June 28, 2005

Takin' It Off The Porch

People go from one extreme to another here. North Point must have heard about the porch barbecuing and posted notices to grill elsewhere. So certain neighbors translated that warning into their own Un-city-of Chicago BBQ Code. Two people witnessed the charcoal briquettes flaming away in the middle of the concrete circle in Gale Park. Seeming safer than catching a building on fire, no one seemed to notice the parched park grass! Besides, grassfires only happen in California right? And we all know the alley and sidewalks would stop it, right? Note the bright blue GD marker near the remains of the fire.

Ya’think it stands for ‘Gosh Darn’?
Gale 001

Later in the evening – after 11PM park closing time (the 9:30PM sign is outdated from former ownership of the Chicago Public Schools), the crowd got a little unruly from the heat and drugs of choice. Witnesses saw fights with boards and baseball bats around 1AM Saturday. If you aren’t a taxpayer, it’s perfectly within your right to tear off the seats of a picnic table and whack anyone you want. Got a problem? Call the mayor.

Gale 002

To further ensure that we intruding, whining taxpayers get the message, here are more bright blue symbols on Howard Street. So do we dare ‘demand’ that the receivers of SSA#19 tax dollars get out the graffiti blasters and clean up the sidewalk? While they’re at it, maybe they can blast the park out too. There’s more to it than picking up trash and posting more trash, ie flyers.

Howard 003

So before the battle of the agencies begins, just clean the graffiti ASAP and keep cleaning it.

Taxpayers have a message too. We're damn tired of being used and guilt tripped about certain low income undesirables. Nothing is contributed to the neighborhood by certain people, just blatantly disrespected at our continued expense. If the slumlords aren't getting our tax dollars from HUD and other agencies, then the rest is 'given to' the undesirables running the show...be it the dudes in the park or the dudes at the political helm.

June 27, 2005


“Last night I dreamt of Manderly”. This was the opening sentence of a great mystery novel, Rebecca. That line came to mind as I walked past this gated property. Like the young wife in the novel, this building is haunted by the past. No longer is it a luxurious apartment complex for mild-mannered people. What remains of the occupied, subsidized apartments, is home to many who detest any form of civilization. From the sidewalk, the courtyard appears almost stately and maintained.

Johnson 005 Johnson 006

Inside the courtyard, there are broken windows, tattered blinds and ripped screens. Here’s the state of the art security system the tenants and landlord, Jay Johnson, have agreed upon:

Johnson 004

How North Shore! So is this how they live in Mr. Jay’s suburb? Mr. Jay only hires the best on-site management since he did the fall-guy shaft to a neighbor. According to neighbors, the latest on-site manager’s job was terminated and the apartment was trashed. Allegedly the son of the on-site was attacking parked cars on Howard Street with a baseball bat. Now that is a class act. Another former resident won a lawsuit regarding lead paint. How many more lawsuits are waiting in the wings?

The rear of the mansion holds no mysteries. The department of buildings has paid Mr. Jay another visit and left their calling card.

Johnson 007

Johnson 008 Johnson 009

Could there be truth in the discussion I heard? Apparently HUD keeps paying for the whole subsidy once the 'contract' is signed even though the place is relatively ‘vacant’. HUD doesn’t send inspectors to physically investigate what is really going on in most of these subsidized buildings. So we have a hornets nest of bangers and squatters either paying or not paying rent, aiding Mr. Jay in the corruption of a corrupt system. Now is that believable? It’s just as believable as the North Shore bleeding hearts who protested in front of private property ‘demanding’ the owner create ‘low income’ apartments.

There’s a need for low income apartments, not this disgraceful imitation of liberalism at its very worst. It’s more than disgusting, it’s shameful to think this has been going on as long as it has. Is there one politician out there willing to clean up this neighborhood? No wonder anon remarked ‘Not much of a update’ on a previous post.

Sorry anon, the politicians, the system and NOH are really slow movers…just like pouring cold molasses.

June 25, 2005

Broadmoor East Update

A friend nicknamed the burn-out Broadmoor East, kind of catchy isn't it?

The 7605 Bosworth building (the Broadmoor East) will be back in court on 8/4 - Room
1101 at 9:30 at the Daley Center. It is on a call with other IMC properties right now. This was a new case and has been continued for status and a mandatory order of interior inspection.

