH’s largest slumlords permission to build this?

It appears that Johnson is favored by the alderman, we all have our favorites. But when it comes to using federal tax dollars to let beautiful buildings slide into JAY JOHNSON’S NORTHSIDE SLUMS then there’s definitely something rotten in Denmark.

When asked to write a spot on Johnson’s buildings North of Howard, my response at first was, ‘I’ve written about him multiple times, didn’t you read them?’ But I took old flicker out and took more shots of “Manderly” and the Dumpster Dive.

Not long after I re-posted the latest infamous Jay post, everyone was at the ward office in an uproar over Connie Abels Sheridan Tower and apparently missed the Johnson Towers. Most left before the meeting was over. Meanwhile that night, I was walking through a crime scene following a shooting that happened just 30 minutes before I left the house. It happened on the corner of Marshfield and Jonquil where one of Johnson’s druggie buildings sits. The same one advertised on his website as a vintage building near the el and the lake.

What are those zoning experts thinking? It’s an election year and they’re possibly granting Johnson another hold in ward 49? Are they trying to overthrow the Lord of the Ward?

Of course not, they’re pulling the wool over your eyes one more time and you’re paying into it. Look at JOHNSON’S SOUTHSIDE CREATIONS possibly financially assisted with earnings from the Howard/Paulina TIF, and government funded deplorable, subsidized buildings that are home to certain anti-socials and/or squatters.

Neighbors, you better stop skimming and start asking. If you want the area cleaned up, then this is the obvious place to begin. Slumlords have to go, not be given zoning permission to build South of Howard from tax dollars earned North of Howard.

March 12, 2006



The First Warm Day

The nominations and votes are in for the best performance on the ‘First Warm Day’. Last year and the year before, the winner was this property in the category FIRST WARM NIGHT, which is directly across the street.

To become a nominee for best performance, have a loud party in front of a rental apartment building that is FOR SALE! Have someone proclaim to be the manager so it appears the party is approved by another NOH non-resident owner. Any prospective buyers will have second thoughts on inheriting certain tenants if they see this while driving by.

1546 Jonquil
The winner for 2006 is 1546 West Jonquil.

In this view the alley is empty. Last summer, it was filled with people all day and all night. It was a constant party involving residents from 1546 Jonquil, 7650-52 Bosworth, and certain residents from the Northpoint building on the left side of the photo.

Several neighbors complained to the police, but the CPD must have had higher priorities elsewhere. Or perhaps they were short staffed if some were deployed to that PARADE to protect the politicians and provide crowd control. How lucky for the party group at 1546 huh?

1546a Jonquil

Around 1:00PM when the photos were taken there were 20-30 people, not all can be seen in the photo. There were more around 4:30-5:00PM. By 7:00PM a neighbor reported at least 50 people were blocking the sidewalk.

The grills were set up in the green space or parkway on the property owned by the City of Chicago around 11:00AM. At least this morning, the revelers had picked up the trash,
1546 Jonquil 003 1546 Jonquil 005
leaving the dog poop where it usually lands.

This new development, a few doors east, has Open House signs up and isn’t far from the prize winning noisemaker properties. Prospective buyers are likely to see the hot spot and run. It would behoove neighbors to contact the alderman’s office requesting him to contact the non-resident owner of 1546 about these on-going problems. The non-resident owner should manage his property if he expects to sell it any time soon for the price he wants.
1546 Jonquil 001 1546 Jonquil 002

March 10, 2006

Alex and Elijah -

The story link is journalistic, to the point, and factual. The neighborhood, or people, stories are human insights. People who knew both of them said they were friends and it was a tragic ending to both lives. I didn't know Alex or Elijah, but death had a sobering effect on one young man I know.

We started talking a couple of years ago when I thought he was giving a 'sign' as I walked past. I made a similar sign and went on to Dominick's. He laughed and so did I, so did his friend across the street. He was in the same spot when I made my return trip. So I stopped and we talked. Since that day, he always waves, or speaks - even when he's with others.

