March 10, 2012

Cease Fire Walk Today at 2pm

Cease Fire is having a peace walk today at 2pm. Meet up is at the corner of Jonquil and Paulina and will proceed south to Clark and Touhy. In case anyone has been out of the loop, there have been shots fired at both locations this week.

Hopefully some of our NOH neighbors will be able to attend. I'll go with my notepad and cell so I can note all the issues for the ward office. Hopefully others will do the same to document problem buildings/issues along the way. Let's see if any representatives from that office attend as well as all the social service agencies that have been located here.

March 8, 2012

All The Loverly People

Where do they all come from??? According to our new commander they live in Rogers Park and went to kindergarten together. So the myth that people from elsewhere come here, cause trouble and leave needs to be dismissed.

There were two emails and a phone call this morning to let me know that around 4AM both sides of the 1400 block of Jonquil Terrace were the non-movie set for the cowboys shooting back and forth at each other. Several cars were hit and the cowboys don't have to pay for the repairs. One neighbor heard at least 20 rounds. I'm sure a flurry of emails are awaiting Ward 49 to respond to.

If anyone asks for specifics on issues with troubled buildings here - may I suggest that while we're at work, someone from the ward office walk along Jonquil and count the damaged cars and hope that no strays went into any residential windows. Most of Jonquil west of Bosworth to Paulina is composed of non-owner occupied apartment buildings that appear to either be poorly managed in desperate need of our governmental agencies to get involved and do their jobs.

For those who live here but don't get involved until it's on your front door....oh well, you know who you are.......... For those who practice the code of know who you are too. There's no need to attend community meetings and get angry if you refuse to help clean up the mess someone else created.

To those actively creating the mess - where are you this morning? Where's the accountability?

February 29, 2012


Sunday was such a pleasant day I walked around the neighborhood. Seven years after this blog began, I was checking on many of the same problem buildings posted over the years. Repeatedly.

In 2012 the same buildings have broken windows, illegal double keyed gates, illegal chains and padlocks on gates, unsecured front doors, construction trash that's piled up over the years...

Some buildings have changed management according to the sign posted. The questions are: Have the screening processes improved? Has there been an improvement to the building? Are the mostly absentee owners monitoring who is residing in their buildings and/or the activity in and around it?

After posing these concerns to a distribution list of North of Howard neighbors, the response began dialogue with the ward office. Now it's on record that there are several people with concerns about the quality of life here. If any reader wants to chime in, please email me at and I'll add it to the problem list to be checked out.

November 12, 2011

Shooting on Bosworth

Many of us heard the very loud gunshot. Many of us called. According to police at the scene, it was a domestic related shooting rather than a gang-related shooting.

Later in the afternoon, our new interim police commander was on the street with the officers. Commander Rouselle is very proactive and involved in his post - a very welcome sight. He makes every attempt to attend all CAPS Beat meetings too.

FYI - our next CAPS Beat 2422 meeting will be Tuesday, November 22 at 5:00 PM at the Willye White Community Center* 1610 W Howard. There will be refreshments as it's the last beat meeting of 2011. It's also your chance to voice your opinion on the future of our beat meetings - when, where and what time. It's also your chance to get the straight scoop from the police on the Marshfield incident last night and the incident today and all others for the month.

*Meeting place was changed today 11/14/11

September 18, 2011

Peace Walk and Dedication

Please make a little time Wednesday, September 21 to join Neighbors in
a Peace Walk. There will be a re-dedication of the Peace Pole at
United Church of Rogers Park, 1545 W Morse beginning at 6:00 pm. The
Walk will proceed up Ashland to Triangle Park at 7700 W. Hermitage for
the dedication of the new Peace Pole recently placed there by the
Triangle Park Park Advisory Council via a grant.

Please note 9/21 is also the UN International Day of Peace. These
events are hosted by United Church of Rogers Park and Triangle Park
Advisory Council. Please join us along the way if you can't make it
at 6:00 PM on Morse Avenue or join us in Triangle Park before 7:00 PM.
It's a great way to meet new people, to express hope for peace, and
to make a statement just by being there for a few moments. The link to the Triangle Park website and the flyer is in the headline.