June 22, 2005

Round 3 for IMC

7605 N. Bosworth is in court tomorrow, Thursday, June 23, 2005, at the Daley Center in Room 1101 at 9:30AM. If you're sick of looking at eyesores in the neighborhood, please attend in support of your neighborhood.

To refresh your memory, it's this IMC tax write-off!

Remember, your tax dollars are enabling this to remain here.

June 20, 2005

City of Chicago vs IMC Properties

Apparently the powers are getting wise to the mismanagement of IMC Property Management everywhere in Chicago. IMC will be taken into the building court system in groups, South, West and North.

Last Thursday, several south side IMC properties were in building court. We heard the same complaints that we’ve heard from the Broadmoor tenants. We heard the litany of roaches and rodents, people sleeping in stairwells, defecating and urinating in hallways, dealers and prostitutes and, but not limited to, the offline areas in one South Lake Shore Drive building where mold had been growing for the past 8 years. Mold spores are probably still floating throughout the building that IMC claimed was clean. It was remediated by the professional IMC workers wearing garbage bags on their feet spraying Lysol! That’s a real cost saver for taxpayers!

Today was the Broadmoor’s turn again. It seems there were 11 open code violations dating back to 11/15/04. It seems the court allowed an agree order, meaning in layman’s terms, the court trusted IMC to do the repairs. So on 3/1/05 the inspectors followed-up and guess what? IMC had done the usual – nothing.

An attorney we’ve seen defend IMC in the past came to the courtroom before the judge arrived and immediately left. Rather than a 9:30 AM hearing, it was pushed into a recess to allow that poor Broadmoor manager to find her attorney. He never returned, so the judge proceeded. She pretended not to know about the violations IMC had ignored. She pretended not to know who her boss was. Not wanting to be in contempt of court, I chose not to ask the judge to RTFM or in this case, RTFH(istory) and he’d see that Chicago Equity, aka IMC Properties aka William Higginson is the culprit.

So no wonder tenants suffered this winter with unreliable heat...not only are there boiler problems, but there is no boiler permit, no heating plan enclosure and crumbling concrete with standing water in the basement. Smaller problems ranged from double key locks not being replaced to replacing light fixtures. Sure hope Judge Lynch pays close attention to this bunch before he allows any more ‘good faith’ legalese.

All violations are to be repaired by 7/11/05 by a motion for default findings and Miss Pearl was told to get an attorney. The judge also wished her ‘good luck’. Hummm. I know the statue is blindfolded and balancing the ‘powers’ so where’s the luck for the Broadmoor tenants?

Oddly, the MIA attorney was seen talking to Miss Pearl after the hearing! Was it a hope against hope that without an attorney present the judge would put it on hold? Or was it just drama?

June 13, 2005

Bigger Symptoms

For more details, come to the social and ask the folks who have succeeded in keeping NOH downtrodden. Ask them why they are hell bent on enabling HUD/Section 8, and tax exempt properties to take more than the 15% federal allotment in one 2x6 block pocket. Why? So we taxpayers can pick up the trash tab. Ask them why the decent low income people have to live on the same floor or in the same building with leftover bangers from Cabrini, Robert Taylor, etc. Ask them why you're paying taxes so bangers can trash your streets, terrorize you and your kids, vandalize your property. Ask them what they're going to do to clean up the mismanaged HUD buildings up here.

There's a lot of money to be made on poor people isn't there? It's similar to an abusive relationship...keep them beaten up, toss their self-esteem out the window, and tell them they'd be 'homeless' if it weren't for people like them. They care so much.

They tout their kudos, pat each others backs, and call their builder buds when they can shove someone out of a home. They can perform instant zoning, SSA's, but NOH is laden with more than 500 HUD/Section 8 apartments we're enabling with our taxes.

Yes, come get some free food at least. It's always amusing to watch the back patting and the cold shouldering.

June 11, 2005

Symptoms of Our Disease

On my way to check out the properties named in the Interactive CAPS meeting Thursday, I was distracted by other related symptoms of the disease that plagues this neighborhood.

Planters.code violations.surplus 005

I couldn’t help noticing the leftover pizza party at the school, left for someone else to pick up. It’s just too difficult to pick up trash and put it in the containers. It’s also part of the anger and rebellion we see. But the trashers know they can get by with it. The litter law must have been wiped off the books.