After the shooting, I saw my acquaintance and we talked awhile. I was relieved he wasn't the young man in the news because it wasn't clear who the victim was for awhile. Like so many young people this affected, he was in the shock syndrome. It's a possibility when one lives around or becomes affiliated with the wrong crowd, but the reality is far-away, like a dream. Suddenly, this wasn't a dream or an action movie - it had really happened to someone he knew. Two people he knew. Sadly, it was no longer any kind of a game, or a group of like minds hanging out. And, sadly, the initial shock fades into other emotions and directions. May my friend find a safe path.


Interesting Reading


March 9, 2006

Relieved Republicans


How about the phrase 'relieved Republicans'? Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

CAPS Meeting Tonight 7PM

The monthly Beat 2422 CAPS meeting will be tonight at 7PM at the Rogers Senior Center at Clark and Rogers.

Overview of the Field House Meeting

We learned this at the Gale Park Field House meeting today:

Shortly before the 2/14 acceptance by the Public Building Commission to build the field house, there was ‘re-structuring’ within the PBC. A new Director of Construction and Project Manager were assigned to this building. Hence, when Eva stopped in to inquire, she met the new Director of Construction who proceeded to discuss having a 2/27/06 meeting which was cancelled and rescheduled for today due to ‘protocol’.

The Director of Construction briefly gave us the overview of the bidding process and the costs that had tabled this project previously.

The first order in the process, according to the Project Manager, will be to file for and obtain a building permit. In order to fulfill this requirement, the final blueprints must be turned over by the architects, Perkins & Will. To our knowledge, these were final in August, 2005. Both the Director and Project Manager want to review these finished plans with Perkins & Will and get a ‘feel for the building’ before submitting for the permit. This permit process could take 6-8 weeks.

Previously, the architects worked for the Park District. Upon the approval, the architects now work for the Public Building Commission so that any possible future liabilities lie with the appropriate party in the timing of the project.

A contract must then be negotiated with the architect, and the timeline is unknown. All is dependent on whether or not the numbers will have to be re-negotiated. Once this has been finalized, the PBC will reach out to the PHB to begin working on construction timelines.

In total, the projected timeline will be 16-18 months to build the field house.

Regarding ‘protocol’ mentioned above...according to both the PBC and the alderman, the protocol is that communications and meetings be held between those two entities at their availability. The park council must work within the PBC and aldermanic schedules. It was suggested and agreed that updates be communicated to all members of the council via email promptly. It was also agreed that a monthly update be provided prior to each council meeting by the alderman’s office.

It is our hope that this project will move forward without any further delays. We did inquire if all zoning issues were in order and we were assured zoning was complete. We are still disappointed in the timeframe, but as we were informed by the Director of Construction, it’s his project and he’ll run it.

Prayers, Beethoven and Hot Dogs

As you anxiously await reporting on the outcome of the March 9 meeting between the Public Building Commission, the North of Howard Parks Advisory Council and other Park Council invitees, here are some ideas to take your minds to other avenues of change.

Over a year ago, I suggested to the friend of a local minister that church services be held in Gale Park and Triangle Park in the spring and summer. After all, religious people flock to the beach and other outdoor places for Easter sunrise services, so why not have outdoor worship services in a problem park? The dealers and ladies would quickly disappear. I’d like to extend that thought and invitation to any Rogers Park Church for consideration. If several would take turns during the spring and summer months, we would see change and the churches may attract new members.

I'm sure this will provoke the ire of some non-religious neighbors, so instead of getting all worked up, remember, you don't have to attend or participate.