September 15, 2011

The Alderman Speaks About Violence

At last, the 49th ward alderman has chosen to put a few words on the Internet (click headline) about the latest violent act at Pratt and Ashland. A few weeks ago, a 23 year old was shot and killed by one of three teenagers at Bosworth and Jonquil. Neighbors sent emails and made phone calls to the ward office voicing their outrage that there was no statement from Mr. Moore. There were also complaints about a shrine tended in the wee hours of the morning by a vehicle blocking the intersection blaring loud music. Still, we heard the sound of silence from the ward office.

Now, a few weeks later, a shooting incident south of the North of Howard area has sparked a thread on starring the alderman. It's a great site and I hope the readership is huge. I hope more neighbors will sign up for email updates from every post because there are some very interesting witnesses to violence, gangs, drugs and general frustration felt in Ward 49.

It may be a tiny step but it's more than we've had before. Now when Joe can send out an email blast that he is going to crack down on slumlords harboring known anti-social elements/criminals living in subsidized housing I may volunteer to be on that committee! My requests to him resulted in sending his chief of staff to 'meet and walk around the area' with the managers or owners of the some of the problem buildings here. To paraphrase my question "...and the result was?" "Oh, we have to establish a relationship first". That is more or less the end of that story.

Certainly, everyone is entitled to an opinion and the usual supporters have commented about this great North of Howard neighborhood. What was ommitted was the number of times they have been victims of muggings! Indeed, crime is everywhere, but we seem to have more than our share in this tiny 2x6 block area. Of course, there are other pockets of crime and problem buildings scattered throughout the ward but that's the key word - scattered. This area is too small to properly apply the term scattered. It's packed with social service agencies, subsidized buildings, storefront churches, broken promises and the long term result of enabling. The code of silence or apathy runs deep here. Tenants and owners alike are not too involved until the problem is on their front steps.

Just nudge me when a real 49th ward email blast comes out about crime instead of the happy hour Fridays, the next TV appearance, the budgeting process, etc. There's no such thing as 100% so let's deal with the problems too.

August 23, 2011

CAPS Beat 2422 August Meeting

As many of you know, 'downtown' cut back on the CAPS program and the
24th has changed some beat meetings to accomodate officers shifts.
Unfortunately Beat 2422 was moved from 7:00 PM to 5:00 PM and to the
4th Thursday of the month. Unfortunately, many of the regular
attendees are just getting off work at that time. The 24th would like
to see how a sector meeting would work between Beat 2422 and 2424.

Below is the schedule I was given for the next few months. I hope you
can work this into your schedule because the officers need to hear
from you. If you are not comfortable discussing problems in a public
meeting, please contact the CAPS office at (312)744-6321 and discuss
with one of the officers. However, an hour of your time by enough of
you for your neighborhood just might make the difference. It's your
neighborhood - not the anti-socials.

August 25th 5pm will be at 1610 W. Howard - Willye White Community Center

September 22nd and October 27th will be at 7340 N. Rogers at 7pm.
Pottawattomie Park -- Field House

November's meeting will be on Tuesday the 22nd 5pm at 7450 N. Rogers to
discuss how the meetings worked at 7340 N. Rogers with Beat 2424.

August 9, 2011

More on Saturday's Shooting/Murder For Hire

Special thanks to the 24th District Police for getting these young men off the street.

Thanks to the watchers who make a difference. Are the rest of you ready to start watching and getting involved a little more?

August 8, 2011

Update on Jonquil Shooting Suspect

Here's an update from Mike Luckenbach's blog. (click headline) I heard one shot a little after 12:30 AM. I thought it was a gunshot but for a poor neighborhood, there's ample money for illegal cherry bombs. In this place one can become numbed by the constant noises of the hood. Loud cars blasting stereos, people yelling instead of using doorbells, sirens all hours of the day and night as firetrucks also respond to certain 911 calls.