Planters.code violations.surplus 004

Hanging on the wires are the citywide shoe markers at the corner of one of the named buildings. BoJo walkers lingered on this corner last night since it was pretty busy. Not only is it an active corner, but this building is, according to the CPD web site, home to a convicted child molester. If he has reformed and gone on a less destructive path, he nonetheless, is living within 1000 feet of a school. Where’s the enforcement? Or should the question be ‘why no enforcement’?

Lo and behold this lady Planters.code violations.surplus 010

Even though she was so high she barely touched ground, she’s not breaking any law – yet. But, on my way back around to Howard, what appears before my eyes? Our local lady aka the $5 hooker flagging cars in front of Mel’s.

Planters.code violations.surplus 016

Meanwhile, across the street, the Jonquil lady must have flown here from the north and hustled up a companion.

Planters.code violations.surplus 014

You win some and you lose some, or in this case, stand in front of Sandy’s and keep flagging until you win.

Planters.code violations.surplus 015

June 7, 2005

Arses or Flowers? Round 2

Saturday, while the good people of the neighborhood were building a playlot and a community, more flowers were planted to replace those killed by arses. Last night a very large arse was plopped in the planter in front of Sandy’s. The arse also had her shopping bags and purse on the flowers. When asked if she was aware she was sitting on something alive, she cursed violently. She asked "who paid for the f*&>ing flowers" and the response was "taxpayers". Her retort was “go call f*&>ing Mayor Daley”. Are we paying 70% of her rent too?

This is what remained of the 6/4/05 second round of planting this morning. The hot pink begonias are long gone. And there is a slight ‘stress crack’ from large arses using it as a park bench.


Here is the scene tonight at 7PM.

100_0347 100_0348

Perhaps the gardeners should invest taxpayers money on very large cacti.

Laugh a Little

Here's a new web page from a neighbor:

Tim's Toons

June 4, 2005

Sneak Preview

Today was about children.

100_0339 100_0342

The morning began early with the set up of the sign-in tent. The cafeteria at the Good News Community Kitchen was available for breakfast and lunch with food donations from neighborhood restaurants and vendors.

As soon as the crews met with the contractors, the task
of unloading began. The design plans were explained with supervision from Tom (in the tan print shirt)and John of Little Tykes. As the morning proceeded, we met the playground creatures in 3-D. Here's the blue whale and the dragon

It took a lot of teamwork and a few rest breaks.

But with perseverance, the puzzle began to all fit together until the grand moment when they raised the roof.

The community came together and accomplished more than just making a playground today.

Thanks to the Allstate Foundation and Ald. Moore for making this day happen, Childrens Memorial Hospital, the Chicago Park District and Friends of the Parks, Family Matters and the volunteers from Moody Bible Institute who watched the children, the Kitchen and the volunteers who helped with the food, the food donors, Tim Williams, the DJ with the best music ever, Speedy Gonzales and his crew, John and Tom of Little Tykes, and most of all, to everyone who made the time to help build this playlot.

And special thanks to Mother Nature for holding back the rain until most of the work was completed.

June 1, 2005

The Countdown


We will build this park, come rain or shine....

The Countdown is on, JUNE 4 is almost here. Please join the group and participate in building this park. Weather forecast looks sunny and warm! Lots of free food, I've seen the menu! There's something fun for everyone.


Date: Saturday, June 4, 2005

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Breakfast & Lunch included)


Games for youth, Entertainment and music,
Food – Lots of Food
Playground Construction
Set-Up & Clean–Up,
Fundraising/In-kind Donations


Volunteer for the task you want to do:

· Assemble and put in place play equipment(crews of 6-8)
· Entertainment
· Child Care
· Food service
· Set up/Clean up/Runners…

Where to sign up:
· Alderman’s Office 338-5796
· Family Matters 465-6011 X 114
· Gale School 534-2100
· Howard Area Community Center 262-6622
· HACC Employment Service 262-3515
· HACC Family Center 381-3652
· Good News Church/Community Kitchen 262-2297
· Rogers Park Community Council 338-7722
· Good News Partners/Jonquil Hotel 764-9214
· ON LINE: http://www.howardwatchers.blogspot.com Just send an online comment and blogmistress will contact you!

This is a partnership of North of Howard Parks Advisory Council, Children’s Memorial Hospital, Injury Free Coalition for Kids of Chicago, The Allstate Foundation, Family Matters, the 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore, Chicago Park District

Here's the Playlot on Easter weekend:


And here's the progress made as of Saturday, April 30, 2005:

Playlot 002

The ground work is being prepared, so please join the community in the assembly of slides, swings, and other playground equipment.