Another concept being developed with our Northpoint Neighbors is to have Saturday Night events in the park. We would gather as we did with the ‘Celebrate Summer’ picnics, grill hot dogs, have lemonade stands, eat ice cream, have sign up sheets for various groups, help neighbors develop block clubs, and just have ‘get out and mingle' occasions. If anyone would like to discuss, email me at

We survived the bitter cold of our neighborhood candlelight walk on February 18th. We plan to repeat this event again on Saturday, March 18, at 7:00PM and hope it’s a little warmer! Eva is also reaching out to various NOH organizations in the hope they will join us and is urging them to take the initiative and sponsor walks too. She would also like to see Monday night baseball games revived. Do we have any sluggers and pitchers reading? Or, how about old-fashioned croquet? The sources of having fun are endless. Arts and crafts in the park, paint in the park, read poetry in the park, all are activities that many of all ages and genders might take an interest in.

Late last summer I suggested exercize in the park. This could be done on weekday mornings or evenings to accomodate work schedules and on weekends too. It would be a good way to get in shape and see people we haven't seen during the winter months.

Not wanting to let our Connecticut Yankee Friends outdo us, WE MUST TRY THIS IN GALE PARK. This concept occurred to a couple of us in the last two years. We envisioned boom boxes and Beethoven. Does anyone have a boom box we could use? We should incorporate this into our March 18th walk if anyone is willing to volunteer the box, I’m sure we can provide the Beethoven!

The meaning of activism isn't limited to talking or writing about change, or categorizing what 'change' is. Anyone can be an 'activist' by participating in making positive, sustainable change. If our parks are occupied with neighbors having positive fun, occupying our green space, we will be on the road to a united North of Howard neighborhood.

March 8, 2006

Broadmoor Will Never Be A Landmark

Here is a reprint of a story from the Chicago Tribune. You will NOT FIND THE BRODMOOR ON THE CHICAGO LIST OF LANDMARK BUILDINGS

Many long time residents can tell you that the landmark status was forever lost when this 1922 hotel was not restored to it’s original state. On a side note, please note you will not find the Howard Theatre on the list for the same misguided reasons.

Copyright Chicago Tribune Co. Jan 23, 1994
In what its developer describes as Roger Park's most extensive affordable housing renovation, the historic Broadmoor Hotel's $3 million overhaul is nearing completion. Only a few details remain to finish the project that started more than a year ago.

The former six-story hotel at 7600 N. Bosworth Ave., along with three properties across the street, offer a total of 134 units. More than 60 percent of the units in the Broadmoor Apartments, the complex's new name, are rented and occupancy is expected to exceed 83 percent in the near future as new tenants qualify for the units on the city's North Side.

Broadmoor West (the old hotel) now offers tenants some lakefront views, new kitchen appliances, walk-in closets, new laundry facilities, new windows, new elevators and new roofing to go along with a gleaming lobby, skylights and marble stairs. (Please proceed to the comment section for the remainder of the article)

Behind The Smoke Screen

Perhaps someone should put the Sun Times under Stroger's nose? The City of Chicago wants clean air? Well, read all about POLLUTION

Lord Heizle’s Headaches

From a previous post:
Lord Higiwil was one of the first of all the land to create the low hovel way of life. The nobles so liked his theory that many 'invested' their gold coins in his low hovels. Lord Higiwil’s low hovel fiefdom grew to fifty or more hovels and castles. Higiwil was also a vicar so no one thought to doubt his motives. It all came tumbling down around him after many years. Many lesser nobles began to protest in the courts about the appalling conditions of low hovel life and the terror the lesser knights instilled in the fief. Whilst the lord tried to soft talk his way through the strife of the fief, the truth was seen. Fable has it that the nobles learned of the courts and the scribes engravings of low hovel conditions they were investing (hiding) their gold coins into. Ashamed to be connected to Lord Higiwil, the nobles quietly had him dismissed and his fiefdom was dissolved and turned over to Lord Heizle.