Sadly, the shooting comes as no surprise to the few of us who have complained to the powers that be about the many problem buildings with problem tenants. Do I need to re-post the addresses? 1549, 1542, 1546 W. Jonquil, 7700 N Marshfield, and the Howard Theatre building for starters. Just click on any link over the years and years of posts and you will probably find that very little has changed. Howard Street has nearly disintegrated. But the willingness to continue a failed social experiment is still strong and supported by people who don't live in this area.

I would urge the ward office to start Follow Me Any Night Walks on Jonquil and other core streets and have a real eye-opener. Hopefully the non-resident owners and supporters will be invited to attend.

April 13, 2011

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Reminder!

Please attend the April CAPS Beat 2422 meeting, Thursday, April 14 at 7:00 pm at
Willye White Community Center, 1610 W. Howard. There will be changes
made to upcoming beat meetings!

Dates and times will be changed in all beats in District 24 -

March 9, 2011

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Reminder

The March CAPS Beat 2422 meeting is Thursday (tomorrow) March 10 at 7:00 PM at the Gateway Senior Residence Community room, 7450 N. Rogers.

If you're concerned about problem buildings, dubious activity on your street or in your building, you might consider participating - in person. There will be officers in attendance to discuss issues with.

February 19, 2011

It's YELLOW This Year

I've avoided this election as I find it BORING for the most part. However, I received a call today to inform me that the boys and girls have done another post card. At least this time they left me out of their politiwork and when it was read to me it appears they cleaned up their English grammar this time.

The bright yellow card was sent to Northpoint residents.

Northpoint consists of 12 large apartment buildings in this small area owned by AIMCO. Back in 2002, Moore and a few others rubberstamped their approval so AIMCO could get a $15 million loan to 'rehab' the buildings providing HUD and IDHA extended the program, for I believe, 30 more years beginning in 2012. Every election year this noise is made - and the new lease hasn't even kicked in yet! It's really old news folks.

Front of Card:

Joe Moore Fought to let you stay in Rogers Park (with the following quotes)

"Thanks to Joe Moore, my family and I won't be priced out of Rogers
Park." Brenda Dunkins

"Joe Moore made sure the Northpoint apartments were repaired and
upgraded to ensure safer, more modern homes for you and your family." no name

"Joe Moore worked hard to guarantee the affordability of Northpoint
apartments and your home for at least another 23 years until 2034." no name


Moore office address on 1774 W. Greenleaf

A Special Message for Northpoint tenants to vote 2/22 and lists
polling places NOH

These were mailed with 44 cent stamps and mailed 2/16. Just like the famous PINK one of the last election! Hummm....anyone want to convince me the crew had nothing to do with the PINK one now?

* * * * * *

Meanwhile, on my way home from running errands, a man was placing bright colored sacks in doorways. I told him they'd be emptied and tossed all over for good residents to pick up. They were 'gift' packages from Ben Myers who is trying to convince people to write him in as alderman. The contents are jars of herbs and seasonings. One jar I just checked has an expiration date of 1/16/2011! Don't forget to check your front door!

So far I've had robo calls for White and Moore; a phone poll asking me if the election was today would I vote for Joe Moore, and the usual BS tree killers in my mailbox. I'm looking forward to Wednesday 2/23 aren't you?

February 10, 2011

Beat 2422 Meeting Cancelled 2/10/11

Due to the extreme cold the February monthly CAPS Beat meeting - tonight - has been canceled.

I noticed a comment this blog is dead! Not so and neither is the blogger. But I'm not ready to purchase a scanner, quit my job to sit home and post everything I hear. Some calls turn into a 'nothing' while others turn into an issue. If you see it on another blog then enjoy it. If it's been posted for hours on neighboring blogs and/or the media there's no need for me to repeat when I finally get home is there? You might want to check with the 24th on accuracy on any criminal event.

We have several of the same problem buildings we had when the blog started. Thankfully, one of the big pains, Jay Johnson, has gone into foreclosure, the buildings are supposed to be in receivership - when I hear the real scoop, I'll post it. Of course, if you're in a investigative mood you can always check the status on Cook County Recorder of Deeds.