But to Lord Heizle’s dismay, there were certain knights in the kingdom of Ogacihc who also served the King of All Lands. Their contract with the king, or part of their homage and fealty, was to confiscate certain smaller fiefs owned by Lord Higiwil after his downfall. The great courts held sessions on the smaller fiefs of Higiwil that extended to the south, west and north within the boundary of Ogacihc. It was so learned in these courts that Old Lord Higiwil had bound all his fifty low hovel fiefs into a Limited Partnership within the state of Sionilli to protect his golden coins from many great taxes. Within this limited partnership was a general managing partner or ‘corporation’. The inside corporation held titles to and possessed the properties. So when Lord Higiwil ‘resigned’, so did the ‘Board of Directors’ thus making them unable to effectively exert control and dominion over the partnership of the fiefs.

While this was in the plotting and planning stages, the knights of inspectordom found numerous low hovel violations the peasants had complained throughout Ogacihc of. They had not lied to the kings knights. So the King proclaimed the low hovels to be placed in the fiefdom of Lord Heizle. Poor Lord Heizle had enough headaches but the King’s courts placed him in receivership of the rundown low hovels. Or did Lord Higiwil and Lord Heizle secretly plan this? One beautiful low hovel was almost sold when the would be buyer learned that Lord Heizle held a two year contract. There was no sale and the beautiful old hovel became more distressed and forlorn as did the occupants. Although the courts ordered Lord Heizle to repair the hovels across the kingdom, very little was done to make them safe and inhabitable for the peasants. Yet the peasants paid their fealty to Lord Heizle while the hovel stood in obvious disrepair.
Broadmoor06 001
The Broadmoor March 06

While beheading isn’t a part of this fable, eviction is. During the day, the Sheriffs of Ogacihc came and removed a peasants belongs leaving them in front of the hovel.
Broadmoor06 002
The Broadmoor 3/7/07 6:00pm

A message was sent by 24/7’s carrier pigeons to Lord Heizle to clean up the street in front of the hovel. We’ll see if he responds via phone, email or carrier pigeon.

Elsewhere in southern Ogacihc, the hovels are becoming vacant, the peasants are leaving in fear. In their place are sinister knights known as gangbangers in modern times. In one hovel, the sinister knights wrote on the walls which tenant they were going to kill. They also set fire to a wooden stairwell. Oftentimes the front door is off the hinges while the sinister knights loiter in front.

If Lord Heizle wants to keep these low hovels, he must send in the good knights to do battle and drive out the sinister knights. Meanwhile, the middle hovel taxpayers are funding this charade of receiverships in the south, west and north of Ogacihc.

March 7, 2006

We Are Waiting

One week ago, Eva requested an emergency meeting with Ald. Moore. As of an hour ago, she had not received a response. I will not post the letter until this post urges certain ward49 office blog readers to request a response from Joe. Like that soap opera with the sands of time, well, tonight Joe is tied up with a zoning issue! Tomorrow it is his weekly meet the locals, so what about the park council request?

"Dear Joe,

Attached is a letter composed by members of the North of Howard Parks Advisory Council. There are some concerns that we feel must be addressed before the meeting on March 9th with the PBC and want to set up an emergency meeting with you on Tuesday or Wednesday evening of next week.

Please respond to Toni Duncan, Cecilia Fandel, John Jaffe and Eva McCann.

Eva McCann"

Ward49 - Japanese Style

The road map with all the detours around potholes, sinkholes, downfalls of zoning and construction has already been written. The problem in Rogers Park is that everyone calls the map by name(s), but apparently few have read it, and very little is being done to avoid the pitfalls! Yes, history repeats itself over and over and humans keep ignoring it.

Yell and scream LINCOLN PARK, LAKEVIEW or whatever park/square you like. The subtitles of the maps are 'How Many People Can You Cram Into One Building?' and 'How Many Buildings Can You Cram In One Block?' It's the Rubick Cube of politicians and developers. How fast can we turn it around? The mantras are: new is better, bigger is even better, so buy those blocks, knock 'em down, and plant 'em and stack 'em. It sounds more like a cemetery.

Something in my off the cuff remark to the Milwaukee man forced a little digging.