As for upcoming elections! It's sleepy time on most of them - there's no fire to put out on any of them. It would be great to see a high volume of voters but no one can predict the future - only check on history and make comparisons.

In the meantime, stay warm!

January 11, 2011

CAPS BEAT 2422 Meeting Jan 13

The first meeting of 2011 will be Thursday, January 13, 7:00 PM at 7450 N. Rogers at the Gateway Senior Residence in the community room. We are collecting addresses of problem buildings so the powers that have the ability to deal with them can start early and often!

Due to the lovely January weather, there will not be any flyers - so word of mouth and emails will be the vehicle of communication. Thanks for passing the information to your friends and neighbors.

Also, please pick up a calendar for 2011 meetings. As last year, we will hold meetings on ODD NUMBERED MONTHS at 7450 N. Rogers and on EVEN NUMBERED MONTHS at Willye White Center at 1610 W. Howard.

It's your neighborhood - and like it or not - it's up to all of us to do something to make it better. Let's make 2011 a safer neighborhood North of Howard.

December 8, 2010

Ornaments, Cookies and Books and Gifts

Interested in making holiday ornaments? There will be an Ornament Making Class on Saturday, December 11 at the Willye White Community Center at 1610 W. Howard from 10-11 am.

The Park Council will be there with a book and bake sale to meet and greet neighbors. The council voted at last months meeting to do some fundraising with home made baked goods and childrens books. In addition, we are hoping to set up a collection box for canned goods and small items for families in need for this holiday season. Please stop by and make a small donation for the kids.

Beat 2422 Meeting

Those who regularly attend CAPS Beat 2422 agreed with me that this area needs a monthly meeting - not a quarterly one as prescribed after the cutback in the program that sent CAPS officers to patrol our streets.

The next Beat 2422 meeting is tomorrow at 7:00 PM at Willye White Community Center, 1610 W. Howard. Perhaps we can learn more about the shooting of a person and a vehicle last night on Howard.

On a side note - the Willye White Park Advisory Council will be setting up a collection box at the center for donations of canned goods and small items such as children's gloves, small toys, games for children in need this holiday season. If you'd like, please bring a donation to the beat meeting or drop in Saturday morning (see previous post) for the book and bake sale.

November 21, 2010

Blither and Blather

Do you get dizzy or confused reading the news?

Odd, now candidate Rham would use TIF dollars to hire police in one article. In another, the city council wants to provide affordable housing via TIF dollars – barring a Daley veto. Meanwhile another article reminds us that Quinn wants to raise income taxes.

Now here, in Ward 49, we’re trying to create another wheel, a RIF! What that boils down to is some of us can soon get up and go to work, see our checks chopped by Quinn then diced by Cook County then sliced again for a special assistance fund for landlords providing ‘low income housing’.

Why this select group? What is this select group going to do for the community? Screen tenants better? Enforce the rules that go with ‘affordable housing’? Are they going to live in their own buildings and keep the loiters and noisemakers at bay? Or are they just going to get their boilers and roofs fixed on the taxpayers dime?

No one is talking much about EDUCATION or CRIME. Maybe they think it will go away if we’re taxed to the hilt?

November 20, 2010

Missing Rogers Park Woman - Could Be Armed

A possibly armed woman who suffers from mental disorders has disappeared in the Rogers Park neighborhood and police are asking for help in finding her.

Police say if you encounter her, do not approach her but call 911 or Belmont Area detectives, (312) 744-8266. Click Headline for full story and description.

November 11, 2010

No CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting Tonight

Remember - there's no beat meeting for 2422 tonight.

2010 CAPS Beat 2422 Calendar-1

There will not be a November meeting. The date fell on Veterans Day and in observance of a national holiday we will not be meeting.

November 4, 2010

Shooting NOH

A neighbor near the area called last night about a shooting. A tipster sent the link - click the headline for the full story.

Thanks For the News clip!


Just after 10pm on November 3rd, 7600 block of N. Paulina, aggravated battery with a firearm. One male adult shot in the head, arm and abdomen. Male offender fled in a red or maroon older model vehicle towards triangle park. The victim was in serious condition at time of report. Police received several calls of shots fired at 5am on the 4th, police responded and were impressed by the number of callers.