Before we stack too much, someone needs to realize WE’RE BEHIND NEW YORK CITY IN OPEN SPACES. We're not really concerned about Mother Earth if she's left out of the plan. It isn't even fair to compare some of the builders and zoners with Japan. The Japanese, for centuries, have utilized every spare spot of earth to plant within an urban space, hence the beautiful gardens and mini-gardens. Haven't we already witnessed Chicago's rendering of this:

Housing in Japan

The ‘CommieBlock’

Even though these projects appear to have progressed from the previous designs above, please CHECK THE LAST PARAGRAPH ‘OUTLOOK FOR THE FUTURE’

Even modern Japanese developers have not created the spaces humans need. Human space isn't really on our agenda at all.

March 6, 2006

Check Your Gas Bill

I finally decided to file away bills yesterday morning. February's bill caught my eye when I noticed 'Other Charge" Share the Warmth Contribution. An additional $1.00 had been added to my account. Shame on me for getting lax in reading all the lines! I dug up the January gas bill and it was on it as well. I could NOT have checked the box and authorized Peoples Gas to charge $1.00 to my account since it's paid online.

My friend and I were out enjoying the snow and this subject came up. He said, well, just charge $1.00 to a million or so customers and blame it on a computer glitch. So how many of you donated for the first two months of 2006 without your permission or knowledge?

I called Peoples Gas this morning, my account had been charged 4 times, the account rep couldn't explain how I became an additional donor. I've requested a supervisor to contact me.

If Peoples Gas has to give rebates, is this how they're collecting the funds?

Progress Elsewhere

The cover story: Retail Runaround sounds pretty familiar doesn’t it? Don’t forget to click and READ THE SIDEBAR – LURING RETAILERS

It appears Alderman Hairston’s one busy woman. Kudo’s to her. Think Magic Johnson would pitch in NOH? The Starbucks here is conveniently and safely tucked into Dominicks, we have ample empty storefronts waiting for an occupant.

On a side note, here's an interesting read on the REBIRTH OF ENGLEWOOD

March 5, 2006

Another Zoning App?

From a neighbor:

“I came home last night and saw this notice on the door next door. It
was not there on Friday. It says that application was made on 2/8/06
to change the zoning on this lot to subdivide the lot into 2, to keep
the existing building and add a 2nd building (presumably facing Rogers,
where the 4-car garage is current located). The first link below will
take you to a photo of the notice, and the second shows the existing


1640-42 W FARGO

I plan to call Joe Moore's office tomorrow to find out about the
hearing date on this. The notice certainly was NOT posted within 5
days of the application date and I don't know if the hearing has
already happened.”

House Bill 5334

March 2, 2006
from the Illinois House of Representatives


Rep. Harry Osterman
Phone: (773) 784-2002
(217) 782-8088

Osterman Bill Creating Condo Advisory Council Moves to Senate

SPRINGFIELD – Legislation sponsored by State Rep. Harry Osterman, D-Chicago, and passed by the House Friday would create the Condominium Advisory Council to identify issues facing condominium owners, associations and others who have financial interests in condominiums.

“The number of condominiums purchased in Chicago and Illinois each year continues to grow providing needed housing for many residents,” Osterman said. “However, we lack a state entity to address the problems and concerns experienced by condo owners, community organizations, associations and management related to condominiums. This bill will bring together a panel of experts to generate dialogue and formulate feasible solutions to the issues surrounding the industry.”

House Bill 5334 would create the Condominium Advisory Council for the purposes of updating and improving the Condominium Property Act and other Acts concerning condominium ownership. The council will research, produce and submit a report of their findings to the Governor and General Assembly.

The Council will consist of 7 unpaid members, four of which are appointed by the General Assembly. The 3 remaining members, appointed by the Governor, will be citizens who have knowledge of, or ownership issues in condominiums. The Department of Revenue will provide administrative and financial support to the Condominium Advisory Council.

“After the original drafting of the Illinois Condominium Property Act, many attempts have been made to fine-tune the law or to legislate because of judicial decisions,” said Sheli Lulkin, president of Association of Sheridan Condo/Co-op Owners. “What Rep. Osterman is doing is extremely valuable to condominium owners and residents, because for the first time the revised Act will be looked at as a whole for gaps or unnecessary additions. Now that condominiums have become a very popular way of life, both in urban and outlying areas, there is a growing need for this review by persons with knowledge of and experience in working with the ICPA as residents, professionals and legislators.”

According to the Illinois Association of Realtors, the Illinois condominium market showed a 9.8 percent increase of units sold from 2004 to 2005.

House Bill 5334 passed the House and now moves to the Senate for further consideration Rep. Osterman represents the 14th district, the communities of Edgewater and Rogers Park in Chicago.

March 4, 2006

The Lies Won't Stick

Carry A Can Of This On Election Day.

If you can't find your polling place, or can't get beyond the throngs of campaigners in the March 21st election in the CITY OF CHICAGO, stash a can of this in your pocket and you'll glide right in the booth.
You will find this little blue and yellow can is valuable even after the election is over. Check out CLUB FAN USERS LIST THE MANY USES

It’ll clean the bugs from your bumpers, shine your stainless steel sinks (I tried it, it works) the shower doors (tried that too, it works).

Using WD-40 on election day will keep the lies from sticking to the voters.

March 3, 2006

Remember This Name March 21st



Meanwhile, back in the wastelands, I noted a couple of the tarnished lord’s signs in the dilapidated, long vacant, Chinese restaurant that is now known as COE’S HOLE
stroger06 001

We are still awaiting his plans for community review. Like our neighbors on Morse, this may be as good as it gets! Our neighbors to the south could have been blown to SMITHEREENS

It was too dark last night to get this sign taped to the outside of the shoe store at JAY JOHNSON’S RUINED HOWARD THEATER

stroger06 002 stroger06 003

In all fairness though, shall we assume that since it was taped ‘outside’ that Mr. J did not give his permission to post? It’s odd though that it’s gone unnoticed by window washers or his pre-SSA#19 clean-up crews. But, in all fairness…..

Just your typical election stuff.


Reckless Drivers -CTA

This complaint was sent yesterday to the CTA by Anne:

There has been an increasing problem in the last few years with CTA
employees driving recklessly on residential streets in the area
immediately surrounding Howard station.
I see a parade of nutty
drivers between 7 and 9:30 a.m. every weekday morning, turning off of
Rogers onto Paulina. Some of them back up onto the 1600 block of
Fargo, driving fast in reverse to get a free on-street parking space.

This morning around 8:00 a.m., a tan Toyota Camry was flying fast in
reverse (25-30 mph) eastbound down the 1600 block of Fargo to grab a
parking space. (Note that Fargo is a one-way street westbound here.)
The license plate number is xxx xxxx(IL). The driver was a CTA
employee in uniform, with a safety vest in the car and a parking
permit for the North Park garage.

On an average weekday, I see a dozen or more drivers doing this same
maneuver. Over half of them are CTA employees in uniform. Many
neighborhood residents are starting their commutes to work, and many
children are walking to school.

I hope that you can do something to cut down on this parade before
someone from the neighborhood is injured or killed by their reckless
If you witness any reckless driving contact:

March 2, 2006

Van Man's Out Again

Knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to attend the Claypool event tonight, a good friend suggested an alternative way to contribute to NOH readers. Since the Dem Party Leaders up here apparently are promoting Stroger, the trail of signs shows where the van man has been. He's been cruising the barren wasteland of Howard Street.

Stroger Around The Clock

Why would I assume the Dem Party Leaders are supporting Stroger? Well, why did independent citizens in ward49 organize tonights event? ‘Splain that. Round the Clock has always been a Joe supporter, so if the van man stops, the sign goes up. And for $7.00 per pack of cigarettes, they’re getting their share too. So is Rich, so DALEY BACKS HIS BACKER

Stroger at the Dubious Store

The Dubious Dollar Store will do anything to keep neighborhood watchers from complaining at CAPS meetings. Maybe hanging a sign will help! The van man says it will.