According to the sergeant I spoke to, the offender walked up to the victim, fired and fled.

November 1, 2010

Celebrate All Souls Day At the Polls

The cycle of life – here’s a reminder of the traditions and religions from other cultures. Day of the Dead

Ironically, tomorrow is election day and it falls on All Souls Day! Please vote so the robo calls will cease and desist for a few days. We all know Chicago Elections are a Tradition!

October 30, 2010

Halloween Walk

Bring your sage sticks, incense, candles, flashlights, glowsticks, bells, tambourines, drums or noisemakers to frighten the evil spirits away!

Tonight - Saturday, October 30 at 8:30 PM. Meet up at Willye White Center, 1610 W. Howard. We'll walk through the three parks North of Howard and Rogers Beach.

Please join us - don't read about it - participate in it!

October 26, 2010

A Whole New Can of Worms

RIF, TIF – Look out taxpayers

“This is an effort to preserve affordable housing if there is another housing boom, said Marilyn Pagan-Banks, executive director of A Just Harvest and a leader in Northside P.O.W.E.R. “TIF’s do work, and can work, and the whole process can be reformed,” said Pagan-Banks.”

The article states volunteers spoke to “…landlords and tenants to design this idea.” I shudder to think of some of the landlords our hard earned tax dollars might go to. Some of the landlords in this area North of Howard are non-resident owners who could care less about their tenants or the community as a whole. So what if the single mom, her kids, grandkids and ‘the man’ with the ankle bracelet are disturbing everyone’s peace up and down a whole block? The absentee landlord doesn’t lose sleep from his tenants year round antics. So we deal with anti-social behaviors, kids tearing up flower pots, terrorizing and or killing small animals, shooting like cowboys, beating one another up all the while, the absentee landlord is deaf. Ben Myers wants to be alderman but cant’ manage his tenants

We have too many absentee’s here so, this RIF proposal and the presence of Pagan-Banks should set off a light bulb. If you recall, she and Danny Boy Romero had a brilliant idea of getting TIF money to train people for union construction jobs on the Howard El. However, their church organization that was all set to do the ‘training’ wasn’t certified. Translation: The organization was frothing to get the TIF money. Oops! Northside Power Strikes Out

So, there were discussions with an unstated number of landlord and tenants. Where were the big outreach meetings to everyone who pays taxes for input? I attended that June 2009 meeting where the old rhetoric of ‘stand up if you believe’ and ‘will you support us’ filled an afternoon meeting. If this ward could have more meat and potatoes and less drama – we might actually be progressive!

If you find the Medill article less than balanced, researched, be sure to check out the insert box or ‘Fact Sheet’ and make sure you put extra cash aside that could possibly help some of the problem buildings posted on this blog for the past 5 years. You may live next to one. You may have had bullets land in your home, hit your car….but we need to be sensitive here neighbors. We should just keep paying for the oversights, lack of planning, lack of proper management and above all, lack of proper screening. A good landlord keeps rents down so he can keep good tenants and he screens them, does background checks and has the right to insert language in the lease concerning drug use and obnoxious behavior.

The term troubled building is a fairly simple equation: Any building that has frequent complaints from neighbors and/or has had 2 felony arrests in a 6 month period.

If you want a better understanding of TIFS, there will be a gathering at Loyola Park Field House on Saturday, October 30 at 3 PM.

Come and learn the facts about TIFs:
Tax Increment Finance (TIF) 101
What it is and WHY IT HAS TO GO!

Presented by:
Tom Tresser
Green Party candidate for Cook County Board President
Lead Organizer for No Games Chicago

More Info on TIFS

October 14, 2010

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting TONIGHT

Please attend the monthly CAPS Beat 2422 meeting tonight at 7 PM -

Willye White Community Center
1610 W Howard

Come and discuss your issues or come to learn how to deal with issues. It's your neighborhood and it will only take one hour of your time.