Stroger at the TaxTime Only Store

The Dubious Tax Store is only open a few months a year during tax return time extracting their fair share from innocent low income people. No problem, here van man.

<Stroger at the Dubious Shop

The last shot taken on the way to work was the corner carry-out with odd hours. But van man will fix any doubts with a Stroger sign. Yep, concerned voters should notice where Stroger signs pop up. Aim those signs at the low income majority NOH, let them know Stroger cares for them.

Meanwhile, at county the nurses are not happy, they’re threatening a strike. STROGER’S LAST MINUTE WOES
Could it be in part that they don’t appreciate a bunch of aldermen trying to send them a bigger caseload for their pal Stroger? WHAT’S THIS ABOUT JOE? If it isn't about promoting Stroger, let's bark that it's about profits. Red herring anyone?

Everyone’s back seems to be getting scratched but the taxpayers and the uninsured. Let’s push Stroger even though he’s played the race card till it’s screaming for mercy. I asked several people who were hanging out on Howard their opinions tonight. They were not too favorable of Stroger. He’s proven himself not to be their caring friend. People may be poor or down on their luck, but they’re not stupid when it comes to a pompous bunch of politicos pushing the villain of their health care. Sure, they know they can pay $2.00 to travel across the city and sit for hours and days for medical care or to fill a prescription. Chances are that instead of seeking routine maintenance healthcare, most will ignore problems and symptoms until it’s an emergency. Didn’t their villainous healthcare chief say ‘no’ to a northside facility?


Stroger’s been a thorn in the taxpayers pockets for too long. He’s from another era and at 77, he should have cleaned up his act and bowed gracefully into those golden years so the taxpayers could have some relief.


And for what it’s worth, so do I. He isn't a knight in shining armor, but his armor is not as tarnished and rusty as that of the lord of county hospital.

Here’s the scoop from the hellhole

A New Political Party Animal

OK, we have the Elephant for one political party and the Donkey for another political party. It appears we have a third political party animal on the horizon.


Claypool Can Win With Your Vote

Thankfully, there are more voters who are ready to retire John Stroger. Meet Forrest Claypool tonight at Loyola Fieldhouse, 7:00PM. Spread the word so your neighbors get familiar with a new name and help vote out a very bad regime.


Thanks to all who put this meeting together.

March 1, 2006

Luckenbach Asks Moore Back and Forth

Wednesday, March 01, 2006 5:04 PM
Subject: Re: Fw: NOH zoning

The purpose of the requested meeting is to allow our NHNA Zoning Committee the opportunity to review the survey and data material/information your volunteers collected NOH, which prompted the proposed zoning changes for the NOH community. The intent is not to discuss the changes but to 'review' the data that was collected which prompted the proposed changes. Access to the information is what we are asking.
3/1/2006 10:16:22 A.M. Mike says:
Thanks for your reply. We look forward to a timely call from Mike Land regarding this meeting. The meeting needs to be scheduled for evening hours to accommodate our committee members. I can be reached by phone at 773-xxx-xxxx
Thanks again.
Mike L.
Joe says: (No time forwarded)
I'm assuming by your e-mail that you would like a meeting to discuss the North of Howard downzoning proposal. Is that so? My evening schedule is very full, and I won't be able to participate in a community meeting before the March 9th City Council Zoning Committee hearing. If you would like to have another meeting regarding the proposal, I'll ask the chairman of the committee to hold that particular ordinance in committee.

Please let Mike or me know.

Joe says: (No time forwarded)
I have forwarded your request to Mike Land in my office and have asked him to fulfill it. One small clarification. While I have introduced the proposed zoning changes into the City Council, they were actually proposed by the Metropolitan Planning Council and ratified by the community at several community meetings held last Fall, including a meeting held at Gale School. Nevertheless, I am certainly open to entertaining more discussion.
Joe Moore
From: Michael luckenbach
To: AldMoore
Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 7:12 AM
Subject: Fw: NOH zoning

Alderman Moore,
The NHNA Zoning Committee is now appealing to you publicly, regarding the e-mail (below) sent on Monday the 27th requesting a review of the data/survey information gathered NOH to prompt your proposed zoning changes in our neighborhood. You have stated that your process is open and transparent and we ask that you affirm that by giving your constituents, the NOH residents an opportunity to review this community information.
Your prompt reply is appreciated.

Mike L.
----- Original Message -----
From: Michael luckenbach
To: AldMoore
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 9:43 AM
Subject: Fw: NOH zoning

I have had some problems receiving e-mail during the last 24 hrs. If you responded to this original, could you re-send?
----- Original Message -----
From: Michael luckenbach
To: AldMoore
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 1:14 PM
Subject: NOH zoning

Hi Joe,
I have been asked by the NHNA Zoning Committee, to request an opportunity to review the surveys, as well as any other materials and data, used in the" community survey process", which resulted in the proposed zoning changes you have 'placed on the table' for our neighborhood. We had requested this information from MPC, and they have informed us that any such material is in the Alderman's office. Again, what we are interested in would be the information and data gathered in the NOH community only. Our committee consists of four NOH residents. Please let me know how quickly we might have access to this community information.
Best Regards,

OK, who out there 'ratified' all the zoning? I recall several heated debates over certain suggested up-zones, tear downs, and the whole lack of a planned zoning for the 49th Ward. I didn't hear any gleeful yells of approval, did you?

More on Bosworth-Jonquil

The four townhomes on Jonquil and and the four townhomes on Bosworth were on the zoning map to be ‘downzoned’. Speculation has it going in several directions. Could it be that the man building Esoterica on the The Jonquil Strip would like to see more 'expensive looking' units next to him? Some think that a developer will make an offer to the townhome owners they can’t refuse, knock them down and build something ‘more appropriate’. Offering half a million or more is nothing! These townhomes have a basement, ground and second floor. So that’s three levels to work with.

Others wonder if perhaps the owner of Esoterica is on the wrong side of someone’s agenda and this is a retaliation. He appeared as a speaker for the Pivot Point building. I don’t know, I’m just relaying all the input I’ve gotten. Input, speculation, call it what you will, but two of these eight units have been purchased within the last 12-18 months. One on Jonquil was rehabbed quite well and sold. Another on Bosworth was a bank foreclosure and it’s being rehabbed slowly. That townhome owner had his own unique history NOH!

I started my own ‘survey’ of buildings according to what the ‘team captain’ used, because Joe put it to me to complete if I didn’t find their survey correct. The 'team captain' who led the survey NOH no longer lives in the neighborhood according to the alderman's office. Unfortunately, winter hit and my excel sheet is incomplete. What I did find, thanks to the long time residents who helped me, is that many buildings are listed incorrectly. They are not ‘market rate’ apartments or condos but are ‘subsidized housing’ and the numbers that I have don’t quite match what we were led to believe. If anyone would like to help me resurrect this little project, email me at

There is one large ‘condo’ building that is mostly ‘rentals’ by the owners - both market rate and subsidized. The financial industry dislikes buildings like that, and if anyone is thinking of purchasing a ‘condo’ you may have problems getting a mortgage if there are a high number of non-owner occupied condos.

I thought last fall when the bruhaha started up about the zoning issue on Paulina that Alderman Moore said he’d have another meeting before anything was finalized in the City Council. Does anyone else recall? It’s possible he was referring to revisiting the Paulina zoning issue only? That could slip in and out of the council before neighbors are aware of it. Like the involuntary action of blinking your eyes, it could be approved one day - while you're at work - especially if you live beyond 250 feet of said strip and if you don’t own property there. There aren’t too many ‘resident owners’ near that strip and one person/group/organization owns most of both sides of the street in question.

So does that mean that one or two people will get the notification letter?