October 2, 2010

Discrimination Against Taxpayers

How nice of our Uber-Liberals

The term charities can be misleading – while their services may be free or on a sliding scale, it would be interesting if the Sun-Times would post the salaries of the directors of these free-water organizations. Most make more than $70k a year. How do they come up with a salary amount like that if they can't afford water? Translated that means they make more than most middle class workers in the non-charity world. You know, the world most of us live in – the real one with taxes, deadlines and penalties.

Couldn’t some of these organizations afford to pay? If totally strapped in these rough times, couldn’t they cough up a sliding scale for the water bills? Do we also assume this included free trash pick up as well?

There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

September 24, 2010

Rogers Park Garden Group 2010 Fundraiser

Many of us have plants from this wonderful fundraiser in our gardens. Many unattractive corners and spaces have been transformed into eye-catching sights thanks to the financial grants of the Rogers Park Garden Group.

If you’ve never stopped by before this event is a must attend!


Click the headline for their website!

September 22, 2010

Shots Fired NOH

How many people in the vicinity of Paulina/Jonquil and Juneway area heard shots fired last night? It's so abnormal to be on the phone with a neighbor and be interrupted by the neighbor saying "did you hear that - sounds like gunshots".

We hung up so the neighbor could dial 911. Got an update call that several squads were in the vicinity.

September 16, 2010


The revelers and/or tourists were having a grand ole time close-by Tuesday night around midnight. It's a work night for some people and I hope most neighbors slept through it. The night voices nearly overpowered my own radio in my own home.

Finally I heard a voice on a bull horn telling everyone to GO HOME. The same noise wafted in last night. If it's rainy tonight maybe they'll STAY home?

OH and voters - make sure you understand that you can sign only one petition for a candidate seeking the same office as another. The petition requesters fail to notify people of the rule. So if you sign John Doe's petition on Monday and it's notarized and submitted into the system - it's done. If you sign a petition for Mary Smith who's a candidate for the same office on Wednesday your signature isn't valid for her. I do love the transparency in government, don't you?

Lastly, I don't need a petition requester reeking of alcohol begging me to sign the sheet if not for the candidate then sign it for him! I couldn't help but wonder if he's getting paid per name......

September 12, 2010

Get That Receiver Soon

The other night I was asked why 24/7 wasn’t updated more often. Well, it is summertime for starters and it’s always healthy to find new interests since nothing seems to change much North of Howard. For more than five years I’ve posted photos of mismanaged buildings, reported gunshots fired, dealers in doorways, hookers on Howard, gambling in the public way and still, not much has changed.

7712 N Ashland had the front gate closed and locked Friday night – but still no locks on the front door. According to two sources, one new owner has been working on the back door to keep the squatters out – and hopefully soon the front door?

9/3/2010 - No Locks 9/3/2010 - No Locks

There have been complaints of people loitering, dealing and making a lot of noise at a certain corner. When I asked for a specific building I was given a well-known address. 7700-06 N Marshfield.

7700-06 N Marshfield

Not much has changed at this property. The gates and doors are unsecured just as they were when I was invited to visit years ago. Hopefully the hallways are cleaner.

On one Friday walk, we noticed the door on this property. On Friday’s walk we checked on it. It has been repaired but was not locked as was the other entry door on the north. The interior doors were unlocked allowing anyone to walk right into the place.

1722-24 Juneway Replaced door at 1722-24 Juneway 1722-24 Juneway No security - 1722-24 Juneway Replaced exterior door with Interior knob..

Note: The interior door knob on an exterior door! Maybe that’s all that was in the handyman’s inventory.

1722-24 Juneway

However, in all fairness and since it’s public knowledge if one knows where to look, it may as well be shared.

There may be some change underway

Ashland/Juneway Howard Theatre Building

September 10, 2010

Neighborhood Walk Tonight

Meet up at 7:00 PM at 1610 W. Howard, Willye White Community Center.

September 9, 2010

CAPS Beat 2422 Meeting TONIGHT


Gateway Senior Building
7450 N Rogers

7:00 PM

We are scheduled to have a guest speaker from the CHA unit that handles scattered site housing. However, they will work with neighbors and their CHAC counterparts on problem section 8 properties near scattered site housing.